By: The Unhived Mind
25th May 2012

In reply to: “What is the agenda/endgame to have the Muslim Brotherhood all over the Middle East?” LINK


Roman Empire inter-religious dialogue for starters amongst ordo-ab-chao in the region in the meantime. This Moslem Brotherhood are fanatical Sharia Law and therefore any freedoms in the region to women will be squashed. DVD agent Hillary Clinton is a propaganda specialist commanded by Donald Rumsfeld and Kristine Marcy. The later being trained at Georgetown ‘Jesuit military fortress’ University in the third Rome of Jesuit Washington D.C. So when you hear the media propaganda attack Iraq and Libya for crimes against women, sit back and laugh whilst wanting to vomit at the same time.

Both those Iraq and Libya gave women a large amount of freedoms and far more than any of the other Islamic corporations that are fully controlled by the Roman Empire like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia being the biggest butchers and slave masters of all of them but because they have oil nothing is said to them in the slightest whilst usually China takes the flack instead. Never forgetting that it was the Jesuit Order who created Wahhabism in the first place. Libya gave women the biggest freedoms of all and I have tried to highlight this numerous times. The massive amount of freedoms Libya’s people really had were astounding. Believe me those people’s had far more freedom than any of us in the Western illusion covering up our police state tyrannical dictatorships.

Poor Gaddafi was executed not by the Al-qaeda rat rebels but by French DGSE intelligence which aided France stealing thirty-percent of the regions light-sweet crude oil fields. This oil giveaway to Total was of course awarded by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers in command of the energy and military complex of the Globe. Gaddafi had helped his people more than any other leader on Earth and this mindset cannot be accepted in the New World Order dictatorship tyranny designed by the Nazi continuum Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst of course through the Jesuit Order and its Temporal Power through the Office of the Holy See. Who created funded and created the Nazis? It was the Knight of Malta Dulles brothers and the powerful Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles. They gave Martin Bormann and Adolph Hitler the equivalent of the U.S. gross domestic product in 1933 which was one billion Federal Reserve notes. The same Dulles brothers who controlled the Moslem Brotherhood more openly after the war.

Gaddafi wanted independence in both North Africa and the Middle East, he was organizing an independent banking system free from the evil The Worshipful Company of Mercers. He wanted a Gold based Dinar system to dominate and had meetings with many leaders on the subject. He also wanted to feed the region independently stopping the reliance on Western poisonous genetically modified junk-food aid which helps put restrictions on individual Nations by the United Nations such as restrictions on breeding as seen in Vietnam. This would have put a stop to merchant thievery by the likes of the Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A of Netherlands who dominate the funding of the agricultural industry under the Mercers. The Club of Rome would have been frantic at the thought of the Middle East feeding itself. Their plans for the region is to reduce the population via radiation, war and food shortages. Gaddafi would not buckle in to The Worshipful Company of Fueller demands over the region’s oil supply. The time frame decided already for the attack of Iran dictates that the light-sweet crude oil fields of Libya are vital and needed quickly in order to buffer many oil loss negatives from Iran’s closure of the Strait of Hormuz. France now is on its way to regaining oil energy lost since the Operation Desert Storm forced France more into the Nuclear and Aviation industries for survival. France is the nuclear front puppet for the World controlled by the Department of Energy and the nuclear power players of the West Coast of the United States commanded by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers.

Gaddafi was a man who detested Emperor Juan Carlos and his Union for the Mediterranean empirical control over the region. Emperor Juan Carlos being the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem simply known as the King of Jerusalem. An ancient powerful Templar title giving him complete control over the Middle East and North Africa. Finally we should not forget Libya’s massive water aquifer being I believe the third biggest in the World? This of course was part of the food growing plan as its irrigation system. Who would this Aquifer aid in the New unHoly Roman Empire? The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and the St Lazare Foundation with its World Society of course run under the Houses of Bourbon and Savoy. The House of Savoy being mastered by the powerful Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV who has a powerful Doria family scion. The very family who funded the ancient Knights Templar and who run the Swiss canton of Geneva. Emanuele IV also claiming a right to the title of King of Jerusalem and going as far to have a fist fight with Juan Carlos over the topic. The World’s water system must be stolen by the United Nations (World Government front) under United Nations Proposition 21 of course tied in with the United Nations Agenda 21 which is hidden under multiple names such as Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Planning and Smart Growth. Clearly just hoodwink veil titles for planned genocide of the majority of the World’s populace for the Club of Rome fronted by the Peccei family and run by Emperor Juan Carlos a known honorary member of the Club as is Mikhail Gorbachev the current anarchy creator in Russia with Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton and John McCain attempting to destroy Orthodox Russia and the great Vladimir Putin. Lets not forget the power over the region that the Pontificium Collegium Russicum holds for the Jesuit Curia Generalizia.

I believe the Emperor Juan Carlos and his New unHoly Roman Empire wish to have the Moslem Brotherhood in place to aid the massive final Crusading Holy war coming very shortly. This current War on Terror will be turned into a great Holy War for the Papacy. I believe that at some point after the coming asteroid hoax they are now conditioning you for, that a faked alien contact will occur calling for all religions to unite under a new one-World Religion. The conditioning being used at this present time towards this goal is known as Operation Greenstar. This religion is of course a pagan scientific dictatorship called the Luciferian Doctrine designed by the Jesuit Order. You are being conditioned towards this with the Devil’s Messiah agenda and the pushing of the New-Age Movement bought about by Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. The Ecumenicism and World Council of Churches currently dominated by the Jesuit Order and their Holy See will lead this new pagan religion from within East Jerusalem known as the Latin Kingdom. This will become the spiritual capital of the World replacing sovereign Vatican City. Dubai will replace New York City and possibly Switzerland as the banking capital of the World. I do not know if New Jerusalem will move yet from the West but if so they will also enter into Dubai I believe. The political capital of New York will be moved to Iraq. The World will be dominated lock, stock and barrel from the Middle East where the Horus God rises every twenty-four hours the number of the priesthood.

The Middle East needs to be destroyed and turned into one mesh bloc divided into regions no different to the European Union. Once this has occurred, the joining of the Middle East mesh bloc and the African Union will take place. After this, then the combining with the European Union will finally take place. The European Union will have probably already absorbed the Union for North America which is simply the corporation of The Worshipful Company of Mercers, lets say their continuum of the Virginia Company of both London and Plymouth all through debt and deceit of course. The joining of this Americas region with the European Union will occur once Russia has joined within the Union for North America. Yes you read correctly, Russia will be absorbed into the American program after the Nazi DVD South Americas is absorbed. Do a study on the underground tunnel signed off by Vladimir Putin to connect with Alaska. Notice the Alaskan Islands being handed to Russia. Sherman Skolnick told you many years ago that these Islands would be used as a gulag to put U.S Citizens into camps. Then go and watch predictable programming movies like ‘Red Dawn’ and sit and think long and hard. Then study the training of Russian troops on U.S mainland for Martial Law preparations along with of course the Chinese. Chinese military commanders telling Chinese that their future partners will be Americans.

Notice why so many white men are being mind prepped to have unions with Chinese ladies as you see regular in the media these days. I believe the Western feminine has been degraded in order to make them acceptable to another race. All whilst white men no longer see Western women as proper wife material and then opt instead for a loyal oriental partner instead. This is nothing more than Jesuit genetic programmes as they desire a scion of white man with Chinese lady and white girls with blacks etc. Its a massive genetic social experiment to eventually destroy the complete idea of race entirely. The same occurring right now with the idea of sexes. This is happening through the Uranian agenda and the push for homosexuality as the stepping stones to the ancient alchemy desires of the Order of the Rosy Cross. The so-called perfection of man and the uniting of man with woman and heaven and Earth as one. Nothing more than the Worship of Mercury and Venus united as the hermaphrodite which both the Statute of Liberty and Baphomet both represent. Their supposed Divinity of the highly advanced occult Hermetic degrees of Illuminized Freemasonry. As I said its all the Luciferian Doctrine and who is the God of the Rainbow as well as Prince of the power of the air? Lucifer! Who has the a flag which is made up of the colors of the rainbow? I rest my case.

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