The Dark Armageddon Gothic of the Satanic International Banker Army of Zion.

The Dark Armageddon Gothic of the Satanic International Banker Army of Zion.

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 7, 2015

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Welcome to the apocalypse coming into full bloom, like Damiana Trumpets hanging upside down or Belladonna Nightshade subshrub, not intended for hedge growth. We get a lot of good things from Belladonna and from Damiana too. Perhaps this could mean we will get a lot of good out of the apocalypse. Unless something truly wonderful is blooming behind the dark Armageddon Gothic of this production; the most menacing of all the appearances in the Middle East that we have seen to date, in this stretch of recorded history. If we were to simply go on the way it looks and based on the character of all the participants, given what we know about them, awful things will happen and global conflict seems unavoidable, given what we know of the character of the participants.

This stinks of a lie and why does it say that the US is not a signatory to the Geneva Convention? Besides, the coordinates had long been given to the NATO forces and all kinds of communications were going back and forth. There is a chance that this was a setup too by some on the inside of the military, considering how it times out with what is going on in Syria and how that further hamstrings the Zionist banker run Armageddon Army.

Things have not shaken out according to appearances so far in all kinds of ways. The economy has not crashed, although it still may. Martial law has not come to the domestic US, although it still may. Rumors of gold and silver remain rumors. The sexual identity wars and Satanically sick Political Correctness continue to run amok. The one thing I do notice more than I ever have is the atmosphere of humanity in all those places where they pass one another or congregate. There is such a palpable sense of sadness… frustration… and always there is that anger, which is the product of material culture. Whenever the natural spiritual nature of people is buried in the garbage of a disposable culture, there is anger. There is also that underlying sense of pointlessness and meaninglessness that attends being hemmed in by material culture. The hamster wheel spins madly and it takes all of your attention to keep your balance and the costs continue to increase and that increases the speed of the wheel; quality of life goes out the window.

Some have a much easier time of it but they are not in the majority because we must consider that more than half the world lives with very little and little hope of any improvement. It is in these places that corporations run riot with the paid attentiveness of the political leaders in those zones. It is in these places that the privileged like to have their wars. Life is cheap in those places so no one seems to mind when a whole lot of them die, or are dispossessed, brutalized and maimed for no reason beyond increasing the general financial profits of international bankers and their lackey governments and corporations.

It makes you wonder about how and why it is as it is. It is quite simple. It is material culture. It changes people. It steals their humanity. Here is a great example. All of you have at some point experienced primitive cultures, or maybe you haven’t but you can trust me on this. In these cultures people still have their humanity. They share. The community is everything and they pull together. There is a natural affection between them. Oh, it’s not all roses. Primitive cultures can have some negative primitive expressions and it is good to be aware of this, rather than to senselessly romanticize it. We tend to romanticize many things and that is often the case with things that are far away either in time or physical distance. People romanticize the ancient Hawaiians and South Seas Islanders but they had quite some amount of violent tendencies and hierarchies even worse than what we have today.

What I mean to say is that there are elements in the simpler and less material cultures and they go away in the technically advanced, sometimes euphemistically called, civilization, which is where we get another one of those called, military intelligence. Civilization steals your humanity if you are not careful. If you are not aware of what is going on around you, you can get lost and of course, that is the intent of materialism and the draw of the sensual and that is why the Prince of Darkness rules over this sphere.

Evil is not a modern phenomenon. If the brutes in the old days had the technology we do, they would have killed in much greater numbers, except that there were not much greater numbers available at the time. It’s the Kali Yuga folks. I am a student of history, especially my own (grin). I am familiar with the terrible tortures of the Khans and Tamerlane; the Vikings along the Irish coast, as if the Irish didn’t have enough sorrows, they continued to be victimized by other plundering monsters. I am familiar with King Leopold in The Congo and the Khmer Rouge and oh so many others. Then there is the treatment of the Native Americans; the whiskey and the infected blankets, the soldiers tossing Indian babies up in the air and catching them on their bayonets and laughing about it, making tobacco pouches out of the tits of butchered squaws. Sometimes I think about that sick twisted psychopath, Tecumseh Sherman and his pursuit of Chief Joseph and his Nez Perce tribe; 700 starving women and children and two hundred warriors on their flight to the Canadian border. Oh… there is worse and worse. History is a bloodsoaked travelogue through Hell. Some of the battles of the First World War in France and Belgium. Good God! The Russian front in World War 2. The Battle of Stalingrad and all those rats. There are always the rats. During the Irag/Iran war (courtesy of the Zionist neo cons) the rats got to be 26 pounds, due to all the corpses.

Most people are unaware of the tragedies of the past and maybe that is why they are condemned to repeat them. Most people are unaware of the squalor that existed in London that brought on the Black Plague. They had no sewer systems, so people pissed and shit into their basements, or anywhere really. There were many cases of people falling through their floors and drowning in the contents below. We cannot imagine the scale of suffering that has dogged our steps through the agonizing passage of time.

The rich and successful behave as they always have, as if their state was a special dispensation upon their unique status. In the next life they find themselves among the despised and it just goes on and on, this tormented dance of musical chairs. Teachers and shining examples move among us in every generation. They touch hearts and they change lives and they are more widely despised because they tell the truth. The truth burns those who are dependent on lies for their power and positions. Those who have chosen this hard road can suffer in ways that would break many another soul but they have been prepared and fashioned for it. There is a lot more going on over the long reach of it all that we are collectively unaware of because we have only the perspective, most of the time, granted from a single life. This is the reason that we must struggle to a finer awareness because it is possible that understanding might dawn on us. There is always the chance of this.

As troublesome as life might be in these times, it is less troublesome than it has been in many another period. Of course, it all depends on who you are and where you are at any given moment but…. since change is the cornerstone of existence, that all changes too. It is the celestial harmony between the poles that we need aspire to and to a knowledge of what is worth having and what is not. This requires a specific clarity of vision and permits one to be capable of accepting what life brings them and being able to take a true enjoyment from all of it. It is because we cannot understand the nature of our own peculiar story that we are unable to appreciate what composes it. We want it all to be different from what it is but it is what it is… so we struggle against life, instead of flowing with it from our core. Lao Tzu talks about this with such undeniable eloquence that a discerning consciousness would have no trouble getting. It’s all too simple for the complexity of our times and of ourselves and we are complicated because we are conflicted. We have fallen in love with all the wrong things and our soul knows this and our soul speaks to us of this and our soul takes us along whatever road is necessary for us to discover this, no matter how painful that may need to be because coming to understand this is more important than anything else that can happen to or for us.

What is coming is going to be epic and it is going to manifest in many different ways. It is going to be terrible and beautiful and a lot of that depends on whether you are terrible or beautiful. The summing up is collective and deeply personal.

Never have I experienced the sort of atmospheres that I am experiencing these days. Sometimes it can be hauntingly familiar and wonderful, when I am alone and the time is right. Most of the rest of the time it moves through darker and more oppressive moods and then I will hear a bird calling my name or something else will happen, as if to remind me not to pay attention to pressures that weigh down from the invisible. The centers of darkness are really maxing out the amplifiers at the moment. They know their time is short. They are changing in ways they do not understand and this drives them with a fury to accomplish ever greater outrages. We live in interesting times.

Every day I try to find another way to say the same things. On some days I cannot accomplish this. It has to percolate more now. Better to say what needs be said in fewer offerings.

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While writing this, visible watched a couple of classic films. One of them much better known than the other; “Shall We Dance” and “Don Juan De Marco”. There are some beautiful films out there that most people have never seen, like “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.” These films provide aspects of life for me in my solitude here. I learn a lot from films; if nothing else, I learn what the intentions of those who made them were.

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