Number of Israeli settlers in West Bank reached 400,000 in 2014

Number of Israeli settlers in West Bank reached 400,000 in 2014

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Newly-released figures by Israel’s Interior Ministry show that about 400-thousand settlers live in settlements across the occupied West Bank. The number has increased by 15-thousand since 2013. Palestinians meanwhile, warn that the number of settlers will reach almost one million in 20-19 if the international community fails to stop Israel’s expansionism.

According to the Israeli Interior Ministry over 389-thousand Israeli settlers are now living in the West Bank settlements. The number which saw a 15-thousand settlers increase compared to 20-13 is expected to grow rapidly in coming years.

Palestinians warn that rising number of Jewish settlers means more settlement activities and Palestinian land confiscations.

Ahead of Israel’s general elections, many Israeli politicians are trying to support settlers and new settlement plans. Dani Dayan who is running for Zionist political party HaBayit HaYehudi says recent figures prove settlements in the West Bank are irreversible facts.

According to experts Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet has offered financial incentives to foreign Jews to move to Israel.

2014 saw over 26-thousald migrant Jews moving to Israel. That’s a record in a decade. Experts say with an additional 200-thousand settlers living in occupied East Jerusalem, al-Quds, the number of settlers is predicted to reach one million within four years.

Presence of Israeli settlers in the occupied territories means displacement of more Palestinians from their homes, allowing further settlement expansion. Palestinians warn that as the number of Israeli settlers has recently escalated, so has their aggression and violence.