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    Well said!

    Interestingly Francis Bacon is said to have been a tool of John Dee and some claim he was Shakespeare (while others say Shakespeare was Edward Devere). There are some who claim the King James Bible was penned by Shakespeare noting that if you go to Psalm 46 in the KJB you can count 46 words from the top and land on the word shake and then count 46 words from the bottom and land on the word spear. York I assume is also where York Rite Freemasonry comes from, is that right?


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          He has that wrong as its Zeus and Selene not Minerva. The hermaphrodite agenda is being bought about using the uranian conditioning. The clue is within Sir John Dee’s gylph.

          -= The Unhived Mind

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            I’ve just been researching into this and you’re totally right that Hermiticism is the origin for this whole androgynous agenda. As you said the clue is within John Dee’s glyph.

            Very bizarre.

            Their whole belief system goes back to the Chaldean Oracles, but they’ve been developing it further with Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Thelema etc…


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    When the child is being formed in gestation the being is androgynous meaning its both feminine and masculine. Certain genetic DNA then kick in and decide what the trophoblastic cells will design. Once these trophoblastic cells have designed you then eighty percent of these will migrate to the ovaries or testes depending on if you are a feminine or masculine. The other twenty percent stay in certain parts of the body they desire. I do not know if this later stage is a flaw of modern man or if it was the action from day one. Why? This is because the twenty percent trophoblastic cells are what form the majority of cancers people suffer from if these cells are stimulated into action. If you stimulate a cell which created a tooth you will have a growth which will eventually have a tooth present within if cut away by barbers then studied. Are these people trying to unlock the original genetics put in place by our creator? It would seem this way as they wish to bypass the later human forming. If they cannot succeed in back engineering humans they will simply create their own wannabe copy.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    The Knights Templar were bankers and they were developing middle-age banking.
    So, when Templars had been suppressed, later the Jesuits (revived Templars)have inherited
    the bussiness of banking. And the Jesuits carried over the banking to the Jews like
    the Rothschilds were. Where did Jesuits find these Jews? Were Jesuits choosing
    the potential bankers among some, old Jew-Talmudist-Kabbalistic families?

    What do you think about evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins? Dawkins works for
    whom, i can’t tell. Thanks in advance


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      The Knights Templar were powerful merchants who bought about international banking and the systems we live within to this very day. Do not believe everything was all the work of the Knights Templar though. The Knights were trained and consisted of the Moret peoples of Palestine and it was these who were the great knowledge. The Templars bought these people back to our shores and this is when civilisation had dramatic changes from the Moret knowledge. I believe the Morets were the Sturgeon class of Templars who taught very powerful knowledge whilst the Warrior class did the donkey work of the Pope. Anyone who rolls their eyes at the mention of the Knights Templar, do so through sheer ignorance and lacking historical education. People have been conditioned to deny all once well-known historical facts on the Templars. How has this been achieved? One very easy method was the predictable programming movie ‘DaVinci Code’ starring Tom Hanks.

      The Knights of Malta are the ones now known as the Greatest Merchants on Earth and they are tied to the Amalfi merchants of the Mediterranean. The Knights of Malta took over from the Knights Templar in 1312 when the Papal Bull called Ad Providam was executed. Revenge on this order would have to take place in the future by one of the templar organizations. It would take a lot of doing since the Knights of Malta have been backed by the Holy See for a long time. Only someone on the inside working to take over the institute would be able to then take over the Knights of Malta. This is what happened with the Knights Templar continuum out of the Kingdom of Aragon. There were ups and downs along the way such as what happened in Malta during 1768. The time came when the Knights of Malta were subordinated to the Jesuits in 1798. By 1814 the Catholic Church was being dominated by the Jesuits and finally by 1870 with the Doctrines of Infallibility it became all too clear the Jesuits control the Vatican hiding behind veils to the untrained eye.

      The Jesuits had created Sabbatai Zevi my friend and it is he who these hofjuden follow and the later Catholic creation again of Jacob Frank. Judaics had been split in two with the Sabbatean Frankists no longer following the Torah and in fact now on the antiChrist side of the Vatican out to destroy the God’s chosen people the Torah-Israelites claimed in the Bible. A great example of the loyalty of the Sabbatean hofjudens is that of Shimon Peres who was trained by the Jesuit Order in Poland and serves the Vatican ever so well.

      Richard Dawkins is either simply deceived and deluded or he’s out to aid the deceit himself. The Jesuits push atheism amongst the enemy populations to aid their demise and destruction. Evolution was another invention by the Jesuits or shall we say a rehash of some Egyptian claptrap in order to once again destroy religious beliefs. The Jesuits made sure The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers pushed this indoctrination into the public school system. This allows the conditioning to start at a young and early stage and work very well as the child grows up. Both atheism and evolution are part of whats called the ‘Devils Messiah’ agenda. All to aid the creation of the one-World ‘Luciferian Doctrine’ which is both pagan and a scientific dictatorship all wrapped up in one.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    Tarpley’s Venetian info has to be absorbed into any serious appraisal of the covert global powers structure’s history:

    Speech: http://tarpley.net/online-books/against-oligarchy/the-venetian-conspiracy/

    Essays: http://www.abjpress.com/tarpindx.html

    I think that those who do not wish for there to be any focus on the Jesuits’ octopus arms & their suckers & only on the head wish to fool people into believing that an octopus can be a threat without the aid of its arms. Sounds like a great Jesuitical strategy!

    Also: Strunk calling the Rothschilds “Catholic” is typical of this strategy of creating unnecessary obstacles to getting the point across regarding Rome’s power. At a certain level none of this is about Catholicism, Judaism, etc…. I think that Saturnism is the most accurate & baggage-free term that can be used to describe the black magic religion of these elites, whether high Jesuits & Zionists or black lodge Masons.


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    Is the Geneva is better than the AV 16ll? if so why is that i see so many different bible versions its ridiculous. And I’ve heard about Sir Francis Bacon who was first St Germained and so called re incarnated into Shakespeare and wrote the book of James (not the whole kjv) himself. and supposedly he helped create a financial trust fund similar to the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) etc. and from what i know thus far the city of London is the center of all banking world wide and the they have all the gold in the world supposedly. Not sure what but i know Vatican, Washington DC and the City of London have a link to them..


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      Yes the Geneva Bible is the true-Christian Bible and was used by the strict Christian Puritans who stood for no nonsense from Rome or Paganism. Forget about all these other Bibles out there my friend because they are all frauds with copyrights and patents. The only true Bible is the Geneva Bible 1560/99 or at worst the King James Bible (pirate Bible of Georg Abbot and the Mercers). The Churches (pagan) today all have false Bibles within them and not even the King James Bible and certainly not the Geneva Bible. I believe Edward De Vere was the real Shakespeare my friend and he was a lover of Queen Elizabeth Ist who gave him a son. This son was hidden and then killed by the Cecil family after he had tried to dethrone the Cecil’s not Elizabeth as claimed. The two main people behind the creation of the King James Bible was Mercer Sir John Dee along with Robert Fludd the later supposedly a Grandmaster.

      The City of London is known as New Jerusalem, not the United States and not Israel but the City of London. I do not believe the World’s Gold is stored either in the City of London or New York City. I believe the entire World’s Gold reserves are held in Switzerland which is another very powerful banking area indeed. The Knights Templar have always had control over this region and this continues to this very day. This area is neutral during wartime and this goes back to the signing of the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Where do you now think they would put the World’s Gold reserves? Switzerland is located in between Austria France, Germany and Italy making it an ideal location. Study the power of the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland just one street corner away from the powerful Papal Nuncio at the Vatican Embassy.

      The trust you need to focus on is the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 and its connections to the Unam Sanctam Papal Bull of 1302 by Pope Boniface VIII. The City of London commands the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 under Emperor Juan Carlos (Emperor) and Evelyn De Rothschild both of the New Holy Roman Empire. The City of London, Vatican City and Washington D.C. are all sovereign nations. You have the financial power, spiritual power and military power in these regions with all of these commanded from the sovereign street of Borgo Santo Spirito where the Curia Generalizia sits, supposedly guarded by the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    Fantastic piece you got here, one of the best. You always start from the basic and bring up the connections and names which bring people easier to absorb the information.

    For me it’s all started 4 years ago in conspiracies study while much earlier I always has been concerned with news and issues since high school as Hobby. While reading all the mainstream news I always felt something was not right but can’t explain it. Then I first came across Alex Jones works and it truly open me up. His work is more mainstream but chose to ignore certain areas especially everything racial and religious. Along I also found Tarpley and his Geopolitical and History work is still good to this day and his weekly podcast is a must. Along here is all the Zero Hedge, Ron Paul, Jim Willie (This guy is the ultimate in financial stuff and he mentioned Craig in his latest TF Metals podcast as one of his deep sources. I’m not sure whether this is you or not), King World News, Gerald Celente (This guy is questionable but I like his rant) and all those good analyst that appear at “mainstream” level. I called this stage one.

    Then I dig deeper and came to Benjamin Fulford and Leo Zagami early works together. Lots of fantasies here but good reference to dig deeper. I still read Ben’s work as references and pointers but his work is lots of false hope and ridiculous. Then the real deal came in when Ben refer Christopher Story and CS is the first that started to connect the truth for me. CS document the day by day happenings and it truly helps to get grip of the latest happenings. But he never touch Jesuit and only go as far as DVD. Along here I also follow on Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense, Bill Deagle, Cliff High, Fourwinds. A lot of wild stuff here but they do provide many good reference and pointers to dig on recent issues. I think this is stage 2 for me.

    While I do random searches based on CS work I finally found the old UHM forum and now I end up here. This is it and finally got most of my questions answered. Slightly before UHM I found Eric Jon Phelps works and it is trully hard to swallow especially his commentary when he go offensive on blacks, Asian, Hispanic so on. But I force myself to stay neutral and as Christian when listening his work as his mentions of Jesuit connect the final dot when moving to UHM. Also to mention a site called PressCore.ca has very good info on Free Energy and Scientific stuff.

    I hope UHM stay strong and continue on as there is nothing else deeper as far as I can see. I am a South East Asian Chinese and there are many Chinese here especially in Malaysia and Singapore. My ancestor along with many others moved here during Ming/Qing dynasty and the late chaotic period before Communism ruled China. We don’t have the same thinking like the China Chinese and I think they don’t like us as we are decedents of those that abandon Communism. Those of us that still carry the traditional are Buddhist and Taoist. While others like me are Chinese Protestant. There are many Baptist, Methodist, Anglicans, Luthern, and so on here. Recently many rich westerners moved to Malaysia and Singapore and the development here is like Dubai! It’s really unbelievable as properties getting unreachable for middle class yet still building and people secretly buying. Malaysia Prime Minister made a deal with Vatican and I believe something gonna happened here. I hope you never abandon or stop what you are doing and stay safe.


    • theunhivedmind

      Aaron you raise some very interesting points, and things I’ve thought of. I have questions about Singapore and the Chinese Communist mind state. How can I get them to you?


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    Well if your on this website you know who controls what now. But I’m sure they knew when 9/11 happened that this would wake up certain people. So they set there agents I’m not sure how far into the truth they think we would get tho. And I didn’t really start to listen to Eric till this year but then all that crap happened. I never read the bible but I might take the time to someday but I’m sure god changes his mind on things. Well only know at death who was right.


    • theunhivedmind

      There is no compromise on the word and rules from God my friend, the Jesuits would love you to believe there is but there is not. Many sleepers were created prior to 9/11 ready for when the match got hot. Many sleepers were to aid the pagan worship of Gaia under the New-Age systems bought about by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. Other sleepers were placed out there to bring about the Operation Greenstar programming to aid acceptance of an alien presence which will aid the bringing in of the one-World Government and religion (Luciferian Doctrine). Of course there is no such thing and any such creatures are merely genetically created in underground laboratories for the coming big event to be the greatest hoax ever seen in history. This hoax will make the Moon landing and hiv virus pale in comparison. These genetic creatures have been made by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst nazi continuum remembering that human cloning was first achieved in Nazi Germany and then by the same crowd in the United States in the 1960s. Of course this was kept under wraps and you have only recently heard of animal cloning like Dolly the sheep.

      This World my friend is made up of Knights Templar and Jesuit (Aragon Templar) systems along with their created Nazi technologies all wrapped up in one. This is an unseen prison which is far harder to break free from as you do not see that it even exists and thus do not have a thought of needing to escape. The Bible is also a new system in itself known as ‘operation of law’ and bought in by Jesus Christ replacing the ‘execution of law’ under the Old Testament that was finished by John the Baptist.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    Great historical facts. I can say I have learned very much about history events
    behind the curtain. And I have a question about John Dee and Francis Bacon.
    Were there any relations between the Jesuits and John Dee and Bacon?


    • theunhivedmind

      Do you honestly believe Mercer Sir John Dee did not have connections with the Jesuits? Of course he did, he was a Roman Catholic through and through as you will see if you do even the slightest study on the man. Remember that the City of London was a haunt of the Holy See back then where as its now a haunt of the Jesuit Order since 1798-1814 onwards. The Jesuits and their alliance with their bankers the Rothschild’s saw control of the region move into the hands of the Jesuit who monitor the region right next door in Westminster whilst monitoring their intelligence networks and the Monarchy. Westminster is important because this area deals with the control of England which has absolutely nothing to do with the City of London regardless of all the veils they try to put in your way of knowing the truth. Do not be fooled by the King Henry VIII claims of his expulsions of Catholics either. When it comes to the City of London the Monarchy has no single power in the region and has not since the beginning of the 13th Century. The only other area I know of to possibly lay some claim to Jerusalem is the powerful church called Basilica Sanctae Crucis In Hierusalem in Rome, Italy. This Church sits on land where soil was bought over from Jerusalem for the very purpose of laying claim to the Holy land.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    Very interesting points, because I hear a lot of people swear by the King James alone over all bibles, have you heard of the Church King James bible believers and this guy that started TSA (the scriptures alone) bible school? he’s saying he’s figured out the one truth method on how to read the word of God and become a true believer. Also would you say it would be smart to become a citizen of Switzerland?


    • theunhivedmind

      If you have enough debt-instruments to allow you to live in Switzerland then sure go live there. Do be careful though because if you start delving into the powers-at-be in the region they will come down like a ton of bricks on you. If you like being tortured by their secret police then its fine, if not then I suggest somewhere else. The upside is of course the neutrality. I’m not sure if the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force aerosol program goes on over the top of Switzerland but all the aerosols spread elsewhere are already well in the environment of the whole World. Of course the less spraying over the top of you the better and Switzerland has some of the nicest areas on Earth.

      You will here much praise for the King James Bible but thats because many people have no idea about the Geneva Bible and believe that the King James is something superior which it is not. You will hear King James supporters using the same excuses why their pirate Bible is better than a Geneva Bible like how the Luciferians try to claim the newer Bibles are better than the King James because its supposedly full of errors (not) and unreadable by the uneducated morons of today scuppered by the linguistic minimalism agenda.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    The founders of the Templars were of the Merovingian bloodline.

    The Avignon Papacy was a planned conspiracy executed by the French monarch, Philip IV, who was a Merovingian. This accords with statements in Merovingian sources that the Templar Purge was orchestrated for the purpose of “downsizing” and relocating the Order to Scotland where they would enjoy the protection of the Saint Clair family and freedom they did not have on the Continent. In the British Isles, the Templars, under the protection and leadership of Henry Sinclair, would be at liberty to establish the Order of the Rose Croix.

    Following the Templar Purge on the Continent, the Celtic Church of Scotland welcomed the Knights Templar who then formed the Order of the Rosy Cross. And the first order of business of the Knights of the Rosy Cross was…to meet with the Pope at Avignon!!

    Giovanni de’ Medici, as Pope Leo X, deliberately bankrupted the Vatican and inaugurated sale of indulgences to make up the deficit; this papal abuse was deliberate in order to provoke the Germans and set the stage for Martin Luther’s 99 Theses which led to the Reformation.

    The Protestant Reformation was a creation of the Templars as revenge against the Papacy.

    Martin Luther’s Personal Seal was a Rosicrucian symbol of the Rose and Cross.

    Martin Luther commended the Hermetic science of alchemy which was man’s attempt to become divine by means of sorcery.

    Luther’s seal appeared a century later on a Rosicrucian Manifesto, The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

    The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz was an allegory for the marriage between Protestantism and Rosicrucianism.

    The Templars created the Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation as a Hegelian Dialectic of thesis and anti-thesis with the synthesis to be what the Rosicrucians called the “Universal Reformation of Mankind”, which was to to reconcile the differences between the Catholics and Protestants and Protestant denominations by emphasising Christian brotherly love (ecumenism), while guiding mankind in the esoteric Hermetic-Cabalist tradition (new age) and in a scientific spirit of exploration into the works of God in nature (evolution).


    • theunhivedmind

      Hmm on further investigation more research may be needed on Clement V and Phillip IV, both died shortly after De Molay so it would seem the Templars got revenge. And why the Rosy Cross would meet with Clement V after Templars were killed by him seems odd, perhaps that is a hoax?

      Also when the Jesuits conducted the French Revolution and Louis XVI, was beheaded before a cheering crowd, the king’s head rolled off the guillotine and a man reportedly leapt onto the scaffold and flung Louis blood all over the crowd, shouting Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!


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