Postal Gangland Alliance in the Meta-Bridge Plot of the ‘Match is Hot’ 9/11 operation

Postal Gangland Alliance in the Meta-Bridge Plot of the ‘Match is Hot’ 9/11 operation

By :The-Unhived:Mind on the 15th Sept 2019

“9/11 was ordered through the Rothschild family and Freemasonry out into the POSTAL SERVICE then out into the military powers of ISRAEL, BRITAIN, CANADA, FRANCE, NATO and the U.S. The U.S. Postal Service controls the Port Authority (permission for demolition), U.S. Department of Defense and U.S Treasury.” :The-Unhived:Mind

“The World Trade Center take down was a dustification using advanced technology far in advance of the much talked about thermite explosive. This take down of the Towers was achieved by a combination of explosives as well as the big boy which was Maser microwave technology and the co-efficient expansion of hydrocarbons which leads to the dustification effect which can only occur with such tech or nuclear energy.” :The-Unhived:Mind

“The chatter is that the Pentagon was hit by a Granit missile fired from an adapted French vessel on the Atlantic. Regardless what type of missile was fired I believe it was either an Israeli Dolphin submarine or the French. The French were documenting the day’s event just like Mossad were and two DGSE connected agents were the Naudet brothers.” :The-Unhived:Mind

“The U.S Military and U.S Department of Defense as well as the U.S Treasury and Port Authorities are all controlled fully by the U.S. Postal Service which at the time of 9/11 was controlled by John E. Potter the man who really paid the bills just like Meghan Brennan of today,” :The-Unhived:Mind

“George W. Bush answered to his boss known as John E. Potter of the USPS. Blair answered to his boss known as Elizabeth II the true power over the Royal Mail.” :The-Unhived:Mind

“Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabist corpse under the command of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology power which is under the the Donmeh which are the Middle Eastern Sabbatean Frankists. Saudi Arabia has been captured since the first of January in 1927. Saudi Arabia has a paper and visible trail to the 9/11 meta-bridge event but this was created on purpose. Why? So if times got hard trying to keep a lid on 9/11 then someone has to take the fall. The double agenda here was to also have an excuse to target a creditor corpse. Now if Saudi Arabia drops the Petrodollar then the U.S can blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11 using the paper trail and the 28-pages whilst also getting out of their debts using the Force Majeure. Evidence of this was seen when Saudi was close to dumping the Federal ‘Communist’ Reserve Note for oil trade.” :The-Unhived:Mind

“The New York Port Authority is controlled by the U.S Postal Service who also control the U.S. Treasury, U.S Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Transport, Poilice, Courts. The U.S. Postal Service was headed by John E. Potter and it’s he who controlled the United States and paid the bills during the ‘Match is Hot’ meta-bridge operation by Israel, Britain, France, Canada, NATO & Dvd. All worldwide commerce is controlled by the Sabbatean Frankists through Freemasonry through the Universal Postal Union and each separate Postal Service for each corpse/vessel (so-called Nation). London REAL what’s RE-AL? RE=NO and AL=CONTRACT so real means NO CONTRACT. Who controls the postal system of the world? The Rothschild family, Elizabeth II and the Pope/Cardinals. The Pope is known as the Postmaster General of the World. There was $28 trillion stolen from the WTC on 9/11 and this figure was transferred out into Honolulu, Hawaii and then redirected and deposited into the British-run Singapore Bank. The controlled demolition of the WTC was achieved with a combination of conventional explosives as well as Maser microwave technology to achieve the co-efficient expansion of hydrocarbons effect we witnessed.” :The-Unhived:Mind.