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First of all I strongly suggest you read the book called ‘Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technotronic Era‘, by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Did you notice at the end of the video where it says “spiritual self-improvement” and they show the one eye of Horus (Beast) (right eye). This my friends is the Luciferian Doctrine where they believe man can become God or even higher.

This is the World of the scientific dictatorship mixed with pagan worship in a form where the people follow but do not fully understand. For example this climate change propaganda is simply pagan worship of Mother Earth (Gaea) wrapped up in pseudo-science claptrap in order to fool the populace into a World Government and further smaller more concentrated prison than the previous one.

Movies like Avatar, Drudge Dredd and I-Robot are all predictive programming by the Stanford Research Institute and the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. These programmes will program your mind through the 50/60 hertz flicker-rate cathode-ray tube televisions or through systems like the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum connected to these new style television sets. TV is called a television because they are telling you through your vision to program with programmes no different to a computer and the language C or Python. Then you have groups in Venice like the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and the Future Society deciding how we should live and with what technology they will use next to imprison us all.

The movies are being used to condition the youth (generation-X) into accepting the new biometric avatar modern World they desire to usher in. The movie The Matrix was not so much about the hidden creation of the World and populace run by aliens or robots. The Matrix was released to show you how globalists are going to be running the people in the future. Whether God has a system like this already which we dwell within daily is another matter. The problem is that greedy globalists want you in their invisible prison with virtually no freedoms initially and then zero freedoms by the time man has been engineered into a trans-humanist cybernetic robot drone. You can see already how everything is to be done on-line such as shopping, talking and public services. Bars and Public houses will be no more as the populace stays in-doors most of the day in the future.

You can also see how predictive programming movies like Minority Report are coming closer to reality such as how we can now interface with computers via the air using devices like Kinect etc. Not to mention the beginning of thought-crime conditioning via social media like NSA Facebook starting to resemble Fahrenheit 451 by the day.

I have said for a while that I believe that in the coming future there will be what I call illusionary jobs. What I mean by this is virtual jobs such as the Farm Town game on NSA Facebook. People will be paid with digital credits for the work they do on idiotic games not in the real World. Just look at the idea behind the Bitcoins and how you have to datamine them over time. A complete fake World is about to be created in order for you to not see clearly the destruction of humanity, jobs and freedom in the Post-Industrial Zero-Growth Society.

Survivors of the Club of Rome population reduction have to be entertained with technology, illusions, free-love and addictions whilst they have nothing else. All jobs will be totally automated as you have seen here. Do not believe you will be in an avatar controlling these robots. Why do they want you to do this when a piece of software can do it for them without the laziness and inefficiencies of man? Life extension will not exist until 2100 onwards in mass. By then the majority of the World’s human population will be destroyed and the laboratory created genetic hybrid creatures will be controlled where by life extension will be acceptable without the fallacy of population growth in the minds of the Malthusian. Prior to this time people will be fitted with devices to eliminate them by the age of 25-36 years old. They may if they are lucky purchase credits to increase their life span but that will only be accessible to the thief, criminal underworld and elite. Again look into predictive programming such as the movies, Logan’s Run, Brave New World and the new In-Time to see what I am saying.

These swines are immersing you daily into this new technological prison. The Jesuits think differently to the old Papacy who were against innovation and wisdom. The Jesuits are the Knights Templar continuum from the Kingdom of Aragon. The Jesuits are the masters of Worldwide Freemasonry since they formed the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Jesuits are not Catholic, they are Luciferians. Study the Los Alumbrados to see their connection to Witchcraft. The Jesuits have dominated the Catholic Church since 1814 going into 1870 with the Doctrine of Infallibility and without a shadow of a doubt by 1910. This time the flock will not be removed from the Mother Church (in its new form based in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem) unlike before with the Reformation.

All the flock are to be trapped by this electronic prison being built around us daily. Satellites and space based platform weapons are being sent into space regular not for fun they are to enslave the populace and planet Earth like never before and bring about the controlled Mark of the Beast. You already have the beginnings to this mark with your admiralty product number (Social Security/National Insurance) connected to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 mastered by Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain. You cannot exist without those numbers and today it is even hard to exist without an account in the den of thieves called a bank, ask many bankrupts.

Of course you will think life is great and that you are more freer than ever whilst in this illusion which is fully provided for you. Is it any wonder The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers have dumbed down the populace so much? Is it any wonder chemicals and electronic frequencies are being used to aid the dumbing down of the thinking process in man? Its all there for you to see if you free yourself and use common sense. Take a look at predictive programming movie, Control Factor.

Web-cams, microphones and sensors on televisions are in order for the military intelligence via wifi to monitor your every move whilst corporations bombard you with advertisements you just do not want to see. Then you have the augmented reality nightmare which is enough to give anyone an headache. As they move further into this virtual system they have to dumb you down regardless. Why? You just could not continue to think as a normal human and interact with technology so much. It would drive you up the wall to suicide. So the more we think we are advancing the less we are being human. To use technology in this way means one has to ultimately become technology.


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