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The red and white of the Orsini family and the Knights Templar. These colors also being symbolic of the bloodline scion of the fallen angels and offshoot hybrids elitist families. The white color being symbolic of the Mood Goddess Isis who controls the oceans on Earth where the Holy See gain their ecclesiastical power from. Notice his other foot on the shell of Venus who’s mother is the Moon Goddess Isis. Venus was born of the Oceans of Earth aided by Saturn aka Satan after he cut off Uranus’s genitals with the Saturnalian Sickle like the reaper of souls he really is. These bloody genitals were then tossed into the Ocean bringing about the Light Bringer known as Lucifer which is the planet Venus an hermaphrodite of masculine and feminine in one and the antiChrist.

Venus usually being represented as an upside five pointed pentagram for the masculine and a down sided five pointed pentagram for the feminine. The five being very important seeing as the feminine is the root of five in sacred geometry or the contract arch. This is why the circle is so important in symbolism of the female and the five pointed star is usually circled. Another reason why you see the masculine Saturn square always squaring the circle. The word circle coming from the old Siren called Circe where we get the wicked name Church from tied with Kirke. Notice Leo is touching the Papal Tiara with his five fingered hand and every finger. All in between the the Spiritual and Temporal Power with those golden sun door keys to the pope aided by those hinge Cardinals.

The Tiara is a form of crown and the word crown comes from Kronos or Cronos the name for Saturn during the Greek Empire. The Crown represents the rings that go around their great Satanic God and this is why the British Monarchy have a Coronation. The Papal Tiara being a symbol of the three layers of power over the World and the reaped souls within it, trapped under the ultimate Papal Bull called Unam Santam of 1302 by Pope Boniface VIII and then further bulls like Aeterni Regis in 1481 by Pope Sixtus IV etc.

-= The Unhived Mind

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