By The Unhived Mind – 29th March 2013

We have to focus on three banks here folks and these are the Bank of Liechtenstein, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank tied to the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst intelligence operations run by Knight of Malta and Knight of the Order of the Bath, George H.W Bush and Fourth-degree Knight of Columbus, Jeb Bush from within the United States. What we have here is massive derivative creation and problems causing a need for serious theft of the Cypriot peoples’ funds and soon all of Europe.

We must never forget the role played in the derivative game by JPMorgan and the treasonous Jamie Dimon who serves the City of London Corporation the The Worshipful Company of Mercers. JPMorgan flies the Union Jack flag at its headquarters in New York City. Most of New York City land is owned by Dame of Malta, Queen Elizabeth II and rented by the likes of David Rockefeller. If you want the power over New York City you have to look at St Patrick’s Cathedral and Queen Elizabeth II. Archbishop of NY, Timothy Dolan is the King of New York and Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of New York. New York being named after the Roman money city of York in Britain after the British empire (City of London Corp) removed the Dutch empire from the region then named New Amsterdam.

Angela Merkel has received a big fat bonus for her actions in robbing the Cypriot peoples of their hard-earned savings. Merkel’s bonus has been paid by the European Central Bank and is worth $3m which will be paid via the Bank of Japan which is bank rolling the World right now. Lets not forget that since the planned Fukushima event, the Bank of Japan has been funding the Federal Reserve and World veiled as disaster funds for its own nation. This Japanese bank has close ties to the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst via North Korea. Most of the hassles with North Korea are created by George H.W. Bush on behalf of the City of London Corp and the Order of the Bath (9/11 terrorist planning specialists). Take a look at who gave North Korea nuclear energy in the first place and it was George H.W Bush’s puppet, Donald Rumsfeld. Welcome to the continuation of the Nazi empire, now headed in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency based at the George Bush Center for Intelligence in Virginia.

The Cypriot people have been robbed by the European Union it accepted with the treasonous Lisbon Treaty. Cyprus has been sold down the river by the Germans to help cover up nonsense non-existent debt in the form of cross-collaterized derivatives. All in order to create massive debt creation Worldwide and thanks to Robert Rubin and Jesuit trained William Clinton who removed the bans on derivatives. Why do they want such large debt over the peoples and once-nations? So they can force those peoples’ and once-nations into accepting the new carbon trading based global economy that the City of London Corp and The Worshipful Company of Mercers have planned for us all. Why do you think they are squeezing everyone for every last penny? Think about it for a second, why would anyone want to make people pay far more for their fuel at a time of severe depression and at a time when we are entering a new ice-age (Earth has been cooling since 1997 and will do for at least another fifty years). In a non-greedy and non-agenda World we would have halved the energy costs to aid people. But with population reduction (Club of Rome) and debt creation agendas this cannot happen and so we have to be fleeced by the Mercers like the slaves they have made us since 1933 with the introduction of the Uniform Commercial Code.

I would suggest to people of the World that they put their debt-instruments veiled as money into physical gold and silver. Keep all your wealth on yourself and out of the bank whorehouses. Cyprus is chicken feed compared to what is about to happen soon with currency devaluations where by fifty to seventy-five percent of your wealth will be removed over night. Currency devaluations hit absolutely everyone and rest assured it is coming. We have warned you endlessly about out-the-blue bank holidays and extended bank holidays. Cyprus may just be the push we need to destroy the banking system since it has highlighted finally what we have been saying all along.

If you want an answer to the global financial crisis then please study the Lincoln Greenback (US) and the Bradbury Pound (UK). I strongly recommend you look at the work of Roger Hayes and the Lawful Bank if you are in Britain.

Bradbury Pound

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