April 14th 2016
By: The Unhived Mind

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that the Central Intelligence Agency masters all the other intelligence agencies as disinformation like that is simply not true. The Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t even have information that the Jesuit Order has let alone the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and British Intelligence. Both the Central Intelligence Agency and Israeli Secret Intelligence Service serve the British intelligence services known as the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and Security Service (MI5) both of which are commanded by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Kent through the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath along with the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Both the Central Intelligence Agency and the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service were created by Sir William Stephenson the head of the British Security Co-ordination (MI6). The finest intelligence agencies in the world are based in New Venice (Britain) and Rome such as the The Entity (Entitas). The British intelligence network is based on the most excellent but evil Venetian intelligence systems of the Consiglio Dei Diece. When it comes to special military operations the Empire of New Venice never relies on the U.S. plantation and its Green Berets, Navy Seals or Delta Force but instead the first choice will always be the reliable British Secret Air Service and its subsidiaries like the dreaded Keany Meany Services. I’d like to remind you of Kay Griggs the wife of Marine Corps colonel George Griggs and how she always claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency was nothing more than a bogeyman or a diversion in order to guide you away from the real military powers which were tied to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. If the Central Intelligence Agency is so all knowing and powerful then ask yourself why the Director of Central Intelligence, George J. Tenet didn’t even know about or even understand how the both the chief of the Secret Intelligence Services (Sir Richard Dearlove) and the Director General of the Security Service (Sir Stephen Lander) managed to enter closed U.S. Airspace within hours of the 9/11 attacks. Now please can you tell me if it sounds like all the shots are being called out by the Langley crew? The intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency are mere fronts created by New Venice in order to just do the Empire’s dirty work in keeping the Empire’s economy either flowing or stagnant depending on the desires and needs of the time according to the recommendations of the Venetian Arsenal mind benders web. So now you can understand why when it comes down to raw tacks then the true masters in New Venice will always step in and pull the strings over its plantations and slave fronts.

Karen Hudes continues to play out the Venetian created Reformation game in order to divert all the attention onto the Vatican and not the far bigger picture all these people seem to be protecting either by knowing or unknowing in their actions. The root ills of Europe come from Venetian and Synagogue of Satan sources not the Vatican which is nothing more than a hollowed out shell eaten by these very Satanists. The Christian Church was never perfect and in order to create a unity in Europe the Church had to be universal and thus try to compensate and bring in ancient practices and this way the Church could absorb pagans and others easily into the fold. The Venetians/Synagogue of Satan capitalized on some minor differences between original Christianity and the Christian Church in order to divide & conquer. The Venetians/SOS invented the Reformation and controlled all the various levels from the Quakers, Puritans and the Protestants. Today there are people who’re still stuck within this created farce and they cannot escape its tunnel vision and thus they don’t see the bigger picture which ends up making them part of the problem as they too act as a gatekeeper. Throughout history the Christian Church fought tooth and nail against this Synagogue of Satan. Now please go back throughout history and look at the difference in class of the Christianized Europeans compared to the vile barbaric actions of the Synagogue of Satan and Venetians. If you want to blame the Vatican and you believe the Church put the world in a dark age then you’d better study Roman Catholic Cardinal, Nicolaus Cusanus and the Renaissance which infuriated the Venetians into eventually fomenting the Reformation. Some might claim Cusanus was a follower of the Kabbalah but the Renaissance definitely was a massive blow to Venice. Todays dark age is a result of the evils of the Synagogue of Satan not the old Vatican. The Vatican corpse laid to rest in 1963 with the Jesuit renewal known as the Second Vatican Council. The start of the downfall of the Vatican was in 1827 when the Rothschild family took guardianship of the Vatican Treasury just thirteen years after the same family helped to get the Jesuit Order back within the Vatican under false promises. One of the last attempts by true Catholics to fight back against these Satanists happened in 1907 with the creation of the Sodalitium Pianum aka Pine Forest but by 1921 New Venice ended up defeating this fight by utilizing an infiltration agent called Rafael Merry del Val who at the time was the Cardinal Secretary of State.

The Vatican, Switzerland and even the Jewish State of Israel are mastered by and from New Venice after Britain was covertly taken over by a covert Venetian coup d’etat. Switzerland was chosen as a safe neutral area in which all parties could keep wealth and interests safe in case of war or disaster issues outside of that location zone. Switzerland will never be the power of command as you can see there is still a democratic system in place for the people which would never happen in the true power center of an evil Empire and this is truly a most despicable Empire. Switzerland was a land where many of the Palestinian Moret peoples ran to when in 1312 both the King of France Philip IV and Pope Clement V destroyed the Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici over its Kabbalahist ways. The Moret people were the true masters of the wisdom and knowledge behind the Sturgeons teachers of the Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici. Without the exporting of these Moret peoples and their wisdom from Palestine and into Europe then there wouldn’t have been any of the fast advancements that were seen once this Order came back into backward European lands.

Many high-level Nobles have powers and land rights within the region of Switzerland including the Templar connected Doria family tied into the House of Savoy headed by Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia who’s a very powerful being in numerous high level Papal Orders including the Constantinian Order, Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and the Order of Malta. The assassinations and terror attacks are mastered by New Venice (Britain) and its forks which may lead some trails to different lands including on occasion Switzerland as with the Permanent Industrial Expositions hit on Promethean President John F. Kennedy aided by the Zeusian Division Five of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You’ve already witnessed how weak Switzerland was in standing up to the United States when it demanded exposure of all the private bank accounts of U.S. citizens based on Internal Revenue Service reasons. Now ask yourself where those robber baron riches actually flow to and how it ends up as payment to the true powers-at-be aided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Was it the Vatican who attacked Washington DC in 1814 or was it the Venetian mindset via New Venice? Who was it that forced President Abraham Lincoln to then temporarily dissolve the American Republic so he could find a way to settle so-called debt re-payments for the original Settling of the New World? Was it the Vatican or was it a Freemasonic lodge by the name of the Worshipful Company of Skinners? Abraham Lincoln himself was assassinated by New Venice in order to continue the end of the American Republic for good from 1868 onwards. I must make it clear that there were so-called Catholic elements to the assassination of Lincoln but these weren’t true Christian Church members but instead Venetian agents masquerading as the Church via the Jesuit Order. This is where Reformation followers cannot get their heads around the fact that the Jesuits were an infiltration tool used by Venetian handlers to aid along the Reformation and the destruction of the Christian Church and unity within Europe. Why do you think the Jesuits have been hated by Catholics since they were very first bought into the Church? Why do you think Pope Clement XIV destroyed the Jesuit Order in the late 18th Century? The Jesuits are one with the Synagogue of Satan and the Venetian powers. Ignazio Loiolakoa was handled directly from Venice by Cardinal Gasparo Contarini for Doge Pietro Lando. Loyola was funded by these powers along with the Synagogue of Satan out of Holland and Spain (Lucifer Francois Borja).

The world only answers to New Venice (Britain) and its ancient Londinium powers (New Jerusalem). Why doesn’t Hudes and others give you this sort of level of information I present on the Venetian powers and their evil actions against Europe? Why do these people ignore these facts and always point the finger at the Vatican but ignore what stares them right in the face from New Venice and its forks the United States and Canada? This Zeusian system is mastered from the Trans-Atlantic region meaning New Venice and its New World plantations. Why hasn’t this Hudes character been trying to help along the BRICS New Development Bank system instead of trying to create yet another extra system that just ends up mudding the waters? The Promethean BRICS bloc have the exact solution to the global financial collapse as well as how to progress mankind through a win-win non-geopolitical system aided by space programs, development, true money and friendship. Instead of U.S. Citizens following the Zeusian models or running around trying to make their own (impossible) then they should just stop and instead follow the Promethean model and aid what is already constructed. Listen, for hundreds of years people have craved an alternative system so do you think a bit of chatter from someone ill-informed will make a difference? In order to make a difference you have to have not only backbone but you have to be protected by nuclear and covert weaponry as well as have access to the likes of gold bullion. This was the flaw in Promethean Mummar Qaddafi’s United States of Africa plan because he didn’t have nuclear weapons as a protection. Do you honestly believe the BRICS would be possible without Russia and Putin combined? Russia is the true backbone and force behind the BRICS with Xi and China coming in second. Without these two great men and nations then an alternative system just wouldn’t be possible. You couldn’t expect India, Brazil and South Africa to create anything without real power backing from Russia and China. When Africa wanted a communications satellite it was Qaddafi who put up three quarters of the funding at three-hundred million dollars compared to all other African leaders only managed to pool together the other one-hundred million dollars. So please don’t expect Hude’s time wasting to be any different to events of the past. This Hude’s character should attempt to aid the BRICS situation not compete with it because her actions are already lost. We don’t want another geopolitically motivated monetary system controlled by the Trans-Atlantic and we also don’t want to have a good system having any need to connect to a bad system either. We want a properly regulated and fair win-win non-geopolitical non-war economy to progress mankind utilizing the model of the American system based on the Hamiltonian Principle. Germany’s Bizmarck and the Russian Czar were ready to implement this model until New Venice destroyed them both. It’s now time for Vladimir Putin to save world like only he and Xi Jinping can right now. There are a lot of people out there who fear the two words ‘central bank’ but these are only bad if that bank is working against the needs of the people and nations. Going back again to the United States of African plan we saw that Qaddafi planned three centralized banks and not one of them would’ve been tied with anyone outside of Africa. Do you still think a central bank is bad? The Federal Reserve is a private bank run by numerous families of the Synagogue of Satan but if it could be replaced by a nationalized bank then that bank creation could be made to work for the people but it would still be a central bank. Right now Russia and China have a central bank and this will always be the case but that doesn’t mean they’re run by the Rothschild family. The Peoples’ Bank of China is far from run by the West and in fact it infuriates the Rothschild’s and their agent George Soros. The Chinese Government have full control of the Chinese economy not outsiders. Russia’s Central Bank is a little different and no doubt has a lot of fifth column infiltrators the same as other power levels within Russia as much as fifty percent. Over time President Putin is ridding his Nation of this filth so soon the Nation will be similar to China.

We often hear about how Switzerland must be powerful as they protect the so-called Pope (anti-Popes since 1963) but as usual I debunk that nonsense because when a Pope is seriously threatened then it’s not the Swiss Guard who continue to front protect but instead the real protection is passed over to the military members of the Order of Malta. Switzerland is not a sovereign nation and it too is covertly commanded just the same from the Templar Bar like all the rest of the corporations (so-called nations) within the Zeusian New Venice Empire. Venice has never believed in borders and sovereign states so now you know why nationalism and national borders are being destroyed across the World but in truth those once nations have already been toppling since the late 1800s and up to 1933. We can see today with the Kalergi Plan destroyed Europe what’s the end goal of the Synagogue of Satan. Take a look at Israel media sources as they attack all those Europeans who’re fighting the white genocide and destruction of their Christian lands. Notice how the Ziopress are against the introduction of the Schengen Area back into Europe which will effectively mean the end of the European Union project as borders become reintroduced back to protect the homelands from the Synagogue’s plans since this evil tribe have worked too quickly and made a big failure. Why did they make a failure like this? The Synagogue of Satan are panicking because their Trans-Atlantic monetary system is bankrupt and the people are waking up too quickly. Not only are the people waking up but various leaders like Putin are coming forth to challenge this filth. The recent refugee crisis shows us all that the Synagogue of Satan are in trouble but remember this Tribe are lethal and they’re willing to sacrifice the lot of you if they have to. The only thing protecting the world right now from World War III and other nasty events to mass kill populations are the Prometheans like Putin. There are even some Zeusians that don’t want to go as far as their Kronos brothers and instead prefer more covert and slow kill methods such as economic depression and eugenics.

The last few areas on the World map which still have an ounce of sovereignty are the likes of Iran but all these sovereign areas are targets for warfare if they don’t bow down to the Empire. If those very nations don’t surrender then New Venice may now end up sparing them from warfare as long as they can riddle their way in with trade as an infiltration tactic. Iran right now is falling for such trickery by accepting trade after being sanctioned for many years. Iran also knows that soon the Trans-Atlantic monetary system will be no more and instead it’ll be replaced by the BRICS so the nation is going along and enjoying the ride for now. New Venice knows it will struggle to attack Iran militarily as it’s now being protected by Russia especially as the Russian S-300 and other defense systems start to enter after being proven within the Syria battleground struggles. So now instead of the planned war on Iran you now see New Venice opening up the doors to trade and it’s all in order just to attempt to fleece, in-debt the nation and thus making the target nation dependent on the Trans-Atlantic monetary system especially if the BRICS can be destroyed by Hybrid War or all out military warfare. What happens when New Venice has hooked a nation into its financial curse? The same things that have recently been attempted against Russia with sanctions etc. What’s different today? Russia and China have now made an alternative system (BRICS) and because we now have an alternative this means the final squeeze of New Venice is over and it will no longer have any controls over anyone once the alternative system is signed into full action meaning all the electronic payment systems and bourses etc. Once Putin and Xi sign on that dotted line then the over-hyped military might of the New Venice Empire will be reduced down to the level of third world status within a matter of hours. The great Promethean Xi Jinping offered the United States an open ended chance to be part of the win-win New Silk Road and BRICS projects but the New Venice agent Barack Obama still hasn’t taken up the offer or even acknowledged this fact. The alternative to the BRICS is an even bigger dark age and even worsening degenerate backward society fulfilling the Satanic twisted dreams of New Venice’s Bertrand Russell (highly admired by the Jesuits) of the Order of Merit as well as the idolizing of Aleister Crowley and the Kabbalah route.  Both Aleister Crowley and Bertrand Russell are two of the World’s most notorious beasts riddled with evil inside their bones and souls.

New Venice has made the big mistake of putting all its eggs into just one basket by utilizing its U.S plantation, petrodollar and the Federal Reserve. New Venice seems to like centralizing everything but when you have everything in one spot then what happens if disaster strikes? This all reminds me of when this crowd attempted to kick off a nuclear war in the 1950s in the hope of destroying the populations of the northern hemisphere. Why do you think the West Indies was so important to these elitists? They planned to dwell down in the West Indies area whilst the rest of the world suffered nuclear fallout. Florida was chosen as a feeding ground where livestock would be kept etc. The only reason World War III never happened in that Century was because of a freak weather system which ended up destroying all their plans as they soon came to realize that they too could be wiped out in an instant relying on just one or a few sources etc. So the nuclear war was put off till now and I believe their planned execution of the war will be 2017 unless the Prometheans continue to put a stop to things. If you’ve got important hard-drive data then you’re advised to back it up and have it backed-up in three different locations ideally one on the cloud, one in the home and another located outside of your state or even nation for true safety. Why would you back up important data and store it in the same building only to have one fire destroy it all at once? This is the current failure of New Venice with its centralization and the BRICS will take full advantage of this weakness as Putin and Xi scribe those golden phallic pens and press out that lovely ink and in the blink of an eye sign away the Petrodollar funded U.S. Department of Defense. Lets hope that signing comes as soon as next week in line with the starting of the Shanghai Gold Fix or anytime after that.

I ask you, does it not make full sense for the Central Intelligence Agency to have a base of operations located in Europe? Why wouldn’t it be logical? How many U.S military bases are spread all over the world to aid the crusading operations? So does it not make perfect sense to have a base in such a prime location as Switzerland where you have neutral territory since the Congress of Vienna? Why don’t these people sending out diversions even mention the somewhat crippling of the Central Intelligence Agency back in 2004 with the introduction of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 aided by Senator Bob Graham’s efforts the same man behind the attempted exposure of the Metabridge role involving Saudi Arabia in the state-sponsored 9/11 false-flag terrorist attacks. I should also remind you about how Division Five FBI held both Senator Bob Graham and his wife against their will for forty-eight hours whilst threatening Graham over his work on the 28-pages but this Senator ended up not giving into their demands as you can see today as he now calls for further documents to be exposed. It’s worth noting that New Venice has controlled Saudi Arabia since 1763 going back to the likes of Henry Vansittart. You’ll only find very weak arguments put forth when the diversion pied pipers attempt to claim Switzerland is the world’s power. Some might tell you that Switzerland is tied to the Pharaohs of Egypt but so is Ireland where Neferneferuaten Nefertiti and Amenhotep IV’s daughter is buried to this very day. I’ve exposed the true world power and it’s New Venice with the ancient Londinium. Any serious researcher with a logical mind should be able to eventually work it out and keep clear of all the bad information and diversions. Watch the predictive programming of Hollywood run by the Synagogue of Satan and you’ll see how the British are continually portrayed as the masters over U.S Citizens. Take a look at movies like ‘Ca$h’ directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson and numerous other movies where the villain and powerful minds are always British.  This Britain dominates mentality is also visible in the reality television as harsh British judges are used and admired for their belittling of U.S. Citizen goyim chattel.  All this reminds me of the sickening prominent Union Jack flag hosting high in the air during the ‘British Invasion’ (note the last word) rock and pop music bands concert for the NYC Firefighters after 9/11.  The concert was a covert message to the initiates of the Empire.  The very same false-flag ordered by the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and planned by the Gray’s Inn golden griffin mob.

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