The Four Giants of the Venetian Conspiracy Movement

The Four Giants of the Venetian Conspiracy Movement

Published June 6, 2016

There are four important people that had exposed the Venetians, and their info is very top notch for the most part, but they all have some dirt on each other. Some people who are outside of it in some aspects can get what they want and spit out the dead man’s bones out of the white washed walking tombs. They are Eustace Mullins, Lyndon LaRouche, John Coleman, and Webster Tarpley. There are people that try to attempt to get whatever they get right out of them while exposing their more questionable matters. Though it is rare, there are people who treat every bad guy equally evil and worth pointing out like the Synarchists behind Rome and perhaps the previous three beast nations, the Jews (Synagogue of Satan, the “Gog” which is the name of a Khazarian king), the Venetians, the Knight Templars, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, other Jewish-Venetian controlled Catholic Militia Orders, the Los Alumbrados, the Barvarian Illuminati, and so on. Trying to find sources that exposes them all equally is hard to do, but some come close like The Unhived Mind, Texe Marrs and David Livingstone. Do I think they’re 100% right? I haven’t seen that happen yet. Anyways, the four giants as I call them, have been exposed by some within, and some from outside reliable sources.

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Eustace Mullins Exposed Dr. John Coleman In 1992

According to the late, great Eustace Mullins, Dr. John Coleman (the name he goes by, anyway) not only lifted the materials he used in his books and lectures from both Mullins and Lyndon Larouche publications, but he also may have lifted material from the Anti-Defamation League…while working as a Mossad agent-agitator against America!

Check out below what Mullins had to say about Coleman back in 1992, and see if what Mullins said holds any water. Given that it’s from Mullins, I’d say it holds a glass that is over half-full.

Some Illuminating Background On The Character “John Coleman”, Agent-Agitator Finally Exposed

(Editor’s note: Regular readers will recall that much space in the 9/8/92 LIBERATOR was devoted to explaining an insipid array of attacks from one “Dr. John Coleman” aka John Clarke and likely actually one Joseph Pavlonsky, of Russian Khazarian origin. It seems that some of the excellent sources “Coleman” “borrowed” material from have seen fit to discuss this colorful character and in so doing, provide an illuminating — if sadly destructive — pattern of activity we would share with our readers. The following is an extract from an article purportedly by Eustace Mullins in Lawrence Patterson’s publication Criminal Politics for July or August of 1992.)

A specter is haunting the American conservative movement — a specter using an alias (among others) of Dr. John Coleman. Coleman bills himself as “the World’s Greatest Intelligence Expert — with secret but highly placed ties to British Intelligence.” He appeared out of the blue at a Bob White, Sound Monetary Conference meeting in Costa Rica in 1984.

With no sponsorship — other than the seminar sponsor, a Dr. Harold Brown — and no documentation, Coleman managed to convince the attendees that he was indeed one of the world’s important experts on international intelligence. He claimed to be privy to the most carefully guarded secrets of the individuals who clandestinely rule the world.

However, Coleman said he would share these secrets only if certain carefully observed guidelines were maintained. The most important of these was that he would never be asked to furnish any personal background information — any documentation or any source from which he obtained his “secret information.” Such restrictions would scream “confidence artist” to most people. But when he met James K. Warner (editor of the Christian Defense League newspaper) — in 1984, he justified his refusal to reveal background information on himself or his sources by claiming that “he was subject to assassination threats.”

He snared Jim Warner by confiding in him one of his closely guarded secrets — that his name was not Dr. John Coleman at all, but that it was, in fact, John Clark. Coleman stated that by giving Warner this private information, he was actually placing his life in his hands. As he was an accomplished confidence artist, Coleman convinced Warner that he should offer him a position. Warner responded to him by employing him as a writer for the Christian Defense League Report.

Coleman would send in material which indeed contained startling information (but was totally undocumented, [and] would soon win him an enthusiastic following among Warner’s readers. Coleman also supplied a great many audio tapes which were offered to Warner’s readers. Each of course supplying “secret information.” This began a five year relationship which proved to be filled with pitfalls for Warner, who was after all a small underfinanced businessman.

Not only did Coleman continue to refuse [to provide] any documentation, but he made frequent demands for salary increases…extra expenses for himself and his family…and advances on his salary which exceeded the projected totals of several years salary. Warner was in no position to meet these demands, but in his anxiety to retain Coleman, he dug deep into his own pocket and also issued frantic fund raising appeals for Coleman. The result was that Warner was nearly bankrupted and conservatives nearly lost an excellent source of out of print books and independent information.

It should be noted that it is a common technique for an infiltrator to attempt a financial raid on a host target — thereby rendering the host target unable to continue in business. An example of this would be the Rockefeller faction attempting to take over the National Rifle Association some 15 years ago with a grandiose plan which would have bankrupted the NRA…

Mullins Material Had To Be Discontinued… Or Else!

There were other problems which Coleman created for Warner. One of them was his continuous demands that Warner cease any articles or sell any books written by myself, Eustace Mullins. I had, in fact, been writing for Warner for more than a decade. Warner attributed this obsession to mere jealousy on Coleman’s part. In fact, it went much deeper.

Coleman’s vaunted sources of information were not secret at all, but were discovered by me in the process of reviewing his printed statements. Here are the results of my study: about 30% of his material was lifted from my own writings and about 70% was stolen from Lyndon Larouche publications. Principally, Coleman would rely on feature articles in the Executive Intelligence Review magazine. The material was simply rewritten by Coleman and crudely puffed up to five or six times its original length. Unfortunately, Warner never noticed.

Finally I became so concerned about the quantity of material lifted from the Larouche publications by Coleman that I decided to let Jim Warner know that his “new star” was lifting most of his “secrets” from Larouche publications.

Some months later, Warner received an indignant letter from the Larouche office, complaining about Coleman‘s plagiarism of the Larouche material. When Warner confronted Coleman, Warner was assured that it was simply an effort by the Larouche group to sow dissension. Coleman claimed he had only seen one copy of the Executive Intelligence Review in his life. Sometime later, when Coleman claimed to have left the country for South Africa, some of his effects were stored at the Warner warehouse. Among them, Warner found two boxes of well-thumbed issues of Larouche magazines. Sure enough, this proved to be the source of many of Coleman’s “British intelligence” connections. But Warner’s readers were trapped, and they were besieging him with requests that he bring Coleman into the public spotlight through meetings and seminars.

Coleman finally did appear at some meetings for a few months. But then, Warner was hit with still more demands for more loans and salary advances. He tried to find other employment for him, sending him off to a part-time job with a long time supporter,William Makinney, of Florida. Bill Makinney was lured by the promise that Coleman could make some extremely profitable deals for him. Later he was disappointed when Coleman arrived with his wife and son, and Coleman demanded the use of a Lincoln town car and memberships in the most exclusive Palm Beach Clubs and nightly meals in the most expensive restaurants.

Even worse he spent much of his time closeted in a room at Makinney’s home. He claimed to be making long distance phone calls to the head of the South African gov’t. Makinney was later unable to find records of any such phone calls in his billing. Soon Makinney asked him to leave and put him on a plane the sadder but wiser.

Warner was again assailed by constant demands for more money. Warner finally decided that the only way to meet the demands was to hold public meetings with Coleman as the star. Coleman, who had billed himself as the “World’s Greatest Orator” proved to be a lack luster speaker, who read in a dull monotone from his type written speech, The meetings were a failure. Meanwhile, Warner had purchased a car for Coleman’s use and a computer for Coleman’s use at a large home which Warner rented for him. Coleman rarely appeared at the Warner offices citing his fear of assassination.

What’s more, Warner discovered at the meetings, Coleman attempted to make financial deals for himself, showing no loyally to Warner whatsoever. Finally, Warner informed him that he was fired. Warner was required to obtain a warrant to cease the automobile and computer that were loaned to him. Then he realized that Coleman had obtained an illicit copy of his mailing list. Coleman began issuing appeals to Warner’s subscribers claiming that I had had him discharged in order to become an editor of another Warner publication.

Finally, Coleman showed in California where he was guest of one Dr. Arnold Geisbret, of Glendale, CA. Geisbret has an interesting background. He is an attendee at many rightwing meetings, including those of Lawrance Patterson’s National Bankruptcy Seminars. He would take copious notes and interrogate everyone that would talk to him. Geisbret, obviously, intended to collect as much information on the right-wing as possible. Coleman, meanwhile, went from one address to the other in California using Warner’s mailing list as a source of suckers.

At each resident, he would spin a spiteful tale of having been cruelly used by Jim Warner who had taken all of his money. Meanwhile, Coleman would make threatening calls to Warner informing him that he would launch a national campaign against him if he refused to make a financial settlement. Wishing to avoid legal problems, Warner settled a substantial sum of money on Coleman, all to no avail. Coleman not only launched a campaign of denunciation against Warner using his mailing list of subscribers, but he also began a surreptitious mailing campaign using pseudonyms to accuse Warner of sexual offenses and of being a double agent. These defamatory letters were also mailed to Warner’s mailing list.

Great Success… In Spreading Discord!

Coleman was achieving great success in spreading consternation and discord throughout the conservative network. I began to realize his true motives. Rather than a greedy confidence artist — with an ability to rewrite other’s materials as his own — it became obvious to me and to those that knew him, that he was more than likely a highly trained double agent, whose handlers would unleash the “attack dog” on an unprepared patriot community a step at a time. One source I have spoken with claimed that he has been trained in Israel by a Mossad unit — and had been known there as Joseph Pavlonsky.

We later discovered that he entered the United States on an English passport recorded by the INS as #A20211168 issued to “John Clarke.” Interestingly, when Warner accompanied him to get a driver’s license in Louisiana, he claimed he had applied for a social security number although none was forthcoming. Even though he had been in the United States for almost a decade, he had been driving in the Western states on a Louisiana license, and had never obtained a U.S. green card or work permit.

On To Carson City, Nevada…As “Space Commander”

Next comes Coleman’s employment with one George Green who operates a nonconformist publication titled Phoenix Journal Express which is supposedly representing the statements from a space being — (yes, we said space being) by the name of Gyorgos Ceres Hatonn!!

Hatonn is the claimed commander of a fleet of space ships from the galaxy of Pleiades. These spaceships have been deployed over the California border with Nevada for several years. This has proved to be convenient for all concerned because the people of Pleiades, interestingly enough, do not require a U.S. work permit from its employees. Coleman is now writing the material for Hatonn. Interestingly enough, he gives advice about International Banking, but amazingly, is always negative on Sterling denominated investments and, interestingly, Swiss banking as well.

Under the auspices of George Green’s Phoenix Journal Express, and America West publishers of Tehachapi, California, Coleman finally published his first and only book “The Committee of Three Hundred”. After examining this book, it has proven to be the usual amalgam of his borrowings from my various textbooks and, again, from the Larouche magazine.

The foreword to the book is very revealing. He again takes the opportunity to sow more dissension in the conservative movement. It is a vitriolic denunciation of the movement claiming it was “part of a carefully crafted and orchestrated program to discredit him (Coleman) and run by secret government agents and informers embedded in the so-called Christian right wing “identity movement”. The invective goes on at some length repeating the slanders of his previous circulated hate letters. The Committee of 300 contains nothing new and is an amalgam of others’ materials.

Material Lifted From the Anti-Defamation League!

Having reviewed the material of the anti-defamation league, I can say that Coleman’s smear attack in his foreword against the “so-called Christian right wing” is atypical material taken from the guide books of the anti-defamation league. His denunciation of the “identity movement” is also taken directly from ADL literature. For years the ADL has considered the “identity movement” its number one opponent and target in the United States.

A Potent Agitator… Working Against America!

Whatever the truth or falsity of the claims of Dr. John Coleman (alias John Clarke, alias Pavlonksy), it is clear that he is a potent agititor working among American conservative publishers. Lawrence Patterson has also had a brush with him and he has recently succeeded in taking in Colonel Arch Roberts, who ran a lengthy review of his book.

He has constantly sown seeds of discord and hate for his own devious purposes and will undoubtedly continue to pit patriot against patriot for as long as he is allowed to betray, impede and infiltrate without exposure. Hopefully, this article which has been submitted to Criminal Politics magazine of which I am a contributing editor, will help to expose John Coleman as a foreign agent.

Though highly critical and hypocritically exposes generally the same thing Mullins does concerning the Kabbalah, David Livingstone made an article called Eustace Mullins: Occultist and Disinfo Agent of the Far-Right:

Among the modern-day classics of conspiracy literature is Eustace Mullins’ Secrets of the Federal Reserve, which continues to define perceptions of the nature and purpose of the cabal that is currently suspected of secretly manipulating the world. However, as revealed in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, conspiracy culture is often deliberately manipulated in order to call out and neutralize potential dissidents.

As closer look at the career of Mullins reveals a typical example of the nefarious networks involved in nurturing feats of a “Jewish conspiracy” on behalf of American intelligence and the Zionists. After World War II, the CIA recruited leading Nazis and neo-Nazis, who went on for form a Fascist International, which served the organization in their fight against “communism.” Like their predecessors, this fascist network continued to cultivate the feat or a “Jewish” conspiracy as a sly method on the part of Zionists to continue to justify continued support for the state of Israel, and to cultivate sentiments favorable to World Bank and IMF policies of neoliberalism, falsely known in the conspiracy community as “Libertarianism.”

Mullins was mentored in his research on the Federal Reserve by Ezra Pound. As demonstrated in Transhumanism: The History of a Dangerous Idea, Pound was not only a notorious fascist, but also one of the key occult figures of the twentieth century, with deep ties to the CIA. A close friend of Golden Dawn member Yeats, Pound was an expatriate American and a major figure of the early modernist movement, and helped discover and shape the work of contemporaries such as T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway.

Pound was also a close friend of James Jesus Angleton, a Knight of Malta and key member of the Georgetown Set who created the CIA. Angleton, the long-time chief of Counterintelligence, was the head of the CIA’s Vatican Desk as well as the Israel Desk. Angleton was responsible for liaison with Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet agencies, crucial relationships that he managed for the remainder of his career. Angleton also become responsible for the Lovestone Empire, the network run for the CIA by Jay Lovestone. A former head of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), later a trade union leader, Lovestone worked with foreign unions using covert funds to construct a worldwide system of anti-communist unions. According to CIA agent and later Watergate burglar Howard Hunt, “the Communist Party of the United States, in fact, at the moment, was practically a branch of the Justice Department.”[1]

During World War II, the Italian government paid Pound to produce radio broadcasts criticizing the US and in particular the Jews. As a result, Pound was arrested for treason by American forces in Italy in 1945 and interned at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C, where he became a patient of MK-Ultra psychiatrist Dr. Winfred Overholser. As Colin Ross explained in The CIA Doctors, it was there that Dr. Winfred Overholser Sr. funded LSD research through the Scottish Rite Committee and was at the center of the mind control network.[2] St. Elizabeth’s is also where presidential assailants, serial killers or other federal cases are kept, such as Ezra Pound and John Hinckley, Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan.

Mullins was himself a fascist and a member of National Renaissance Party (NRP), a key organization of World Union of National Socialists (WUNS). The organization was created in 1962, when veteran US Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party (ANP), met with National Socialist Movement (NSM) chief Colin Jordan, and agreed to work towards developing an international network between movements as an umbrella group for neo-Nazi organizations across the globe.

Following Rockwell’s assassination in 1967, NRP member Matt Koehl became head of WUNS as well as the ANP, later known as National Socialist White People’s Party. Koehl was the leader of a self-defined religious organization called the New Order, which describes itself on its website as follows: “We are the Movement of Adolf Hitler. We are His heirs. He has given us a commission, which it is our duty to discharge.”[3] New Order was a successor organization to the original American Nazi Party (ANP), founded by Lincoln Rockwell, which became a self-styled National Socialist religious group which promotes Esoteric Nazism as an alternative faith for “Aryans.”

The NRP, which founded in 1952 by James Madole, became a concern to the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA), an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives, who regarded both fascism and communism as “of grave concern to the committee.” Their report, Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups continues, “both seek to destroy our constitutional government and supplant it with a godless dictatorship in which the individual is deprived of his rights and liberties to become an abject slave of the state… Those who would support the extreme right today do as great a violence to our national institutions as do those on the extreme left.”[4] The report concludes that these organizations exploited racial and religious hatreds to gain financial support, and that many of them were led by “racketeers” mainly concerned with gaining financial reward by their activities.

The NRP publication, the Bulletin, referred to Hitler as the “George Washington of Europe” and promised: “What Hitler accomplished in Europe, the National Renaissance Party shall accomplish in America.” Its nine-point program advocated abolition of parliamentary government in the US in favor of government by a “trained elite” establishment of a fascist corporatism, encouragement of racial pride, preservation of the “white Aryan” race by gradual deportation of racial minorities, and denying Jews American citizenship, professional and political posts and the right of intermarriage. John M. Lundoff, Brooklyn chairman of the NRP, in the April 1952 Bulletin asked the youth of America to choose between “parliamentary democracy with its empty promises and discord or the clear, brave, and youthful Fascist principles outlined here.”[5] Similarly, in a leaflet entitled, “Asiatic Barbarism Versus Western Civilization,” Madole proclaimed:

Only the superbly efficient totalitarian economic systems of Fascists, National Socialist, and Communist regimes are adaptible [sic] to the strain of TOTAL WAR as practiced in the 20th century… The spirit of democracy is a glorification of weakness and cowardly conduct. It glorifies the coward instead of the fighter, it raises feeble weaklings to leadership rather than a trained, iron-hard, and youthful elite…

Madole’s NRP was frequently in the headlines during the 1960s and 1970s for its involvement in violent protests and riots in New York City. Although he never attracted more than a small group of followers, Madole, according to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, established himself as the father of postwar occult fascism. Madole’s ideas on race were developed from Blavatsky whom he quoted to the effect that the Jewish Kabbalah derived from Aryan sources in Central Asia.[6]

Madole’s slogan for the NRP was taken from Edward Bulwer-Lytton: “no happiness without order, no order without authority, no authority without unity.”[7] Alongside books on Theosophy, the NRP literature list included Gerald Gardner’s The Meaning of Witchcraft, Lewis Spence’s The History and Origins of Druidism, Paul Carus’ History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil and a number of books on runes.[8] According to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Madole “wanted to translate mankind and the world into the authoritarian utopia of a revived Vedic hierarchy, employing violent and draconian means if necessary. The sectarian religion of Theosophy, borrowings from Hinduism, paganism and Satanism, and mystical biological and eugenic ideas all served to explain and justify his militant attack on the democratic and liberal institutions of the modern world.”[9]

There were also close relations between the NRP and the Church of Satan, of Anton Lavey. Madole and LaVey met frequently, and Madole is said to have erected a large satanic altar in his apartment, which included an image of Baphomet, and Madole played LaVey’s recording of the Satanic Mass at several NRP meetings. One NRP bulletin shows a picture of Madole and an SE trooper with the high priest of the Temple of Baal. But the Church of Satan was soon undermined by schismatics who started rival cults. Douglas Robbins, another ex-leader from the Church of Satan, cultivated close links with the fascist NRP of James Madole, and formed the satanic Order of the Black Ram with some other NRP members “to celebrate the ancient religious rites of the Aryan race.”[10]

Mullins founded the Free Ezra Pound Committee (FEPC) of which Matt Koehl was chairman. Researcher Ernie Lazar published a scathing report of Mullins’ dubious past and neo-Nazi affiliations based on several FBI reports, showing that Mullins altered FBI documents which he reproduced in his book, excising portions which referred to his homosexuality, his anti-Semitism and his connections to neo-Nazis and racial extremists. The HCUA reported that Mullins “eulogizes” Hitler in the anti-Semitism NPR’s Bulletin and wrote an article titled “Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation,” in 1952. In his self-published virulently anti-Jewish book The Biological Jew, Mullins compares Jews with biological parasites.[11]

Mullins was a roommate on several occasions in New York City and Chicago with Matt Koehl, with whom he had a homosexual affair. Eustace Mullins, Matt Koehl and Edward Fleckenstein were arrested near Middletown, New York circa 1955 in connection with their sodomizing of a hitch-hiking teenage boy in the back seat of a car in which they all were travelling. This probably accounts for why Mullins is described in FBI memos as follows: “Mullins is a warped, degenerate and depraved individual.”[12]

Koehl was also the Youth Section Leader of the American Committee for the Advancement of Western Culture (ACFAWC), founded by H. Keith Thompson, and of which Mullins served as “Treasurer.” Thompson served as a communications officer aboard the USS Mt. Olympus, the flagship of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition of December 1946 to April 1947. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the US, Britain and Australia, known as Operation Highjump, to establish the Antarctic research base Little America IV. However, according to popular legend, the Byrd expedition was an “invasion” and encountered heavy resistance from Nazi “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion.

Thompson resigned from the US Navy in order to accept commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. However, in February 1949, he faced a General Court Martial on charges of “scandalous conduct tending to destruction of good morals (sex deviate) and Maltreatment of Person Subject to His Orders.”[13]

Thompson hoped that the ACFAWC would become a coordinating group for white racial and nationalist activities of groups around the world. James Madole and other officers and members of the NRP also were represented on the ACFAWC, which had the role of serving as “a high policy planning group for the coordination of racial nationalist activities in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.” Among others associated with ACFAWC were Benjamin H. Freedman, a convert from Judaism to Roman Catholicism who became anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist activist. Freedman was well known to the ADL and the American Jewish Committee as an active supporter of the Arab cause in the Middle East.

Freedman was a financial backer of the author Conde McGinley, publisher of the periodical Common Sense, to which Mullins was a frequent contributor. In 1954, Rabbi Joachim Prinz (1902-1988) was awarded $30,000 in a libel suit against McGinley for having called him a “red rabbi.” The HCUA described Common Sense as “almost exclusively a vehicle for the exploitation of ignorance, prejudice and fear” and as “a clearinghouse for hate propaganda throughout the country.” A typical 1962 article in Common Sense was an “expose” entitled: “Zionist Invisible Government Plotting To Establish a World Government Under A Red Dictatorship Led By Asiatic Marxist Jews.”[14]

Around the end of his life, Mullins began writing for Willis Carto’s magazine Barnes Review. Carto a longtime figure on the American far-right was an influential political racial theorists through the Liberty Lobby and successor organizations which he helped create. The Liberty Lobby, which was active in the 1950s, is regarded as the source of an insurgent wing of the Patriot Movement through its promotion of themes of White supremacy and anti-Semitism. While in prison for possessing falsified passports, Francis Parker Yockey was visited by Carto who eventually became the chief advocate and publisher of his ideas.

Yockey was active with many far-right causes around the world and remains one of the seminal influences in many extremist right movements. By fusing anti-Semitism with anti-Americanism, Yockey identified the United States rather than Russia as Europe’s main enemy. Unlike most European and American neo-Fascists who advocated an alliance with the United States against Communism, Yockey spent the rest of his life attempting to forge an alliance between the worldwide forces of Communism and the international network of the extreme Right.

Yockey believed that true Rightists should aid the spread of Communism and Third World anti-colonial movements wherever possible, with an aim toward weakening or overthrowing the United States. Yockey spent part of 1953 meeting Gamal Nasser in Cairo, and maintaining links with the CIA’s leading Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s former star commando.[15] Yockey worked briefly for the Egyptian Information Ministry, writing anti-Zionist propaganda, seeing Arab nationalism as another ally to challenge “the Jewish-American power.”

Yockey was continuously pursued by the FBI for over a decade and was finally arrested in 1960, when authorities discovered falsified passports and birth certificates in his suitcase. Betraying his interest in the occult, papers found at the time of his arrest included his own essays on the principle of polarity in the psyche, a book on palmistry and politics, and a bibliography of books on the “second body,” on reincarnation and on cosmic rays.[16]

Carto also belonged at one time to the John Birch Society.[17] In Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States, sociologist Sara Diamond noted that to reduce the cost of producing and distributing anti-Communist materials, corporations turned to non-profit organizations such as the JBS.[18] According to Eustace Mullins, who claims that he was told personally by one of its founders Revilo Oliver, whom he regarded as a “good friend,” that the JBS was created by Nelson Rockefeller who appointed Robert C. Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to found and run the organization.[19]

When Revilo Oliver left the JBS, he became editorial advisor for Carto’s Institute for Historical Review. Carto ran a group called Youth for George Wallace to aid the third party presidential campaign of George Wallace in 1968. Wallace’s anti-desegregation campaign galvanized much of the American far-right and white supremacist groups. A memo in the FBI file of Eustace Mullins discusses an article he wrote which was published in Conde McGinley’s Common Sense, that developed the theme “that the Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation in schools is the culmination of a Communist International directive to the CPUSA to use the Negro racial issue and the issue of civil rights as a method to weaken America.” Mullins lied, claiming the document: “is in the files of the FBI today but the Director is under strict orders not to reveal (it) at any cost because it would brand the Supreme Court as a front or agent of the Communist International.”[20] No such document was ever found.

When the campaign failed, he converted what remained of the organization into the National Youth Alliance. As National Chairman for this group, Carto was successful in recruiting Dr. William Pierce, who after Rockwell’s death, reorganized it into the American neo-Nazi group, the National Alliance in 1974, of which Pierce became the leader.

In 1987, Mullins wrote a strange work called The Curse of Canaan, which regurgitates ideas expressed by Christian Identity minister William Potter Gale. Gale, a former senior officer on General Douglas MacArthur’s staff, warned the world that a satanic Jewish conspiracy disguised as communism was corrupting public officials and the courts, undermining the United States and wrecking its divinely inspired Constitution. Jews, explained Gale, were offspring of the devil, while non-whites were “mud people” and whites were the real Hebrews of the Bible. “Arise and fight!” Gale preached in an infamous sermon broadcast to Kansas farmers in 1982. “If a Jew comes near you, run a sword through him,” he summoned them. But, it turns out that Gale was descended on his father’s side from a long line of devout Jews, as explained Daniel Levitas.[21]

Mullins followed the course of history as a battle between the descendants of Shem against the descendants of Canaan. The descendants of Canaan are polluted through interbreeding with a “pre-Adamite” population, who are black-skinned, and with demons from the time of the Sons of God of Genesis. Throughout history they represented parasitical merchants, beginning with the Phoenicians and to the Black Nobility of our time. The descendants of Shem, or Semites, he believes, should not be confused with the Jews, who are impostors descended from Edomite Khazars. The descendants of Shem are the builders of civilization, and ancestors of the Irish. Thus, explains Mullins, “the history of mankind for the past three thousand years has been the history of struggle between the fair-skinned descendants of Shem and the darker-skinned descendants of his brother, Ham, yet you will not find this struggle defined in any historical work.”

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Taken from Further evidence that Webster Tarpley is a Jesuit mastered Temporal Coadjutor:

Lyndon LaRouche is a thirty-third degree Scottish Rite Freemason and he has connections to the Grand Orient of France. LaRouche has had bodyguards connected to the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. The KKK is a Catholic controlled organization since Albert Pike took it over and have their clothing based on the secret societies of Catholic Italy such as the P2 and Teutonic Knights. Albert Pike was the Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Albert Pike was mastered by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ and it was the Jesuit Order who really created the Scottish Rite in order to take over Worldwide Freemasonry aka Templarism. The Jesuits being the original Aragon Templars spared by the Pope connected to the Order of the Calatrava and Order of the Montessa. So now can we see the Papal connections?

I remember Tarpley attacking people for highlighting the Jesuits! These are Catholics my friend just like most the anti-Zionist crowd and they all have a Papal agenda. Sovereign Washington DC has no power over the Sovereign Vatican. The Vatican controls Washington D.C. which was created out of Roman Catholic land belonging to the Pope and Carroll families. You have part of Virginia and part of Maryland giving us the Virgin Mary or Queen Semiramis of Babylon. It was the same Carroll family who created Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University which dominates Washington D.C and the United States of America. The U.S. Pope aka Cardinal Timothy Dolan has no allegiance to the U.S. and every allegiance to the Pope (Sun door) to which is he one of many hinges. Timothy Dolan does not control the United States either, he is mastered by the Jesuit Order power at Washington D.C. which is Thomas Smolich SJ who answers directly to James Grummer SJ a direct aid to the Superior General based in the Curia Generalizia in sovereign Borgo Santo Spirito protected by Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain’s CNI intelligentsia.

Now getting back to Washington D.C. you will notice this is where Webster Tarpley lives and thus this should also ring alarm bells. At one time this area was known as little Rome in 1663 property records and today it is modeled off Rome such as the Capitol Building (Farnese Acorn of Zeus) etc. May I remind you that Washington D.C. was planned at the Villa Farnese in Luzio, Italy way before anyone had a clue it was to be. Villa Farnese being the old war rooms of the Jesuit Order and the Council of Trent counter-Reformation and the model for The Pentagon that is the open military power over the World today. Lets remind ourselves that the Council of Trent still stands today and that it curses all protestants with death over one-hundred times.

-= The Unhived Mind

I remember when the patriotic British Constitutional Group citizen arrested a judge at Birkenhead Court. The first thing Tarpley said was that it was a British Intelligence controlled event. This arrest was nothing to do with British Intelligence, the event was all by patriot people for the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. Tarpley was trying to take the excitement and big event away from the arrest by trying to turn truth sayers into suspicious people against the BCG.

-= The Unhived Mind

Taken from Webster Tarpley – The Jesuits are on the side of the British Empire:

Yes Tarpley was once connected with LaRouche but there was obviously some sort of disagreement that took place. I guess Tarpley wanted to do what he wanted to do rather than what Lyndon wanted. I think Tarpley is more practical than Lyndon LaRouche and as Lyndon says, being practical is a major downfall. Dr John Coleman took most of his work from the Executive Intelligence Review which is one of the finest intelligence groups around. You have to take the good angles of all three of these people and add them together with other knowledge gained that fits your gut feeling. I’ve said that people quoting the Superior General of the Jesuits claiming he ruled the world is wrong to do so. The quote that’s quoted comes from 1720 and as you heard by 1767 the Jesuits were hindered not to mention finished in 1773 at the hands of the Pope. So what may have been somewhat true at one time doesn’t mean it continues. Now if you’re zionists or another shadow group ask yourself wouldn’t it be a good idea to put all the attention on another power and twist it so this misinformation diverts attention away from yourself? Right now it is quite obvious who’s ruling the roost and it’s in your face but if one highlights it then the censorship and suppression occurs. So for example when I put a video on Jewtube titled ‘Zionism vs Islam blah blah’ the video was quickly removed but the exact same video titled ‘Catholicism vs Islam blah blah’ was left up until the entire channel was censored months later. The holohoax is a prime example of the censorship and forced control. Both Tarpley and LaRouche shield the enemy whilst exposing parts of the enemy so whilst we find out about Venice from these people we don’t get to understand the connection of Venice (The Chosen) with Satanic Samaria. So as I’ve said before eat the meat and spit out the bones. LaRouche will explain how British powers took over certai Jewish powers he was working with in Israel but when you understand the New Venice to Venice to Samaria connection then you can see it’s still all down to the tribe. People seem to think that Britain is all about some kind of European white race nobility but Britain sings to the tune of the Juda pied piper.

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Lyndon LaRouche is the only man who’s actually been within the high end political and government systems as he’s been an adviser to President Ronald Reagan. Lyndon was the main guy behind the idea and creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative and for this he was jailed by George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud). Why? The SDI was a Promethean idea and programme that was to be used for the good of mankind but of course the Zeusian filth scuppered it and belittled the programmed. The only part of the SDI programme they let you use or know of is the GPS network. The Scherff family were directly behind the attempted assassination on Ronald Reagan. LaRouche has dealt with world leaders and even today many Promethean governments follow his ideas and work aided by his wife Helga LaRouche who’s usually in Asia aiding BRICS like projects. The whole model of the BRICS system is based on the work of Lyndon LaRouche. The underpinnings of the conspiracy arena actually stem from Lyndon LaRouche and Eustace Mullins which is similar to how the true underpinnings of the exposure of World War 2 comes from David Irving and Ernst Zundel. These kinds of people are what I term originals meaning they give totally original information based on real research where they’ve gone through documents at the highest levels and pay a lot of money for such documents. In other words these people are the true sourcers of real information. So for example why listen to Edward G. Griffin about the Federal Reserve when he’s regurgitating information that Eustace Mullins presented a long time before him. If Mullins hadn’t sourced the information thanks to Ezra Pound then Griffin wouldn’t have made his exposure of the Federal Reserve. You don’t see a lot of credit to LaRouche because most of the alternative media is fully controlled by the Scherff (Bushfraud) family. So instead the Scherff’s create pied pipers using part LaRouche data hoping you never fall onto LaRouche. LaRouche is a very dangerous figure to the Scherff’s because he’s a genius in his mind, has the connections but more importantly he has serious Promthean solutions. What the Scherff’s don’t want is solutions and that’s why the alternative media almost always never gives a true solution. The alternative media was designed to divert and create selfhelplessness. It’s totally idiotic not to think that the alternative media is mostly controlled by the enemy. Even some of the somewhat legit alternative media ends up being infiltrated.

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When’s all said and done, some might try to group me with the sources that I’ve cited and take things out of context. Though I am an Anti Zionist, I’m not Anti fake Judahite-Samaritan/Khazarians as a race, I’m Anti Rabbinism which is Pharisaism which had managed to trick all those that call themselves Jews and rejecting that Judahites died out while Christians replaced them biblicly through Jesus Christ as the temple was made desolate by God. Does that mean that I’m anti immigration? Of course not, I’m anti OPEN immigration, pro limited integration immigration which limited a big country like USA to go over around a quater of a million. The fake Judahites need to be kicked out of power, not necessarily kicked out to Madagascar as Hitler contemplated in doing. They can live among the people, just as people, without their Satanic religion that is where Catholicism although was already pagan, had gotten Babylonian paganism from the Jews. Am I for the facist Christian Identity movement? Of course not, but Identitarian Christianity is not the Christian Identitarian Movement which though both are Anti Zionists, the Christian Identity movement claims to be “the real Jews” to be their race whether it be white, black, brown, malay, red, yellow, but the other being Identitarian Christianity doesn’t. I don’t have a drop of white or black blood in me and since I believe that the non-repentive Judahites died out which the Christian Judahites became just Christians abandoning their Jewish (Rabbinism) ways, I’m far from being a Christian Identitarian. Abraham’s seed is Christ Jesus which through Christ are we adopted in God’s family, not through the Judahites, not through the Jews, Jesus Alone saves. Just because LaRouche and friends in the “EIR” promotes certain humanitarian solutions doesn’t mean that he’s wrong, neither is his retelling of history based off of much research. He exposes the Jesuits occasionally, the Jews, but his focus is mostly “Promethean” (see: Eleven Past Nine to learn what “Promethean” means in this context) solutions which isn’t always practical short term, but long term solutions through long term goals. That doesn’t mean I think Pythagoras and Plato was correct in everything they say which both got their inspiration partially in Egypt, Phoenicia, and the Hebrew Kabbalah. There’s possibly some connections between Moses and the oracles of Orpheus as David Livingstone exposes: Plato the Kabbalist. This could however be the Jews trying to take credit for Gnosticism of what they never made themselves like say the platonic solids being one of them.

Do I think David Livingstone is 100% correct? He believes that the tomb of Jesus was found while promoting a humanistic, politically correct form of Jesus that the Jewish Ebionites pushed in their delusion at least exoterically while esoterically pushing the concept of the race as the “Messiah” like any Jew sneak into any form of Christianity that they manage to infiltrate. Matt Slick, Chris White and many others debunked James Tabor’s newer pagan tomb disregard about what Christian Apologists give out their specific biblical requirements in finding Jesus’ tomb if there is one still intact. Do I think The Unhived Mind is 100% correct? You can see here how his opinions had changed about Lyndon LaRouche and Webster Tarpley, though he thinks Tarpley is wrong about some things. He’s probably indifferent to Christianity after he removed his controlled alternative media ties to Eric Jon Phelps and friends then came out with exposing the Jewish and Venetian takeover of Catholicism and how the Reformation was controlled. He’s probably still partial to Sumerian myths more than the bible itself while trying to have an open mindset in things he’s not sure about. Do I think that I am what I don’t agree with that others share that I shared a part of their concepts without explaining as to what I take in and spit out? Don’t you think it’s really childish to try to label me at this point? I’m a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit in any jigsaw puzzle except in God that I’m made whole. I have the wisdom and faith by the grace of God not be caught up in trying to please man through a false form of justification through works as if it merits salvation. It is because God had given me the mercy to know the epistemological nature of truth through God through the Holy Spirit received through the blood of Christ that covers me, not my own works nor blood that I can be able to discern and have comfort. My work is sharing the truth which I’ve labored in gathering intel and typing these words out. I am not saved because I do these things, neither do I know if I’m 100% saved, but I don’t worry about my own salvation because whatever happens, God’s will is done. I might be God’s instrument and robot, but it isn’t I that makes the sound nor controling my own will.

Taken from Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish:


Blizzard claims that the doctrine of the Protestants was corrupted by Talmudists. There is no doubt that factions within the Protestant Reformation were undermined by Judaic/Babylonian religious beliefs.

However, Blizzard has it backwards. The Judaic/Babylonian corruption flowed from Rome. For example, Augustus Toplady (1740-1778), the author of the famous hymn Rock of Ages, concluded that Jacobus Arminius (1560-1609) was a secret agent of the Jesuits. Arminius’ purpose was to infect the Christian church with heathen Catholic doctrine. Arminius was not the only Roman Catholic agent of deception sent to undermine Christian doctrine; there have been many others.

Toplady’s conclusion about Arminius was not just based upon circumstantial inference. The Jesuits themselves have revealed that Arminius was their secret agent sent to poison the doctrine of the Protestant churches. William Laud (1573-1645), the Archbishop of Canterbury, was working secretly with the Jesuits to infect the Church of England (Anglican Church) with Roman Catholic doctrine, including Arminianism. Laud was executed for treason.

A secret Jesuit correspondence found after Laud’s death confirmed Arminianism was a “soveraigne drugge” designed to undermine the Church of England. The Jesuit reiterated in the letter for emphasis the importance of Arminianism: “But, to return unto the maine fabricke:–our foundation is Arminianisme.” As we see today the Jesuits have been largely successful. There are only slight differences today in the doctrines of the Anglican Church and those of Rome. The Anglican Church today has completely gone over to Arminianism.

Although I have Ted Pike’s “The Other Israel” (I don’t call people “reverend”, I don’t revere them nor the saints) documentary in my Links page doesn’t mean that I’m an Arminianist. However, I do think his stance on the Book of Esther being removed from the biblical canon is fine by me. A real Christian’s work will never flourish because a real Christian won’t play the game of the elites that keeps them down. I don’t admit defeat, but I do realize how foolish some Christians have in creating a utopia without Jesus burning every goat up from a fire baptism before creating a New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem. See: Partial Preterism. Do I think that there isn’t any form of prophecy still going on? I’m more flexible when it comes to the book of Revelation but I’m a Historicist first, Partial Preterist second so yes I do think the Book of Revelation was written before 66 Anno Domini or else Christian Apologists would have to call Apostle John concocting postdiction as prediction, which he is not.

The four giants of the Venetian Conspiracy movement had given way for people a better grasp of history, but it must not ever be only through their spectacles, we must not forget all sides of history before we come to an epistemological interpretation from ontological sources of history. Only through biblical Christianity can there be an epistemological understanding of the drama of mankind throughout the ages, for it is all His story, not ours. It is such a shame that so little people are generally close to what I’m looking for in my research, many of them don’t know the mystery of gravity nor the basis of all effective diets. Come on now, I’ve given many of you enough resources to at least find those two out in my articles and it’s even in the Links page. Revive your dying brains, or else you will stagnate.