Steve Vai with the blazing all-seeing-eye guitar

Steve Vai with the blazing
all-seeing-eye guitar

By The Unhived Mind – 14th December 2014

I noticed that Steve Vai had the blazing all-seeing eye on his guitar in the video below. As well as going over Alan Watt’s predictive programming lecture please also go over the words of John Todd (former Zodiac Productions) about the evils of the music industry and who is really behind it all. It is partially correct that rock’n’roll is symbolic of sex but there is a deeper meaning and it goes all the way back the continuum of the Venetian Arsenal known today as The Minds being the masters of manipulation using forks such as the Cini Foundation for social engineering.

An alpha roll is a technique used in dog training to discipline a misbehaving dog. It consists of flipping the dog onto its back and holding it in that position, sometimes by the throat. The theory is that this teaches the dog that the trainer is the pack leader (or alpha animal).

The rock part is in reference to Saint Roch and the roll is Gothard Palastrelli’s trusty dog controlled by alpha rolling. Hows about a bit of predictive programming by a rock’n’roll band named Kiss titled ‘God gave rock’n’roll to you’ (put it in your soul for everyone). The seat of the soul is the heart, this vital organ is controlled by the energies of the planet Venus (Lucifer) which powers the heart chakra spiritual system.

Now does it make more sense why all these music artists now openly worship Lucifer? Lets not forget the Venetian and Order of Malta connection to the Rolling Stones like the Roman Catholic church of Chiesa di San Simon Piccolo in Venice and the Lowenstein family.

Steve Vai – “I Know You’re Here”


Steve Vai performs “I Know You’re Here” at The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO. on October 20, 2003. Playing alongside Steve are The Breed: Billy Sheehan on bass; Tony MacAlpine on guitar and keyboards; Jeremy Colson on drums; and Dave Weiner on 7-string guitar.


John Todd – Demons Behind The Music Industry


Alan Watt – Predictive Programming Theory and Practice


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