Sweden protests to Israel over Iran sanctions comments

Sweden protests to Israel over Iran sanctions comments

Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:2PM GMT

Sweden has summoned Israeli ambassador to hear strong protest against the Zionist regime’s claims that the Nordic state’s opposition to EU sanctions against Iran is due to economic benefits.

Swedish Foreign Ministry spokesman Anders Jorle said on Tuesday that the reason for summoning the Zionist regime’s envoy was “odd comments” from Israeli officials, Reuters reported.

On Sunday, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official cited telecommunications deal between Swedish communications company Ericsson and Tehran as the real reason behind Sweden’s opposition to further EU sanctions on Iran, saying the deal will be in jeopardy in case of additional bans.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt on Monday described the “entirely wrong” comments as a smear on Swedish policy.

“They must have got this from their own fairy tale factory. Sweden and Israel may have different opinions in some matters but this isn’t the way to handle our dialogue,” he said.