By: The Unhived Mind – 20th June 2014


This Daniel Knowles has the brain power of a goldfish in a dirty bowel of water. These are the types of clowns the elite put in charge of think tanks and financial systems that ruin your lives with pie-in-the-sky illusions which these buffoons live within after being indoctrinated by nefarious masters making the herd love their servitude to the slave master all without them realizing they are a slave. Daniel Knowles talks, acts and looks like a buffoon and guess why? He really is a buffoon and Max Keiser showed it, owned it and has more intelligence in his pinky fingernail than this Knowles has in his entire body. Knowles also needs to understand the difference between paper gold and real physical gold. No one cares what the manipulated price of gold is when its based on non-existent paper gold and ETFs. Very soon you will see real physical metal values increase and move away from the manipulated paper trading. Only the other week we saw how Barclays were fined for manipulating gold prices and how German TV highlighted such scandals going on right now.

Notice how the paedophile lair of the British Broadcasting Corporation (propaganda strong-arm of New Venice [Britain] and its Doge, Elizabeth II) like to make out that Gold is just a shiny metal from under the ground. It is interesting how ignorant intelligence asset Jeremy Paxman makes out gold is just from the ground so what is so special about that. Well propaganda mouthpiece Paxman, your home is made from materials from the ground, the metal in your house and car is from the ground just as the energy you use whether it is gas or coal is from the ground even the generated electricity. Paxman hows about oil coming from the ground and how people war over such things aided by BBC propaganda? Can you see how idiotic these types of beings really are?

Now why do people like gold? It is real lawful money (left eye of the moon) which gives its owner both allodial title and equitable title. Gold also has a look and has weight where you know you own something of worth and can really feel and sense it. Now if we look at the fiat toilet paper we have today then we find out it is not money and that is why central bankers will admit when forced in a court of law that they do not have any money. What banks have are debt instruments designed to enslave people in a hidden socialist system (showing itself more as we head to the unveiling) hoodwinked as capitalism. When one has today’s currencies they only have equitable title meaning a right-to-use. The ownership of the currency goes to the central bank so for instance a Federal Reserve note in your pocket is not owned by you but you can use it as an I-Owe-yoU. The notes of British Currency state ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of’ What does this mean? It means whatever you think you bought or own does not belong to you and therefore who does it belong to? The Bank of England and the Federal Reserve which is mostly owned by zionist Sabbatean Frankist following families like Rothschild and Warburg (the latter who openly slave workfare unemployed using Poundland and who are taking over the internet with Endurance International Group whilst ruining the internet hosting making soon-to-be censorship very easy).

Yes the Federal Reserve is a private bank overseen in the wider system by the Exchange Stabilization Fund of the U.S. Treasury Department under the USA Financial LTD usurping of the American republic. This Federal Reserve Richmond Bank funnels all its debts to New Venice and the Vatican in what exactly? Gold! Oh no the elite of the elite are not going to accept their monopoly funny paper currency, no the elite want money and wealth paid on the backs of slaves and slavery. Gold coming from where? Germany, US and other nations (now corporations) who were stupid enough to put all their gold booty into the Venetian Empire lair known as the United States which is really the USA Financial LTD. Gold was removed from Fort Knox and placed into the Federal Reserve and now you understand why Germany cannot get its gold it has requested for delivery. German gold is lining the pockets of the Vatican and New Venice and you can bet Prince Charles’s wife has a big smile on her face. I am sure the so-called debts of the Virginia Company of London have been paid back a long time ago so why are The Worshipful Company of Skinners further continuing this slavery for the Guelph descended Doge of New Venice? Its called nefarious control by psychopathic control freaks!

Now what real energy went into making and finding a Federal Reserve note? Next to nothing as thousands are printed up by the Federal Reserve and Bank of England on a daily basis with the destructive Keynesian quantitative easing programs. These currencies are just pieces of paper that can be made anywhere at any time especially the Federal Reserve note when Nazi SS officer George H.W Scherff (falsely called a Bush) has his super-dollar fraudulent printing presses in the likes of North Korea. Now when we look at gold we have to find it, mine it, refine it, mould and cast it and all this uses of energy. Now it should be obvious why gold is superior to all other forms of currency for stability and why we want it. Now there is nothing wrong with paper money if it is a credit currency like the Greenback (US) or Bradbury Pound (UK) but the Order of the Garter mouthpiece BBC will not talk about those otherwise The Worshipful Company of Mercers will be out to spank someone hard and military intelligence will not be impressed. Instead these lunatics want you to think that a piece of debt paper is a good thing but they do not inform you that it is not even any good at wiping your backside with after taking an excrement. Now with gold I can leave it outside in all weathers and it will still be gold, untarnished and perfect! Now try putting your paper debt trash out in all weathers or even the useless alloy coinage and see what quickly happens.


If you have a brain turn to physical gold/silver and tangible assets or at least demand credit currencies! I can also tell you if you want to teach people the value of money and get them to save then buy them some bullion. Once you feel the weight and the look you realize you have money and it lures you to continue saving and building up this weighted compound. Do a test, put one-hundred pounds of five pound notes in your pocket meaning twenty notes in total and then feel how light your pocket feels. Now go and put seven troy ounces of silver in your pocket and feel the force Luke. Now tell me I am wrong!

This is yet another great example of why people of Great Britain should stop paying the BBC TV License and tell Capita where to take a running jump. The endless propaganda from the social engineering mouthpiece of MI5 (The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath) and MI6 (The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George) on behalf of the New Venice and The Most Noble Order of the Garter. Not only do we have to put up with treasonous European Union promotion by the BBC and their attacks against UKIP and patriots but we also have to put up with their paedophilia members like Knight of Malta, Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall. The icing on the cake was the scripted BBC announcement of the collapse of World Trade Center building 7 twenty minutes before it actually collapsed on 9/11. Hardly surprising when you know the role of the The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN), The Worshipful company of Shipwrights, British Government and the Ministry of Defence in the September 11th 2001 attacks on New York City utilizing MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Bombardier Master Trust and the Royal Canadian Air Force under the Hudson’s Bay Company branch along with corporations such as Amec Plc and Serco all under the control by New Venice and chieftains Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Prince Philip and Prince Charles and working on behalf of the Jesuits (114 Mount Street), Queen Elizabeth II (Doge of New Venice) and her Councils.


BBC Social engineering paedophile grooming videos

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