Workfare enslavement must be stopped

By The Unhived Mind 29th February 2012

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Interesting how all the focus is on the youth scheme right now, all whilst the adult workfare is going almost totally ignored. You will also notice how if anything they simply speak about losing benefits. What people have to realize is that if you keep your benefits but work in these companies then you are working for a third or less than the legal minimum wage set out by this very treasonous Government in the first place. It does not even matter if you are claiming housing benefit as well as Jobseeker’s Allowance. The workfare right now is solely based upon your Jobseeker’s Allowance and nothing more. Therefore if you get between £50-67 a week then you will be way below the minimum wage as I have just highlighted. Do not let any advisor try to make you feel bad if you are claiming housing benefit because that simply does not even factor into it in the slightest. Simply state that many people do not claim housing benefit and they are being forced onto workfare the same. The advisors will soon shut up if you tackle them with these facts.

This is slave labor, abuse, harassment, illegal, against Human Rights and worse of all Unlawful. These programs must be stopped immediately, especially as we are in a covered up economic depression with virtual no jobs in sight or sound. All those companies who support these schemes in any shape or form must be boycotted permanently. I suggest to you all that you should condition yourselves to minimal living not only in preparation for the economic collapse coming shortly, but in order to boycott banking and consuming altogether. Its time to stop believing in the Government who serve the City of London and The Worshipful Company of Mercers not the people who they’ve enslaved to the Cestui Que Via Act 1666 run by King Juan Carlos of Spain and Evelyn De Rothschild. Its time to stop believing in the pound currency and look to The Lawful Bank under the British Constitutional Group. Its time to select and elect real leadership for the Nation that will be proud of our borders and Nation state. Its time for morality to come back to Britain without the need of draconian Martial Law systems which will soon be implemented under the treasonous Lisbon Treaty if we do not stop this. We need our own proper currency and/or money backed by Gold and Silver or the system favored by The Lawful Bank.

Its time for a peaceful and independently run revolution in Britain and therefore not controlled and steered by British Intelligence and the Club of Rome unlike the false occupy movement. Do a study on the book ‘The First Global Revolution’ by the Council of the Club of Rome printed far in advance of their actions of late. Firstly the revolution will be by peaceful with Lawful Rebellion as granted by the Magna Carta. If that fails then its time for the people to remove the tyranny just as the Citizens of the United States should do according to the united States of America Constitution. Its time for the Common Law, Magna Carta, and the British Constitution to shine in the wonderful Sovereign nations of England, Scotland and Wales again.

No longer will the people tolerate the Luciferian pagan worshiping cretins destroying our religions, morality and society. These false God of the rainbow worshipers thought they had dumbed us down enough over the generations. They especially thought this with the introduction of Fluoride and multiple other neuron poisons like aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG). They made sure they studied all products sold in the supermarkets to find the most popular brands. They then laced all of these favorite brands with these poisons whilst making sure the best deals in the store were again on these products. They bought about another gadget called the cell phone to destroy the autonomic nervous system and brain functioning. Cell phones decrease the regulation meridians including Spleen and Pancreas organ damage. So yes the obesity, immune dysfunction and cancer are not all the fault of poisonous foods like vegetable oils and unfermented soy along with other known reasons. You also have to factor in these harmful microwave frequency weapons called cell phones and soon the smart meter attack. A good source of knowledge on the subject of microwave radiation is the expert, Barrie Trower so study his work immediately.

Remember the Club of Rome wish for a population reduction of a minimum sixty-five percent by 2050. Just study their Global 2000 Report whilst looking into front Malthusian groups like Population Matters aka Optimum Population Trust in Manchester, England. Do a study on the U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development. It’s all there for those with eyes and no denial. Do not be fooled by immigration fiddling the populace figures to hide the severe populace reductions going on right now. The economic depression has been engineered to occur, again with ties to the Club of Rome and its desires for a post industrial zero growth society and a need to depopulate the majority of the victims of the depression and peasant living they see as required to maintain authority in an era of World Government.

In order to build up developing nations to a just slightly better standard of living they have to counter balance the Western World living by lowering living standards. A total of sixty five percent of the wealth will be handed to the developing World whilst we have only thirty five percent. These Malthusians believe that if they could not easily get the kill figures desired in a certain time frame then they would simply drastically lower living standards. You then become subordinated to their control through having to rely on them for your living and food. You then no longer become a threat to them or their treasonous World Government plans. This is especially true as they make you ill with chemicals, pharmaceuticals and wrong dietary advise along with dangerous junk foods like vegetable oils. These will only riddle your body with disease and enslave you to the pharmaceutical industry run by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers.

-= The Unhived Mind