Orthodox Jews remove themselves from the Zionists

Orthodox Jews dissociate themselves from Zionists: Analyst

Fri Dec 7, 2012 4:46PM GMT

There is only one state at the moment, a Zionist state and that state is not compatible with the elementary rights of the population, Jews and Palestinians alike.”
An analyst says the Zionist State having colluded with the Nazis have designed an entity that is not compatible with the elementary rights of the population.

In the background of this, an anti-Zionist street demonstration has been held in Kensington in London by scores of Jewish rabbis and orthodox Jews outside the Israeli Embassy to protest against the regime, holding up placards that said “Zionist State You do not represent Jews. Stop your cruelty.”

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Ralph Schoenman, Author of the Hidden History of Zionism, Los Angeles about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How significant is it that these anti-Zionist Rabbis are essentially saying that the Zionist regime doesn’t even represent Jews?

Schoenman: I would point out to you that the leading Jewish theologian in Israel had described the Zionist as what he called Judaic-Nazis. There is a long history particularly amongst the orthodox Jews of repudiating Zionism and disassociating themselves from its predations upon the Palestinian people.

And of course there is a large segment of the population within Israel in the face of austerity and a deepening economic crisis confronting people that has turned on the government in mass demonstrations – and against the 20-family oligarchy, which are linked intimately to the oppression of the Palestinian people and the preparations for larger regional wars.

But what fuels the demonstration in particular now as we’ve discussed before is that in the aftermath of the domino of acknowledgement of Palestinian presence in the United Nations as observer status – token as that is – the Zionist regime immediately responded and took advantage of this opportunity as it were to impose yet further settlements, 3000 additional settlements and to cut off all funds to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and effectively make clear that there is no two-state presence possible in Palestine.

There is only one state at the moment, a Zionist state and that state is not compatible with the elementary rights of the population, Jews and Palestinians alike.

The only means through which people can express themselves and to accomplish self-determination and their aspirations realized is by de-Zionizing the State by overthrowing the Zionist regime and establishing a society, a Palestine in which rights do not depend on ethnicity or religious affiliation.

A growing understanding and deepening awareness on a global scale is encouraging massive demonstrations from every quarter – In London 15,000 people deep officially, undoubtedly more. In Nottingham, in Martin Square in Great Britain there is a deepening and growing protest amongst youth amongst students amongst working people against the Zionist state and its accord of imperialism for that regime.

Press TV: Are we to understand then that Jews who understand their religion well would not be supporting Israel?

Schoenman: Well, I think it’s not only a question of understanding the religion as such, but understanding the nature of Zionism in relation to the state of the Jews themselves in Europe because the Zionist intent and claim as the imperialists do as well that they are the moral standing, the victims of the holocaust – the mass murder of Jews in Europe.

When in reality they colluded with the Nazis; they colluded with all of the most reactionary racist and anti-Semitic regimes in Europe; they were actively involved with… brought into Palestine in the 1930s… they colluded with the Nazis in the extermination of Hungarian Jews – this is part of the historical record.

From the perspective of Jews in relation to the Zionist State, that state has been involved with and collaborated with the worst enemies faced and essentially condemned the Jews of Palestine to be pitted against the aspirations…