UHM – Nazi DWP still creating invisible
ball and chain slave labor

By The Unhived Mind 29th February 2012

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Now we have to boycott flying on Airbus aircraft and choose Boeing aircraft or ideally not fly or take a vacation especially at Center Parcs. The slave labor issue is simply still not being dealt with in the slightest. The unemployed youth gets around £51 a week from the Department for Work and Pensions. Now if you are on the £67 a week adult figure then you will be getting around a third of the legal minimum wage. Calling this work experience is an attempt to aid the slavery and try to worm their ways around the legality of the issue. My question also with the youth scheme is what if you do not wish to take part in any work experience? Are you sanctioned for not attempting to become a slave as well as misconduct? If so then this will show that the system is forced onto people by duress and threat of benefit sanction. Regardless of the sanction the real issue is the slave labor period and this has not changed. Do the mathematics for God sake.

Do not fall for the flannel from the Department for Work and Pensions as if they are carers of the youth all of a sudden. This situation with youth unemployment and low intelligence culture of generation-X has been engineered by the Club of Rome and the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Common Purpose have aided in crippling the education with the aid of The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers controlling the education arena with The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Company of Educators. An intelligent populace is a threat to usurping lies and World Government. This is why youth have no idea of history and why officially today anything over just thirty years is now classed as ancient history. They do not even want you knowing the old propaganda history such as World War II. Why? Simply because if you knew any of it then you would see today how the United States is a mirror image of Nazi Germany. Of course this is not a shock when you know that Knight of Malta George H.W Bush is the thirty four year long leader of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst once run by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris then Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger for one year and ever since Bush via the Directorate of Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency created by Sir William Stephenson of British Intelligence created by Sir John Dee of The Worshipful Company of Mercers.

A populace with just about enough skills to exist are all that’s desired for the Aeon of Horus. I’ve told you how they eventually want a populace with two thirds less of the intelligence of the youth they have today. Hows this possible? Through the aid of the computer controlled society where the computers make up for the brain drain. Notice how the calculator takes over as the youth cannot do mathematics? Notice how they’ve socially engineered everyone to simply take orders and not be able to think for themselves and take their own direction? There is no work for these youngsters, no prospects in the future or nothing planned. This is the post industrial zero growth society planned by the Club of Rome. Ask Brian Gerrish of the UK Column what Common Purpose did to his attempts to give youth skills. He was threatened with death and shut down and all for trying to aid the people of this Nation which at the time he never realized was being usurped from within. Whats planned in the future by the Livery system of the City of London is a new draconian Guilds system. This means what few miserable so-called jobs that are around will be taken by individuals picked solely for those positions. The individual will be profiled and trained from an early age just to fit that role. What this means is simple if you fit the role of a dustbin cleaner then that’s what you will do. The worse part of this new system is that you will not be allowed to ever train to do anything else the rest of your life. You do not believe me? I’ve been proven right time and time again over the years so just watch and see.

So back to the adults being forced onto slave labor workfare with The Work Programme from hell. Where do you see these get a mention in all of this? I have not seen any mention of The Work Programme so far have you? I assure you that you are being forced into slave labor just the same if not worse. All these programmes need to be scrapped immediately. Remember there was only two hundred thousand jobs for a so-called two and a half million unemployed which is really four and a half million if the truth is known. These schemes are fiddles for the official jobless figures because as soon as you are passed over to the scheme then you are no longer classed as unemployed even though the same Department for Work and Pensions pay your same Jobseeker’s Allowance benefit. Stop falling for media hype and economic depression cover-ups. Get used to the fact that these cretins have destroyed our trades and our small businesses in order to take over everything for pennies and turn the populace into controlled peasant slaves living in a double think mind and World whilst craving their own servitude. The boycott stays in place until all those supporting this wicked system stop.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Elizabeth Mary II, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and most of the rest of them should be up in a Lawful Common Law Court under the charge of High Treason. The treason law changes of 1998 by Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II and Knight of Malta, Tony Blair should be squashed and replaced with the real treason laws prior to this alteration. All those found Unlawfully committing treason will be executed as directed by Common Law. All those involved in this conspiracy and the EU Lisbon Treaty will be severely punished Lawfully following thee real law of the land and people, not the Admiralty merchant usurping systems based on the demonic Vatican Canon Law and stolen from the Phoenicians. Its time for a proper change in Britain, its time for morality, dignity and decency to come back. These worshipers of the God of the rainbow will be punished and their ancient enslaving merchant system destroyed. They have turned you atheist and Satanic and now have you wrapped up in a society of Thelema worship created by the Beast, Aleister Crowley of all the cretins on Earth to have chosen. This must stop or our demise will come faster than a cat on hot bricks. Stand up and make yourself known.


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