England or New Venice,

is perfect to create the New World. It is a giant castle in the sea, which is also sustainable for vegetation, and protection of wealth. I have most of my money in the UK. It is taxed, but the interest generates enough to pay the bank fees and taxes.

I love England. I would die to protect her.

The Jesuits need to be run out of the UK. England can invade Italy and protect the city of Venice from its enemies.

You should listen to the recording Architecture and Morality of OMD, to understand my opinions.


England or Britain has no powerful army anymore, it is a weed in military power except its Trident nuclear arsenal. The U.S. military could destroy Britain in the blink of an eyelash and they often laugh about how pathetic Britain and Europe has become. May I remind you that the scalar weaponry the United States possesses can switch off all of the nuclear weapons of Britain if they desired to do this. Nuclear weapons are now redundant and in truth they have always been hyped up. Why? Mutual Assured Destruction is totally impossible since nuclear weapons cannot be detonated as atomic weapons unless they are in accordance with the harmonics of the Sun. Therefore it is impossible for multiple nuclear weapons to go off at the same times Worldwide. The whole idea of nuclear weapons is a farce in that sense. If you want to understand this more then you will need to understand geodetic mathematics and the work of Bruce Cathy who wrote the book ‘Harmonic 33‘. There is another man who has progressed from Bruce Cathy’s work and improved on some of it. You also have to understand how the Jesuits have hidden the Biblical knowledge that the Sun revolves around the Earth (Geocentric).

The military power of Britain is of course the City of London Corporation and its The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. We both know this is the power that runs all of the World’s military powers. Worldwide military power is on the decrease, even the U.S. is supposedly downsizing under the economic strains. The idea being that all once nations will have less and less military until its removed completely and just a militarized police force under the United Nations is left with the death of the Posse Comitatus Act in the U.S. The United States will be the last military power left and it is being used to dominate the World to bring the World under the foot of the City of London Corporation veiled as the New American Century. You are aware of the sovereign nation of New Jerusalem within the already sovereign nation of the City of London I take it?

There is no interest in British banking at the moment as we are on a 0.5% interest rate and maybe soon a negative interest rate if the Bank of England and its Monetary Policy Committee desire it. Therefore unless you have found something different I do not know where you are making such interest. Switzerland is probably the safest bet for funds I would have thought due to its neutrality granted by the Congress of Vienna in 1814. I am fully aware that Order of the Bath member, George H.W Bush and his Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst have a great connection with Switzerland and how they have stolen a lot of gold from allotted accounts there. Interest is Usury and forbidden by the Geneva Bible 1566 and true-Christianity. People are too focused on the Vatican’s financial system (money-changers) and this suits the Vatican as money (moon-eye) is the curse used against the people and this is why you will never see a true power walking around with money in their pockets. May I point out how the hypocritical Dame of Malta controls the Inter-Alpha Banking Group which commits Usury and thus is anti-Christian.

Why are you not dead then? Where was your protection of England when it was thrown to the Jesuit European wolves starting with the creation of the Common Market and especially when Tony Blair and Jack Straw signed the European Constitution in front of the Pope statue in Rome, Italy. Hows about that Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II signing every treasonous treaty that has further destroyed England? But what do you expect when England was destroyed whilst under the power of King George V through bankruptcy in 1933. This is the same family where the Dame of Malta you seem to adore comes from and the same being trying to allow homosexual equality with her vile new Magna Carta Commonwealth document. Notice they claim it is just her signature as she is the Sovereign (a title granted by the Holy See since 1481 with Papal Bull Aterni Regis). Sorry those tricks no longer work! Nobility do not put their will and testament to anything unless it is their wish as documents are very important to nobility. Therefore a wet signature on anything means this Dame of Malta fully endorses and believes in what she is handing her will and testament too. Do they think I and awakened English people are of low intelligence? Do they think I do not know that this Dame has all the old pre-Cromwell Monarchy powers thanks to the signing of the English Bill of Rights of 1689? She is treasonous as his her son Charles who visits Jordan where his Al-qaeda germ rebel terrorists are being trained to attack sovereign Syria and the legitimate Al-Assad regime. Then Charles puts out the sob story filming out of himself with supposed Syrian orphans who he has made orphans through his greed and Order of the Bath military plannings.

The Venetian Guelphs (House of Windsor) are a wicked bunch of vile psychopaths and they deserve the Jesuit shock trooper Pope to come down hard on them and make them suffer under the Jesuit boot for being traitors to England, a country they should have never been in charge of in the first place. You will never get me to like the Windsor’s aka House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha! The only way that will happen is if England comes back as a Country called England and its no longer a fictional Vatican corporation known as the United Kingdom. Not until we are recognized as English people of God again and not some dead soul beyond the sea attached to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. May I remind you that the Venetians created the first enslaving Cestui Que Vie Act in 1540. We as English peoples’ want the rights and more that the original Americans had prior to 1861 before Lincoln dissolved the Nation and incorporated the United States to pay off the debts to The Worshipful Company of Skinners for the Virginia Company of London settlements. Its time the Papal Bull Unam sanctam of 1302 and all attaching documents were nulled and freedom let loose. I presume you are all for the Duke of Northumberland and other Norman powers over the region? We all know their connection with Venice and the connection of Venice with Minoa and Phoenicia. May I remind you of the role of the Duke of Northumberland in the attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Lets not kid ourselves of oppositions when we both know that the unHoly Roman Empire is back as the little horn and stronger than ever. A new Empire made stronger by the Congress of Vienna 1814 and the Treaty of Verona 1822. An Empire which King George III belonged to, this was evident by the way he signed his wet signature on documents as Prince Elector of the New Holy Roman Empire. A King who was secretly mastered by the Jesuit Order (Knights Templar of the King of Aragaon continuum).

-= The Unhived Mind

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