Ray McGovern’s Jesuit status and the New Venice Empire deceptions

Ray McGovern’s Jesuit status and the New Venice Empire deceptions
By The Unhived Mind – 04th January 2015

Some questions (blockquoted) asked and answered (plain text):

A couple of questions I have, as well as some info on this issue.

First of all. The 3 latest attacks on mosques, I am certain, have been false flags, by SÄPO (Säkerhetspolisen) that have now been fully taken over by the socialist party.

Yesterday, SÄPO destroyed secrete information on Swedish STASI-agents that had infiltrated society. Obviously they are now well protected by the Swedish socialists.

Sweden has this last week basically become a dictatorship of a DDR-model. The new Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has been given Carte Blanche by the liberal opposition to get anything passed the parliament. So he is basically a dictator now. (and I already mentioned he will be taking control of SÄPO at the same time, they destroy old secrete documents on treasonous STASI-spies).

Since the socialists took over government in September these false flags have suddenly come to be. Before they talked about swastikas being painted on mosques. They were pink swastikas.

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Now, what kind of a macho neo-nazi would paint with the color pink, a swastika? They couldnt even get it right the first time.

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What kind of a neo-nazi cant make a good swastika? Of course these sudden attacks are false flags.

Now to my question. Why do you think the new swedish socialist government has decided to recognize the State of Palestine? I understand that there have been presure within Westminister to do the same thing as well.

Is this The Fabian Society and the City of London Corporation turning its back on its labour zionist hofjuden puppets?

And just another interesting observation. You know Ray McGovern, the guy who constantly has attacked Israel and thinks they control the NWO? Well it turns out he is a jesuit. I guess that explains alot doesnt it?

Maybe the world, with the UN at its helm turning on Israel, will prove the David Dukes of the world wrong. But then again those antisemites are so brainwashed and controlled by the elites that they probably still wont wake up.

Ray McGovern isn’t a Jesuit, a Jesuit soldier is a true priest within the Society of Jesus itself such as Thomas Michel SJ. Ray McGovern simply had an education in a Jesuit University called Fordham University which is one of the top Jesuit education systems in the U.S along with Georgetown and Loyola. It is no longer wise to assume everyone who attends a Jesuit education is a bad being. We’re all aware that many well-known figures who speak many truths have at one time been educated in powerful organizations. Would you not expect someone from the CIA to be trained somewhere like Georgetown? Its like Paul Craig Roberts I was one of the first to highlight his education at Georgetown University but right now he’s one of only a few who is highlighting the truth about the BRICS Development Bank and Vladimir Putin. As soon as I put one his good articles on the subject here I had a mass of anti-Putin propaganda thrown at me which stemmed from the Stanford Research Institute. So be careful not to demonize everyone and all they say based just on where they had an education.

I’ve highlighted how the Jesuits run the show with the Venetian powers (Gasparo Contarini) that back and created the very order. Counter-reformation tunnel vision people never see past the Reformation and to whom created the whole belief and for what nefarious purposes. When you understand this higher arena you see the con-job clearer and you see that the Jew and Israel is another farce that the counter-reformation continue on with. Israel does not control the New World Order, this is run by New Venice (Britain), Italy and Switzerland! Can you name one big bank that is head-quartered in Israel? Hows about in Europe? There is your answer! When the spiritual power becomes the Latin Kingdom with the King Solomon’s Temple III then Israel will be no more but then will have far more power than that region has today.

Do not count out David Duke he does have some good bits of information of much worth that you will not hear from many except yes he does put a lot of blame solely on Israel. An example of Duke was the other day how he seems to believe Benjamin Netanyahu has control over the U.S Presidency but as I’ve highlighted before this US President hasn’t been playing ball with the Israeli Prime Minister and most know this. Recent exposure of Ehud Olmert in his own words helped highlight how Israeli Prime Ministers do not compare to the U.S President which in his time was George W. Scherff (Bushfraud). Do you think Benjamin Netanyahu will become a member of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath like George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud)? Think about that and note only Shimon Peres (Vatican spy in Israel) has recently had the privilege from the New Doge (QE2) of entering the Order of St Michael and St George. I should remind you that Prince Charles controls MI5 through the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and that Edward Windsor controls MI6 via the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Barack Obama does as he’s told by New Venice (Britain) just as the majority of Congress do. You’ll find far more powerful Zionists in Britain than you will in Israel.

Britain never likes the attention towards its Empire so it diverts attention out towards Israel, Rome and the United States whilst Britain is kept in the shadows and safe from the backlash of its evil backward dark age policies. Israel is to be no more in the near future so this attention has to be focused so its destruction can occur when its use is over. We are getting closer to that time now and you should remember the agenda is to destroy both Zionism and Islam by pitting them against one another which will help bring about the Latin Kingdom. So yes the City of London will turn on its own creation but just to make smaller and morph it into something else as part of the New Middle East plan and the restructuring of the global empire they desire but only after a bloody global conflict. Now Putin and XiJing may well be able to save us from the nefarious version of the New World Order and restructure the world power differently and by allowing us to keep our nation states but yes still with some form of global governance. Global governance is fine if all is fair and just with proper checks and balances like the U.S Constitution and with a fair economy based on the Alexander Hamilton system. You will find the BRICS Development Bank suits the kind of criteria we desire and need.

It is unlikely any neo-nazi group would use pink for their symbols of any kind and the ideal color is black for obvious negative, reaper and Saturn reasons. Please go over the old pink-triangle boys information on the Nazis which again ended up becoming part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and noting how FBI Division #5 are big boys in this false-flag deception and terrorism. I believe the lame looking symbols were just a rush job and due to a confined space in the flat panel and nothing more. The Fabian Society work with what the Venetian Arsenal and its mind bending forks decide for the social engineering of its majority global populace.

Ok. But Ray McGovern actually told Alex Jones that he IS A Jesuit. And they are good friends.

So it´s not that he “only” went to Georgetown. McGovern apparently calls himself A Jesuit.

At 2:30 here.


Now, I am on your side when it comes to Putin. I think though, that it is all about full spectrum dominance. The Jesuits should have someone being pro-Putin, or pro-BRICS to co-opt that globalist brand (I believe). So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Jesuits have agents supporting (or pretending to support) the BRICS. (Full spectrum dominance).

Another thing that is bad with David Duke, and why I became suspicious of him, was when he gave his full support for the OWS movement back in 2011. Even though there was a lot of info exposing hofjuden, George Soros, involvement in creating the movement.

An anti-Semitic supporting a hofjuden movement, HA! That gave me a laugh.

Well if Ray McGovern claims to be a Jesuit then he must be a soldier of Contarini, Gritti and Borja. Then we have to understand that not all Jesuits are made equal just the same as Freemasons aren’t and thus McGovern may well be a complete nobody within the Society of Jesus even though he was a former Central Intelligence Agent and connected with the Reagan administration. I should remind you that not all agents of the CIA are nefarious and that the real rogue elements of the CIA are connected with the Nazi Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst connected with Heinz Kissinger and the Scherff family (Bushfrauds). Of course we must never forget that the true definition of a Jesuit is ‘a clever person who deceives the people.’ We would need to know of what vow McGovern really is as he could be like a nobody Master Mason in comparison to a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason or even higher like an initiate of the Memphis and Mizraim. We must not shut off to all informations based on a beings connection to an organization so for example should I shut off from Dr Stanley Bass’s good nutrition and experiments information just because he is a Knight of Malta? Do you see what I am saying and how we cannot assume anything just because McGovern’s on TV and was part of certain organizations.

You can bet there are a lot of disgruntled low-level Jesuits who aren’t happy with a lot of Catholic teachings being thrown out the window even thought it is the Jesuit ‘renewal’ since 1962 (Second Vatican Council) which has destroyed the Catholic Church. You see only the highest levels of the Jesuits would be happy about that because they are truly privy to the Order’s real purpose and intent unlike its hoodwink minors. Go over ‘Morals & Dogma’ and how Albert Pike (puppet of Pierre Jean de Smet SJ) exposes that lower down Masons are totally hoodwinked within the Masonic organization and it is exactly the same for Jesuits except they do not have masses of degrees and instead only have four levels of vows. Then we have to understand that there are two main factions of Jesuits that dominate and these are the JCUSA and the CEP. I could imagine there might be a few Jesuits within the Americas who actually prefer and follow the CEP thinking and the same in Europe with a few who prefer the JCUSA so therefore McGovern may be one of these on the CEP side and thus attacking the system of the JCUSA which you could say is far more Venetian (anti-Catholic/religion) minded even at the lower levels.

Look we are dealing with a very complicated system here and with many angles most wouldn’t even think about. Eric Jon Phelps just touches the Jesuit subject but really he gives no depth of the true structure of the Jesuits today and the divisions in thinking even at the top level where at one point they are all at one mind and another point at a split. I do not even think Eric has informed the people of any schism in the Jesuits like in Freemasonry there has been a schism and a rather large one that really continues even to the this day amongst veils. We know the Vatican has been dealing with the BRICS as of late including that secret meeting in Brussels and the same with New Venice itself but to me this is more hedging their bets. This will be to survive in the New World that comes from the BRICS takeover and then the Church/Jesuits will simply try to infiltrate yet again and eventually take over the new system as they have done with the old system. So the Jesuits may rule right now but shortly their game will be over but they dip their fingers in the pie of the opposition so they can continue to survive somewhat where others may fall if not. Now they come back slowly and attempt a power grab as always since they continue revenge forever. Does this remind you a bit of the old suppression of the Order by the Pope in the 18th Century and then the destruction of the powerful Jesuit Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie organization only to come back as the Bavarian Illuminati and other groups all tied even further into the Venetian system? Bare in mind during World War II you have two divisions in the Catholic Church who were for the Nazi side and the Allied side.

I believe the alternative media is so controlled now they have steered our minds from real common sense and implanted a false believe in thinking where as the mainstream media just steals your thinking entirely. I believe we have to de-program from both and use real common sense in order to see things clear like I am today. I am not falling for the tricks of the alternative media nor am I falling for the mainstream media and in many cases I like to experience things before I make judgements if that is at all possible. I do not believe everything in the New World Order (nefarious) is all bad even though the alternative media would have you think all is 100% is evil. I have no problems with a global governance system with a BRICS like economic system with proper checks and balances, I see it as a progression that is needed. Its like how the alternative media want us to go with Ron Paul but then if we did and he got in we’d see genocide in the U.S. with immediate welfare cuts. There is no way Ron Paul could turn around America in a 4 year term maybe more, it would take almost as many years as it took to transition out our jobs etc as to bring them back not to mention having to increase education standards. Then what you going to do with those developing nations you’ve already started to build up to a better standard of living? Will we just leave them in pig shit again? There is far more to think about and the alternative media is just as bad as the mainstream with the both of them want you to skim your thinking.

I had someone the other day trying to push me back onto focusing solely on the Jesuits but to me the important thing is people focus on the BRICS Development Bank battle and current very dangerous geopolitics actions that will affect our lives either in a positive or negative way. What good is it for me to inform the herd of the Jesuit power when that herd needs to not back war propaganda about Russia which could lead us to World War III which would either extinct us all or help the pirates of New Venice restructuring and keeping control thus putting us in a severe dark ages (Club of Rome) for centuries to come. We need the knowledge out now to counter the propaganda against Putin so that we can try to avoid the troubles. So far we and the BRICS are winning and we need to keep it that way, have you seen how poor mainstream media of the West is doing compared to Eastern mainstream and alternative news outlets? David Duke and others have their own little agendas and connections but just eat their meats and spit out any bones and help put the puzzle together with higher knowledge.

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