By: The Unhived Mind
Jul 23 2012

We have British Intelligence governed by the Joint Intelligence Committee itself governed by the Intelligence and Security Committee of the UK Government. You will notice two of the controllers of the ISC are Privy Councilors named Robin Butler and Michael Ancram. These are two special persons who belong to much greater powers controlling part of the highest levels of this power structure and control over mankind.

Robin Butler is of the actual blood of the Butler’s who are really the Ormonde name changed who rule Ireland. You then have Michael Ancram of Clan Kerr who is married into the powerful Catholic Howard family who rule the roose over Britain with the Perci family of the Duke of Norfolk and roots of fifth-degree witch Barbara Bush (Pearce) in Texas. Michael Ancram also has connections to the Crooked Nose Clan where David Cameron comes out of with a silver spoon in his Common Purpose mouth. The same Cameron family named as the King of the Solar City. David Cameron being connected to the House of Keswick opium dealers the part controllers of the HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation with Chinese Er-Bu and of course The Worshipful Company of Mercers.

You have the Order of the Garter and the Sovereign Dame of Malta, Elizabeth II. She takes the title Sovereign from the Holy See since the Vatican created the title in 1481 with the Aterni Regis Papal Bull. The next level is the Howard, Butler and Perci arena all working for the Roman Empire continuum which controls the British Empire continuum aka Livery Companies of New Jerusalem aka City of London Corporation. Notice the connection of the Howard family to the home of the Archibishop of Westminster, Vincent Nicols.

You should note the Knights Templar arrow on the shield of the Butler family and those all important acorns. The acorn symbolizing the fertility and rebirth whilst being part of the ancient sacred oak tree which could withstand a lightening strike from the mighty Zeus the planet Jupiter the God of the Vatican. You will also see the acorn used by the Della Rovere and the Papal Nobility Farnese family of old which is now continued through the House of Bourbon commanded by Juan Carlos the Emperor of the New unHoly Roman Empire who’s also known as the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem giving him complete control over the Middle East and North Africa. He part uses this control through his Union for the Mediterranean located in Barcelona and Malta.

The Emperor is also a high level controller of the Order of Malta which commands all the military intelligentsia under the Cardinal Grandmaster based in Rome. The Order of Malta is overseen by the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George (Bourbon) and the powerful Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem which Juan Carlos is also a high controller of along with its Cardinal Grandmaster. These all answer to the power of the Holy See at Vatican City guarded by the Swiss Guard and Knights of Malta. These all answer to the grand pooh bar, the Curia Generalizia at Borgo Santo Spirito which is guarded by the Spanish Centro Nacional de Inteligencia of the Emperor for the protection of the Superior General and his Assistancy controlling The Entity the greatest and most powerful intelligence agency on Earth.

The over-hyped Mormon cult intelligence is governed by The Entity and it was the Jesuits who set up the Mormon cult. Brigham Young was handled by Jesuit solder Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ who also gave the Mormons the Satanic Union State of Utah. Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ also handled the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike. The current rigged challenger to the U.S. President is Mitt Romney a fagmaster from the Mormon Church the same Mormon cult who owned the hotel used in Virginia this year to host the Bilderberg meeting tied to Order of Malta Knight Heinz Kissinger (Nazi DVD operative) and Privy Councilor and Lord High Chancellor, Kenneth Clark the two of the most common builders of the mountain for the King (Superior General) in the crows nest. Mitt Romney is the chosen one by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst leadership which includes Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush the DVDs thirty-four year long leader and Heinz Kissinger.

Your only hope against this wicked Satanic and Luciferian system is to hold a Puritan true-Christian Geneva Bible 1560/99. Do not follow any other Bible including the Crown copyrighted King James Bible mastered by an occultic Enochian Magician pirate, Sir John Dee of The Worshipful Company of Mercers of the Livery pirates den at New Jerusalem. May I remind you that Caroll Quigley failed you tell you that the Anglo-American establishment is controlled by the Jesuit Order. Thats not so surprising when you understand his masters at the Jesuit military fortress of the U.S. known as Georgetown University and currently commanded by Loyola soldier, Thomas Smolich SJ. All another Jesuit diversion to keep you eyeing everywhere but Rome. The true old definition of a Jesuit was always a person who deceives the people.

Finally let me remind you that the Jesuit Order are not followers of Jesus and neither are the Catholic Church. Catholicism is not and never will be Christian its roots lie in Mithraism. Christians existed during the Roman Empire who would kill and thrown Christians to the lions for amusement and pleasure. The Catholic Church is the Roman Empire continuum in the veils of Christianity in order to hoodwink, usurp, infiltrate and now destroy. The Jesuit Order do not follow the same God as the Catholic Church who worship the planet Jupiter known as Zeus or Peter. The Jesuit Order follow the planet Saturn the reaper the same as the Synagogue of Satan exposed in the Geneva Bible. The Jesuits are seen as the Typhon God working for Kronos the mightiest God of all and the one who helped birth Venus aka Lucifer the Divine hermaphrodite. The God of light and the rainbow as well as the Prince and power of the air. This is the reason that Baphomet is part masculine and part feminine just like Venus and her mother the Moon (Cybele).

The Jesuits completely control the Vatican and have done since 1814-1870 onwards. The Jesuits desire the destruction of Catholicism as planned in order to bring about the one-World religion of Light known as the Luciferian Doctrine. The Jesuits never forgived the Church for their suppression in 1773 and never will. They easily forget how it was the anti-Christos Pontiff who allowed their origins to survive the Knights Templar suppression in the 14th Century. These surviving Knights were allowed to enter the powerful Kingdom of Aragon and did so changing into the Order of the Calatrava and Montesa. Today these orders are Grandmastered by Emperor Juan Carlos, the most powerful Knight in the World.

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