The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine is an American

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Texe Marrs

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine is an American

That Jews have no allegiance to any country but Israel, even if they have never lived or even visited Israel, is universally understood. The situation in Ukraine today well demonstrates this strange state of affairs.

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine is none other than Yakkov Dov Bleich, an American. Bleich is a major propagandist for the Jews in Ukraine and an obvious hater of Russia and Putin.

“All of the recent attacks on synagogues and Jews have taken place in the east where the Russian extremists are operating,” insists Bleich” (, May 7, 2014).

Bleich also evidently supports the Right Sector leadership in Ukraine, a reported neo-Nazi group that works hand-in-glove with Ukrainian Jewish commandos trained in Israel and sent back in to kill and foment trouble in Ukraine.

Bleich was born in Chicago. He studied to be a rabbi at a hasidic (Orthodox) Yeshiva in Brooklyn, New York. No doubt the Jewish elite have chosen Rabbi Bleich for big, big things in the future. He is already the Vice President of the powerful World Jewish Congress.

When Secretary of State John Kerry, a Jew, went to Ukraine shortly after the US-Israeli coup in Kiev, he met with Rabbi Bleich. Bleich told Kerry he wanted Russia excluded from important world meetings. Obviously, the United States will comply as Rabbi Bleich is Vice President of the potent World Jewish Congress. Whatever this Jewish group wants, the US acquiesces.

Bleich’s high position in the world’s Jewish hierarchy and the fact that he is an American overseeing the Jewish enterprise in Ukraine is one more proof of Israel’s decision to crush the opposition in Ukraine and turn the country into a slave nation of Jews.