By: The Unhived Mind – July 17th 2014

Last updated 2nd August 2014

First of all read an article I wrote on the 18th March 2014 which highlighted how I suspected a downing of a civilian aircraft with a MANPAD shoulder fired missile launcher funnily enough stolen from the Ukraine. A MANPAD could not have hit this aircraft though because it was flying at an altitude of 34,776ft far greater than the capabilities of such a device unlike the much more powerful BUK battery system coupled with a deadly 9М38 missile which is capable of hitting targets over 40,000ft. Just this week the Ukrainian Army were given numerous BUK-M1 weaponry which were deployed right next to the Donetsk region and in Kharkiv by Wednesday all just a few days prior to this event and all ready to take down any enemy combatants. This is why for three days prior to the false-flag event the use of Ukrainian Kupol-M1 9S18 radars went as high as nine and then after the event this overdrive ended going back down to the normal two or three. On top of this information we have the knowledge that back on the 29th of June that Pro-Russian rebels found BUK weaponry in a captured A-1402 Ukrainian military base. This alone proves that the Ukraine has had the ability and technology to down high altitude aircraft which contradicts the western mainstream media propaganda claiming otherwise. If a BUK missile was launched then a trail would have been seen by numerous people and maybe even filmed. As far as I can tell no one has filmed or mentioned seeing such a trail but then again a crisis actor (man-in-the-middle) may end up being placed in the mix at some point to do just that, someone like this unnamed being supposedly on the pro-Russian side but claiming they shot down the airliner according to his interviewer Lorenzo Cremonesi. It is easier to disguise what really happened if the attack actually took place at 34,776ft using fighter aircraft rather than from the ground-to-air using a BUK system. So one outcome of this event may well be public demand aiding Israel getting orders for all civilian aircraft to be fitted out with expensive Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure and Directional InfraRed CounterMeasure systems from Elbit. This today will also aid Israel by allowing their Zionist media networks to divert attention away Israeli war crimes in Gaza and the further theft of Palestinian natural gas reserves. All the interest is diverted onto the great President Putin and the Russia Federation rather than on the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip happening on the very same day.


There are always multiple agendas to events as big as these so always follow the money trail and players like the pro-Israel Senator John McCain and fellow neo-conservatives like Robert Kagan not to mention the RAND Corporation run by Boeing (Defense Industrial Security Command) who are supplied by the most evil British Serco corporation (the Octopus as highlighted by assassinated Joseph Daniel Casolaro) with connections to Clinton Rubin LLC and McConnell International. Need I remind you that Serco is currently headed by Rupert Soames a member of the Order of the British Empire and the grandson of Winston Churchill a former member of the Venetian Party of North and a Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. The Soames also have connections through the Powell family going back into The Worshipful Company of Mercers run by the City of London Corporation the head of the British Empire (New Venice). Rupert’s brother is the former Minister of State for the Armed Forces for Great Britain Nicholas Soames and both of which are responsible for the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The current Serco Vice President of the intelligence business and National Security Advisor is Maureen Baginski a former executive of the National Security Agency and a former Executive Assistant Director for Intelligence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Nazi pink triangle boys).


Who instantly opened his loud mouth as soon as this MH17 event occurred? Senator John McCain the crazy demented warhawk who should be removed from office and either jailed or put in the gas chamber for his crimes against humanity. Whenever you hear McCain spouting his mouth off then you know he has an involvement and an agenda in that region which is always warfare, profiting, misery and takeover. John McCain should be detained under both the Nazi Homeland Security’s Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act for being one of the world’s chief terrorists.

Anti-Russian propaganda video (MP4)Right click, Save as…

Barack Obama and U.S. Intelligence claim the plane was shot down from by a ground-to-air missile in Russian separatist controlled territory. Former Senator Ron Paul commented on the situation by saying, “Since Russia would have the least benefit, I think Putin is a little bit smarter than that. I don’t think he would ever come close to participating in act like this.” Western mainstream media are still attempting to use video footage propaganda claiming pro-Russians were behind the attack. What the msm fail to tell you is how this same video was uploaded to Youtube a day before the attack showing someone had planned this event and it was not Russia. The Youtube account holder should be traced and questioned by authorities but if this does not happen then you know for sure who is behind this attack. If you just say the wrong thing today on social media you end up in court on the most pathetic of charges. Do you honestly think if this attack was not a false flag that the authorities would not be straight on the case after whomever uploaded this video a day before a supposed three hundred people were murdered? On the 21st of July 2014 the media networks in Mexico showed the true evidence from Russian satellites proving this was a nazi Ukrainian shoot down event that has nothing in the slightest to do with the Russian Federation or Vladimir Putin. Now in comparison the Daily Mail media whore of New Venice shows no evidence whatsoever for its claims (propaganda) all whilst at the same time damning Putin for supposedly killing children. Its sickening is it not that Putin gets blamed for something he never ordered or executed but the elite paedophile rings in Britain get away with child abuse and even sacrifice on a regular basis worldwide through the likes of SOS Children’s Villages International and similar aided by the likes of Jimmy Savile most of which are connected to the paedophile lair known as the BBC a non-independent worldwide propaganda mouthpiece for New Venice and its secret empire. Hows about all the hundreds of civilians the Israelis are killing as they blow up hospitals and fire banned white phosphorus chemical weapons on Gazans?

Why would a commercial airliner fly over the Ukraine during such a volatile civil war? Malaysia Airlines were already aware that it could not fly at 31496ft after common sense warnings by the Nazi Kiev authorities. What is a few thousand feet compared to a 9М38 missile capable of hitting 45,000ft? This flight just would not have happened and why was this another sacrificial Malaysian Airlines aircraft? It is also worth mentioning that this MH17 flight was supposedly cancelled according to the Radarflight website and why have numerous mainstream media networks given at least three different flight times for the same aircraft? Why is flight MH17 still flying the next day after being cancelled on the day of the event? Did you see flight MH370 carry on flying? You cannot tell me the event is any less sensitive where people wouldn’t be upset to see MH17 flying and who would want to fly on such an aircraft? Malaysia Airlines will lose passengers on all flights now let alone any using such flight numbers involved in these events lately. Flight MH17 if it had flown as claimed would actually be worse than MH370 as we are told three hundred people died where as we still have no confirmation of a crash or location of MH370. Already we see Malaysia Airlines are in trouble and may end up in financial ruin over these events and the fear they’ve produced. Expect any black box investigation results that come from New Venice’s, British Air Accidents Investigation Branch to end up suiting the official lie. The Pro-Russians should never release the black boxes to the BAAIB since investigations like these need to go to truly independent researchers not under any influence from New Venice. You would get more truth on the black boxes from Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee than you will from any New Venice terrorists.

Who were the supposed bodies on this aircraft which we can see in this news footage photograph which was used to add even more anger in those who fall for such propaganda by The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers? It looks very much like Flight MH17 was switched in the air with the missing MH370 stolen by the U.S. Air Force. The MH370 aircraft would be cloaked from radar by U.S. Air Force AWACS aircraft prior to the additional cloaking of flight MH17 (if that plane even flew that day which I suspect it did not) in the disappearance zone as the plane went missing from radar tracking for one hour prior to turning up off course. At the same time as this event took place you had the U.S. military commanding numerous other nations within the Ukraine in NATO military exercises known as Rapid Trident. It should be noted that Christopher Bollyn highlighted there was a Malaysia Airlines Aircraft sitting in Tel Aviv waiting for such an Operation Northwoods type false-flag event to happen. This Boeing 777-200ER aircraft was tied to Israel Aircraft Industries and flown from France to Tel Aviv in November of 2013 under the registration number of N105GT by GA Telesis! The people on board the original flight MH370 would most likely have been killed by gas at some point since going missing and they would have been loaded onto the other second Malaysia Airlines plane ready for the switch. These bodies would then be added to the MH17 flight lists through the Hudson’s Company power branch using the MDA Corporation in Richmond, British Columbia, the same corporation behind the Instrument Approach Procedures software that guided the air attacks on 9/11. The MDA Corporation would added these bodies using the Semi-automated Business Research Environment. Lets note that the satellite images from the area of the crash site all came from the MDA Corporation by proxy using DigitalGlobe based in Colorado in the States. These dead bodies would not show many visible signs of damage like burnings from the plane crash like a live body would. Now armed with this insight we now see Igor Girkin claiming that many of the bodies were decomposed and lacking blood which means they had been dead before the flight let alone the jet attack and crash that followed. On top of this the media networks in Mexico have been highlighting the rotting corpses and how bad they smelled even to those who are usually hardened to such dead bodies and events. A doctor of Jan Tuinder’s Dutch delegation also comments on the extent of the rotting corpses and gagging smell. The bodies were so badly rotten that they were sent outside of Malaysia for DNA identification by Hussein Omar Khan the commander of the Malaysian Police Disaster Victims Identification team.

Now ask yourself how do rotten corpses get on an aircraft? It is impossible! These rotting bodies will end up being triple body-bagged to help combat the smell as well as electronically tagged by Serco then hidden away by both Menzies Aviation and the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team. Menzies Aviation has a connection to Scotland the highlands of the powerful clans who serve New Venice (notice their emblems have the same belt buckle [garter witchcraft] as the Most Noble Order of the Garter). When looking for a high level power over Menzies Aviation then you have to look at both the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers along with the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. Talking of Scotland you should note the assassination of Andrew Hoare who was whistleblowing on the HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation connected with the powerful House of Keswick who are closely tied with the Crooked Nose Clan known as Clan Cameron where the British Prime Minister comes from and this clan is mastered by the Genoa originating Clan Campbell. I should remind you how much Argyll is connected with Venice!

What we need is access to more more detailed pictures of the aircraft hidden in Tel Aviv to see if this plane matched the paintwork and windows layout of flight MH370. Why is this so important? Well the wreckage in the Ukraine claiming to be flight MH17 was in fact nothing of the sort and this can be proven by photographic evidence to be flight MH370 or a similar aircraft. Flight MH370 was a brand new plane so it had brand new untouched paintwork unlike Flight MH17 which is seventeen years old with multiple paint jobs. But the real bombshell here is that the downed aircraft had a different window layout to the supposed flight MH17 aircraft. Now tell me how this can occur unless the aircraft was switched in the air with another aircraft that was being cloaked from radar to stop any suspicions. This second aircraft would be given all the identifying transponders to continue to scam as the original aircraft is then taken away by AWACS cloaking. Now armed with this knowledge we can see that a third party (USAF) would be involved with nazi Ukrainian forces in order to try to pull this deception off. You can bet your bottom dollar that these aircraft observations will be left out of any investigation and already the intelligence network have been tampering with photographic evidence to muddy the waters thus divert attention away from the exposures within this and other articles. On top of this you have the controlled so-called alternative media peddling lies claiming the plane wreckage was not of a Boeing 777. To achieve this lie these George H.W Scherff (false Bush) controlled websites end up showing you the back end of plane engines instead of the front part clearly showing the plane was a Boeing 777. The idea of their games is just the same as the mainstream media and that is to divert your attention away from this plane being MH370.

If you watch the predictive programming in the July 13th episode of ‘The Strain‘ on the Fox network you will see a Boeing aircraft with passengers dead and drained of their blood by a virus. The Fox network is run by Zionist Rupert Murdoch who is a member of the Order of Malta, Order of St Gregory the Great and a crypto-Catholic commanded by the shock-troopers of the Catholic Church known as the Jesuits (Jesuit short robe Tony Abbott the Australian PM likes to flap his propaganda gums a lot over this event). The origins of his 21st Century Fox are Nazi remembering that this company did all the Nazi propaganda during World War II. The same organization executing Operation Greenstar to socially engineer the human herd into believing in aliens ready for the planned alien threat hoax after a series of asteroid hoaxes. Who bought out the first major hard hitting alien film called ‘Alien’? It was 20th Century fox, all this should not be surprising when you note that the Nazi and its continuum today known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst have advanced technology some might term as alien but which is not. A dumbed down herd population suppressed from ancient and new technologies and kept in a backward illusion will be in complete awe of such technology that they would believe it was alien especially after Greenstar predictive programming culture change. It should be noted how the DVD Zionist financier and nuclear smuggling (aided by Saudi Adnan Khashoggi) Marc Rich was an owner of 20th Century Fox for a period of three years not to mention that the great Vladimir Putin hated this Nazi (NAtional Socialist ZIonism) criminal. If you do not understand how so-called Jews can be mixed with Nazis then you should first note that alot of high level Nazis were Jews and that these beings are Sabbatean Frankists turned against Judaism since 1666 and now nihilists like the rest of the global elite. The Order of Malta member Henry ‘Heinz’ Kissinger is a Neanderthal DNA’d so-called Jew but he prefers his German accent and for a period of months he was the head of the DVD Nazi continuum until George H.W Scherff (false Bush) was crowned its head in the Americas region serving Dachau in Bavaria.

The mainstream media in Australia quickly tried to create confusion in the awakening minds of the herd by putting out an article claiming one hundred AIDS scientists were killed on Flight MH370. I might remind you that Australia is part of the Doge (QE2) of New Venice’s (Britain) Commonwealth ready to serve its Venetian/Zionist masters. The information forgets to mention that the airline company serving the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne was Emirates of Dubai. Why would any foreign scientists be heading for such a conference on a Malaysia Airlines aircraft? The idea of using this kind of information is to confuse the issue of the bloodless decomposed bodies found at the site of the plane crash. Another reason to use such media manipulation is to anger and frighten the herd into submission since the herd would immediately react thinking their Saviour against AIDS is no more and someone will have to pay. These events are designed to make sure all people have some kind of involvement even without relatives dying. So you are conned on a daily basis about the farce called hiv and therefore this attack on AIDS scientists now has a possible future connection to your well being and health. Even if MH17 had flown on that day and even if it did have AIDS scientists on-board these and the aircraft could have been easily swapped out with another. Those scientists if they have any worth would then be given new identities and work within compartmentalized black operation biological projects. I suspect they would just kill these scientists because hiv is a billion dollar farce riddled with a bunch of pseudo science mathematicians as exposed by Robert Wilner and other documentaries such as ‘House of Numbers’ by Brent Leung.’ The confirmation that this man-in-the-middle media diversion did not take place occurred when it was announced that number of scientist deaths had been dramatically revised downwards to just six.

Are the Malaysians continuing to annoy the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst clique of Nazis formerly known as the Bush Administration? You should recall back in 2012 that a Malaysian tribunal found eight of the Bush Administration members including Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney all guilty of war crimes in both Afghanistan and Iraqi. Now on top of this you have the former premier of Malaysia starting to out the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with the disappearance of Flight MH370. Also Malaysia have said the sealed evidence on the MH370 case can never be made public. Now here comes the big one in 2013 when the same Malaysian Tribunal ended up finding the state of Israel guilty of genocide. Now can you see why Malaysia is taking a beating like we’ve seen in just a matter of months?

This missing aircraft was stolen by the U.S. Air Force using advanced Surveillance AWACS aircraft and the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot that has been on civilian aircraft many years prior to the 9/11 attacks as Lufthansa found out when their aircraft order arrived from Boeing. Now what plane was used for flight MH17? Yet another Boeing which is nothing more than a drone of the Department of Defense remembering that Boeing and NASA (military) fund the Defense Industrial Security Command headed in Denver, Colorado (home of DigitalGlobe) the same cretins who blew Concorde 4590 out of the skies to save Boeing from near bankruptcy and in an attempt to assassinate French President Jacques Chirac. Rupert Soames Serco will have made sure they tampered with the Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System, OOOI readings, utilizing partners in crime MDA Corporation and DigitalGlobe waypoints so no clear picture will be present for investigators wanting to know why this aircraft disappeared for an hour before becoming visible 200km off its original published flight plan (a great time for a switch around with MH370 or a lookalike aircraft from Tel Aviv). The lookalike aircraft may have been the one that was captured by the Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht attempting to smash into the Nuclear Security Summit 2014).

Expect a lot more plane events like this using Boeing aircraft but most aircraft run the same type of system today so they are all basically drones you should never use. So in truth the U.S could just fly this aircraft into the ground and claim on their media networks (MI6, MI5, CIA, Mossad) that the plane had been fired upon even if it had not and the herd would believe such lies thanks to Serco OOOI interventions. According to the original Spanish air traffic control team at Kiev Borispol Airport this MH17 flight was escorted by two Ukrainian jets just three minutes prior to the downing of the aircraft. After these events unfolded, this original air traffic control team were removed from their positions and replaced by another team probably made up of either intelligence agents trained to do that particular job for that one time or by Serco puppets who would go along with the lies of the official story. Never the less all the original radar data was removed as well. The original team managed to use social media to get their information out on Twitter only for it to end up being censored. I believe these Ukrainian marked SU-27 fighter jets blew the airliner out of the sky using cannon fire as evidenced by the debris from the cockpit which landed a large distance from the site of the crash. A missile attack wouldn’t have targeted the flight cockpit and any shrapnel would have caused the punctures to be inwards where as we can see clearly both inward and outward puncture marks on the debris. The reason you would target the cockpit would be to make sure evidence of remote droning by the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot would be difficult to find out and especially if they had placed rotten old corpses in that cockpit as a pretense of manual piloting. On top of this a cockpit of a brand new aircraft such as MH370 would be far different to that of the fifteen year old MH17 aircraft. Further proof of the Ukrainian fighter jets attacking this supposed Malaysia Airlines aircraft came from the British Broadcasting Corporation but as soon as this paedophile lair news network realized what they had just released on air they then proceeded to censor the footage in order to aid the deception by New Venice against Russia. For an analysis of the attack on this aircraft take a look at this embedded article.

The Sukhoi 25 information was a diversion from either a Sukhoi 27 being the attack aircraft or even the possibility of a McDonnell Douglass F-15 Eagle which has excellent cannons. This F-15 Eagle may have flown from Azerbaijan a training ground for air attacks on Iran. The F-15 Eagle has a 6-barreled M61A1 Gatling cannon capable of firing nine-hundred and forty rounds. Now if you compare this with both the Sukhoi 27 or MiG 29 you will see there cannons are GSh-30-1’s that are capable of only firing one-hundred and fifty rounds. What we would need to know is the exact size of the bullet holes in the cockpit and we should be able to make out if it was the Ukrainian Sukhoi 27 or a painted up (Operation Northwoods style) F-15 Eagle. The bullet hole sizes are the key because the Ukrainian aircraft’s use 30mm rounds whilst the F-15 Eagle uses just 20mm.

Censored Twitter Posts:

It is a fact that all the well known social media and email websites all monitor and censor web traffic especially Google. I could believe that these Zionists may even go to the length of painting up an aircraft as Ukrainian and firing on this airliner to wind up Pro-Russians but usually they will do this in the enemies colors but if they use Ukrainian colors then Putin might just step in and confront the Ukraine as he has threatened over the recent shelling from Ukraine into Russia killing an innocent Russian citizen. One things for certain all those who thought this was Putin’s Board One aircraft would be wrong to have assumed that he would get a Ukrainian jet escort and that he would be stupid enough to fly over the Ukraine after already staying clear of the area for quite some time. It was claimed Putin took the same flight plan but I find that highly unlikely and some kind of diversion tactics to aid the BUK missile attack disinformation and thus shield the Ukrainian fighter jet downing of this aircraft. A missile attack on Board One would be a failure due to advanced counter-measures and technology to deal with such an event as an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin. Russia’s Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartopolov a few days later exposed that the so-called MH17 was in fact closely followed by a SU-27 Ukrainian fighter jet as highlighted by Rostov. On top of this the Russian Defense Ministry released satellite photographs of Ukrainian BUK systems dating back to July 14th 2014. This false flag is yet another badly executed event and has now caused the nazi Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his cabinet to resign from office.

The core of all this is simply that the dying U.S Treasury and its World Bank and IMF are bankrupt and desperate now to just survive. The U.S empire has been failing for well over a decade now and whilst the financial crisis of 2008 was a planned event, a lot of events since have not being going to plan. So for example various debt creating wars have not continued or flared into wide conflicts such as Putin putting a stop to World War 3 starting over Syria. On top of this you have IMF world currency plans falling through now with the signing of the BRICS Bank. Putin is working legally without the need of warfare and confrontation as he brings in an alternative more fairer system to create more balance rather than the outright slavery and greed which the Venetians have forced upon us all over the years. Putin wants a multi-polar world and we might just get it sooner than we think, this is totally opposite to the plans of the Venetian continuum. The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers along with there boss the City of London Corporation will be spitting feathers as their New Venice empire crumbles as its veil and proxy agent the USA Financial Ltd goes bankrupt and void.

I’ve said before that I believed we would see a short conflict prior to the BRICS Summit, this never came off although attempts were made during that very time-frame. Now just after the BRICS was signed in on July 15th at the BRICS Summit in Brazil what do we end up seeing? A large scale ramping up of economic warfare on Russia using sanctions and now this event to muddy the waters hoping for a confrontation with the Russian Federation and now monetary power competition (BRICS). The difference between the great Vladimir Putin and the crack smoking New Venice puppet Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) along with the demented Senator John McCain is that Vladimir Putin has a brain and knows how to use this grand chessboard well. Putin is well aware of the plans of the Project for a New American Century not to mention how Zbigniew Brzezinski spilled the beans in his book The Grand Chessboard. If the truth is known, Vladimir Putin is in full control of this situation and the U.S. Venetian scum are fuming. Whilst the U.S crumbles away and has to beg World governments for financial bypasses, the Russia Federation and China are becoming stronger and more stable alternatives backed by gold bullion. In truth the BRICS has 90% of the World’s population and 68% of the World’s economy meaning it actually rules and this is why Eurasia was always the game changer and why the U.S is so desperate to control it but failing to Putin.


If Russia can be held up in a war near its own borders then it is less likely to play as big a role in the Middle East wars or peace attempts. Vladimir Putin stopped World War III over Syria and he continues to try to stop further attempts at a global confrontation. The U.S claims it only has up to 2016 to attack the Russia Federation and get away with it and thats about the same time when the BRICS Bank will actually start lending. Do not believe that the U.S. is superior to Russia, the Russian Federation has weaponry far in advance of the U.S. who’s missiles are twenty years behind Russia’s. Russia also has air superiority and has proven this recently as it buzzed U.S warships near the Ukraine for twenty minutes long totally cloaked and undetected much to the surprise of the US Navy. Russia has amazing radar capabilities and dominates the Middle East area, nothing goes on in the skies of that region without Russia knowing. Simply compare both modern and old Russian weaponry against the U.S military’s closest equivalents and see just how far behind the U.S really is. Why not compare Russia’s amazing Sukhoi SU-35 ‘UFO’ fighter jet to the Department of Defenses’s worthless JSF F-35. Any attempt by the US to take the Crimea away from Russia will lead to World War 3 but they will attempt it in order to help get Russia out of the Mediterranean and thus give themselves a free run over Syria, Iran and the Middle East.

Prince Felipe will be heading this latest Middle East and North Africa agitations using ISIL and Boko Haram terrorist groups sponsored by the American-Turkish Council, Mossad, Central Intelligence Agency, MI6, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and SHAPE. Prince Felipe is the new King of Jerusalem replacing his father Juan Carlos as the protector of the Latin Kingdom Holy Sites. This ancient title gives Felipe command over almost all of the Middle East and North Africa using his power branches like the Union of the Mediterranean in control of the Arab League traitors to their own peoples. Will Felipe serve his Jesuit/Venetian masters better than his fragile old father did as he was failed terribly as Putin run rings around him. But I give you just a thought to think about and just could Juan Carlos and the Bourbon’s have switched sides and been backing Vladimir Putin against the Venetian Guelph Queen Elizabeth Mary II the Doge of New Venice (Britain). Make notes how Queen Sofia snubbed the Diamond Jubilee of QEII not to mention how recently the Bourbon’s have been attacked in the media along with the anger over Gibraltar. A lot of the Gibraltar was probably to aid putting British warships in the region as at that time the world was heading to World War 3 over Syria. We see this same issue happening again as the Spanish envoy has been summoned by the British over naval activity in the region. Is this a real confrontation or a plot by both to get British warships in the region ready for some new Middle East troubles? All eyes are on Prince Felipe of Spain, its a known fact that Prince Charles hates Juan Carlos and a lot of this hate is over Princess Diana preferring the then Bourbon King over Charles.

To those who cannot understand how the ancient Bourbon bloodline could end up switching then you would have to look into any infighting occurring in the Vatican right now. There is currently some kind of rift going on between European branches of the Vatican and America branches such as the anti-pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ’s crowd. You are seeing how the Vatican’s Institute for the Works of Religion has been hindered which has annoyed powerful families connected with Opus Dei and Jesuits such as the powerful merchant Nattino family. On top of all this you have the old rift between the European and Anglo-American Jesuits which has never truly ended if the truth is known and we’ve seen the recent resignation by Adolfo Nicolas SJ from the Superior General position within the Order. During World War 2 there were always two camps in the Vatican and Jesuits, one in favor of Nazi Germany and one in favor of the Allies and this went as deep as The Entity intelligence. I Just thought that was something to bare in mind as the world powers battle for supremacy of the New World Order in whatever form the victor decides and the hopefully the people demand it shall be.


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