The Jews, and ONLY the Jews are attempting to silence and purge alt media

The Jews, and ONLY the Jews are attempting to silence and purge alt media

Jim Stone
16 Nov 2016

FACT: The entire MSM, that lied its way all the way through the election is Jewish owned, with Jewish reporters, Jewish announcers, JEWISH EVERYTHING, and they served up a BIG FAT JEWISH LIE all the way through the entirety of the election process, starting 18 months ago. And the alt media kicked their butts with the truth. This cannot be denied right down to any specific point or detail. They scammed us and that is all there is to it.
So, to get even with the alt media shredding the Jewish lies, Twitter is purging the alt media and Google is pulling ads for most of the alt media, to try to make it go dark and starve it to death. Google is pulling adsense out under the excuse they are “shutting down fake news sites” but that is as fake and transparent as any other lie from the MSM. In conjunction with this, the MSM is once again lying and saying it is only “extremist white nationalists” that are getting purged by Twitter when in fact Twitter is purging absolutely anyone who is not popular enough to have it be noticed by more than 100,000 people, and says anything that goes against the “official” MSM lie.

So Drudge and Alex Jones will still be visible on Twitter, because Twitter can’t get away with killing them off. But the massive groundswell that spoke so loudly against the status quo – a status quo which was planted and enforced by the Jewish elites, – is indeed in the process of being silenced. And twitter is not silencing truth media based on complaints, they are doing it based on keywords.

So there you have it, after losing an election to the truth, the Jews are pulling out all the stops to shut up the people and flush them into the dark, as they always do, as Bolshevik communist Russia set such a perfect example. That was ALL Jewish, no matter how they try to back paddle and deny it. And they wanted the same for America. They’d have gotten their wish with Hillary, the camps would have been opened, and they lost it all when, with all their tools, they just could not manage to steal it.

Now they are taking any stab they can at gaining dominance in the information sphere by using monopoly powers on the web through venues like Google, WHICH THEY OWN, and Twitter, WHICH THEY OWN, and Whatsapp, WHICH THEY OWN, Youtube WHICH THEY OWN, and WordPress, WHICH THEY OWN, Gee, ever wonder how they managed to own all of these? The answer is simple, people found out about them through the MSM at first, EVERY SINGLE TIME, and they own the MSM. It is not because they are better than anything a non Jew dreamed up, it is because all these venues were spoken about widely in the Jewish owned MSM to give them an enormous kick start. There is not a chance in hell the MSM would ever mention a media or resource the Jews do not own, because knowing something exists is the main key to getting people to go to it.
So the big question is: Will shutting the truth out of Twitter and other venues, and attempting to kill the truth media off via starvation by refusing to serve the truth ads (as has always been the case with this web site) actually work to silence the truth? MY ANSWER: Did all their efforts with all of their scam venues work to steal an election? Four years is an awful long time to compensate for a loss of Twitter!

In case you missed it,

Russia hit ISIS in Syria as hard as they could yesterday morning (American time) and flew one bombing sortie every 21 seconds for several hours against “well vetted and confirmed” targets including weapons caches, manufacturing facilities, EVERYTHING ISIS related, and the American press did not say a peep. NOTHING. Not even on Drudge.
This has been confirmed 100 percent and the kicker is that before attacking ISIS so hard Putin chatted with Trump for the go ahead and totally ignored Obama. All of this is in yesterday’s reports, if you missed this scroll down.