UHM, I need your need your help ASAP! A friend of mine has a son who is having serious problems with lupus. I have been looking up everything from colloidal silver to homeopathy and everything in between. I would be so thankful if you could pass on to me any knowledge that you possess on treating lupus. Thank you UHM and Blessings to you.


This is a very serious problem and can be life threatening if things have gone too far. I cannot simply come out with some ideas off my head because in order to truly attempt to aid this victim I would need some knowledge of their current symptoms and when these occur and so forth. Do not just take information of the Internet claiming its simply this formula or that supplement. Individual symptoms need addressing in order sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Some formulas may work for one but not another and some may not work at all if the victim does not fit in the symptom bracket, especially if dealing in Homeopathy. If you email me with information I’ll see what I can give you in knowledge to aid the victim.

What I would suggest is the parent should quickly take the child to see a quality Homeopath and/or a Profession Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. This will cost you more money than say myself telling you to get this and that but the Chinese doctor will be able to give them a proper diagnosis in the flesh. They will be able to read the pulse, tongue and even smell you etc which I could not ever do. Some of the symptoms of this problem are well suited to a Homeopath to combat.

Keep them off the Colloidal Silver I only believe in this for more emergency reasons these days as a last defense. Its highly likely that Artichoke leaf herbal medicine would be of use to this child for the Liver side of the issue but again without symptoms I can not attempt really to say what my opinion is right now. If I’m right then the Artichoke would be taken as Tincture 1:3 at 5ml dosages thrice daily. I do believe that the poison medications given for the symptoms involved from this disease make the victim suffer even more especially as time goes by.

You may wish to look up the book ‘ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus: Eradicate Asthma – Now!‘ by good old Dr Batmanghelidj. For now make sure the child is taking the correct levels of water for his weight. To do this simply take his weight in pounds then half this figure and instead of pounds just think of that figure as ounces of fluid. Therefore a 128lb human would need 64 fluid ounces of water which is exactly two liters per day throughout the day. He should drink water thirty minutes prior to eating and wait one hour or more after eating. For each liter of water drunk through the day a quarter of a teaspoon of salt is needed according to Batmanghelidj.

After a while he may do quite well once the system hydrates better but he must have the salt otherwise drinking water will only make matters worse from hydration points of view. If the Kidney function is too low then even this may hinder the victim but hopefully he should be okay. This will not repair the Kidney function which will be down and this will still have to be addressed with herbal or homeopathic medicine over a period of time to restore function and aid the Yin Qi back in the body or shall we say hydration and cooling. So yes start with this and grab hold of that book. Do was Batmanghelidj and I have told you as you seek or do other means.

-= The Unhived Mind

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