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I went looking on the Alex Jones website called to see what his crew may have to offer on the Woolwich event which I had exposed a few days ago. I was shocked to see there was nothing at all on the subject from the Infowars clan. I even took a html save of his front page and his terrorism archive page and then placed them into a downloadable file for anyone to witness this oddity.

When was the last time Alex Jones gave up the opportunity to highlight a state-sponsored terrorist event? Especially one which was so easy to expose to the people as this one. This rang alarms bells in my mind that an already suspicious crew was showing their true colors even more than ever. Why would Paul Joseph Watson give up the opportunity to expose this planned event? Paul has latched onto other events quickly enough so why not this one? This made me wonder if Paul Joseph Watson is an intelligence asset of the British Security Service. What I found after digging around is a video from Paul Joseph Watson which gave me good reason to be suspicious of this British guy:

Was the Woolwich Attack a Hoax? (Debunked)
Notice how the first thing Paul Joseph Watson highlights is this crazy doctored photo doing the rounds where Michael Adebolajo has supposedly no blood on his hands. This photo will have been put out there by the intelligence apparatus to aid in turning off peoples minds to the facts that this event was planned by the British Security Service and that Lee Rigby was placed at the scene of crime and that he was not even beheaded. The intelligentsia put out fakes and disinformation into some of the alternative media sources on the internet. Most of the alternative media is controlled by British Intelligence and the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in order to try and steer the minds of the awakening few so no one can slip the net of slavery and illusion. Most of the U.S. alternative media is actually run by Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush the front head for the DVD in the Americas. May I remind you that he serves both the Pope and Great Master, Prince Charles who runs The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath which Bush is a high level member within.

Paul Joseph Watson is guilty of playing his role in this psychological operation on you all and he proves himself as suspicious like so many have often wondered about him in the past. Yes it is plainly obvious that the no blood photo is a total fake and that there are no red route lines just as he speaks of. So does this mean that this fake photo proves there is no chance of any of this even being faked? Of course it does not but Paul Joseph Watson wants to give you that impression and he very quickly tries to install that impression.

Are we meant to believe that he has blood on his jacket like Paul Joseph Watson tries to claim? Can you prove there is any blood on his jacket? Look at many photo versions and many versions of the videos and see for yourself and there is no visible blood other than what is supposedly on the hands and knives. As I said before if you simply cut a vein in your arm the blood will squirt like crazy, go to a wrist cutting suicide scene and look at the amount of blood that will be all over the place. Now imagine what you would get from a jugular vein and I am sure you can see the bigger picture by now. But what we are supposedly dealing with is a beheading so imagine the blood lose from this. Both of these killers would have blood all over them including their heads and face which would highly visible. Notice Paul Joseph Watson tries to claim that you should not be questioning why the body did not have blood around it where it lay for its final time. A body which has supposedly had its head chopped off will be oozing far more blood and it would have been everywhere not just a normal amount of stabbing and injury blood across a payment. The blood does not even get close to the end of the pavement let alone so far into the road where the body was laying. We should not forget Lee Rigby was also hit by a car and this would usually cause a blood injury would it not if hit hard enough.

Paul Joseph Watson then tries to use against the conspiracy the idiotic claim that people would not just be standing around not doing anything and that they must be actors. He forgets to even mention the real questions about the people around the event. Questions like why were people walking straight past a crazed mad-man with blooded up machetes and knives. What sane being would walk anywhere near a crazed being such as this? Would Paul Joseph Watson? I highly doubt it! Why did he not bring up this question? Is he afraid it will stir up further questioning of the event so he just brings up what suits in order to calm down the questioning. Watch the video below as people just walk by a complete mad-man with blooded knives. Did no one around the scene watching from a distance through fear and being noisy even tell these people what was happening and just let them walk by?

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Most people will be standing out of the way and not doing anything. Today people will watch injured people on the floor and just ignore or even rob them. This does not mean the event was not staged or even faked in anyway shape or form. Paul Joseph Watson is diverting you away from the fact that the body was not even beheaded, it is as plain as day if you sit back and think about it with a ounce of common sense. Are we to stop questioning what we have already just because some people supposedly went up and asked the killers what was going on? I would love to see Paul Joseph Watson stand up and ask these guys what is going on. Would you Paul? Would this be sane to you? Of course it is insane and nonsense, no logical thinking being would approach these men. Are we to believe these people are totally doped up on fluoride apathy or what if they are men-in-the-middle? In other words intelligence assets in the right place at the right time? The intelligentsia have been using men-in-the-middle actors for decades to take the fall and help cover-up the crime scene. You will see some of these actions occurring during and after the Boston bombing funded by the American-Turkish Council. Did you even know that two Turkish individuals involved in the Boston bombing were assassinated in Vaduz, Lichenstein after flying out of Logan International Airport on Israeli passports via Lufthansa airlines? Did ever mention this or the American-Turkish Council?

Paul Joseph Watson even shows a key picture of two women next to the corpse with the one even lying next to it. Both were supposedly comforting the headless corpse. Yes you read correctly but why did you not work it out as the psychological operation was being conducted on you? You cannot comfort a headless corpse but you can comfort a guy injured by a car or knife stabbing. What sane person tries to comfort a headless corpse? I know that society today is backward but please they are not that stupid yet. Please people use your common sense!

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Paul Joseph Watson is trying to imply that these two guys are not Security Service assets or MKultra manchurian candidate slaves. He tries to claim they might actually be genuinely independent terrorists. For those who do not believe a manchurian candidate is possible then simply watch the Derren Brown show and if he can do it then rest assured military intelligence do it with ease. You can also look up the book called ‘The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave‘ by both Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier. Why are we even calling these guys terrorists all the time? Do we know if they are affiliated with true terrorist organizations? Why are we not just calling them murderers and killers? This is because the intelligentsia want to keep the fear going for the war on terror hoax. A hoax that was needed according to the Iron Mountain Report in order to become an alternative for war in an era of peace. People would soon otherwise forget this event and it will have no lasting effect whatsoever. A lasting effect that is needed and will be used easily to destroy your privacy and freedoms in the name of fighting staged and planned terrorism. Yes there are real Muslims who are angry at what is going on in the world but believe me the Security Service know who they are and have tabs on all who are serious threats. The Security Service then use these beings through infiltration of their groups and create the situations they desire for their agenda outcome. The beings involved in these events believe they are working for Allah etc but they were duped into aiding the very devious enemies they want to fight against in he first place. Paul Joseph Watson is just trying to install doubt all across the board and he has purposely not mentioned issues I and others have bought up and noticed because then you would be straight back onto the case that this was again state-sponsored terrorism riddled with lies.

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Paul tries to then claim that we are obsessing on this incident and that we should be focusing on David Cameron funding jihad terrorists in Syria. Well Paul Joseph Watson I have covered this issue of the Al-Qaeda germ rebel terrorists even in my very first edition of my article on the Woolwich event, so what do you say now? Are we to not focus on this event and highlight official lies just so we can tell people about Syria forgetting that most of the British will not give a rats ass about the events in Syria. Both incidents have to be highlighted but in your face non-truths like in this Woolwich event must be highlighted. Just because researchers have spent a bit of time over the last three days on this new event you now claim this is a suddenly a waste of time? Has not Paul Joseph Watson dragged out research on a particular subject longer than three days? What is the big deal all of a sudden? Do we not have plenty of time to continue our already exposures of the Syria and old Libya incidents? This was a pathetic attempt to attack us truth speakers on the Woolwich event which Infowars seems to be staying clear of for some suspicious reason. Well at least keeping clear of exposing the crime, they certainly are trying to counter-intelligence the truth getting out about the event. Who would this serve? It certainly does not serve the people but it does serve the British Security Service and Andrew Parker.

Notice how Paul Joseph Watson tries to again imply that Lee Rigby was beheaded when he speaks about Cameron funding terrorists who behead people in Syria. So because it has been done before in Muslim lands and recently in Syria this must mean that all of a sudden it must be true that Lee Rigby was beheaded regardless of facts and common sense? People please look at the lack of evidence for this and do not believe any Security Service controlled post-mortem examinations either, just go over the assassination of Dr David Kelly to understand why. I noticed the propaganda newrags were saying yesterday that they did not have a cause of death? That is funny, the guy was hit by a car and stabbed? Some idiots believe the claims that Lee Rigby was even beheaded? So I think its pretty obvious what killed Lee Rigby, or are they looking for a novel coronavirus to blame Al-Qaeda for creating this biological weapon against the Middle East? Of course I am only joking on the virus but i think you get my drift with this. My God how more crazy can these official statements get? More to the point how much more will the masses soak up like damp rags?

Paul Joseph Watson also tries to enforce the lies that Muslim terrorists killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. The fact of the matter is that it was a U.S. government funded mercenary group most likely Academi formerly known as Blackwater that was involved whilst being coordinated by the U.S. State Department. You see the United States uses groups like this to do the dirty work that the U.S. Marines cannot do and of course black operations not to be connected with Navy Seals.

Paul Joseph Watson then brings up his final point about the ‘Clash of the Civilizations‘. I am quite sure he is aware that I also wrote about the ‘Clash of the Civilizations‘ in my first article writing before I revised it a number of times. In fact I took this agenda back further than he and his Bernard Lewis of 1993 information. I highlighted its roots going back to 1929 with Basil Matthews.

I noticed Paul Joseph Watson never even mentioned the Data Communications Act known as the Snoopers Charter under Livery pirate, Theresa May of the Privy Council. Within twenty-four hours you had treasonous ministers calling for a revival of this anti-privacy act. I have not seen any English Defence League members rioting but Paul Joseph Watson claims the EDL have been rioting. All I have seen is the English Defence League gathering in Woolwich and nothing more. Paul Joseph Watson is trying to demonize the English Defence League by using deception and lies. A gathering of people and a riot are two very different things.

Paul Joseph Watson in my opinion is an intelligence asset up to nefarious counter-intelligence operations. You decide for yourself from the facts I present in this and my original article on the Woolwich event. Always sit back and relax then try to think with common sense rather than jumping in with both feet.

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  • theunhivedmind

    AP Published Story Day Before Navy Yard Shootings! (Debunked)

    In this case Paul Watson may have a point and be correct in what he is saying but be careful of him. I noticed he hinted that talk of crisis actors in conspiracies theories is disinformation. Also notice how he calls people who are being diverted, the hardcore conspiracy theorists. What does that mean exactly? So is Paul Watson and Alex Jones not hardcore conspiracy theorists? Is Watson trying to lump people who go deeper into the conspiracy arena and point out deeper levels of power with misinformation as well?

    Do not trust this British guy because I exposed his lies during the Woolwich event. Watson rightly pointed out a lie in the conspiracy arena being the altering of video to change colorings of blood. But then Watson went on to try to divert you from the obvious strange goings on that day. Please take a look at what I highlighted on him and the event. I am sure you will agree with my conclusions and thoughts as they are common sense.

    The mass alternative media is controlled by Knight of Malta, George Herbert Walker Bush the head of the Americas division of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst hiding within the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. We have exposed the Alex Jones clique numerous times and its link to the Knights of Malta through Jones’s own family as well as his guests like Pat Buchanan. May I remind you that Alex Jones has even had a Rothschild on his show. Interesting how people question Ben Fulford because he interviewed David Rockefeller but no one questions Jones’s show having a Rothschild on it. You have dodgy characters all around you throwing out information, you need to weed through it all.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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