The scaremongering and treatment for the Ebola virus

The scaremongering & treatment

for the deadly Ebola virus

By: The Unhived Mind – 3rd August 2014

This is in reply to information posted by Jim Stone

Updated 8th August 2014

I will reply about the Ebola scaremongering campaign. I cannot understand why you and others did not before now think about Ascorbate based on the symptoms of Ebola. It is blatantly obvious that the symptoms are hyper-depletion of Ascorbate which is medically termed as scurvy and this also happens with many other dangerous and terminal diseases such as H5N1 Avian flu. In truth Ascorbate is not the true answer to the problem since it is an aid against the symptom. The body’s Ascorbate levels will need to be replenished in order to counter the rapid losses as soon as possible either to keep the body’s Ascorbate at normal levels or higher as a buffer. The Ascorbate will aid the immunity to do its job but the immunity was shafted from the start otherwise the virus would not have taken hold and then later caused the hyper-depletion of Ascorbate from the body. The immunity is connected with the Kidneys and the Spleen when we deal in Chinese medicine and believe me they know more than anyone on the human body and how it functions.

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I should point out that you cannot treat the ebola virus using just Ascorbate pills or powders from the local store (most of which are made now in China and with GMO corn). You would initially need to have pharmacological dosages of Ascorbate intravenously until you hit a threshold where then you could use the more simpler methods. If you want a clue then you should look at how the family of Allan Smith in New Zealand forced doctors to use intravenous Ascorbate to cure his terminal swine flu whilst he was in intensive care. Allan Smith started with intravenous Ascorbate and then eventually he could go to powders and lower dosages on a regular basis. You obviously do not understand Ascorbate and its actions in the body if you think like that about just using pills. I should also point out in the movie ‘The Stand‘ by Stephen King, the guy who survived was regularly eating Ascorbate pills. Now he would have been dead in real life doing such a thing but the movie was giving you the clue to Ascorbate. I am not a doctor and would not want to be and even I know these facts so no need to sensationalize about a mysterious doctor as if he is all knowing, its all old news to us real healers and researchers.

What is the true action of vitamin C against viruses etc when taken in pharmacological dosages intravenously? It becomes an oxidizer so now we somewhat move away from the immune system fighting the illness and more the oxidization the same as getting into the realm of ozone therapy which is the ultimate oxidizer and safer than using 35% hydrogen peroxide or MMS. When you understand ozone and other similar systems you soon realize that non of the biological weapons are a true threat anymore and this is why the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and the Worshipful Company of Barbers detest such therapies especially the polyatomic apheresis ozone work and this is why the Worshipful Company of Technologists make sure search engines suppress data as they now do. What Kim Dotcom needs to create next is a search engine that does not censor information and can compete with Google but becomes totally independent of Google and not an inter-connected fork. If you want revolution that can destroy New Venice then in computer systems turn to Kim Dotcom and in our world turn to Vladimir Putin.

What have you all forgotten about? Homoeopathy! I’ve had experience of all different healing methods from supplements (Ascorbate) to herbal medicines to acupuncture and non of them come close to homoeopathy performed correctly with the right remedies. I’ve turned a raging fever into the opposite within thirty seconds, yes just seconds using just two small pills of Belladonna 30c and that is just one example of many. Why do you think that the Doge (Queen Elizabeth II [Guelph]) of New Venice (British Empire) uses homoeopathy as her first line of defense and attack? The Doge is not on her own as many other Black Nobility families do the same like I’ve exposed on my site along with Eustace Mullins highlighting the same (his video is on my site where he mentions this fact and about the Rockefeller family).

It is a fact that the number one healing system is homoeopathy and this is especially true for the acute conditions where it dominates. Homoeopathy can not only combat biological weapons from God and man but it can also combat many chemical weapons and it has thousands of powerful potentized remedies to utilize in doing so. I should point out that the Doge’s physician is the top homoeopath in New Venice known as Dr Peter Fisher who’s real name is Esther Adelaja and he’s based in the land once known as England. I have listed some homoeopathic treatments for Ebola in the past!

There is absolutely no need to panic and bare in mind seven hundred Ebola deaths in Africa is peanuts compared to thirty-thousand deaths each year or more just by the flu in the United States in fact the figure is much higher than this. On top of that we have the fact that the medical mafia kill five-hundred thousand people a year in the United States just by pharmaceutical poisoning. Now lets bare in mind that when the flu was at its worse in Britain a decade ago or so, they hit the thirty-thousand deaths figure so therefore seven-hundred Ebola deaths is fly excrement in comparison almost like urinating in the ocean and expecting it to rise. So now we know the amount of deaths from both normal and dangerous influenza lets look at the death figures projections if the rate stays the same today. In one whole year there will be around one-hundred and seven thousand Ebola deaths which is less than influenza and only a fifth of the true annual figures for iatrogenic deaths through allopathic quackery. Yes we have to agree that as time continues then the Ebola figures have the potential to increase much further to a point of destroying fifty-seven percent of the global population in line with the population reduction desires of New Venice and its Club of Rome organization. In the real world we cannot rely on standard math theory because viruses can frazzle out and so forth. It is a known fact that Ebola is no where near as infectious as the movies and media have been making out, again Flu is the king for infection spread.


Viruses are protein solvents originally designed by God to remove filth from both the planet and its creatures. Viruses need filth in order to survive and thrive so if one keeps their body as clean as possible then viruses become less of a problem. This is also part of the reason why Africa and other nations suffer more with such problems. You could get a serious flu situation in those countries at the same time as Britain but the Africans etc would have a much larger kill rate. Nations such as those are suffering from lack of hygiene as well as malnutrition so these people do not stand a chance even with some more minor illnesses in the West. If you want to understand true healing and understanding you have to start off with the knowledge from Antione Bechamp not the Venetian puppet Louis Pasteur. Pasteur’s pseudo-science feeds the pharmaceutical barbaric system headed by the Livery companies mentioned above and their pirates.

I first highlighted back before the credit crunch crisis of 2008 that Governments would use pandemics (flu back then) in order to cover-up dire economic problems. The banking system will never want the public to blame them for any full blown economic crisis, instead they would prefer to lay the blame somewhere else. A pandemic or dangerous communicable disease makes a great aid for the bankers and ruling elite families because now they can lay blame on the disease (or the illusion of a disease aided by media outlets) for the crisis. Now then on top of the cover-up of the cause of the financial crisis they can implement health authorities and serious draconian laws that even make martial law look appealing in comparison. So now you have the cover-up and isolation/quarantines meaning no angry public rioting over their wealth being taken from them by the financial collapse. Instead you have the public worried, frightened about dying and begging for a poisonous vaccine to save mankind. All of this worry and fear hinders the kidney performance and shuts down proper brain functioning making the psy-op victim even more easier to scare and program with further propaganda.

I suspected that the MERS virus might have been used for this purpose but when I considered that MERS is race-specific biological weapon it did not make sense. I still believe an avian bird flu pandemic is by far the best all rounder to use against the public because they can easily shoot up the population with vaccines containing either the live avian flu virus (like Baxter International tried to do during the Swine flu pandemic) or nano technologies such as the programmable T4 bacteriophage nanobots to create future disease at the flick of a switch. It would have been harder to achieve these goals with Ebola because everyone knew there was supposedly no cure. Now alarm bells should be ringing when you see that all of a sudden numerous drugs like Zmapp and TKM-Ebola are being used and hyped against Ebola, this is a sure sign this is a psychological operation. What is even more alarming is that the DARPA agent Charles Arntzen who’s behind the creation of Zmapp hinted at his Malthusian tendencies by wanting to reduce the world’s population using a genetically engineered virus like the predictive programming movie called ‘Contagion’. In September of 2014 human trials on Ebola vaccine will take place and then from January 2015 onwards Ebola vaccine will be pushed onto the herd. All perfect timing for an economic crash in April-May 2015!

Now we find out about the U.S. Patented EcoBUN Ebola and the fact that this Ebola isn’t reacting the same way as old forms of the virus. There is no way any of the elites would expose themselves to Ebola unless there was a counter-measure. If we look at the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone we find it is connected to funds from both rogue financier George Soros and Bill Gates. The same George Soro’s who’s behind the Nazi coup’d-etat against the Ukraine in order to help surround the Russian Federation with terrorist NATO so they can try to stop the great Vladimir Putin and his BRICS destroying the U.S. Dollar and the Venetian slave system run from the City of London in New Venice (Britain). MERS could never have been used because they needed a biological weapon from their arsenal that targets all of the population not just Arabs and so Flu or this Ebola could be the one especially when you bare in mind all the television and Hollywood predictive programming we’ve been hit with over the years by such movies as ‘Outbreak‘ by Wolfgang Petersen and Warner Brothers.

I’ve also highlighted how in such a health authority pandemic type situation the people will be issued with an electronic bracelet when they have been checked and supposedly found safe. I’ve also been highlighting how all these new smart bands and bracelets are a mind conditioning tool so when the time is right the authorities will have no resistance to such tagging. The tagging will be implemented by such nefarious New Venice criminal mega-corporations like Serco (the Octopus) and G4S. These bracelets will never be removed and will become necessary in order to exist in the new economy until the internal implants are ready to be rolled out. The bracelet prison will end up constantly irradiating your bloodstream with dangerous gigahertz microwaves eventually rendering you sick. Expect to see such scenarios by 2017, from a mind conditioning point of view the smart bracelets haven’t been pushed long enough to the public so my past 2017 economic collapse predictions may well be correct but with the next phase of the collapse most likely starting around April-May of 2015. Watch the predictive programming movie called ‘The Crazies’ to see similar scenarios from FEMA type holding camps to the dreaded electronic bracelet.

From the breach of bio-security procedures that we saw with Dr Kent Brantly upon his return to the U.S. mainland it does look like the Homeland Security is gearing up for either a major psychological operation or an actual serious health threat for the desired kill ratios. You cannot pump a bio-security level four victims waste into the public sewage system it has to be separately disposed of properly and incinerated. You cannot walk Ebola victims out in the open and transport them through U.S. cities by ambulances when you have helicopters that can do the job safer. You do not put people in regular hospitals used by the public unless a full blow epidemic starts. Where ever the victim is placed it must be up to BSL 4 standards. What we’ve witnessed in the last few days is a very serious breach of public safety which may be used in the future to blame for an epidemic but then again they wouldn’t want you to know how big that breach has been so they might keep that quiet and come up with another excuse. There is absolutely no reason to bring anyone with Ebola to mainland United States. You make sure the virus stays within a region where it can be contained by force and extreme measures if need be, you do not export a virus like this unless you have nefarious and currency making desires.