OF AUGUST 21 2012

By: The Unhived Mind
September 26th 2012

The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks were based at the Gray’s Inn at the City of London and were connected to both the The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and the Guild of Air Pilots of Air Navigators. Please study the background of Sir Timothy Garden and George H.W Bush. Both serve Great Master Prince Charles the covert head of British Secret Service and the son of Grandmaster Prince Philip the covert head of British Secret Intelligence Service.

The controlled demolition of the World Trade Center was aided by AMEC Plc who also refurbished The Pentagon where the 900lb AGM-12C Bulpup missile and Mistral targeted on 9/11 via the A3 Skywarrior destroying the Office of Naval Intelligence for the takeover of its Operation Looking Glass Sun Microsystems Server by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The powers of Washington D.C were transferred out using the Public Key infrastructure system by NATO into the City of Chicago. From Chicago, NATO then transferred the powers out to a foreign corporation (Great Britain) run by the City of London Corporation. From Great Britain the U.S. was then controlled by the U.K. Ministry of Defence headed by Geoff Hoon and the intelligence networks who are commanded by the House of Windsor and the Jesuits at 114 Mount Street in Westminster. The intelligence community being overseen by the Privy Council through the Intelligence and Security Committee command over the Joint Intelligence Committee. The same network that control the powers of ‘Old Europe’ via Montreal, Quebec and Canada where the real terrorists of 9/11 came from. The real terrorists being Bombardier Master Trust (Quebec) and The Royal Canadian Air Force working for the Department of National Defence based in Ontario utilizing aerospace divisions in Richmond, British Columbia. Bombardier Master Trust is the World’s number one electronic warfare specialist. Now can you see how the 9/11 attacks were managed to be pulled off against the World’s biggest superpower which not even Russia would dare openly attack? Did you honestly believe Muslims could do what Russia could not?

The destruction of World Trade Center One was in aid of the theft of the carbon trading software controlled by the U.S. Navy in conjunction with Cantor Fitzgerald. A trading platform already worth back in 2001 a whooping $73 trillion a year ready for the incoming new economic system. Whoever had the control of this new system would dominate for the next eighty or more years. Where did this platform get transferred to? The City of London run by The City of London Corp and The Worshipful Company of Mercers controlling global finance through the pirates of the Livery system. Who now has a piece of this pie? Al-Gore Jr who now runs Generation Investment Management based at Vine Street with David Blood. Now can you see just how important this ‘big event’ was to be? Hows about Sarah Ferguson being based in Cantor Fitzgerald spying for her ex-husband Prince Andrew who is funny enough now the Grandmaster of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators whilst his father (MI6) is its Patron. Are we seeing the bigger picture now folks? There is far more to this 9/11 event than just a ‘pearl harbor’ to kick start the Clash of Civilizations aka Project for the New American Century. As usual this was a planned event covering multiple angles to control the future New World Order. Forget the Central Intelligence Agency unless you are focusing on the Directorate for Intelligence division covertly headed by Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush commanding the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst as well as the Bin Laden family. Your attention should be on the Senior Executive Service created by the Marcy family of Chicago, the same family who created Al-Qaeda through the U.S Small Business Administrations 8(a) program. The daughter-in-law of Carl M. Marcy at the head of all this was trained at Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University one of the highest command centers in the United States corporation.

The Dancing Israelis were in New York to document the event no different to the French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure. The DGSE used a near by AMEC Plc studio based in the City University of New York in order to film the first aircraft hitting the building. This was of course the Naudet Brothers who no one ever hears about anymore. Various intelligence networks were there to watch the event unfold and to document the event and aid in the counter-intelligence. Counter-intelligence to be spread also into the military intelligence controlled conspiracy alternative media which was started by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ and which tries to morph in occultic New-Age which was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. NATO alone are made up of numerous corporations such as France, Britain and even the U.S. The Israelis caught on the bridge with explosives may have been part of another series of attacks that should have taken place. No one even saw those explosives and very little was said since, so was it real or not? The fact is that 9/11 was a staged event masterminded at the City of London and executed by its minions in the intelligence and military community which spans Worldwide and is connected with the Order of Malta which many high level intelligence commanders are within and serve the Pope. The Protestant arms of the Knights of Malta being subordinate to the Order of Malta via The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem based in Geneva, Switzerland commanded by Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of the House of Savoy and The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem as well as the Order of Malta. So as you can see the Archbishop of New York is not the mastermind of the operation and do you really think these Cardinals plan events? Can you see Cardinal Cormac O’Connor being able to plan anything other than when his next whiskey is coming? Cardinals have the up-most authority in this covert Roman Empire continuum, they sign documents through their will & testament giving authority for actions to be taken. All the operations and ground level work is left to military intelligence and think-tanks to do, that is their jobs and what they are paid for. Even the Jesuits mostly sit back and watch their pawns today do the dirty work their The Entity used to do before they controlled everyone prior to the early 19th Century.

The assassination of Lincoln was in part what Eric Phelps is saying and also to make sure America could not come back as a nation and therefore stopped as a corporation as it had become from 1861. Why did Lincoln incorporate the United States and destroy the united States? The Worshipful Company of Mercers were out for American land in order for the debts of the old Virginia Company of London to be paid off for the settling of the region. The only way Lincoln could do anything to stop the City of London Corp taking American land was to dissolve the nation and incorporate it so the debts could be paid off. On one hand this was genius by Lincoln but he forgot that this suited the Mercers even more. Why? The Constitution of the united States of America was now dissolved also but of course the people of the land were never told this otherwise an uproar would have taken place. The Mercers and Jesuit command saw the perfect opportunity of making sure Lincoln could never bring back the united States of America. So his death warrant was signed and sealed by a team of Privy Councilors including Sir Roundell Palmer and Edward John Stanley. Privy Councilor Edward John Stanley was the funder of assassin front John Wilkes Booth. Stanley wired the sum of fifty-pounds to the Bank of Montreal to pay John Wilkes Booth for his role in the assassination. The Booth family is very Catholic and has many ties with Illuminist families including old Pope lines going way back. The wife of Knight of Malta Tony Blair is Cherie Blair, her maiden name is Booth and look how she and now her husband are overt Catholics serving the Pope of Rome. Problems arose between the United States and the Vatican and diplomatic ties were severed or so we were led to believe between the two due to Vatican shielding of John Surrett in Rome. These were completely reversed by Honorary Knight of Malta, Ronald Reagan in 1984 via his secret Concordat with the Pope after Knight of Malta Alexander Haig and Knight of Malta George H.W Bush had him shot increasing the power of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst having its leader now commanding the U.S. under the Order of Malta as vice-President. Do not think for one minute that the Pope was attacked like Reagan so it must be external from the Vatican? The powerful Pedro Arrupe SJ never forgave the Pope for managing to remove him from his position as Superior General of the Jesuit Order. The attempted assassination and successful debilitation of Pope John Paul II was masterminded by The Entity a secret intelligence and assassination division of the Jesuits going back as far as 1566. In this case Pedro wasted no time in seeking his revenge and the job was done in under a month. The Jesuits adore the assassination of Lincoln and this is why when you go on stage to perform they say “break a leg” meaning for you to do well. Tell me how is breaking your leg doing well? Its because of the assassin jumping from the theatre balcony onto the stage breaking a leg. The assassination to these people was most obviously good.

Both Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank were created by the Jesuit Order, the later being a member of Roman Catholicism. Study the creation time of the Sabbateans (17th Century) and then study the much earlier creation time of the Jesuit Order (16th Century). Remember the Jews have no King but Caesar (Pope)! East Jerusalem is controlled by the Vatican and has been since 1993 with the Oslo Accord signing. The King Solomon’s Temple III will be housing the Vatican system morphed into the new one-World Religion. The Temple is being planned by Grandmaster Giuliano di Bernardo. The masters of the region are the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem along with its high ranking member, Jesuit trained, King Juan Carlos of Spain, the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem aka King of Jerusalem and head of the powerful House of Bourbon the continuum of the House of Farnese who commissioned the Jesuit Order from the Los Alumbrados. All of Freemasonry bows down to the Jesuit power which extends from their Templar origins based in the Kingdom of Aragon. The Jesuits origins were the only Knights Templar allowed to survive by the Pope unlike the Templars of Scotland, Portugal and Switzerland (Morets) seen by the Jesuits as inferior. All of these Templars either had to be bought together under the Jesuit thumb or eliminated. In 1754 the Jesuits using Chevalier de Bonneville in Paris, France devised the way and created a new Freemasonic body called the Chapter of Clermont which later became known as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry made famous by Albert Pike who was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ. The Jesuits at the College of Clermont created the first twenty-five degrees of the later-to-be Scottish Rite, these were known as the Rite of Perfection. Then from 1761 Stephen Morin exported the Rite of Perfection over into the Americas where eventually the later eight degrees were created with the aid of Order of Malta connected, Alexandre Francois de Grasse. By 1781 Moses Hayes had created the first Grand Lodge in Charleston, South Carolina and then eventually Frederick Dalcho opened the Supreme Council in the same area in 1801. This was then exported back to Europe into France and so forth. What we have here is basically the attack of the Jesuits fronted by the House of Stuart against the House of Sinclair and their form of Templarism (Freemasonry) in Scotland. Today in Freemasonry the only bodies improving and becoming more wealthy are the Illuminized degrees (OTO) and the Scottish Rite who work together although they do not like you knowing this. Many members of the Scottish Rite are members within the sick and twisted OTO occult. Now you should be able to understand why the Jesuits use Catholicism as a front including its veils of being against Freemasonry. The Jesuits are thee Knights Templar and deserve to be called this because in the end they won over all the other Templars. Now you understand why Freemasonry is so closely tied now to the Vatican and why the Vatican in its new form will openly rule from King Solomon’s Temple III being built by Freemasons to replace the occultic Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Mosque will be demolished by the Saudi Bin Laden Group in a controlled demolition similar to 9/11 but this time the U.S. will be false-flagged to take the blame to further aid the Strategy of Tension thus aiding the final push of the Clash of the Civilizations in order to destroy both Zionism and Islam together thus showing you that Zionism is merely a tool of the Jesuit Order to further their own needs. No Israel will be left standing other than East Jerusalem, I wonder why?

May I remind you that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim which obviously his middle name highlights but his first name is the name of the Horse that Prophet Muhammad rides on into Heaven. What more do you need to believe that Obama is a Muslim? You have his Kenyan background to boot as well. I have highlighted how Protestantism is dead today and has been decayed by the Counter-Reformation controlled by the Council of Trent overseen by the Jesuit Order and renewed by the Second Vatican Council. I have highlighted how all recognized Protestant Knights of Malta are controlled by the Order of Malta through The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem based in Geneva, Switzerland. There is no Protestantism only Catholicism, take a look at the destruction of the Anglican Church for instance. Notice how the Archbishop of Canterbury is always at the side of Cardinal Cormac O’Connor. Not to mention how Rowan Williams has prayed in the Vatican and even kissed the Pope’s fisher’s ring in complete subordination. Even worse Williams has lectured in the Jesuits Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. What more do you need as Williams aids the internal destruction of the Anglican Church in order to aid the rebirth of Catholicism in the U.K fueled also by mass Eastern-European immigration. Christianity has been destroyed by the Jesuit Ecumenism movement and the further attacks by the Charismatic Movement. Barack Hussein Obama serves George H.W Bush as we can see from the deals with Bush’s, Muslim Brotherhood connected with the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst and having an history with the Nazis, MI6 and even further roots with The Honourable East India Company run by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Take note of the infiltration of the U.S. by the Muslim brotherhood thanks to the DVD such as Huma Abedin being the American deputy chief of staff closely connected with Hillary Clinton the wicked witch of North America who patented the precision guidance QRS-11 GyroChip chip set which was used by Bombardier Master Trust to precision guide the aircraft into the building on 9/11 with the aid of KU Band remote control via the GLASS cockpits. May I remind you once again that Bombardier Master Trust is the World’s number one electronic warfare specialist and most people out there have never even heard of them, I wonder why? You may notice how Barack Obama is one of only a handful who have spoken at Westminster Hall. The others are of course the Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II, Knight of Malta, Nelson Mandela and of course the Pope of Rome. Barack Obama serves the City of London Corporation and is a British subject subordinate to Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II.

Bear Stearns was used by Knight of Malta, Tony Blair to install Bonesman, George W. Bush into power in 2000 conning Al-Gore Jr out of the U.S. Election he had won. Tony Blair had three million pounds taken from Barclay’s bank who are very connected to TheCityUK running international finance. This three million was then transferred into the U.S. by the British Secret Intelligence Service through their proprietary account called ‘Humewood’. This sum then ended up in Bear Stearns in Florida the state run by fourth-degree Knight of Columbus, John Bush. From here it was then distributed out to those involved in the vote counts as well as media such as Cable News Network run by Knight of Malta, Ted Turner. The rest is history you are aware of shall we say. No U.S. President is higher than a British Prime Minister who represents the City of London Corporation. This is why when George H.W Bush did not follow his orders initially in the 90s to start Operation Desert-storm, it was British PM Margaret Thatcher who was sent to wrap him over the knuckles at the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado. May I remind you that the Catholic, Powell family controlled Thatcher and that they are well connected with The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The City of London Corp dominates the United States and has done for centuries since the slaying of the last American President, Abraham Lincoln. Those that attempted to severe these controls have ended up in a wooden box and made an example of such as U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Today David Cameron is of a much higher power than Barack Obama who is used as the front puppet. Cameron’s family connections for instance connect to the merchant pirate, Astor family of opium traders connected with The Honourable East India Company and the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation including the House of Keswick. If Obama does not do as he is told, then if he’s lucky, David Cameron will be sent if a harsh warning needs to be given as with Bush in the past. The banking system is commanded by the descendants of the merchant pirates that were around a long time before any Zionist bankers. Just study the age of the City of London in comparison with the creation of Labor Zionism in the 17th Century. Do you remember who were the greatest European bankers after the Knights Templar? It was the European Italian Medici family not Jews. The Medici exist today mostly within the Orsini family which has its roots from Ptolemaic Egypt. In fact today, William and Harry Windsor carry the scion of the Medici as well as Sforza, Stuart and Guelph. Were the Knights Templar Judiac? No! Are the Order of Malta controllers Judiac? No! Who did the Knights Templar serve? The Pope! Who does the Order of Malta serve? The Pope! What are the roots of the Order of Malta? Amalfi merchants from the Mediterranean. The Order of Malta are known as the Greatest Merchants on Earth and they took all the Templar official powers and wealth taken all by the power of the Papal Bull, Ad Providam in 1312. It is these groups which run the finance of the World which controls the World. Oil and energy are run by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and controls nations. Food is controlled by The Worshipful Company of World Traders and controls the people. Study the powers of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Opus Dei and the Order of Malta with finance. The Vatican is the biggest corporation in the World blitzing all others put together.

Talking of the Knights of Columbus, the U.S. education is dominated by this Catholic storm trooper group and today is being destroyed by the America 2000 program out to push the United Nations as the Saviour to the World in order to condition the dumbed down youth into acceptance of World Government and the destruction of the Nation state. The education system over all is dominated by The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and The Worshipful Company of Mercers who control Gresham College where all the modern pseudo-science has been birthed by worshipers of Luciferians of the Masonic Lodges behind the Royal Society. Masonic Lodges that carry an authorized King James Bible with its occult drawings within giving you a clue. The King James Bible was masterminded by Sir John Dee an Enochian occultist and high level member of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The idea of the King James Bible was not to improve on the Geneva Bible 1560/99 as claimed but was to usurp that Bible completely. What did this do? It usurped many exposures of the wicked Rome that was in Geneva Bible. It usurped the thought of questioning the Divine Right of Kings. Why do these bloodlines claim to have a Divine Right when their Kingships were created and granted by the anti-Christ Pope claiming to be God on Earth? Where does the word sovereign come from which the Monarchs like to use? It comes from the Papal Bull, Aeterni Regis. The Pope is as Christian as Allah and Muhammad were, in other words a fraud. The Pope is the follower of Mithra and the Solar Cult stemming out of Babylon, which the Pope plans to have rebuilt aided by his Masonic controlled Middle Eastern traitors such as the Sunnis. The Sunnis have to be used to destroy the Shia who have a Caliph that challenges the Temporal Power of the Pope of Rome. No one on this Earth is allowed to challenge this Temporal Power aka World Government and those that wish to will be eliminated by force. Do not be fooled by lower down Freemasonry either because this mirrors perfectly the lower down levels of Witchcraft. It is all Luciferian stemming from Satan’s powers trying to move the people of Earth into a pseudo-scientific dictatorship and away from God and reality. Where do you think all this power and knowledge comes from? It is taken from occultic methods of conversation and dealing with other realms of the spiritual system usually the negative. The entities of these realms are known as Djinn in the Muslim World or demons in the West. On the surface what they give may look of worth and pleasure you such as technological advances, but the goal is the imprisonment of man and the destruction of mans natural self created by God. Eventually leading to man replacing itself with a new genetically-modified hermaphrodite creature with trans-humanism adaption. Part of the conditioning for this is the uranian agenda or the third sex aka homosexuality and metro-sexuality. Nothing more than ancient alchemy wishing for the perfection of man and the joining of Heaven and Earth all tied in with the mindset of the Order of the Rosy Cross continuing this Luciferian agenda today. Sex, gender and race will all be destroyed in an instant and this is one of the main reasons for the desire for massive population reduction by the Club of Rome veiled as saving the planet aka UN Agenda 21 aka sustainable development. The blood sacrificed by these occultists and their minions is offered to these false-god demons for the demons continual giving which these pirates sell their souls for.

The Nazi party came from a combination of the National Socialist Party and the Labor Zionists. Yes Judiacs killed Torah following Judiacs in the Holocaust where 600,000 jews were killed as a burnt offering to the Gods which is why it was called the Holocaust. You have to remember that Labor Zionist Sabbatean Frankists detest Torah following Jews. Once you understand this faction of the Jews then things will become more clearer. Its like how they had the Sephardi Jewish children irradiated in the brain under false ringworm tests, none of the Ashkenazim Jewish children were taken only Sephardi. The six-pointed star has been adopted by the Zionist movement but has much more ancient origins tied to the worship of the planet Saturn and the Generative Principle aka sexual union so worshiped in Freemasonry and tied to the base chakra guided by the energies of Saturn. Six being the number of perfection whilst a three-dimensional cube has six square sides. The square being the symbolism of Saturn usually colored in black showing judgment. The ancient Phoenicians of the land of Phoenicia all worshiped El the Saturn God. The Bible is clear when it talks of the Synagogue of Satan. What sits on the ancient land of Phoenicia today? Israel which is named after the false-Gods, Isis (Moon), Ra (Sun) and El (Saturn). May I remind you that it was the Knights of Malta in New York City and City of London who funded and supplied the Nazis with ammunition and oil. If the Rockefeller family had not supplied oil to the Nazis using neutral Spain like they did then the war would have ended four or five years early. Adolph Hitler and Martin Bormann were funded by the Order of Malta, Dulles Brothers including Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles. In 1933 the Dulles brothers funded these two in dollars with the equivalent of the then U.S. gross domestic product. These same Nazis were then aided by the Order of Malta and the Vatican out of Germany and into the Americas via the Dragonovic Ratlines and Operation Paperclip. Adolph Hitler was transported by two planes out of Germany and into Spain where he was then transferred onto the second submarine out to Argentina. Hitler did not die in the 60s within Argentina as some claim, he died at a very old age in the State of Maryland in the United States. All of these Nazis were and are protected by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst hidden within the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency and covertly run by the thirty-four lead long leader of the DVD, Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush who serves the Dachau, Bavaria branch of the Nazi continuum.

The opium trade was controlled by The Worshipful Company of Mercers financing, The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries plant expertise and their The Honourable East India Company trading might. The opium trade today serves these same masters and the power of the House of Bourbon who commands Sicily the main Western hub for the import of opium for processing into Heroin. Connections with the Er-Bu (Te-Wu) for powerful China White and the Japanese Yakuza continue today especially in the United States where the Yakuza from California run the dope trade in the West Coast whilst the Te-Wu run the dope trade in the East Coast based in none other than Chicago that popular conspiracy city. The Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst utilise these groups by proxy so this veils their actions if anything goes wrong. Its then left up to the Yakuza or the Te-Wu to lose front companies or even their being in the area is something goes wrong but one things for sure the Nazi continuum will never be exposed. The biggest Cocaine dealers in the World other than the House of Bourbon is it’s slave the DVD controlling the South American drugs trade from the likes of Bolivia. Study the old connections of Nicholas Klaus Barbie to the region and his connection to Josef Mengele up in Canada along with Christian Van Damme the Vice-President of the Vatican owned Bank of America. A lot of the funding from the dope trade gets thrown into a kitty known as the Exchange Stabilization Fund which is headed by the U.S. Treasury commanded by TheCityUK which is run by Stuart Popham of the Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House. It was The Club of Isles who decided when and how to destroy the U.S Economy tied with TheCityUK and The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Fifty percent called for a complete hard fast depression whilst the other half called for a much slower event which we are witnessing today but unfortunately at the end of it will come a harsher lesson. Who runs the Club of Isles? It is The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath’s Great Master, Prince Charles the soon to be King who’s clearing way for his Court shortly. If you are interested in the opium trade then do a study of the Russell family and its connections to the Skull & Bones Chapter 322 at Yale University and the Bavarian Illuminati created by Giuseppe Balsamo and Adam Weishaupt the sheep-dipped Jesuit soldier.


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