By – The Unhived Mind – 13 June 2014

This article was created to combat a lot of disinformation about Zionism and Jews put out there by Jim Stone and his followers. Jim Stone believes Jews run the world and this is simply because he supposedly lived with some Jews for a while and they claimed they ruled the world. Now Jim has never stated who these Jews were or what their level of status was. Why? You can bet these were everyday Talmudic arrogant Jewish people with a superiority complex like you will find if you mix with a bunch of Muslims or a bunch of Catholics. If Jim had mixed amongst the Sanhedrin then that would be different but then he might have met Felice Pallavinci there who would put him right on the real power. So Jim Stone’s trumping up of Jews as power players is based nothing on nothing more than hype and wishful thinking. No different to a bunch of Amish claiming they rule the world.

We have even heard similar talk from Israeli leaders like Ariel Sharon that he and Israel controlled the United States. So if that is correct then why isn’t Israel getting its own way right now with Barack Obama? Why was Netanyahu fuming once again this week over the recognition of Fatah-Hamas in Palestine after he asked the West not to recognize this newly formed government? I think you will find that Israel has been isolated for a while by Barack Obama showing the true power of the U.S President position. So there is a nice example of the hype of Jews running the world. What is a Jew exactly? Do any of them really follow the true Judaism any more? I can tell you now that none of the elite figures that are claimed to be Jew even follow Judaism. They follow the same system as the Anglo-American Jesuits which is Nihilism but these false Jews do it through following the false teachings of Sabbatai Zevi.

All the highlighted text quoted below are my replies to Jim Stone and his followers. Jim Stone has admitted in the past he has no idea about the Jesuits and it is very obvious he has no idea about ancient history, orders and bloodlines. Jim Stone believes the Rothschild family rules the world but has no idea about the far more powerful Pallavicini family originating from Genoa. The same Pallavicni that controlled the powerful Cecil family who ruled over Britain. This was the same Cecil family who didn’t believe the Rothschild’s were worthy of a scion etc. I think that should put you in the picture. Jim Stone should stick to technology and what he knows best and is good at and stay clear of claims of who rule the world based on whims and wishful thinking. If Jim had shown my alternative view on the Papal Tiara I would have overlooked his errors. Instead he chose to hide my information and continue with his and his followers wishful versions of events in order to deny any other meaning with did not suit his own belief system and hinder his attacks on Jews.

A mail so good all I could do is laugh

Junebug wrote:

When I read about the “Holy Sites Servants” of Saudi-Arabia, who do not behave as all Muslims do, something came into my mind.

I`ve always wondered why the Popes do no longer wear the triple crown, the tiara. That had been their typical headgear for many centuries. On any medieval depiction of a pope he would wear it. Obviously tiaras are still made nowadays and for every pope a new one, but at once they disappear in a museum only to be admired but not worn. Why?

What they wear nowadays is a litte cap called pileolus which looks exactly like a jewish kippa. That seems a bit strange because for example the ring, the collar and even the colour of the shoes have a certain sense. So they say, well, its origin comes from the monk`s tonsure which they used to cover. Did they really? I always thought they cut the tonsure as a symbol for their spiritually open mind and then it should have to be covered, that`s strange.

And when they cross in catholic churches it looks to me as if it were the wrong way round. The “crossbar” is too deep positioned so the cross is top down and that would be a satanic symbol. Disturbing.

My comment

I always wondered why the popes wore Kippas. And they are Kippas, there is no way around this. I had no idea that they were in fact supposed to wear a crown. Now I have a possible answer, – the Jews usurped the Catholic Church.

I have a little story to tell. I had a good friend in high school who was perfectly straight, went into the Catholic Church system to become a priest, and came out a flaming gay. And I MEAN FULL BLOODED GAY. How could that happen? Well, if Jews took over that system and were hell bent on turning the priesthood into a brood of gays and child molesters, I think they could accomplish it. Just look at what happens to the women in all the Jewish owned or influenced public and private colleges. They don’t teach, they indoctrinate hatred towards males and immorality in the name of “personal progress.” I believe 100 percent that the Catholic Church has been fully usurped, and that it happened at Vatican 2. If the Catholic Church is at the center of any conspiracies out there, I believe it is via proxy. The Jews are the great infiltrators, and virtually nothing has escaped their reach


The Kippa originates with the first King of Israel, Baba ha-Gadol going back to the 4th Century a long time before Zionism and even the Sabbatean Frankists. I should point out that Jews are not supposed to wear a Kippa but they do because they are now following false teachings and have done for many hundreds of years. If you study the ancient texts of the Jews well you will see that it is forbidden to wear anything on the head like they now do. So tell me how can anyone call a Kippa a Jewish headdress? This is exactly the same with the religion of Islam, you will not find any data telling them to wear a Taqiyah or any other head gear other than what the women should cover-up with. So why do they both use a Kippa? Why do Catholic hierarchy wear the zucchetto? Well go back to ancient times and you would find out that underneath the Dagon Mitre they wore a Kippa. Today the anti-Popes and before that the Popes still used the Mitre headgear. You have to understand the Babylonian origins of the Catholic Church which I will kind of highlight further on in this reply. In Catholicism there is not a scrap of data saying its leaders and followers should wear a zucchetto. So as we can see the Catholic Church has used this headgear for hundreds of years since its introduction by the shadowy Baba ha-Gadol. Not one of those three religions are supposed to use this head wear and the original use goes way back into Babylon under the Mitre of the Dagon God. May I remind you that if you put a ‘r’ into Dagon you get dragon and that the Vatican means Divine Dragon not to mention that a capital ‘R’ is representation of the breaking of the feminine waters during pregnancy aka Cybele. This headgear does not represent Saturn as Freemason Jordan Maxwell would have you all believe. This headgear represents the mother goddess Cybele going back way before Christ.

All of the world’s power runs through Rome and always will do to this very day. The Second Vatican Council was not a Jewish conspiracy it was a Venetian conspiracy and was created by the Jesuit Order as their renewal of the counter-Reformation (Council of Trent) just as former-Jesuit, Alberto Rivera mentioned in an interview with Jim Arabitto, an interview which would get them both later assassinated! Now where people go wrong with the Vatican conspiracy is that they blame it all on Catholicism and the Vatican of old. The truth is that the Jesuits were created by the powers of Venice and were a hoodwink to infiltrate and take over the Vatican. The Catholic Church put a stop to this in 1773 but these two powers formed the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati in 1776 to openly take down the Church etc as shown in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is really Sion and which were the orders of this Illuminati of 1776. The origins of the Protocols of the Elders of Sion actually goes back to 1482 and originated where? Rome! What a pleasant surprise! Once the Illuminati were highlighted they became banned and so this was morphed into the Freemasonry and replaced much of the Freemasonry before it, in other words power went to the Illuminized Lodges. You can see the battles in Freemasonry such as the Scottish Sinclair based Masonry.

So now the Jesuits were put back in place within the Vatican hoodwinking and plotting revenge which came by 1870 when shall we say the Jesuits took the raines in the Vatican and have controlled the show since with a few challengers within along a way but no one has removed them yet. Once you understand the connection with Venice and New Venice (Britain) then you can trace things back to guess who? Baba ha-Godol and friends! I should point out that the Jews were hoodwinked yet again in 1666 by Sabbatai Zevi who was an agent of the Venetian controlled Jesuits and today they hold great power over Turkey the capital in the Middle East for Ottoman Freemasonry. Now as for the Papal Tiara this goes back to 9th Century but became the crown symbol of the Crown land, Commonwealth and Ecclesiastical See enslavement of man from the 14th Century onwards. If you study the anti-popes of old they would never wear metal headgear and today we have only anti-popes since 1962 and the Jesuit renewal (Second Vatican Council) and it wasn’t that long after the SVC that this headgear was no longer used for Coronation etc.

Do you see how I have showed you a different angle to all this? Things are not as simply as they first seem.

Jim, your comment is right on the money.

At Vatican II, the the Catholic Church was hijacked by liberals and the teaching was changed. Heretical teachings pertaining to Ecumenism and Religious Liberty were brought in and 2,000 years of consistent teaching were dropped. As a result, in practise, the visible Church no longer has the moral authority that it had for almost 2,000 years.

The Triple crown tiara was donated to a museum as part of a plan to relieve the office of the Papacy of the authority of the Pope. He now wears similar headwear to the rest of the bishops, supporting a changed teaching called collegiality (the Pope is just another bishop).

The Church definitely was infiltrated by Masonry etc in the 1950s and prior. It was so bad in the early 1900’s that Pope Pius X had to write to encyclicals to correct the course of the Church. Even his election was the solution to a problem that was brewing. A mason almost became Pope – Cardinal Rampolla – but the last Catholic Emperor held a veto and used it. Then Pius X was elected and saved the Church – for a while.

Michael S. Rose wrote a book about “pink seminaries” years back outlining the findings of your friend.

A small subset of Catholics adhere to pre-Vatican II teaching. Many of the small subset (Traditionalists) believe the New Mass and the Sacraments that were brought by Pope Paul VI in the late 1960s are doubtful at best, and often invalid.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Church. Satan’s rule is coming to an end and this will happen in a way that most non-Catholics will not accept until it happens. Satan is already aware of his defeat and wants to take as many people as possible with him. If you want to learn more, search Traditionalist websites for content and search for the appearances in Portugal in 1917 of Our Lady (as reported correctly in the Masonic press).



Vatican II was bought about by the Jesuit Order and is known as the renewal meaning the continuation of the Council of Trent or shall we just say the counter-Reformation. This fact was highlighted by former-Jesuit Alberto Rivera before his assassination. At the time of the Second Vatican Council you had the Anglo-American faction of Jesuits controlling the show much to the dislike of the European Jesuits prior to the forming of the Jesuit Conferences. All you have to do is study the mindset and teachings of the Anglo-American Jesuits compared to the European Jesuits and you can see why we are in the state we are today with everything going the dogs so speak. If anyone bothers to study the Jesuits they will soon see who controls the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Movement and why. I should remind you that the Jesuit commands all those within these groups through the veil of inter-religious dialogue! This of course is nothing more than the Vatican controlling its branches bought within the fold under the false anti-Pope currently Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ.

Jesuit Bergoglio SJ obviously serves the Anglo-American Jesuits by continuing the Second Vatican Council and pushing all these supposed changes within the Vatican which are yet more veils to deceive you (the definition of Jesuit is a clever person who deceives the people.) It is correct that the Catholic Church is not what it was for the last two thousand years but what do you expect as the Age of Pisces is now being replaced by the Age of Aquarius which will last for a similar amount of time. This is where one of the great illusions can be understood and gives the powers behind the Vatican great strength through deceit. How? If the herd believe you are weakening then is this not a great cover when you have in fact been increasing your strength behind this veil? As we enter Aquarius a new religion amongst other things will be formed and these will be manned by the same power figures of old except with new garments and titles in a different location such as the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem replacing the Vatican and Rome.

Now if you want to listen to someone who believes in Satan and believes in sightings of the Virgin Mary in Portugal then feel free but I’d rather study fact and use common sense. The Superior General of the Jesuit Order is in fact a Freemason and I have a list here somewhere of around two hundred Vatican figures who are also members of Freemasonic lodges, I believe the list was compiled by Dr James Wardner but I could be wrong. Freemasonry is a tool of the Venetians who are behind the Jesuit Order and who have desired the destruction of the religions such as Catholicism and even Judaism with the latter being attacked and replaced amongst the elite figures from 1666 by Sabbatai Zevi and later Jacob Frank both tools of the Venetian-Jesuits. Alberto Rivera highlighted how the Superior General was a Freemason and even wore a Freemasonic ring. Many of the Vatican’s loyal assassins are Freemasons such as the members of the Italian P2 lodge. Just take a look at their dress wear and see for yourself except their apron is embroidered into their gowns.

The Grandmaster of the Dignity Order is behind the building of the King Solomon’s Temple III which will house in the Latin Kingdom the new titled and garmented figure once known as the Pope no different to how the Caesar became the Pope and the Senate became the College of Cardinals. Grandmaster Giuliano Di Bernardo has a close relationship with the Vatican and was connected to creation of the film ‘Angels & Demons‘ starring Roman Catholic, Tom Hanks. I should also point out how Hollywood is not a Jewish owned system but in fact mastered by the Venetian-Roman system under the Jesuits, the very soldiers who wrote its code of conduct. Have you noticed how the Catholic Church is shown in so many Hollywood films and why all the top paid actors are all Roman Catholics? I even highlighted the Freemasonry designed building which houses the Vatican Embassy in Bern, Switzerland just around the corner from the powerful Universal Postal Union connected with the Venetian continuum, families such as the German Fürstenhaus Thurn und Taxis bloodline.

I believe 100 percent that the Catholic Church has been fully usurped, and that it happened at Vatican 2.

I agree with you to a large extent, but there is actually far more that has happened before Vatican II. Just as Our Lord, when on earth, evaded may times the hands of the Jews trying to kill Him during His 3 years of ministry, so the Church has always survived the persecutions and attempted infiltrations by the Jews. But at the end, when it was the time appointed by Him – His “hour” – He was crucified and died. The same with the Church. It was her hour and she died – by the hands of the Jews no less. As Jesus rose again, so will the Church.

If someone wants to understand what happened at Vatican II, one must look to Bella Dodd and the Communist Infiltration in the 1930’s. By 1952 or so, when she was converted back to her Catholic faith by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, she said that they already had several men “communists jews” in high-ranking places in the Church. And I believe, 4 of them were already in the Vatican. She traveled all over the country in the 50’s speaking about what she and other communists had done in order to warn people of what was coming. I think she tried her best to atone for her previous activities.

By 1958, when Pope Pius XII died, the conclave, held at the end of October, had some very strange things happen that point to a “takeover” so-to-speak at the Vatican. There is talk that Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and forced to resign, so that they could place their man, Roncalli, on the Chair – he was very well-known to be a friend of Masons and Jews. It is all history after that.

There is much more that I could tell you about it that I have learned, but I didn’t want to take up too much of your time.

Thanks again for your courage, James.

God bless you



I should point out that it was the Romans who supposedly killed this Jesus Christ figure that Christians worship but everyone seems to forget this fact. What is also forgotten is the rule of Roman Empire during this era and the fact that the Sanhedrin said “We have no King but Caesar.” The Caesar and his Senate became the Pope and his College of Cardinals. The same Sanhedrin which we have Felice Pallavicini pictured at and anyone who knows the power of the Pallavicini should know why he is there and who for and it is not for the Jews.

The fact that the Jesuit Order were behind the creation of Communism should tell you something and its interesting you mention Fulton Sheen because he was the man who Roman Catholic, Ramon Estevez stole the name from to call himself Martin Sheen. The same Martin Sheen in Jesuit Hollywood and who likes to surround himself with Jesuits at Marquette University. Lets not forget his screw-up son Charlie Sheen who has often appeared with Alex Jones the front man for George H.W Scherff’s alternative media. The same Alex Jones would likes to lecture at the Roman Catholic, St. Edwards University and then claim his family fought the Catholics during the Reformation.

Jim Stone:

Ok, I am not going to turn this web site into a debate on the Catholic Church. But the Fatima news reels were real and not obeyed, the Pope no longer wears a crown, and the seminaries have been usurped and now churn out child molesters and gays. What can I say? Any way you cut it, the Catholic Church is TOAST.

The Catholic Church stood strong and unchanged for almost 2,000 years. Who changed it and destroyed it, and WHY? This has clearly been answered in previous posts farther down this page.

June 11 2014


Yes I have finally informed you of the real reasons for these actions and observations. Now you should finally be aware of the truth and it is far from the way you perceived it to be..

Junebug is correct about the Papal Tiara not being donned, any longer, by those who sit on the throne of St. Peter. The last to do so was Pope John XXIII. The coronation ceremonies have ceased. I find it interesting to note, the last tiara to be worn, now, sits on display in Washington, DC. This should be a signal which buttresses your fact about the usurpation of the Catholic Church. In my opinion, this is very similar to the beheading of St. John the Baptist. It’s no secret, any longer, to those who have “eyes to see and ears that hear”. You’d do well to pay close attention to the timing of world events, surrounding this “signal”. There has only been one Roman Catholic ever elected to the office of the U.S. Presidency. There shall never be another. I have already connected the dots……..

My response:

I try to stay away from religious topics as much as possible, but the Catholic church has been such a well entrenched power base that it’s demise has to be noted. Thanks for writing!


Washington D.C. is a sovereign piece of land which controls the USA Financial Ltd which controls the mainland of the United States since the incorporation of this corporation by President Lincoln in order to pay the debts demanded by The Worshipful Company of Skinners (which they do via the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve Richmond Bank connected with the family of Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla Parker Bowles) over the settling by the Virginia Company of London. The three great powers of this mighty Empire are all sovereign states and these are the City of London formerly the ancient Roman Londinium along with Washington D.C. and Vatican City.

Washington D.C. sits upon part of Virginia and Maryland giving you the Virgin Mary of Catholicism. In 1663 property records this region was once known as believe or not, Rome. Today it is a carbon copy of the Roman system of power as you should well know. Visible signs of this Roman authority can be seen behind the President during his State of the Union speech in front of two large Roman fascis. These two lands which came together to form Washington D.C were owned by two families one being named Pope and the other Carroll and both of these were powerful Roman Catholic families. The Carroll family were also connected to the Founding Fathers and the creation of Georgetown ‘military fortress‘ University mastered now by the Jesuit US Conference headed by Timothy P. Kesicki SJ. Georgetown University is the Vatican control over the United States!

It has been said above that no other Catholic has or will become President after John F. Kennedy, did you know that his replacement Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on a Roman Missal not a King James or better still a Geneva Bible? Are you not aware of the Bush connection to Roman Catholicism? George W. Bush loves the taste of communal wafers and visiting Red Mass whilst his brother John Bush likes to get down on one knee and kiss the anti-Pope’s fisher ring just as the Mayor’s of New York do with the Archbishop of New York as evidenced by our photograph of New York Mayor Robert F. Wagner whilst the Jesuit master behind the Archbishop has a grin on his face like a Cheshire cat. If you want to see who masters New York City then simply visit the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner especially during a U.S. Election year. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated under the orders of the Jesuits for putting the U.S Constitution above Vatican Canon Law and New Venice (Britain) for attempting to destroy its slave currency system which would have bought back the American republic aided by his desires of NAWAPA etc. The jesuits were not going to put up with that after they had ordered the assassination of President Lincoln to make sure the USA Financial Ltd would be a permanent rather than temporary change to the once America republic and that they would still be in control.