By: The Unhived Mind – 20 May 2014


Today Prince Charles verbally attacked the great Vladimir Putin because the Russian President is on the brink of achieving what the former U.S. President, John F. Kennedy almost achieved in 1963 until New Venice’s assassination bureau the Permanent Industrial Expositions (Permindex) slaughtered the great man in Dealey Plazza. Vladimir Putin is about to destroy New Venice’s (Britain) monetary dictatorship and enslavement system headed at the sovereign nation called the City of London (ancient Londinium) which controls the Federal Reserve that is dominated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. This Bank of Richmond has a connection to the Bowles family of which the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles originates from within. Richmond, Virginia is where the USA Financial Ltd funnels out all its robber baron riches into the City of London Corporation (British Empire). Charles will ignore how his mother protects Tony Blair through her Royal Prerogative over his vile attack on Iraq in 2003 which was mostly to protect the petrodollar! (Federal Reserve note for buying energy.)

“The Warburg’s are beneath the Crown Corporation and serve the New Holy Roman Empire! The Jesuits control the Federal Reserve takeover of the American Republic. The Federal Reserve is actually under the U.S. Treasury by way of its Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF). The Federal Reserve has a connection to Camilla Parker Bowles the hussy of Great Master Prince Charles. Do not underestimate the power of the Bowles family and the North Carolina connection to the Federal Reserve serving the Livery and City of London Corporation. I believe there is a connection to The Worshipful Company of Skinners involved somewhere since they were the ones behind the Virginia Company of London debt desires which forced Abraham Lincoln to have to incorporate the United States and hinder the American Republic in the late 19th Century. Take a look into the history of the North Carolina Gold-Mine Company and make sure you do not fall for the New York division of the Fed being the king dick because the real power of the Federal Reserve has always been down in North Carolina. So please look towards Virginia and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in future and do not forget to look up the West Creek Operations Center. It is all a bit like the real power of the Scottish Rite which is actually based in Dallas, Texas (Kennedy Assassination) and not the diversion front Washington D.C. (House of the Temple)” –The Unhived Mind

Prince Charles verbally attacks Vladimir Putin making him out to be some kind of monster but ignoring his own psychopathic and very devious nature. All this coming from a nefarious being who had the mother of his children, Princess Diana slaughtered by British SAS soldiers in Paris, France. President Putin simply divorced his former-wife, Lyudmila rather than assassinate her like Prince Charles did with his wife. Finally an inquest was granted into the murder of Diana but this was conducted in the Royal Courts mastered by the very murderers involved so justice for Diana was screwed from day one. Not once was Prince Charles called to the Court over his wife’s exposure of her husband planning to kill her off in a soon-to-be Boston breaks car accident (speciality of the British Secret Intelligence Service).


Prince Charles also ignores his own father’s connection to the Nazi Germany and the Windsor family’s German roots as Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. Prince Charles ignores how Adolf Hitler stayed in Liverpool from 1912 to 1913 and was mind programmed by the Fabian Society’s cult creation and social engineering powerhouse called the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Hitler was created by New Venice and eventually he was controlled by Jesuit Heinrich Himmler who himself ended up becoming the Black Pope of Europe during the Jesuit schism over the Joseph Stalin tension. Prince Charles ignores how New Venice’s City of London and Wall Street funded the Nazis through the likes of Prescott Bush the faked father of Nazi SS officer George H.W Sherff. Not only did the West fund Hitler but they also provided him with ammunition and fuel, the latter was provided by the King of oil, John D. Rockefeller, Jr and his Standard Oil energy network. If Rockefeller hadn’t supplied the Nazis their fuel then the war would have ended four years earlier. Prince Charles ignores how powers at Dachau, Bavaria placed George H.W Scherff in control of their Americas division of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst covert Nazi intelligence. This secret intelligence network is hidden deep within the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. The main role of the CIA is to protect the U.S economy like all other intelligence networks worldwide protect their economies. This means the DVD/CIA will do anything to protect the petrodollar so is it any wonder that the CIA Director, John Brennan covertly visits Ukraine to stir up tensions using Nazis in order to create tensions with the Russia President who’s about to destroy the petrodollar more in favour of a joint Yuan-Rouble energy payment system. This is why the Eric Holder and the FBI recently listed numerous Chinese Generals as being Americs most wanted for men for supposedly hacking and performing espionage on the United States, all whilst the U.S Government ignores that the National Security Agency definitely has been hacking and committing espionage which is documented and highlighted by both Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Watch as further attacks on China and Russia come forth starting with sanctions. Lets see how long it will take the nefarious West to sanction China for massing Chinese troops up along the border of Vietnam just as the West keep doing against Russia over the Ukrainian border.


Prince Charles ignores how New Venice has been using the Ukrainian Nazi continuums like Right Sector to attack the legitimate government of Ukraine as well as its civilian populace like we witnessed in both Maidan and recently in Odessa where innocent people were burned alive, poisoned and strangled. Prince Charles makes sure he ignores the General Agreement on Cooperation between The Council of Ministers of the Russian Socialist Federative Republic and the New Republic/USA Financial Ltd. Handelsgesellschaft (GES.M.b.H – Austria). This General Agreement was signed on December 22nd 1990 by Yeltsin, Gaidar, Filshin of Russia along with Reagan and Wanta of the USA Financial Ltd with attorney Indahl. What the West has been doing in Ukraine and the region with NATO, Greystone and Academi shadow mercenary armies is all illegal and Russia has every right to be upset and even punish those involved. The funding of the coup D’etat on Ukraine came from derivative trading at the DVD’s Deutsche Bank as well as the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in Hungary using the likes of George Soros. The U.S uses the likes of the demented terrorist John McCain, Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, Victoria Nuland, Mikhail Gorbachev (Club of Rome) and others to attack Putin on a regular basis. What is really worrying these people is that not only is the petrodollar under extreme threat now (historic period of time) but Putin is so smart he is blocking all their attempts to infiltrate the Russia Federation. How is he doing this? Putin is blocking Non-Govermental Organization involvement in Russia and classing them as foreign agents. Putin is also censoring social media and other sneaky systems like foreign adoption etc that the West have used against their enemies and even themselves such as during the London riots which was far from an out-of-the-blue event.


Prince Charles ignores how he and his father (the Black Prince) and brother Prince Andrew were the real controllers of the 9/11 attacks using the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators under the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath to plan the attacks and then using Bombardier Master Trust and the Royal Canadian Air Force to execute the air attacks followed by aid from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the British Ministry of Defence. The British Ministry of Defence’s Geoff Hoon had full control over the U.S public key infrastructure right after the attacks that day. First of all the power over the U.S was diverted by NATO into Chicago rather than the required U.S protocol. NATO then directed this power out of Chicago and over into Britain under the Ministry of Defence and into the hands of Geoff Hoon and non other than war criminal crusader, Tony Blair and John Prescott. I also believe the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights were involved in the missile attack on the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon on 9/11 aided by Amec PLC. Now please study who heads the Shipwrights and the Order of the Bath and you will find it is none other than Prince Charles. The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators have since been upgraded by Queen Elizabeth II (a nefarious Venetian Guelph descendant) and is now known as The Honourable Company of Air Pilots which is run by Grandmaster Prince Andrew of all people. So we have this parasitic British (German) royal family creating the events of 9/11 as a false-flag in order to invade and steal nations and resources as well as build their world government. These attacks on the United States would then be used (Project for a New American Century) by New Venice by proxy through their covert colony of the United States (USA Financial LTD) dominated from Wall Street and of course Richmond, Virginia. It should interest people who try to connect the Bush family to the 9/11 attacks that George H.W Scherff is also a member of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath like the Royal Air Force Baron who devised the 9/11 air attacks. This order is based on the idea of bathing in blood and we all know how the Royals like to walk on red carpets and have red strips and sashes on their military clothing. The color red is also symbolism of the planet Mars being the God of war controlling your combativeness, strength, anger and assertiveness.


We could go on and on about this vile verbal attack on the great Vladimir Putin but if you do your own research then you will soon see who is the real covert aggressor and enslaver of mankind. I strongly urge you all to get behind Vladimir Putin and expose the slavery and war crimes of the Jesuits, New Venice and its aristocracy. Right now Vladimir Putin is our only hope of defeating the City of London templar power. Vladimir Putin has nuclear weapons at his disposal as he recently demonstrated and this dangerous fact changes the game completely. How often do you see New Venice rattling the cage of a nuclear power? Instead they will try and infiltrate and control from the inside as George H.W Scherff does with North Korea. Scherff creates tensions in Asia using North Korea in order to rattle the Asian financial stock markets aiding further monetary manipulation and rigging of the global economy. Those who claim Putin is controlled by the Vatican because he has visited the anti-Popes need to look back at how John F. Kennedy visited the Vatican only weeks prior to his slaughter for attempting to destroy the Federal Reserve and for putting the U.S Constitution above Vatican Canon Law. It is your choice but do you want to continue in this Guelph created economic depression (under the illusion of growth) which is being made worse by austerity measures and similar until they crash the economy either in April-May of 2015 or at the latest in 2017? Would you not prefer some financial stability that a form of gold-backed monetary system could deliver for a period of time? Would it be perfect? No! A gold backed monetary system has never worked properly and needs silver being involved as well but ideally a new credit based system is what we need. The gold-backing is a nice starting ground to achieving some stability back. You will not get any stability coming out of the U.S so talk of the Glass Steagall Act is pointless since we will be relying on Russia and China to destroy the USA Financial Ltd. I honestly cannot see anyone or any faction succeeding in removing the nefarious New Venice empire from the American shore.


Finally when Vladimir says he will protect the Russian Orthodox Church and its teachings then he is a man of his word and he really protects it. Now Prince Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II is a different kettle of fish altogether as she continues to allow and even participates in the destruction of the Anglican Church. Not only that but this Doge of New Venice is preparing to merge the Anglican Church with the Roman Catholic church under the Holyrood Agreement. So would you say that this Doge is the Defender of the Faith or a nefarious farce? Lets face it, this Doge has destroyed Great Britain each time she signed a treaty to throw the sovereign nation away to the claws of the European Union. Notice how she has to counter-sign all these treaties along with the Prime Minister. Do not believe the Doge has no powers over Britain because if the truth is known when the English Bill of Rights was created in 1689 this then covertly gave back all the Monarchy powers that were taken away by Oliver Cromwell. Note how the Cromwell’s interbred with the powerful Pallavicini family of Genoa. On top of this you have Prince Charles attempting to claim he will be a Defender of the Faiths which means no loyalty whatsoever to the Anglican Church! This current Doge is now threatening anyone in the Anglican Church who exposes and talks about paedophilia and the same is happening in the Roman Catholic Church under anti-pope Francis I. Both of these nefarious wicked beings conspired to hide their paedophilia networks by force under the Crimen Sollicitationis.

Take that future Doge of New Venice and do not verbally abuse Vladimir Putin or others again!


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  • theunhivedmind

    The Office of Naval Intelligence was taken out by an advanced Russian-made SS-N-19 Shipwreck stolen from the wreckage of the K-141 Kursk submarine after it was attacked just over one year prior to the ‘match is hot’ event in NYC and Virginia. The missile was launched at a maximum of 380 miles away using a modified vessel located within the Atlantic Ocean most likely under guidance of French military intelligence working alongside the spotters in New York City who were ready to capture footage of the drone attack on the World Trade Center. The Naudet Brothers were French Intelligence plants placed at the scene to document the event just like the dancing Israelis were Israeli Intelligence doing the exact same thing. The target area of the Pentagon was renovated by AMEC Plc including all the security cameras not to mention how the camera equipment used by the Naudet’s was also AMEC Plc tied to the City University of New York. The footage of 9/11 was all mastered under the Rothschild family owned Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers mastering the camera lens patent pool. The missile attack will have been mastered under the Freemasonic lodge of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights. The events on 9/11 were a metabridge operation meaning a combination of a number of intelligence agencies and so-called nations including; New Venice (Britain), Israel, France, U.S. and Canada along with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The NATO group removed control from the U.S. out over into the hands of the British Ministry of Defence after diverting this power out from Washington then into Chicago before Britain. The 9/11 events were ordered by the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and the air attacks were planned by the golden griffin mob of the Gray’s Inn. Two of the biggest names involved in these attacks are not Bush and Cheney but instead it’s the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Kent. So now you too can feel physically sickened when you watch the footage of the New York Firefighters Concert as you see all those ‘British Invasion’ pop/rock bands playing as the Union Jack flies dominate above the stage. You’re aware of the twenty-four members of the Bin Laden family flying out of the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks. I bet you weren’t aware of the private aircraft that within hours of the attacks entered into U.S. during the flight ban and which was carrying both the Duke of Kent and Prince of Wales puppets known as Sir Richard Dearlove (DOK) the head of MI6 along with Sir Stephen James Lander (POW) the head of MI5? Even high-level members of the Central Intelligence Agency were perplexed as to how these two got clearance into U.S. airspace. The New Venice (Britain) Empire 9/11 attacks were yet another 1814 Burning of Washington.

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