By The Unhived Mind 31st March 2012

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What you are witnessing is the totalitarian stepping stones to where you will end up being fined via inspection, electronic technology witness and Stasi snitching if you smoke in your own home leading eventually to an outright ban of tobacco and cigarettes. So you do not think you will be forced to take smoke detectors and similar devices in the very near future? Think again as the engineered economic collapse destroys whats left of the economy and the State takes overt fascist full powers over every home thats not paid for and in ownership of the deeds. Eventually all those homes that are paid up will be taken away under feudal laws. You will simply see what we have always known all along and that is without alloidal title you own nothing and for now only have a right to use. In the coming future your home will be inspected on a regular basis and any modifications or repairs that are unauthorized will result in a large fine and/or a jail sentence. So you do not believe me? Study the treasonous Lisbon Treaty hard enough which was signed into place in December of 2009. The Lisbon Treaty spells it all out clearly to you.

The Lisbon treaty also tells you that you will be executed under the revived European death penalty for as little as rioting. Rioting has been demonized by the establishment recently since August 2011 on purpose. The Summer riots in the United Kingdom Plc was a planned event by the British Secret Service in order to change the mindset of the populace against mindless rioters as in the lost-generation youth in broken Britain. This allows a large buildup of funding for crowd control systems and Policing with acceptance of all sorts of draconian measures and equipment such as the microwave radiation Active Denial System coming through shortly tied to Raytheon Company.

The people do not realize they are accepting their demise especially when they have to riot to find food in the coming engineered food crisis with the soon to be Iran war cutting off oil into the Western World. Why do you think they are training up the British Armed Forces for supposed petrol strikes? Its not to make sure you get gasoline for your Mercedes. The real agenda is to make sure just the very few vital supplies that do get through, have an armed guard to stop hijackings during the Iran war but for now they need the excuse as to why the military are being trained. Yes folks things are going to get this bad so stock up now or suffer the consequences very shortly. The leadership at the top of these fake Unions are controlled by the establishment whilst they fall for the techniques used to create a populace response in order to trigger such events or acceptance of events. Raising prices through inflation and Global events is an easy way to trigger a public and commercial response to suit your agendas next level.

May I remind you that since 2008 we have been aware that in every County of the United Kingdom Plc that a Police Commander has been assigned to fifty-men teams to aid in the preparations for the coming war. That my friends is an outright conspiracy! If you had learned history before the deceptions of today and lack of education of today then you would have been taught that almost everything that happened in history was a conspiracy created by men for their own gain and agendas. This preparation is part reason why you will now see private security policing on the streets of the United Kingdom Plc. These will of course have eventually full Police powers including reading your rights and arrest. Traffic Wardens have had the pace card for this very action since 2008 so you know eventually that will be enabled and therefore illusions in the media about just patrolling is a farce. Whilst the Police and military deal with the mass civil unrest that comes of this violent War, these private security will mop up the usual Policing tasks as we then enter the post-Democratic society which is also mentioned regular in the Lisbon Treaty.

The youth have been demonized in order to aid in the easy acceptance of them being Conscripted into the British Armed Forces to continue the Clash of the Civilizations Crusade which has another ninety years timespan to go and controlled by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. As I’ve highlighted before many times the youth have been desensitized to violence and gore aided mostly via the Television and horror programmes. The Television being the greatest predictive programing tool medium known and which is used to tell you through your vision to program. Your mind being the computer processor and RAM memory along with the Television being the Internet and software whilst the screen flicker rate and/or Silent Sound Spread Spectrum wave being the wireless WiFi connection into the eyes then on into the right brain subconscious for storage. Later on various triggers through the media systems or simple magazines will then be used to access that prior programming to give the desired social engineering and affect needed just at the right time. Take for instance how back in 2005 Warner Brothers released the programme ‘V for Vendetta’ movie. Now you see a false opposition group called Anonymous using the masking and ideas from this very predictive programme. Why do you think they call all these Television shows, programmes? Of course Anonymous is run by the Intelligence Network at the top to lure gullible followers which then highlights these dissenters. Some will be utilized within the system to aid security and systems of oppression all through the lure of currency. Some will be jailed who are to be used as patsies to aid the illusion of a genuine organization. Same old intelligence trickery played out time and time again.

May I remind you of how the Nazi continuum aka Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst have great influence over Hollywood and how for instance they have controlled the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation through DVD agents like Marcell Reich (Marc Rich). Who is Marcell Reich’s master? Knight of Malta George H.W Bush the thirty-four year long leader of the Americas region of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst and master of the regions dope trade which is why he is nicknamed George ‘poppy’ Bush. So Rich supposedly fled to the U.S. to get away from the Nazis but is in full league with the Nazis and always has been. Talking of Knights of Malta you should be interested to note the connection of the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation to Knight of Malta, Rupert Murdoch. The Catholic Murdoch family being connected with both British and Israeli intelligence and used to store digital archives on politicians for future control through blackmail tied in with the HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation run by The Worshipful Company of Mercers in league with Te-Wu intelligence.

The Te-Wu intelligence agency having a close relationship with the DVD which hides within the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. You should note that it’s CIA Crime and Narcotics Center is an arm used to aid the proliferation of dope not to suppress it regardless of the veils. Dope is one of the main arms of the economy and funders of the black operations. The dirty slush fund for this dirty trade is of course the Exchange Stabilization Fund run by the U.S. Treasury which controls the World Bank and International Monetary Fund all of course for TheCityUK and The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Poppy Bush uses the Te-Wu as a proxy aid in the proliferation of China-White opium into the East Coast of the U.S. which takes the heat off the Central Intelligence Agency. If anything goes wrong then it will be the front puppets used by the Te-Wu which suffer and at worst Te-Wu itself but not the CIA. The same deal is done with the Japanese Yakuza for the West Coast of the U.S. Remember George H.W Bush was once the Chief of the Liaison Office to the People’s Republic of China and a key influential Knight of Malta behind the rise of China economically along with Knight of Malta Henry Luce before him after the Jesuit Order paved the way for this rise.

The Western youth have also been covertly trained up in military planning, techniques and commands via the highly advanced gaming systems and Department of Defense sponsored software. Using advanced gaming engines like in Unreal 3 which the military, FBI and other intelligence now use themselves. Why do you think gaming went from cute characters jumping on platforms collecting mushrooms to all of a sudden full battle combat simulations? Wake up people its simply not because the graphics have improved.

If the built in smoke detector cannot cause you enough trouble then you have the children being trained in the indoctrination camps as World Citizens also known as drones and Stasi spies. This training is governed by The Worshipful Company of Mercers, The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and The Honourable Company of Educators. Any signs of you smoking etc then these World Citizen gatekeepers will be straight on the email to the system snitching on their parents for smoking in the home. Much like how the children threaten parents with social services for disciplining them today. Many children even going as far as making up stories which really get the parents in trouble. The United Nations desire a destroyed family unit and want rid of family loyalties and trust. The idea now is to install this distrust, hate and drone mentality into the family a lot of it coming through socially engineered dysfunction through purposely lowering the education system. People have been trained not to think as the establishment detest free thinking if you read their own writings which see thinking as paranoia. Now that this civilization has got to the stage it has, they can now afford to decrease the populace intelligence dramatically and rely mostly on technology to take up the slack. If you look at how dumb the populace has become then you will be shocked to know that the establishment want a further reduction of intelligence by another two thirds and they will achieve this quite simply.

What you are witnessing today against smokers will come up next against meat eating which is to be demonized in order to seriously hinder human health and all done through the guise of the climate itself fraudulent and used as an aid to World Government as requested by the Iron Mountain Report. Dangerous guises of vegan and vegetarian diets are being pushed onto the people constantly today. Many people try them and now find they have new illnesses they once never had. Usually these people feel good for a year or more then they go backwards with their health deteriorating. By this time they are so brainwashed against meat eating that they still will not accept its their diet causing their problems. One of the biggest symptoms many quickly come down with on these diets is eczema, a problem stemming most from the dysfunction of the Lungs and Kidneys. Take it from an ex-vegan of ten years long, these diets are dangerous long-term. They are fine for a short-term cleanse of a few months but never long-term. Meat will be attacked more and more in the media whilst it will be priced out of your reach as will all other animal products such as eggs which have been demonized through the cholesterol myth. You have a fraud in the United States called Senator Dennis Kucinich who goes around acting as if he’s against the system when in fact he’s up its backside and has passed many a bill he should not have. His wife, Elizabeth Kucinich is one of the biggest promoters of these diets and detests meat-eating. She of course is controlled by the Livery system through The Worshipful Company of Coopers and fronts the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Now can you understand why she is doing this? You can also see how Kucinich is a fraud who should not be followed! The Mercers also make sure many vegans are now put onto the boards of organizations tied to the meat industry to aid in its demise.

Why the sudden attacks on smoking and meat eating? Its simply population reduction! The Club of Rome run by Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain through the Peccei family desire a decrease of sixty-five percent of the populace by 2050. Study the real reasons for this economic collapse all tied to the New International Economic Order which the Club of Rome is aligned with. This population reduction is occurring right now as you read this text. Your relatives and family have a far greater chance of cancer than ever before and no one is asking the question why is this so? The amount of cancer and disease today is frightening but there is not one ounce of any media panic on this reality. Why is it that just the slightest little mention of certain events in the media usually promotes a mass of panic but all is quiet on the rapid decline of the health of the populace? Its all been planned for a very long time and you have all been conditioned to think that the lack of health we see today is normal and has been this way in the past. This is wrong and health was far greater in the past especially in the younger populace in comparison. The only downfall of the times of old was some of the pollutions from coal etc causing more Lung problems wrongly claimed as Tuberculosis and other illnesses.

All illnesses come from energy blockage and filth including all virus, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. If the body is clean and free from pollutions it can thrive without illness. This of course means one must have excellent Spleen health which itself needs good Liver and Kidney function to keep its balance. May I remind you that nicotine is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory compounds in existence today. May I also remind you that nicotine is one of the very few compounds that can fight cytokine storms with your immunity which occurs in pandemics that end up taking your life. So tell me who would this anti-smoking agenda suit, The Club of Rome or yourself? If you still do not know the answer then study the coming carbon trading economy and that will give you the answer plain as day.

Ask yourself who has better health those Arabs puffing on tobacco all day long or the Westerners who do not even smoke? You may be surprised to know the results and even in the Lung itself. The tobacco must be organic and pure if it is to be smoked. The tobacco also has a calming effect the establishment may no longer desire due to their Ordo-Ab-Chao agenda. They may be wishing for a higher adrenal gland reaction which of course aids destruction of the adrenals leading to serious health issues such as fatigue, mineral loss and hypoglycemia which can be aided by the taking of Glycyrrhiza glabra. They may also need to have the pneumogastric nerve unstimulated and therefore stop the use of tobacco in order to do their various mind control programs. This region can be aided by very small dosages of Lobelia inflata.

These programs will be tied with the modern Television which uses the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum wave technology for mind control. One of the reasons the establishment demonized Marijuana is because of its effects against their programming techniques. Tobacco may be similar to marijuana from a pneumogastric nerve perspective. Last but not least I believe that tobacco can in some way pull out certain metals from the nervous system. Its interesting the attack on tobacco has taken place at the same time the aerosol spraying started Worldwide on a regular daily basis through the commercial and military Open Skies Treaty. An aerosol programme known as chemtrails (chemical trails) made up of poisonous metals like Aluminium, Barium and Strontium along with a host of other metallic, synthetic and nano-technology tied to this new and terrible Morgellon’s disease. Are they trying to stop you smoking to decrease the speed of death from chemtrails or is it to aid the speed of death from chemtrails? You choose but either way you are going down quicker than any other generation all whilst the media brainwashes you that you have the longest life span of all generations. Have that media been in the Breast cancer clinics recently full up with women in their twenties riddled with breast tumors? I think not but the illusion must be presented to the populace to carry on the hoodwink covering up the deceptive agenda.

You must always remember that the Malthusian and current Director for Counter-Terrorism, Audrey Tomason called for Global population destruction. She wrote a thesis which has been classified Top Secret and its contents are being implemented today to aid the goal of the Club of Rome with population reduction. Audrey Tomason called for slow humane population reduction aided by the release of nuclear weapons through the slow increase of background radiation. This my friends is another reason for the rapid increase in thyroid problems along with the junk-food promotion and ingestion. This is why the U.S. Department of Defense is so closely knitted to the medical establishment these days. The radiation issue is far more important than the chemical issue but which is most often overlooked. The medical establishment is controlled by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers. These work closely with The Worshipful Company of Fuellers who control the military and the energy sector including nuclear energy headquartered in France and the nuclear development headquarters in California and East Coast of the U.S.

Now do you understand why Chernobyl was attacked back in 1986 which was veiled as an accident? It was covert warfare on covert weaponry nearby which also doubled up as a population reduction operation all-in-one. Since Chernobyl human and animal deaths have increased along with shorter lifespans though thyroid dysfunction. Cats are having a serious problem with hyperthyroidism whilst dogs are suffering the same but with hypothyroidism. Cats are one of the World’s worse domestic pets for drinking rain water rather than any form of fresh water. The vets still claim they do not understand the increase over the last twenty-five years with the animal thyroid problems, now you know exactly why! The next covert warfare attack for economic reasons which now aids the population reduction all-in-one again is the events starting on the 11th of March 2011 ending in the planned destruction of the Fukushima nuclear reactors with three melting down and being ten times worse than Chernobyl. This time the United States and Hawaii need to have high levels of Cesium spread around to aid the accumulation in the mammary glands thus aiding Breast cancer levels through free radical damage and over stimulation of cells leading to cell proliferation aka Cancer.

You must also note the amount of nuclear radiation in the atmosphere from the multiple war fronts occurring in the Middle East and just as they did in the Balkans during 1998. The military uses so-called depleted Uranium on a daily basis and this is why children are being born with severe deformities as the Arab genetic blueprint is scattered and not whole anymore. The plan being to destroy all the Arab genetic life in the region and once cleansed out then the scalar satellite weaponry will be bought out to remove the radiation quickly from the region based on Tesla technology known to easily destroy radiation but which is hidden from the public knowledge. Also Jim Humble has knowledge of how to easily aid the destruction of radiation. All radiation will have to be removed since its this region which will become the World power as the Vatican City, City of London, Washington D.C. and New York City powers merge as one in the region. The economic power being based in Dubai, the political power being based in Iraq and the Spiritual power being based in the head of the snake known as the Latin Kingdom which is East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem being currently owned by the Vatican since 1993 and the signing of the Oslo Accord by Jesuit trained Shimon Peres in Jesuit controlled Washington D.C. The Oslo Accord being masterminded by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who was then made-up as pope in 2005 for bringing the Latin Kingdom overtly home as reported in La Stampa newspaper but ignored by the populace. May I remind you that Emperor Juan Carlos of the New Holy Roman Empire controls the region for the Priesthood via his ancient Templar title of The Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem aka the ‘King of Jerusalem’. Academy of the Illuminati Grandmaster Giuliano di Bernardo also aids the Vatican with Jerusalem and the King Solomons Temple belief.

So when one knows of the population reduction through the Global 2000 Report of the Club of Rome as well as its reasoning behind veils of Sustainable Development then why would these people give you good advice on health? Everything you are being told about health today is almost all incorrect. This is done on purpose to hinder the populaces health further not only for full depopulation but in order to make you subordinate to the World Government system since you are now reliant upon its pharmaceutical poison system to sustain the illusion of your health. This is why rancid poisonous vegetable oils have been pushed over vitally needed and important saturated fats through brainwashing and mind-reframing with deception. The same with unfermented Soy which is mostly genetically modified and thus not properly tested for human or animal consumption. Both of these junk foods cause problems with the energetic functions of the Spleen and Kidneys which results in thyroid dysfunction and utter chaos with the balance of the internal system. This is the real reason for the obesity problem today and this will never be addressed by anyone. A fat being cannot fight and rise-up to the coming draconian fascist World Government take over. They can of course also make some profit from you being brainwashed into accepting dangerous gastric bands operations from The Worshipful Company of Barbers which will eventually lower your life span sometimes dramatically. Many people die far earlier from the gastric band quackery than they ever would with the obesity problems.

So this is the Police-state brainwashed society and prison system you are about to enter and one which is becoming more visible by the day. It will be a crime to do almost anything shortly whilst today in the United States most people break a new law everyday that they never even knew was in place. The idea being to create more privatized prisons to fuel mega corporations like Serco, G4S and Geo Group which eventually will merge as one and take on the name World Company Inc. Not only making profits from you being held within the corporate jails but also from the slave labour as the jails compete with the outsourced cheap foreign manufacturing such as China and India. All supermarkets which have destroyed other independent forms of buying food produce and household items are they too will be merged into one either initially as Tesco or War*Wart then eventually into World Company Inc. All the corporate choice you thought you always had was an illusion as they are all-one even today at the top. Since you are not fully a drone yet and still wish and believe you are free, the establishment hood-wink you with corporations like Apple and Microsoft. These are both servants of The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and only have their names and power because this Livery company grants it, its that simple. Now you are seeing building societies merging aided by the economic collapse and you are seeing stock exchanges worldwide merging together. This has been the plan all along in order to slowly step into a one-World system.

There is nothing wrong with a one-World system but it must be for the good of the people as a World Republic under God, by the people and for the people. The World system should mirror the old American system from top to bottom and nothing less. The New World Order is totally the opposite and will destroy the people and eventually the planet. All what your ancestors died and fought against in World War II was a complete farce and its all here today and by the exact same engineers of that war and even the Nazi continuum themselves thanks to the Vatican, Knights of Malta and operations such as Paperclip through the Dragonovic Ratlines. Who do you think is controlling the drugs trade? For a long time Nikolaus Klaus Barbie was supplying all the Cocaine at the top through the Central Intelligence Agency. Barbie was controlled by Joseph Mengele who has been a U.S. Citizen protected by the CIA for a very long time. The street drugs trade also being an attack method of population reduction and control by the Club of Rome to mirror what The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries did to the Chinese during the Opium Wars. Using the London Missionary Society and The Honourable East India Company. All under the Zero Growth Post Industrial Population Plan signed into the United States law by U.S President Jimmy Carter. Himself controlled by the Royal Institute For International Affairs which goes under the name of Chatham House and controlled by The City of London.

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