Prevent and Defeat Flu the homoepathic way

Prevent and Defeat Flu the homoepathic way

By: The Unhived Mind – 29th November 2014

I have a couple of methods but the ideal way is to get in touch with the Galen homoeopathics pharmacy. I am sorry but Galen are old school and do not have computers and only accept postal order, cheque or cash. Most times they will if you phone them send you the medicine before payment. Galen are needed for the one remedy (prophylaxis) but all others could be bought from other good homoeopathic pharmacies or stockists such as Helios pharmacy and even a minor range at Holland & Barrett stores.

From Galen homoeopathics get their annual flu prophylaxis remedy and take as directed by themselves following advise on dosaging and frequency of use. Of course make sure you understand homoeopathy and follow its rules in order to allow the remedies to act properly thus not countering the vital force actions with resonance buffering anti-doting. I might remind you that Queen Elizabeth II relies mostly on homoeopathy under her homoeopathic physician Dr Peter Fisher as do many other powers-at-be. So please do not believe the counter-intelligence against homoeopathy by pharmaceutical poisoners or use any of it against me and this thread. I already know some users on this website have benefited from homoeopathic treatment during serious illness like myself and many others.

On top of this order yourself a 30ml fluid bottle of Influenzium 30c remedy. Galen will argue that its just for when you have the flu but we have all used it as a weekly preventative with excellent results. You can take 2-4 drops of Influenzium straight under the tongue in a clean mouth 30 minutes or ideally more before food or 2 hours or more after food. If you prefer you can always take it by putting the drops into 30ml of distilled or non-hard water (we never ingest fluoride water). Make sure you tap the base of the bottle on your palm a few times and that you only use plastic cups and stiring tools never metal. You can also use a normal ceramic/china cup but for stiring in water you must use plastic. Keep the remedies away from sunlight as well as over exposure to temperatures and certainly away from electrics/magnetic fields especially wi-fi routers, computers and smart devices. You’d be surprised how much battering these remedies can take but its best to just edge on caution and keep them safe. With the Influenzium we normally start it at the beginning of October as you would the Galen prophylaxis. We can take it weekly until just after the flu season ends or what most people do is take a 9c-30c dose once a week for three weeks in October and then just once a month then on into February and maybe March.

Now if you do this you shouldn’t have a problem with flu and if you ever did it would be far calmer and shorter in duration than what would have occurred without this homoeopatic protocol being in use. You can of course use influenzium 30c regular during any flu episode and it helps to get over the problem quicker. Influenzium is resonant energy from a strain of flu where as the Galen prophylaxis is actually taken from the annual allopathic flu vaccine against particular strains of flu chosen for that year. In other words if you use the prophylaxis correctly you do not need a dangerous flu vaccine shot thus saving your body from the onslaught of dangerous chemicals (synthetic squalene adjuvants) and possible auto-immune dysfunctions that come of taking such backward and barbaric pharmaceutical poisons.

Now personally I always keep Gelsemium 6x and 30c dosages in the house along with Bryonia 30c. If you look back at the success rate of homoeopaths after they’d been bought in my desperate Governments against the 1918 flu [and against Cholera epidemics] (doctors lost almost all patients whilst homoeopaths saved serious numbers of people) you will notice they used amongst other remedies mostly Gelsemium and Bryonia. If you feel a cold or flu coming on you must use Gelsemium as directed on the remedy until you are well. You’ll find you’ll have no aches and function well throughout the duration of illness whilst others without this remedy will be in a far worse state of being. Another handy remedy is Belladonna 30c which is useful for some forms of sore throat and fevers + more. I removed a raging fever in less than one minute (60 secs) yes that quick by just using two pellets of Belladonna 30c. I’ve witnessed someone really struggling to breath because of influenza and they’ve taken 2 pellets of 30c Gelsemium and within two minutes they could breath again and it might last 2-4 hours or more before another dose is needed.

I’ve always used the herbal medicine called Boneset in the past for similar tasks but even that does not compare to Gelsemium when used properly. I’ve seen a relative of mine almost need hospitalization from severe respiratory problems take 5ml of my boneset tincture three times per day and save themselves from all that hassle and worry. As I said I prefer Gelsemium properly used to even Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum). Herbal Boneset is what I’d turn to during a serious pandemic cytokiine storming flu like H1N1 (swine) or H5N1 (avian) because one I already have experience with it on this subject and two its a known fact that it regulates the immune system. Boneset will raise the immune system but it will also calm an over functioning immune system. Herbs some might recommend for normal flu like Echinacea will just increase the danger in a cytokine storm panic so be warned. Also if you have low-thyroid (hypo) make sure before using Echinacea herbs that you know if you have positive anti-bodies meaning you are hashimotos because if you do have this auto-immune disease then taking this herb will simply be adding to the destruction of your thyroid function even further. I’ve not had any experience of using my Ozone therapy against a cytokine storming. It is claimed that Ozone is immune modulating but until I test it for myself I cannot say in cytokine dangerous influenzas.

I have plenty of other things that can be used against influenza such as anas barbariae