1. theunhivedmind

    I hear you,

    end of the day this is who she is.

    When talking about scripture make no mistake, Romans 14 will clarify for you the issue of meat and herbs. God has received her as she is. (Romans14:3) Genevq 1599. Although Weak, as she eats herbs according to her faith. We are not judge that.

    Also Christians are not defined by The Geneva Bible. They are defined by the blood of Jesus, shed on the cross and Resurrection.

    Anyways we both share the same theology when it comes to Bible versions and health.

    • theunhivedmind

      Well we see that the Mormon cult twists the Biblical text to make out that herbs are mans meat not real meat and this is why they are all vegans. Two top Western herbalists were both Dr John Ray Christopher and Brigham Young of the Mormon cult. We both know that this cult was created by the Jesuit Order and we both know that Brigham Young was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ who also controlled Albert Pike of the Scottish Rite. The Rite which has its first twenty-five degrees thanks to the Jesuit Order (Aragon Templars) and was designed to usurp and control all previous Freemasonry. The thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite has as a secret motto the same motto as the Jesuit Order ‘Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.’

      -= The Unhived Mind

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