By: The Unhived Mind
26th May 2012

I have heard the unfortunate news that The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists are sniffing around the awesome Opera Browser to take it over from the team in Oslo, Norway. This is very saddening news for myself and many others currently complaining about even the thought of this vile idea. Opera browser has been the best browser on the block for a very long time and its been independent of the big well-known National Security Agency spying puppets. You have two browsers called Chrome and Firefox both funded by Google a division of the National Security Agency. Look what happened to Youtube as soon as Google took over and well its a Nazi suppression hell-hole today. I’ve seen Youtube suppress innocent people who are just reviewing Linux distros. Of course we know why this would be and thats simply competition to both Android (based on Linux) and more so Windows and MacOS. Windows comes from Microsoft and was jointly created by the National Security Agency. Windows VISTA really stood for Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application. What you all have to understand is that there is no individual corporation at the top of this vermin pile. Bill Gates is controlled by Grandmaster Prince Philip and Worshipful Master, Jonathan Soar. Right now Bill Gates also serves The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers in aiding the population reduction desires of the Club of Rome and their Global 2000 Report.

The power all goes back to the Livery patent pool system and in this case its run by The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists based at New Jerusalem aka sovereign City of London. Their goal is to dominate all technology and do away with all the competition. Do you think its all about wealth and profit? No its about control and spying, your privacy is at risk continually today. These organizations at the peak of power do not give a damn about supposed wealth and profit. The Livery controls the financial system and its merchant owners have all the money in existence and they create currency when and how they like, usually according to super-computer prior analysis to suit their agendas of the time for social engineering. Anyone who gets in the way of this control will be destroyed whether thats through bankruptcy, assassination or even blocking from the mainstream. In other words if Linux still cannot be destroyed then the computer standards of the system will be altered to block it as much as possible. We see this already with the Opera browser where many a web site discriminate against this amazing browser and ignore it. Why on Earth would anyone ignore such a powerful, pretty and innovative browser unless there is something far deeper going on?

Take a look at what happened to John Ramsey the President of Access Graphics and his family when he would not give up the Operation Looking Glass servers to the Livery. His Christmas of 1996 changed his life forever as his pretty pageant daughter was assassinated by a black-operations team out of Montreal, Quebec in Canada. I believe that Dispora creator, Ilya Zhitomirskiy was assassinated over issues with the patent pools behind Facebook. If these cretins will go to these lengths to control patent pools then do you really think we stand a chance of freedom of choice and privacy? Do not kid yourself. You will notice how recently Microsoft have been sniffing around the Linux system since its now the fastest growing operating system. Now Microsoft want all original equipment manufacturer computers which carry Windows as standard to simply block out dual booting from their systems. This would stop installed Linux distributions from being run on the system. A further example of the start of the real suppression against their lack of privacy agenda. Microsoft and bully friends control everything using patents and this is why the ownership of patent pools is very important, with the Livery patent pool being the king of all patent pools.

People are truly getting fed up of the standardization and globalization occurring today towards this New World Order craved for by Knight of Malta George H.W Bush the thirty-four year long leader of the secretive Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst intelligence operation and Nazi continuum. Unfortunately for us all this will only be increasing dramatically. Today we see the Mark Zuckerberg nightmare from hell known as Facebook taking over logins of many websites. This renders you unable to use certain websites unless you are registered to Facebook. Do you truly trust your passwords are safe and private when doing this? This is all conditioning ready for when your Government issues you a social networking page tied to your Social Security or National Insurance number. This page will connect to public services and more as you end up existing in your homes in the future. Your Citizens Advice and unemployment benefits will all be accessed through your webpage making sure every little thing you do can be tracked. When you enter your carriage to travel you will be watched by a telematics blackbox device along with a personal camera inside the cockpit. Not one thing you do will not be tracked, traced and logged. This will be forced onto you through the Admiralty Law hoodwink of fines and the coming feudal fascist police state rapidly being engineered by the Tavistock Institute as we speak in conjunction with The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals.

Now who’s trying to take over Opera? Facebook! A cretinous company fronted by Mark Zuckerberg for The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. Can you imagine what will happen to all the quality points of the Opera Browser if it is sold to Facebook or even to any of the other National Security Agency puppets on behalf of the Information Technologists? Opera is by far the greatest browser available. Unfortunately so many will always claim Chrome has the number one position. Why is this when it is so untrue? Its down to the power and wealth of the Information Technologists who can advertise around every major City in the World and push their surveillance tools. I’ve been a long-term user and promoter of the Opera Browser and I can assure you that I will be dropping the software as soon as Opera attempts to destroy what was once amazing. I see many people are claiming they will switch to Firefox but hang on a minute who funds Firefox? Its Google and who is a nuisance with censorship and privacy as well? Google!

Therefore one has to write their own browser thats truly independent. I would suggest people start to write the open sourced Qtweb browser to be more like the Opera we have and then its time to ignore the lot of them outright. This is war my friends, its a war for freedom and choice and we choose to battle to the end. The planned economic collapse openly occurring today since 2008 has been designed to help the Livery system take over all competition. There is to be no small private independent businesses or even private property in the near-future. Small and large companies are now going down and then they get quickly bought up by the Livery tentacles such as the private-equity companies like The Carlyle Group lurking after the kill like the vultures they really are. These poor companies are then bought up for pennies-on-the-dollar instead of getting what they would have in a regular economy, an economy where they would not have been in the position to have to sell in the first place.

Facebook has to be one of the most vile pieces of software ever created. It is over-hyped in order to draw gullible sheep like lambs to the slaughter. Facebook looks terrible, its layout is absolutely vile and its as slow as they come. For example I was using ICQ over a decade ago and that software still today was far better at the task than the clunky Facebook instant messenger service is right now. Then we have the terrible censorship of Facebook which will even automatically censor comments today and God knows what else in the near future. Worse of all is the thought-crime side of Facebook where the most minor set of words may end you up in the thought-crime Administrative Courts of your corporation and a prison sentence. All whilst paedophiles get let off all over Britain by lapse Judges who are mostly paedophiles themselves tied to Common Purpose and the Inns of Court system. Do some research into Hollie Greg if you do not believe me. Hows about Facebook having the nerve to try to patent words which have been in existence since the English language was created. Do you really want this company being connected with Opera?

Why would Opera go so low as to even contemplate such an offer? Is it the worthless IOUs being offered called Federal Reserve notes falsely claiming to be American money but far from it? Read your united States Constitutional to learn more. Mere promissory notes during the global state of bankruptcy since 1933. A piece of worthless paper giving you mere equitable title meaning a right to use but not legal title meaning true ownership. Ownership is only for the Priesthood and the Kingships it creates through Temporal Power, along with the merchants from hell. Only physical gold and silver gives you both legal and equitable title. It does not mean you can purchase something with this from a friend and own what you purchased. Why? The ownership of your friends item is still held by the Central Bank involved within their corporation such as the United States. You have to pay the Federal Reserve the bullion for the product in order to own the product and believe me this would not be accepted. According to these creatures if you are in a state of bankruptcy then you cannot own money only currency and debt. So tell me how you can pay off a debt with another debt? The U.S. Treasury should admit that this cannot happen but then ask why they and their system continue to demand you pay them for debts such as household bills etc. The U.S. Treasury of course answers to TheCityUK run by Stuart Popham of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which fronts for The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Are we seeing a connection here?

So is Opera going to Facebook? Well we will see but if its not all about currency then it may be about promotion and acceptance. Is it worth it in truth? The professional users Opera have today who have aided the development of the browser through forums will be lost as the gullible sheep become the new user base of parasites. Opera will be dictated to on every move going and the original desire of Opera will be totally destroyed and replaced with the drone mentality. My friends you have to be prepared for this to occur to every single good quality system you use now or come across in the future. Most people will sell-out to this fake financial debt system which in truth is absolutely worthless and will never have any real wealth every again.

The Livery have destroyed so many lives whether its the Chinese in the Opium Wars to the modern Crusades of the Middle East under Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain and his Union for the Mediterranean. Its the same crowd and the same brutal system that goes on and on. They destroyed our true Puritan-Christian Geneva Bible and replaced it with a watered down pirate King James Bible not to mention all the outright false Bibles like the NIV. All to destroy religion and the society with it as we see today as we get ever so close now to the open worship of Lucifer as desired once by Albert Pike the ex-Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Ask yourself how can Kingship be the Divine Right when it exists out of the Temporal Power of the Holy See who creates and controls Kings even to this very day regardless of veils covering up this power from the people? Catholicism is not Christian and never was, its the revived-Babylon and antiChristos used to usurp true-Christianity. Thats what the Geneva Bible highlighted which King James quickly had removed and banned so his Kingship could never be questioned. Does that sound like a true Protestant to you or someone with loyalties elsewhere? Why did Queen Elizabeth Ist not worry about that Geneva Bible knowledge when she used it herself?

As I said earlier I think the only answer we have is to develop the Open Source software such as Linux and Qtweb to a level where we are happy with it. Open Source software allows you to then check the coding for any possible privacy issues and spyware that may be embedded which you simply cannot ever attempt do with Windows. If you could you would see its riddled with NSA backdoors. I believe many of the vulnerabilities found by hackers are in fact just NSA backdoors built in and they just hope you never find them and close them slowly. There is hardly anything that the NSA are not monitoring today. Anything with a bleeding microchip today is dangerous in this infowar going on all designed by the Nazi continuum known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst which part hides in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency and serves The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. The National security agency can do anything they like and unless they are personally named in legal documents they can not even be prosecuted in the slightest. Now you have microchips in your light bulbs and the far better quality incandelsent bulbs have been removed from existence and demonized. Ask yourself is it really about energy costs? Why would The Worshipful Company of Fuellers of the Livery want you to save on your bills? Its a far deeper subject then what people would think. Hows about the destruction of analogue television for this inferior backward flat panel nightmare utilizing the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum technology which makes the old brainwashing of the 50/60hz flicker rate on the cathode-ray-tube look like chicken feed.

I believe when the time comes soon where everything is dominated by these creatures of the night that we simply must drop all connections to their system. Remove ourselves from their fake virtual reality World which makes us ignore the reality from God which is far more amazing and magical than any pieces of junk technology built to break under the Planned Obsolesence agenda. May I remind you that when you are being created in the womb that the communications going on are the equivalent of every cell phone going off around the World every single second. Today there is even gullible sheep who believe our reality World is horrible and dull whilst they prefer to exist in World of Warcraft fantasy lands on their Windows PC. I honestly believe in the future that any form of the mindset of employment and work will be based on gaming such as the FarmVille software people are being conditioned to play on Facebook. It might sound odd what I have just said but in the near-future all will be seen during whats known as the zero-growth post-industrial society. Already today you see people creating currency using their central and graphics processing unit chipset through Bitcoin, this is just the start of things to come.

I suggest you start to slowly deprogram yourself from the system programming you currently have and gradually pull away before its too late. Get yourself where you do not care for cell phones and could do without a television, broadband connection and computer entirely. People today think there is something wrong with anyone who does not own a cell phone. The Tavistock Insitute for Human Relations and it’s Stanford Research Institute arm have very quickly socially engineered the populace to this so-called new normality. The Stanford Research Institute was founded by two Nazis known as Otto Von Bolschwing and Helen Van Damme. The latters husband, Christian Van Damme funded the part of the dope trade through Bank of America.

The Internet known as the Grid in the future will not be worth a dime as all knowledge will be suppressed and you will only end up with subscription services to drone systems like Facebook, Google and other mainstream propaganda. Notice how Google is now about to replace the way questions are answered on its datamining search engine. Instead of websites popping up connected to tags part tied to the question, instead you will be presented with propaganda from the Central Intelligence Agency. Propaganda that goes way to into the seventies when the CIA were trying to claim that Antarctica was not populated even though it had a sophisticated network down there of thirty six bases and over three thousand human workers in the region. Today its still the most secretive region on Earth and one of the big real reasons and first truth behind the Falklands War which was not just over covert Falklands oil the second truth also not given to the public who only get the lies known as the third truth. Many errors and suppressions have been found with the Google Earth program. When Google first came out with a search engine it found far more links than any other engine out there. Now it is dominant and embedded in the gullible minds you will notice the searches are producing far less links and in fact tailoring the search to what Google believes you want to see which in fact is covert censorship.

I really hope that Opera stays independent and continues to be the greatest browser on Earth as it has been for such a long time. I’ve enjoyed being different from the rest and having the superiority over the rest which most gullible sheep never ever even try or know about through ignorance and that powerful marketing I was speaking about earlier. I use my browser to the fullest and those who just quickly surf the Web can never appreciate the real needs some of us have with our browsers and browsing. Opera is the only browser that almost 100% suits my needs and works very well at performing the tasks I ask of it. This is a real sickening time indeed. I’ve tried almost every browser imaginable and nothing compares yet to Opera overall, regardless of the hype. Opera took over the Fastmail email service which I already was using at the time. I was happy about that for obvious reasons but now if Facebook take over Opera it will be time to find a completely new email system as well.

So please do not look up to Bill Gates or even Steve Jobs, these people are fake and controlled by a far higher power with technology you could not even dream about today. Technology which Microsoft and Apple have not even a clue about at this very moment. Why do you think they call everything research? Its been found a long time ago and you are only re-searching it today. The Information Technologists pick their front men and give them all the false glory and trump including worthless supposed riches which in truth are no better than toilet paper. The number one in computing was never Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, the real trophy went to good old Jay Miner who created the Amiga computer taken on by Commodore. A man far in advance of the other two who lagged serious behind Jay Miner and actually feared the man. Both Apple and Microsoft lagged miles behind Commodore who destroyed them in price and power every time back in the day. Jobs and Gates could not compare in business mind to Jack Tramiel. So do you still think the Sun shines out their arses today? I think not.

Now today we have a new threat taking over the minds of the socially engineered gullible sheep. This new threat is whats being termed as cloud computing. Cloud computing is where you basically do not physically own anything anymore and it just exists virtually in the virtual World of the Internet. This is yet another mind conditioning to the coming destruction of private property and ownership. The main agenda being so that the NSA can spy on you at all times. Anything deemed terrorist and enemy of the State will be removed from the Cloud whether you like it or not. Absolutely no different to today with videos which Youtube quickly remove from their vile system as soon as they can. I went into a store to check out their solid state drives and instead had a technotronic drone sales boy trying to pitch me onto cloud hard drives as if they were something special. I had to then inform him that the State can monitor everything we put on and off that drive and that I have to worry about having an Internet connection to use my drive and files. Not to mention the time to transfer files and bandwidth issues especially to those using mobile dongle connections. Why would I want a cloud drive which is slower than the slowest platter drives that have been around since the invention came about? Why would I choose this over the ultra fast solid state drives? Why would I want my files out there in never never land which may be tampered with and censored like mail going to a prisoner? I can store all I want on an hard drive for use at any time I want it with personal possession and fast speeds. Now to the big point I can also hide that drive away from anyone I desire. I also have the ability to destroy that drive by water, fire, explosion or just simply evidence removal software. You have none of this using the cloud. Not to mention how its come out how the Police have real-time access to iCloud from Apple.

Please Opera, stay independent or find an independent backer. It would be nice for Opera to team up with the A-Eeon Technology Amiga X1000 system and start their browser running on this new independent machine and its optimized AmigaOS being written specifically for the machine. Keep an eye out on this wonderful system and its future developments which may just one day put the a foot up the backside of those two vile firms ruling the roost now for you know who at the Livery. Rest assured if A-Eon becomes popular that the Information Technologists will soon be sniffing around them. If Trevor Dickinson does not take the bait then the Technologists will hinder his business he has registered with The Worshipful Company of Mercers through their Companies House. If that does not work then Dickinson may see the inside of a wooden box quicker than he thought. So now you understand why there is domination in the market and exactly who is behind it all. A little hint before I go is to use IXQuick or DuckDuckGo search engines instead of Google and Bing. Notice what Google did to Scroogle and at the core of all the troubles its not profit its control. As I said earlier profit today is an entire illusion.

Jay Miner (The Father of the Amiga Computer) on Computers & Society [Video]

HTML 5 to be used to stifle innovation and lock down the internet


  • theunhivedmind

    Facebook caters to mainstream only so the only reason for them to want Opera is for control of the data on it’s users. They will probably break the browser in little time and turn into a crappy Chrome version.


  • theunhivedmind

    Opera Jumps Most Ever After Report Facebook May Bid: Oslo Mover

    By Amy Thomson – May 29, 2012 10:40 AM GMT+0100

    Opera Software ASA (OPERA), the Norwegian marker of Internet browsers, surged the most on record in Oslo after technology website Pocket-Lint reported that Facebook Inc. (FB) may try to acquire the company.

    Opera gained as much as 26 percent, the biggest jump since it first sold shares in 2004. The Oslo-based company rose 18 percent to 40.5 kroner at 11:37 a.m., giving it a market value of 4.85 billion kroner ($807 million).

    Opera is the last major independent browser left, with the others owned by companies such as Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Google Inc. (GOOG) and Apple Inc. (AAPL), said Aleksander Nilsen, an analyst at Abg Sundal Collier in Oslo. The company has a strong balance sheet, and could be an attractive target for other companies, such as Mountain View, California-based Google, he said.

    “A deal would make strategic sense for Facebook,” said Nilsen, who doesn’t own shares of either company. “If they want to get their own browser, they have two alternatives: one is to build their own browser, which will take some time, and two is to buy a company that has a current browser. Opera is the only independent player here.”

    The Pocket-Lint report cited an unidentified source.

    Pal Unanue-Zahl, an Opera spokesman, declined to comment on speculation. Bethan Thomas, a spokeswoman for Facebook, said the company doesn’t comment on rumor and speculation.
    Increasing Revenue

    Opera’s revenue may increase 38 percent this year to 1.24 billion kroner, according to the average estimate of analysts in a Bloomberg survey. Adjusted earnings per share may rise 50 percent to 1.83 krone, according to the survey.

    Chief Executive Officer Lars Boilesen has expanded Opera to 150 million users a month by targeting faster-growing markets such as Russia and Indonesia where it is one of the cheapest way to access the Internet, he said in an interview in February. The company plans to release improvements to its computer, smartphone and TV products this year, he said.

    An acquisition of a company such as Opera could help Facebook create its own phone or help it improve its services on mobile phones, computers and televisions, said Tony Cripps, a principal analyst at Ovum in London.

    “To become a real power player in the consumer technology market, you need to have a strong presence in the devices themselves,” Cripps said in an interview. “The Web browser might be the best route in that it gives you the ability to do a lot of what you can do with an operating system: you can run apps and app stores through the Web browser.”

    Facebook raised $16 billion in its initial public offering this month. The company is trying to adapt as more users access its site via mobile phones. That put pressure on executives to articulate their mobile strategy as they marketed the stock to potential investors ahead of the IPO. Facebook has said it will add mobile advertising along with new ads to reach users when they log off of the company’s website.

    • theunhivedmind

      If none of these people are talking about the subject then it means it is on the cards. As soon as this is announced then its time for all us once loyal Opera users to bolt and drop it and the greedy Opera Company once and for all. Not that they will be bothered as they roll around in their fantasy land worthless IOUs from the Federal Reserve. Wake up Opera the currency today are worthless debt instruments to be used in a state of bankruptcy where money can no longer exist. You have no legal title to any of that monopoly money you believe is worth selling your sole out for. You only have a right-to-use equitable title to the toilet paper. Wake the hell up and stop being a moronic sell-out to a fascist arm of The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. Pathetic!

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    Facebook removes Google Chrome from supported browsers

    Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 by Abhilash Rejanair , in Case Study .

    Facebook maintains a list of supported browsers (which isn’t that popular) which officially states all the browsers that Facebook runs perfectly on. Google Chrome, which has so far been on that list, is now removed for it, without any reasons given out by Facebook.

    The list mentions Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. If you visit the page in Chrome, Facebook greets you with the message – “You are using a web browser that we don’t support”.

    If there must be any reason behind this, it must be because of Facebook planning to acquire Opera and that Google(Chrome) , one of the rivals of Opera, would also become a rival of Facebook. So, it would only seem sensible for Facebook to remove Google’s browser – Chrome, from the list of supported browsers.

    Whatever Facebook is doing, looks like it just started a fresh war with Google. Watch out, Google! Thanks @SmashingMag

  • theunhivedmind

    I have downloaded the beta of Opera 15 browser and I am glad to say I am very pleased with it. Finally we see something resembling the old Opera in speed. I did a benchmark on Opera 15 with Peacekeeper on my machine. Opera 15 scored 4192 and was given 5/7 for html capabilities. This is the highest scoring browser I have tested on my machine and I have tested many. The best being Palemoon at 2300+, Chromium at 3700+ and Iceweasel on Crunchbang Linux kicking out 2700+. So as you can see Opera 15 destroys the competition quite easily. Opera 12 was dire in comparison not even reaching anywhere near 2000 and having 3/7 for html capabilities. I have now moved back to using Opera and will continue unless I find something better.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • blank

    Whoa! You must have a nice machine. I have just got a score of 449:

    I thought K-Meleon ran faster then most. I cannot wait to give the new Opera beta a try.

    Take care

    • theunhivedmind

      I am running an Intel Core I5 2.6Ghz laptop on an Ethernet eight megabyte broadband. Your score is extremely low my friend and you should not be bothering with K-Meleon it is obviously a terrible browser. I have come across a lot of browsers that have been hyped as lightweight and fast but I only found almost all of them were pathetic. Always choose a few browsers and test them including Waterfox, Cyberfox, Palemoon and so forth. Yes if you put Opera 15 next on your machine I am sure it impress you. Obviously the better your computer the newer the browsers you can use. Let us know what score you get with Opera 15. Opera 15 is a work in development so it will only improve as it is built up and back with Opera’s rich features. Having Opera on my machine seems to make it like a rocket and I never shut up yesterday about Opera 15 after using it. It was so good feeling the silk of Opera again and especially since it was fast as hell like the old days. Opera’s biggest problem was compatible before but now they are using the Chromium based system this will no longer be an issue. If you want Opera 15 next then click the Opera logo in the right sidebar to take you straight there. You will also notice a Crunchbang linux banner there too, you might find this of much importance if you are using an older machine and want a significant boost. You can always try it on a USB as a live bootup without needing to install first. I am pretty good at finding and using quick and less resource needing tools since I was using an old machine for a long time and got used to needing speed specific tools.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • truth12

        Old P4 Dell 2.4 GHZ XP

        latest Firefox got 375 rating
        Opera 12 got around 970 rating
        need to test 15 later on.

        • theunhivedmind

          I have access to a Dell P4 2.8Ghz XP Windows machine which I might get some readings off tomorrow. You obviously saw the superiority of Opera to Firefox in your test with your machine. Downside to Opera 12 is its lacking HTML5 performance and the incompatibilities. I wonder what a 32bit Palemoon would give you or Chrome. I found that Windows XP bogs down so much once Windows updates start going on. Why not give Crunchbang 11 a look and test, you can use Opera, Chrome and Firefox on that if you desire instead of Iceweasel. Apart from security issues you might find Windows 2000 Professional would be better on your machine. Unfortunately common anti-virus etc no longer work with 2000. This is where Crunchbang excels as it is a very lightweight operating system and needs no virus scanners etc wasting resources. No one comes away unhappy with Crunchbang especially if they have an older machine. One downside right now is that Crunchbang does not seem to have any direct links so its torrent I am afraid.

          -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    Make sure you download the next version of Opera 15 being 1147.24

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • blanck

    i do not know what is wrong.
    but i scored lower with the new opera then:

    Chrome 26.0.1410.64 ; 1846
    opera next 15.0.1147.24 ; 587 (HTML5 Capabilities 4/7)
    K-Meleon 1.7.0 ; 462
    Internet Explorer 8.0 82

    I am not too sure what the problem was. maybe some setting.

    Oh well, maybe depends on HD space and defrag, and al that other garbage.
    at least opera is still in the game. i wonder where the older devs all went too.


    • theunhivedmind

      This is down to your PC and processor etc my friend. The more modern your PC gets the faster these programs will run with some becoming faster than ones you think were once faster. I suggest you stick with Chromium on your PC. Interesting results though!

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    I tried Opera 15 next 15.0.1147.24 version on an old Dell P4 2.8Ghz with 512meg ram and integrated graphics on Windows XP. I found that I got the following with Peacekeeper benchmark:

    Opera 15 Next = 1344 and 4/7 HTML
    Opera 12.12 = 1035 and 4/7 HTML

    I noticed the video was a lot smoother on Opera 15 as well as the planes in the sky being smooth. The flowers were smooth too.

    On Opera 12.12 the video was a big jerky at the beginning of each video test. The planes in the sky test would flicker ever so often although speedy enough. The flowers seemed a lot slower.

    Where we have a negative difference with Opera 15 is how it uses more resources than Opera 12.12. I noticed Opera 15 on the P4 used on average an extra 100meg of memory in comparison to Opera 12.12. I also felt that the youtube front page loaded quicker on the old Presto engine than the Chrome engine. You could open a typical youtube video and be using around 465meg of memory with Opera 15 where as it was around 360meg with Opera 12.12. I forgot to check the CPU usage.

    I think it is advisable to stay with Opera 12.12 if you have a PC like the Dell 2.8Ghz P4, Opera 15 just uses too much resources. For instance pretty quickly you will start to notice Opera 15 pulling on your resources in a negative way where video streaming will become severely affected.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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