My mum has high cholesterol, the number is 7+.

Anyways she wants to reduce it a bit. What are your natural remedies. She is vegetarian (60 years) so the dietary requirements are important.

She also has a kidney dysfunction since 2001 (Nephritis) by God’s grace it in fact has not worsened. She also has an enlarged heart. She also has issues sleeping for the last 10 years.

Thoughts, advice.


First of all why would anyone with known illnesses want to lower cholesterol? That is simply crazy since cholesterol is vital for protection and repair work of the body. Cholesterol also helps transport the fat soluble vitamins etc to the fat cells so cutting off or cutting down High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol is total nonsense. Why is she a vegetarian? Its sheer quackery as is veganism which I used to follow for a decade unfortunately. We need meat and some people more so than others including red meats now demonized (to aid the population reduction agenda of the Club of Rome and their ‘genocidal’ Global 2000 Report). Vegetarians collect a lot of damp in the body with too much diary products and the problems which arise from this especially when there is dysfunctions with the Spleen.

If she wants to see an improvement in her Cholesterol level based on the allopathic quack mindset then I suggest her Liver needs work. This would naturally aid the Kidney dysfunctions since the two organs are highly connected with one another. If the Kidneys are having trouble they will not balance the Heart which you say is enlarged. If the Kidneys are in trouble they will also under or maybe over power a Liver. So as you can imagine this causes serious problems. When the Liver is in trouble it cannot balance the Spleen which is the balancer of the Kidneys so do you see the main matrix here? Liver, Spleen and Kidney.

If one was going to take just a singular herb then it would most definitely have to be the amazing Artichoke leaf. I have proven this herb many times and even with allopathic quack tests where the being scored almost perfect which is very rarely seen in doctors offices. This was after at one time being terrible on the scoring system. The cholesterol so-called problems look like they have improved (have) but its because the organ failures have been addressed or partially addressed and thus an improvement. Quack allopathic Statin synthetic poisons just mask the whole problem and in fact cause far more serious Kidney and Liver problems. So if I were your mother I would take 1:3 Artichoke leaf tincture for at least two months at a dosage of 5ml three times a day or 7.5ml twice daily thirty minutes or more before food. This will also heal up any triglyceride problems along the way. If there are issues with the alcoholic content from the extraction process then she would have to look at a homoeopathic preparation instead. If this is the case then I suggest you source a qualified homoeopath so they can order her LM1 dosages which are by far the most powerful and yet usually come with the least effects. Only qualified homoeopaths can order this level of potency even though its usually the safest. Samuel Hahnemann found that this level of potency was by far the best for healing out of all the homoeopathy potencies.

Artichoke is a very fine herb and my favourite herb for Liver work even more so than Milk Thistle since Artichoke is cooling and Milk Thistle is warming. Artichoke corrected a very serious issue I had years ago where I was losing weight rapidly through severe yin deficiency in the Liver and Spleen due to thyroid issues. It took two months but it was one of the only things that could do this. I was fine and dandy and have been ever since, so as I say I adore that herbal medicine. Make sure your Artichoke Leaf is of the highest quality. I do not have these problems!

Sleeping issues may be because the Kidneys are not working correctly and thus the cooling of the body is not occurring which aids sleep. We sleep at night because in the environment it is the cooling period except for the unnatural boxing in of ourselves we do with houses and central heating etc. We also sleep at night because of the higher co2 levels from plants rather than the higher oxygen levels from plants in the day. I’d be looking at studying her Triple Warmer system tied to the right Kidney system. I suspect your mother probably feels warm a lot?

-= The Unhived Mind



I’m giving her what you have said. Thanks

In regards to vegetarian we were brought up as Vegetarians as we were Hindi (pagans) by birth. My mum has never known any different and unfortunately she will not change that.

We have been Born again Christians for just over ten years now. Of course I eat meat.

This is one of the reasons she has become ill overtime. Do you see the Chinese people’s not eating meat? Do you agree that the Chinese are the fittest well-known peoples on Earth? Does that not tell you something about their diets? It is not all Qi-Gong/Tai Chi and acupuncture that keep the Chinese having long healthy lives. This will change soon though as Chinese joins more into the Knights of Malta Global governance system and its destruction of its own populace further to Malthusian genocidal mindsets of the Club of Rome. You are already seeing this with the rise in diabetes which is partially westernized foods but deeper down its radiation issues. We all know where that idea stems from and that’s Audrey Tomason the U.S. Director for Counter-Terrorism and her ‘Apocalpyse Equation‘ thesis.

Meat is a great giver of Qi to the human body and will aid your health rapidly if you eat meat correctly and use the correct herbal foods the body is needing to survive. Some negatives of meat eating can easily be buffered with various herbal foods and again the Chinese are masters of this. An example would be Hawthorn berry used in this case to buffer any food stasis and Cholesterol issues. One more example would be Puer tea drunk thirty minutes after a greasy meal. May I remind you that if you go without Qi for half-a-second then you will die, therefore it is of far more importance than both oxygen and water.

A born again true-Christian follows the Geneva Bible 1560/99 and should eat meat like the Bible tells you to. Do not fall for propaganda by Elisabeth Kucinich the wife of Temporal Coadjutor, Dennis Kucinich who claims to be on our side when in fact he works for the swines wanting to kill us off and enslave us all. You do not hold Senator positions etc unless you are one of them. Look at that other opposame Rand Paul and what he’s doing now.

-= The Unhived Mind


She has agreed to take this.

She also says she has high blood pressure will take Artichoke root affect anything?

She confirms she is Warm most of the time too

High blood pressure usually stems once again from the lack of balance from the Kidneys to the Heart. If the Kidney balance restores with Kidney restorative herbs then this will correct blood pressure problems. Yes as I suspected with the sleeping problems its tied to the Kidney functions.

I think your mother may find Melissa leaf of much use for many of her issues known and unknown including the sleep, Heart/Kidney dysfunctions etc. Melissa is a powerful herbal medicine which I’ve taken for a while. It will cool, restore, astringe, calm, stimulate and relax the Pericardium, Heart, Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Lung and that Triple Warmer I mentioned previously. Not many herbs go straight to the Pericardium like this herb can and its this organ surrounding your Heart which seats your soul next to your true-brain the Heart which of course if made up of neural-tissue the same as the brain in your skull. This is one of the reasons why neuro-toxin MSG gives people heart attack feelings just as it damages the brain functioning and must not be used in any foods. The Chinese people are very stupid to have fallen for this poison quackery which is annoying because they are usually the most clever race on Earth especially in health and food knowledge.

The Melissa will also go to the uterus, stomach, nervous system and of course the brain which it is the sovereign of. Anytime you have brain issues one of the very first herbs you should be thinking of maybe trying is Melissa (Lemonbalm or Balm). So again is it any wonder this herb helps well with Heart issues? Seriously research this herb and consider trying its use over a period of time. Some aggravations may occur whilst self-treating the real causes of issue your mother has but in most cases these will unravel themselves and clear out as the healing and work begins.

Another herb very useful for the Heart is Hawthorn berry which many are aware of who have seen my herbal writings before. I learned this fact originally from Dr John Ray Christopher. What Hawthorn will also do is aid cholesterol levels but it is also one of the very rare herbs which goes to the Pericardium channel. It works well for aiding restful easy sleep. If anyone wants to aid their Heart then the first thing they should look at is Hawthorn berry.

-= The Unhived Mind


  • theunhivedmind

    I hear you,

    end of the day this is who she is.

    When talking about scripture make no mistake, Romans 14 will clarify for you the issue of meat and herbs. God has received her as she is. (Romans14:3) Genevq 1599. Although Weak, as she eats herbs according to her faith. We are not judge that.

    Also Christians are not defined by The Geneva Bible. They are defined by the blood of Jesus, shed on the cross and Resurrection.

    Anyways we both share the same theology when it comes to Bible versions and health.

    • theunhivedmind

      Well we see that the Mormon cult twists the Biblical text to make out that herbs are mans meat not real meat and this is why they are all vegans. Two top Western herbalists were both Dr John Ray Christopher and Brigham Young of the Mormon cult. We both know that this cult was created by the Jesuit Order and we both know that Brigham Young was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ who also controlled Albert Pike of the Scottish Rite. The Rite which has its first twenty-five degrees thanks to the Jesuit Order (Aragon Templars) and was designed to usurp and control all previous Freemasonry. The thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite has as a secret motto the same motto as the Jesuit Order ‘Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.’

      -= The Unhived Mind

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