June 26 2016

Interview by Poseidon Media

Britain has just voted to leave the E.U, what are your initial thoughts on this historical event?

Absolutely fantastic! The leave vote is a great stepping stone towards further erosion of the Zeusian power and conspiracy. Even though we’ve defeated the European Project we still have a very long way to go before we can announce that Britain is anywhere near a truly sovereign nation. Britons and the People around the world are greatly mistaken if they believe that Britain (Blessed Isles of Albion) is a sovereign nation because of the ‘Independence Day’ illusion of June the 23rd 2016! The only way to gain true sovereignty is to remove the Talmudic Templar banking debt slavery and so far we’re no where near this stage. To initiate the mass public into the next phase to real sovereignty you’ll need the Templar banking to punish Britons using economic and interdependence thumbscrew methods which could trigger the needed wake up call forcing Britons to look for the old and simple solutions. Until the Talmudic Templars make such moves then I’m afraid you’ve got no chance of seeing true sovereignty as the people hardly understand the meaning and idea of democracy let alone the deeper problems of this wretched system. Thanks to Bertrand Russell the people across most of the world have now become degenerate, dumbed down and so far removed from their survival instincts that the concept of having to look after yourself is unimaginable. If the Jewish Templar banking completely pulled out then the populaces of the world would crumble and this would be a good way for the Talmudic ones to remove their target enemies without the need for war, homosexuality or chemical/biological warfare. The Jews own virtually everything and they sell their products cheaper than anyone else in order to put the competition out of business. Imagine you’ve got a small business selling televisions and you’ve paid £400 for your sets and need to sell at £500 or more to break even let alone make a profit. What are you going to do against PC World selling the same television for £300? You can’t do anything other than either keep your televisions to yourself or sell them at a loss and this is exactly how the Jews work and especially against us all who they term the goyim. You might like to look up the work of Ayn Rand and her Atlas Shrugged book whilst thinking about who owns every large corporation and what they could potentially achieve.

Who should take the credit for both the British Referendum and the final outcome?

Both the referendum and its outcome really stem from the work of the various alternative media outlets including my own website. We wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are right now if it wasn’t for all the hard work by the truth movement in exposing many of the darknesses by bringing them into the light. There’s one being in particular who really deserves to be praised and that’s Nigel Farage the leader of the UK Independence Party. Nigel Farage is the politician that truly kick-started the referendum call and he should take all the credit for Britain’s ‘Day of Independence’ which will be celebrated annually on June the 23rd as a national bank holiday.

Didn’t David Cameron and Boris Johnson play the main role in the referendum and its outcome?

Please don’t fall for the Jewish deceptions! Both David Cameron and Boris Johnson are from the same political party being the Conservative Party tied to the Conservative Friends of Israel. Jewish Cameron, Johnson and psychopath cocaine snorting George Osborne all come from the two-hundred year old Bullingdon Club of the University of Oxford. The Bullingdon Club is a British basket-case similar to that of the Chapter 322 Skull and Bones hosted at the Yale University. Since the assassination attempts against Farage ended in failure, the Jews used Cameron to take all the limelight away from Nigel after UKIP were doing so well and his fame starting spreading across the world. The UKIP threat to the main political establishment in Britain was so powerful that the Jews had to squash it with their typical unoriginal methods. How many times do we see Jews taking over debates and arguments? The Jews always do this and then leave out the true original arguing parties (the threat to the Jew) and all in order to control the flow of the original argument and maintain a more positive outcome in favor of the Jew. Now lately the role of Boris Johnson has been to set him up for the role of the British Prime Minister after a disappointing David Cameron. In the case of Britons voting to leave the European Union, the Jews made sure their front-man Boris Johnson gained all the publicity and of course this was yet again the method to keep Nigel Farage and UKIP out of the limelight and thus continue the Empire’s political farce. New Venice played a most obvious Hegelian dialectic move with the choosing and actions of both David Cameron (Crooked Nose Clan) and Boris Johnson.

You spoke earlier of real sovereignty still needing to be found, can you elaborate on what you mean by that comment?

Sure! It’s very simply! Briton’s don’t have any sovereignty right now, when Article 50 is enacted or even two years from now when Britain is proclaimed as fully removed from the European Union. Why? British sovereignty was eroded from 1873 onwards but the final nails in the coffin hit the region and most of the world by 1933 onwards. This was the time when the Talmudic Templar banking merchant powers took full control of the nation and subordinated it to debt slavery no different to what they did with Germany under the Treaty of Versailles. The only way to regain sovereignty is to remove these merchant powers who’s roots go back into Venice and out into ancient Samaria, in other words the Jews. Britain needs a national credit system or a currency system that has backing and which is issued by the UK Treasury outside of a central ‘war’ bank such as the Venetian created Bank of England. All current central ‘war’ banks serve the Rothschild family (guardian of the Vatican treasury) and the New Venice Empire. A current central bank could easily be converted to a bank which works for the nation and its people but in the current form these banks are instead designed to work against the nation and its people in order to become their slave-master through the use of debt and debt instruments which end up replacing money and true value with a complete farce. You might like to watch the movie called ‘The International’ directed by Tom Tykwer as it’ll give you a clearer idea of what these banks are truly about and how they work.

Is there a way in order to keep sovereignty once it has been regained?

Yes but its not an easy task because in order to do so you’ll have to make sure the true roots of the problems of this world are removed. How? This means the removal of a body of people of psychosis known as the Jews and then the implementation of a Promethean new model of development and co-operation should be put in place as a win-win situation for each and every one of the nation states and citizenry. Just the idea alone of the nation state rattles these Jews as they’ve battled against it since Nicolaus Cusanus’s Renaissance which gave a mighty Promethean blow to evils of Venice. It must be said that although Venice took a major hit from the Renaissance, some of the actions of this event also aided the Jews due to the implementation of Kabbalah practices into Europe. We must always expect the Jews and now New Venice to always have a ‘plan B’ or to gain a positive from a negative outcome. These cretins are the masters of manipulation and have been for thousands of years. The problem you’ve got is that these people of psychosis aka the Synagogue of Satan never give in or give up and they’ll always seek revenge after rare defeats. We’ve also witnessed this mindset within the Jesuit Order! Why? The Jesuits were created by the Venetian Jewish merchant powers with the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola being handled by a Venetian power known as Gasparo Contarini. Many of the important high-ranking Jesuit soldiers (worshipers of Kronos) were of Jewish decent so is it any wonder they use the Saturnalian symbolism of the reaper’s sickle within their logo? The Jesuits were designed as a method of infiltration of the Christian Church in order to destroy the European Goyim after the defeat by the Renaissance. The only way to secure victory is to completely remove the Synagogue of Satan by any means necessary or have them placed in their own land with strict no-immigration or communication with the outside world. I’m sorry but as history has always proven, these tribal small hats are just too damn dangerous and untrustworthy to ever trust within our societies. There are no true Jews roaming this planet today as they’re all a fraud including these so-called orthodox Jews who also get their inspiration from the Babylonian Talmud of the Pharisee deception. What we have here is the Babylonian Brotherhood who’re nothing more than a bunch of frauds twisting or replacing original religious texts and claiming to be the original peoples in order to gain some sort of godly power over the slave populace. These people are of psychosis and claim to be gods after putting the Kabbalah teachings into practice. These cretins are far from what they claim and this even includes the Sephardi immigrants of land of Judea who ended up killing off the their Tribe of Judah hosts.

What should happen to all those British officials who were in favor of the EU?

I believe each and everyone of those officials should be tried in English Common Law courtrooms working under the British Constitution. Each of these traitorous officials should be looking at a minimum of a life-sentence in jail whilst the likes of the New Doge (Queen Elizabeth II) and her Prime Ministers should be looking at the death penalty. Briton must not use the legalese changes to the treason laws which occurred in the 1990s as these were tainted by both the House of Windsor and Tony Blair making sure the death penalty would be avoided.

What do you think of the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan calling for London to be accepted in the EU?

Sadiq Khan is an open traitor to Britain and should be removed from office and replaced with George Galloway utilizing Max Keiser as his financial adviser. Sadiq Khan should be immediately placed within a jail cell awaiting the death penalty for his outright treason upon Britain. If Khan likes Europe that much then he can go and become a Greek mayor and enjoy what the Jewish George Soros and the European project (under orders from the New Doge of New Venice via the German Chancellor) has done to poor Greece by turning it from the first world and now into an almost third world nation in status that’s now riddled with poverty, drug addiction and disease. Greece is the poster child for the Zero Growth Post-Industrial Plan of the Club of Rome. If these cretins and the European Union aren’t stopped then expect all other nations to follow suit and end up in the same nightmare that Greece is going through. Britain doesn’t want or need traitors like Sadiq Khan the sabbos goy and that’s why I call on the true laws of Britain to be used to their fullest in order to permanently remove these types of problematic beings. Britain needs a leadership that knows how Britain should really function as a truly sovereign state and thus we should be looking towards prominent members of the British Constitutional Group such as Roger Hayes and Brian Gerrish. It’s time to remove infiltration organizations such as Common Purpose from Britain.

What are your thoughts on the Scottish?

Barbarians like of old stuck in a backward mentality riddled with a mindset of doublethink, doublespeak and utter stupidity. Ask yourself how this Nicola Sturgeon can be a leader of any party let alone the Scottish Nationalist Party? How can Sturgeon say that Scotland’s wishes not counting is an undemocratic act and then at the same time she wishes to be part of a totally undemocratic and communist dictatorship super-state which is even nicknamed the EUSSR after the Soviet Union Frankenstein’s monster by the Jewish Red Revolution? Why would anyone want to be ruled from Brussels rather than Westminster as the United Kingdom agreed to by members of your own nations? The Scottish know who’s in charge of Westminster and they also know that those in power can be removed at any time or by the end of a full political term of office. The UK Government can be removed by the people and if need be even the Queen regardless of any veils claiming the opposite! Can the Scottish even tell you the name of a single president of the European Union’s numerous presidents? No! Can the Scottish tell you who elected those EU bureaucrats? No! Could the Scottish remove these EU overlords? The answer like every other time is a big fat no! All this nonsense talk coming out of Scotland is based on an old hatred of the English and economics rather than being about a sovereign Scotland. Do the Scottish Nationalist Party think the EU will let them have manufacturing or something similar back in Scotland? Scotland’s only hope was its oil supply and with the lack of demand and glut in the oil energy sector that won’t be improving anytime shortly and Scotland had better watch its back. Scotland will also have no voice of reasoning within the EU if it’s stupid enough to rejoin as it has nothing to leverage power with. If Scotland had become independent at their last referendum then soon enough they would have been broke just like Venezuela through relying on oil. The Scottish don’t truly want to be independent as deep down they always want to rely on someone else whether that has been the British or Europe. Alex Salmond and now Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t wait to sign Scotland back into Europe as its illusionary safety net. It’s okay wanting to be with the EU for finance if you’re insane and cannot accept the inevitable. The inevitable is that the EU will be destroyed as it’s already collapsed and it’s irreversibly bankrupt as is the entire Trans-Atlantic monetary system. People who’re belly aching about capital losses, stocks and other financial problems have their heads up their backsides whilst standing on a train track as the train is bulleting towards them. What they want, and claim to miss actually doesn’t even exist and has zero value except to the Jews who utilize it in order to enslave and dictate to the goyim slave masses.

Did you watch the live-coverage of the event as it unfolded and if so how did you do achieve this?

I watched most of the coverage via Russia Today aka RT which did an excellent job with the results coverage as well as some good programming on the subject utilizing guests such as George Galloway. I did take a peak at the BBC coverage but only briefly and then just to make sure I could watch on time both the Dawn Raid (Cameron) and Bank of England (Mark Carney) speeches. Whilst being unfortunate in having to watch the Bias Broadcasting Corporation you could see how the network was verbally attacking ‘leave’ voters by making out they’re tied to racism and a lack of education. These BBC tricks are exactly the same techniques that are currently being used in the New Venice plantation known as the United States to target Donald Trump in the hope of throning a fifth degree Witch, felon, murderer and war criminal known as Zionist Hillary Clinton who has Jewish roots and always puts Israel first. Even now after the British referendum you’ll notice the mainstream media especially the BBC continuing to make out leave supporters are backward and don’t deserve the vote. In fact the BBC and other British Ziopress outlets are now trying to plant a seed that another referendum should take place. As usual New Venice is manipulating the two sides. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jews start a color revolution in Britain by manipulating the defeated side and I have no doubt the BBC will be there with guns blazing against the patriots of Britain. If you really need to use television to get your news then my advice would be to stick with RT or PressTV or at a push Al-Jazzera but let me remind you that the latter programming is controlled by MI6, MOSSAD and the CIA.

Will Europe attempt any dirty tricks in an attempt to keep control of the bloc?

The European Union has always been mastered by New Venice! What the people are led to believe in is a big deception especially since David Cameron’s useless EU reforms which further aids the veil of who’s the real boss. New Venice will attempt to pull out all the stops in order to keep the European project going as long as it can or they’ll be ready for it to be morphed into a newer more democratic project. One of the ways they’ll most likely do this will be by utilizing the Ziopress and pushing further anti-Russia propaganda using a new and latest false-threat supposed coming out of Russia. The people once again will end up being fooled into accepting further demonization of Promethean Vladimir Putin the Russian President and greatest man walking the Earth at this moment in time. How will they achieve this? Simply by provoking or staging an outright false event that gets trumped up in the mainstream media aka Ziopress. The effect of these anti-Russia actions will be the EU calling for more NATO and U.S. actions whilst the populace victims will accept and rally around the false cry instead of rejecting the Western terrorism of Europeans by the Trans-Atlantic Jewish powers. As New Venice is now out of the EU it’ll end up being able to sit upon the fence and utilize different parts of its spiders web. If New Venice’s Zeusian system completely fails then it can easily jump on-board the Promethean tail-feathers until the next time it desires to plot and dominate the world by infiltrating and taking over the new system. I have to keep highlighting the fact that New Venice never looses out and in fact they always end up making some form of a positive out of a negative. New Venice recently made a big connection to China and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank whilst giving the veil they were going against the US President’s wishes (keeping the American Empire illusion afloat). New Venice’s deals with China are just as a life boat so if their Trans-Atlantic Templar nightmare sinks then they can still stay afloat on the Chinese ocean so to speak and all whilst other New Venice plantations crumble. New Venice always edges it bets! So please keep an eye out for a new event based on a downed passenger airliner or some other false flag that’s coming real soon. My bets for this event would be that it’ll be a provoked attack in the skies of a fighter jet or jets or to really pull on the heart strings a staged attack under Russian colors of a passenger airliner to be blamed on Russia jets (similar to Operation Northwoods). This scenario is the only way to rally Europeans under the US and its NATO terrorism. The event will be mastered and executed with NATO false-flag terrorism techniques (ordo-ab-chao) as well as further events utilizing John McCain’s latest fear-porn group known as ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service). We might see something happen over in Eastern Europe or watch for Barry Soetoro (Obama) or fifth degree witch, Hillary Clinton kick something off over in Georgia especially if Mikheil Saakashvili is back in town after his troublemaker actions over in Odessa, Ukraine.

People are blaming the Leave campaign for the economic troubles in the markets is this fair?

No this assumption isn’t fair and it’s a preprogrammed trigger placed in their minds by the likes of the psychopathic George Osborne and fear-porn crowd who were against any chance of a BREXIT. The BREXIT never triggered an economic downturn! It was the economic collapse and the irreversible bankruptcy of the entire Trans-Atlantic system which caused the BREXIT and any other economic problems that happen all stem from the start of the collapse going back to 2000-2001 just prior to 9/11 then of course the financial crisis of 2008 and the continual economic depression since 2009. The core of all the problems is the fact that the Trans-Atlantic monetary system is irreversibly bankrupt and has already collapsed. People need to stop denying the fact and stop utilizing a system that has no value and is already dead and broken. It’s no good coming out of the EU and keeping the current economic system as it’s dead and buried. Even if the BREXIT was to be blamed for a future economic downturn (inevitable collapse which I’ve always predicted would fully blow out between May-Oct of the year 2017) a hit is always worth it in order to start over again as we’ve seen in Iceland. Lets not forget how the New Doge set her guard dog Inter-Alpha Group of Banks after those in Iceland with the same economic fear-porn threats of doom and gloom and now look how well that nation is performing since ignoring the propaganda spew from New Venice Jews. If you have £1000 of savings isn’t it worth losing £100 in currency (toilet paper worthless IOUS) value in order to get rid of various slave-masters or would you rather hold onto your £1000 for a few months (before the final collapse) but still be governed by the slave-master? You have all these people believing the EU is a financial God whilst at the same time ignoring the facts that it’s the worst basket-case economy of all in the Trans-Atlantic arena. The EU has nothing and it’ll give you nothing! The EU is nothing more than dead carcass of zero worth playing in a game that has already been unplayable and should be thrown away.

What is the future for Britain or what should the future be?

Well the BREXIT was the first stepping stone towards freedom, prosperity and a progression in mankind but it’s a long journey with many struggles to achieve the positive end goal. Britain needs to have a true government that is truly independent away from the Jewish Talmudic Templar banking influence. Britain then needs to start nationalized credit with a look towards joining the BRICS and maybe replacing Brazil as the ‘B’ right at the front of the title next to Russia. As it stands right now New Venice and Prince Philip are doing everything in their power to destroy both Brazil and South Africa by use of hybrid war. If Britain doesn’t do as I’ve suggested then it’s destined to fail. If one moves away from the Zeusian New World Order and over into the Promethean New World Economic Order then there’s absolutely no need to worry about a Jewish pull out or lack of investment. If one stays in the Zeusian system and upsets the Jews then if they desert the land you’ll end up suffering more because they control all the wealth and corporations that make up the slave economy of most nations of the world. Once the New World Economic Order is in place then we have a viable alternative this time built on co-operation and a win-win for all utilizing development and the increasing of the energy flux density. Why do you think the Jews bought about the 2008 collapse? It was to help consolidate their banking and corporate power by bankrupting small businesses and even some larger companies then the Jews bought them all up for pennies in the pound using their private equity firms like Warburg Pincus. Who owns Warburg Pincus? The Venetian Del Banco family known to most as the Jewish Warburg family who also part own along with the Rothschild family the private bank known as the Federal Reserve over in the United States. Please don’t be fooled that The Fed has been sold on to other players because it hasn’t. The Federal Reserve was set up in a way where the original Jewish players could never be bought out or removed and thus they still to this very day control this private bank. The Warburg family have also taken control of much of the Internet whilst ruining the service as they’ve taken it over. You’ll find it very hard to find a U.S. Internet service provider who’s not owned by the Warburg family utilizing the Endurance International Group. The control over the Internet allows for easy access to shutting down anti-Zionist information and the truth on the Jewish serpent people of psychosis aka the Synagogue of Satan. The Warburg family also like to pimp out DWP workfare slavery in their stores such as Poundland owned by Warburg Pincus all of which were bought for pennies on the pound.

Why has the alternative media used the term New World Order so much?

Much of the alternative media is controlled by the New Venice Jewish Empire utilizing various agencies such as Mossad, CIA and MI6. The idea behind the alternative media is for the Jew to combat gentile dissent and thus threats to the plans of the Jews and their sabbos goy aka the traitors to humankind. In truth they’ve had to frighten people about the New World Order because there is a New World Order as proven time and time again. What has also been occurring because of this is that people are now fixed in the mind that the New World Order is a bad thing and rightfully so. The problem is that there is a New World Economic Order and this isn’t a bad thing and now because of past programming and trigger/buzz words it allows these same agencies to have their victims also demonize the good order and Promethean side of the elite. This is why you’ll regularly see people demonize Putin as one of the elite working together and calling for a New World Order. What you’re seeing is classic diversion, spin and propaganda whilst removing you from any chance of having a deeper understanding of the divide. Many of the big names in the conspiracy arena will make sure they drum it into the victims earlier on and regularly that all these elite are one with no arguments etc. Sorry but there are a lot of divisions within the elite even those who’re on the same side. Please ask yourself why you have people like McKinley, Lincoln and Kennedy assassinated along with Franklin Roosevelt being neutralized. Lets not forget how George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud) had an associate attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan. If all was one then rest assured you wouldn’t see these kinds of people and Indira Gandhi being murdered whilst others have been made political prisoners. The main battle has always been between two sets of the Olympians, the Zeusian Aristotelian arrested development cretins and the Promethean Plato progression who try to lift mankind. This battle goes back even further to the differences between the Neanderthal vs Cro-Magnon man genetics and even then I believe the ultimate battle is between the Djinn and the two I previously mentioned and right now the Djinn is winning whilst the fools with the white gloves serve up their own demise as well their enemies.

Will New Venice openly rule the world if the New World Order side are successful

No I believe both New Venice and its plantation known as the U.S will both be sacrificed once the world government structure is ready and all nations are totally subordinated. This will not happen until the Middle East is totally under the thumb of New Venice and they’ve achieved their Bernard Lewis Plan of a Greater Israel. The world will be politically, financially and spiritually headed from the Middle East. The spiritual head and main power will be based in the international city of Jerusalem where this power will be within the third King Solomon’s Temple. This Temple is already patented and being organized by an Illuminist known as Grandmaster Giuliano Di Bernardo. Some political power will be housed in former Iraq whilst financial power will move over to Dubai. The Jews are parasites they find hosts then feed and use them before leaving the carcass to continue elsewhere which in this case will be the Middle East whilst the carcasses will be both Wall St and The City.

Is the European Union the New Holy Roman Empire?

The Jews would love you to think in the old ways and old wishes under old Christian powers because when you do this then you divert attention right from the clear and present danger which is the Jews. There isn’t a Catholic Church or a Church of England they’ve all been subordinated to the Jew including the Catholic Church starting as far back as 1823-6 and the final nail in its coffin in 1962. The game is to make Europeans and others who awaken move attention away from the Jew and so they bring up old Christian thoughts, desires and conflicts hoping you don’t see the bigger picture that I help to expose and explain. The enemy isn’t Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or most of the other isms. Protestantism has been a great tool and aid to the Jews especially since Oliver Cromwell (who’s family incidentally formed a scion with the Genoa originated Pallavicini family of wealthy merchants). The enemy is Judaism and its following of the Talmud, Zohar and the effects of the Jewish Kabbalah which has its true origins from the Middle East. The New Holy Roman Empire is a farce, it’s a cover for the Jewish Empire and it’s pushed by many of the Zionist Christians including the Seventh Day Adventists who’s religion is based on Freemasonry and the Jewish Old Testament. Just remember that all religion has been infiltrated by the Jews utilizing the likes of the Jesuits and others in order to take over and aid the ushering in of the Luciferian Doctrine as the new one-world religion made up of the occult revival. This is why you now see church teachings all twisted and spun in order to sucker in the uneducated flocks like lambs to the slaughter. A good example of infiltration is the Charismatic Movement and Pentecostalism the latter of which plays a big role in the false-flag shock events that are happening across the U.S and it’s all conducted by New Venice and the Church of England along with the FBI Division Five over in Colorado!

Is Germany the big power player as is claimed and don’t they control the European Union?

Germany has no power! Germany only recently has been allowed by New Venice and the U.S to have its own military back for combat duties etc. Both Russia and Germany have been enemies of the Jews since the Czar and Bismarck attempted to accept the American system and Hamiltonian principle. For this competition, the Jews murdered the Russian Czar and his family and bought about the Red Revolution using the Bolsheviks all funded by Jacob Schiff through Kuhn, Loeb & Company and Wall Street the satellite financial arm of the City of London aka the New Venice Empire and Rothschild. With Germany the same Jews started World War I and then subordinated the Nation until Hitler came along and then these same Jews manipulated both sides (the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha connected Ernst Hanfstaengl with Germany and Allen Dulles from the US plantation) to suit their own needs and started another World War which totally subordinated both Germany and Japan! Germany cannot scratch its own backside without permission from New Venice aka Britain. Go back to the last near overt collapse of the Eurozone and the Greek problem (Jun 2015) when the New Doge (Queen Elizabeth II) personally went over to Germany and gave her orders directly and by verbal threat and force to Wolfgang Schäuble. As usual the subordinate officials immediately jumped to attention just like George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud) when Margaret Thatcher was dispatched by The City to Aspen, Colorado to order the war drums beating against Iraq in the 1990s. Germany is just a satellite for consumerism and nothing more, people who think Germany has any power are highly mistaken. As I said earlier the final decision on Greece wasn’t made by Germany as people think but in fact was ordered by New Venice and in truth to further intensify divisions between Germany and Russia. Angela Merkel is a puppet for Obama and both of these serve the New Doge of New Venice (Queen Elizabeth II). If Merkel didn’t serve New Venice then there wouldn’t be any economic sanctions against Russia and at the same time Germany would have the new energy pipelines from Russia. Instead Merkel is hindering progression with Russia and thus keeping Germany dependent on New Venice where as it could be independent if it becomes close to Russia and has its energy needs served. Germany is in a unique position as it still has a vast manufacturing base unlike the rest of Europe so it could become truly independent in a much quicker time frame from the rest of the victims of the Jews. If you want to know who really pulls the strings in the European Union then take a look into the European Round Table of Industrialists. The name should give you a clue when you go back to Privy Councilor Cecil Rhodes and his Round Table Group of New Venice. Even before the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership claws can dig into their prey, the European Union is already controlled by New Venice and its corporations (Jews). Germany didn’t create the European Union, instead it was New Venice via its Central Intelligence Agency as exposed in their own documentation. Let’s never forget that both the CIA and MOSSAD were created by MI6 agent, Sir William Stephenson (New Venice).

Do you think immigration is the main reason for BREXIT?

No! We have to get away from this Jewish scam designed to label patriotism as something bad in society. As usual the Jews manipulated the mass herd mind into thinking the core of this referendum was over immigration. Why? Well one they could demonize patriots as racists but two the idea was to remove the thought and understanding of democracy. The BREXIT was all about democracy then economics and it was bought about by the hatred of being dictated to by a communist regime who openly admit their system was post-democratic. The economic problems have also added to the anger and helped to highlight how devastating the collapsed Eurozone and European Project really are. You’ll notice it’s mostly the brainwashed younger generation who’re belly aching about the leave winning and of course they’ll quote the immigration as they’re too uneducated to even understand the concept of democracy as they’ve never lived within a true-democracy. To watch and listen to these young treasonous traitors you get the sense their cell phone has been removed and now they just don’t know what to do or how to live. Bertrand Russell highlighted the kind of society he and his cretins planned and today we now have it in the form of the brainwashed young and youth. It’s a good job that we achieved a referendum this time around because if the Eurozone dark age continued (unlikely as it’s bankrupt) then over decades we’d be stuck with an outright remain vote due to the brainwashed degenerates, you know the ones who think they’re more enlightened than the truly enlightened ones before them. Bertrand Russell has done so much damage to the world’s populace by creating such a degenerate society. The degeneracy is so bad now that most of the front leaders and their political parties are most obviously backward and inadequate and thus the reason why clowns like Cameron, Osborne and Johnson can now sit in seats of illusionary power. I wouldn’t be surprised if this degeneracy has started to hit the higher elite powers as over the years they too usually fall for their own lies and propaganda. One thing is for certain and that’s the Jews know exactly what is happening, why and they’ll always be in full control of the sabbos goy. It’s interesting how the Jew uses the immigration buzzwords in their Ziopress hinting at racism but forget that Britain is still willing to accept immigrants but in line with the standards of Australia. Britain would be accepting more commonwealth members such as from India so tell me how this is racism? Britain wants a sensibly controlled immigration policy that only brings people of worth into the nation based on income possibilities and needs. It doesn’t make sense to bring in people of no worth unless you just want to do it like George Soros in order to help collapse the target nation which is exactly what the Jews are doing. In fact the whole idea of Government is to protect the DNA of the people of a land so ask yourself why any Government would rather import peoples of different DNA unless they wish to destroy the host nations people and culture? The exact plans of the Jew that were highlighted in 1925 by ‘Practical Idealism’ written by Jewish Venetian Count, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and founder of the Pan-European Movement. Now study the list of treasonous traitors who’ve all gained the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize such as Angela Merkel, Tony Blair (Knight of Malta) and Herman Van Rompuy (Jesuit trained). I believe Rompuy may have been in on the plot to assassinate Nigel Farage.

Do you think Goldman Sachs, HSBC and others will leave Britain and move to Europe?

I highly doubt it and if they do then they’ll be right back with their tale between their legs when the European Project is abandoned or very shortly outright collapsed. Please understand that the system is irreversibly bankrupt, it’s dead and it’s gone and therefore still dabbling with a corpse isn’t going to make it alive. The economic breakdown is the cause of this problem and the Eurozone is the biggest basket-case of all when it comes to the economy. Take for instance how Deutsche Bank almost fully collapsed and other recent economic problems in the Eurozone and now you can realize it has already folded. Britain moving out of the EU is the best thing it can do to further ring-fence itself away from the inevitable destruction of the Eurozone and all the victims trapped within its citizenry. The only way forward is Eurasia and the BRICS system and until people understand this then they’ll just have to continue suffering in a deepening dark age which suits the Club of Rome zero-growth model and their population reduction demands. There is no wealth in Europe, in truth there’s hardly any precious metals as it has all been bought up by the likes of China, Russia and India. If you want real wealth you have to look towards Eurasia and that’s exactly what the Jews were doing as highlighted by the vicious Zbigniew Brzezinski in his ‘The Grand Chessboard’ book. When it comes to Eurasia, Zbigniew Brzezinski and friends haven’t had their plans come to fruition and it’s all because of their arrogance in thinking they’re so exceptional that they can openly brag of their agendas and get away with no counter to those agendas. Well bad luck Zbigniew Brzezinski because Vladimir Putin and Xi know your evil agenda and they won’t allow mankind to go further into the dark age and instead they both want mankind in a time of intense light.

What’s the future for Europe?

There is no future for the current European Project it’s dead! The peoples of Europe must start to organize their national economies making sure they gain their own currencies back so therefore Germans must have Deutschemarks ready for the removal and/or collapse of the Euro and European Project. It’s time for the Nation state to thrive within a New World Economic Order where nations work together in a win-win development model. The New World Order from New Venice based on a borderless unipolar World Government doesn’t work and isn’t wanted. Its time for Britain to shut down The City of London and remove all its debt by bankrupting and moving over to a nationalized credit aiding development and prosperity whilst looking to joining the BRICS system. There is no need for Britons to fear Jews moving out and economic collapses etc and it’s the same for Americans with Wall Street. Both Wall St and The City are irreversibly bankrupt and both can be shut down and removed very easily, calmly and safely without any major problems to the public and finances once you understand how a nation can create its own money and nationalized credit. Stop all the uneducated belly aching about 401Ks and pension pots and understand we can make our own wealth and credit which could make us thrive very quickly. All those who worry about pensions should realize they soon won’t have a pension pot in the current dark age. Even if all was good most people will end up on a Basic Income as the idea of work is removed from society due to robosourcing and artificial intelligence algorithms. All citizens will have enough of their needs catered for by Basic Income or similar and that’s somewhat the idea of pensions. The world is changing and we have to understand these changes and the fact that we need not panic because there’s always a simple solution to almost all the so-called problems. Europe needs to simply restructure itself back into a democracy and republic status and as a simple economic trade bloc as was the original intention of the Common Market. After a restructuring then the new Europe bloc can team up or even morph with the Eurasian Economic Union as well as join the BRICS New Development Bank. I’ve just blown away the panic of economic collapse so why are you worrying? The only time to worry is if you continue to let the Jews keep control of their system over you because then you’ll never enact the solutions but those solutions are available to those who wish them. I have no doubt western nations will become the status of the current developing nations or even third world if people let the Jews dictate their dark age. If you don’t want to end up like Greece or worse then you must completely remove the Jewish influence once and for all. The Jews are the enemy of all mankind whether you’re white, black, Arab or oriental.

Any final words?

Let me remind people that when I use the term New Venice I’m referring to Britain since the Venetians took control from the 16th Century. Who are the Venetians? We’re talking about the merchant powers who’s true roots stem from Samaria in the Middle East and these are the Satanic so-called Jews. Over the years the world has been mastered by Jews using many fronts and all to divert attention onto others such as Italians/Europeans and a host of other separated peoples with different divisional ideologies and religious beliefs handed to them by the Jews in order to divide and conquer. The enemy of mankind is the Jews and the system they work under which I term the Djinn. Most peoples of the world in ancient times and even in recent history were fully aware of the Synagogue of Satan and expelled these troublemakers so many times including their Jesuit Order. The peoples of the world must learn the truth again and make sure freedom of speech is upheld whilst removing the blinkering political correctness censorship designed by Jews and enforced by their Anti-Defamation League to ultimately shut down knowledge of their Satanic ways. I suggest everyone study historical facts exposing the Jews and their wicked ways so we never repeat what’s happened back then and again of late. This Synagogue of Satan murder children and claim paedophilia is acceptable in their own unholy books like the Talmud. Do you really want to continue living in a dark age with a degenerate society which in truth worships the dead? Look at the entertainment industry it’s all based around death and destruction, it’s demonic and as I said it’s connected to the dark side of the Djinn. Who controls the entire entertainment industry? The Jews after they sneakily hindered the original film players by using dirty tricks including abusing patents and worse. The entertainment industry is riddled with paedophilia as highlighted by Elijah Wood, Corey Feldman and others. Do you really want to stay in this evil dead or do you want to bring forth a good alive? One of the first steps to doing so will be to remove that vile Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 remembering the first Cestui Que Vie Act goes back to 1540 and once again was created by a Venetian from hell. Remove this act and release all the fake dead souls and get rid of that Bar Association reaper once and for all. Is it any wonder Hollywood loves Zombie movies when it openly takes the mickey out of its slave populaces who’ve they titled as dead souls lost at sea not to mention its society being based around the dead. What do we have here? The Brotherhood of Death aka the Saturnalian Brotherhood also known as the Brotherhood of the Dragon it’s all the same thing and ultimately evil. The Chapter 322 society known to most as Skull and Bones is again a branch of this Brotherhood of Death as is the Jesuit Order. It’s time for the worship of Zeus to be punted out the way by Promethean teachings and light.

Thank you once again for being most informative as ever.


  • theunhivedmind


    Jim Stone

    Here’s a GOOD ONE: Reality: The Brexit 2 vote is FAKE AS FRUIT LOOPS. After served as a tool to bust the Brexit 2 petition vote, when they showed a sudden jump where over 2 million people signed up during an important ball game, then produced 25 plus fake pages showing the “progress” of the vote over two days, to “prove it legitimate” and then deleted the original pages that proved it was fake. PROBLEM: WHEN YOU VIEW THE BACKGROUND CODE FOR THE FIRST FAKED PAGE OUT OF THE ORIGINAL 25 (now wiped off and replaced with three easy to manage pages) ANYWAY when you go in through the back door to the original fake, YOU CAN SEE NUMEROUS ERRORS THAT PROVE IT FAKE.



    Now they corrected the Vatican down to 10 votes, but TOO LATE, they are BUSTED!
    Additionally, you can see that with over two million three hundred and fifty thousand votes counted, the UK only cast 365483! So the numbers are just written in, and someone screwed the math BIG TIME.

    Archive org has expunged all links to any page that can show you the capture above AND WIPED OUT HISTORY, OOPS, THEY MISSED ONE, GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD BECAUSE IT WILL BE GONE. -SORRY- removing the front page link won’t work when the file is still there for anyone who manages to find an old link (hint, YOU JUST DID,) ARCHIVE AND POST. Because is a TROLL SCAM that will delete this or change it post haste! HA HA HA THEY WILL NEVER GET RID OF THIS ONE!!! http://web/ That does it, I found a way to permanently slay them.


    Note that at the top here, there are two million three hundred sixty seven thousand plus votes claimed. But when you scroll down to where Britain is listed, Britain only cast three hundred sixty five thousand votes! So where do you get the other two million votes from? YOU GUESS, because COMMON CORE MATH CAUSED THAT SCREW UP, and that type of math cannot be questioned or feelings will be hurt! See the source file this text was rendered from:
    “”},”data”:{“type”:”petition”,”id”:131215,”attributes”:{“action”: “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum”,”background”:”We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.”

    “additional_details”:””,”state”:”open”,”signature_count”:2367548,”created_at”:”2016-05-23T23:39:38.957Z”,”updated _at”:”2016-06-25T20:21:39.973Z”,”open_at”:”2016-05-25T11:19:56.925Z”,”closed_at”:null,”government_response_at” :null,”scheduled_debate_date”:null,”debate_threshold_reached_at”:”2016-06-24T10:48:23.281Z”,”rejected_at”:null, “debate_outcome_at”:null,”moderation_threshold_reached_at”:”2016-05-24T15:58:22.999Z”,”response_threshold_reached_ at”:”2016-06-24T06:54:57.319Z”,”creator_name”:”William Oliver Healey”,”rejection”:null,”government_response”:null,”debate”:null,

    “signatures_by_country” The Vatican and Britain are near the bottom and are bolded


    [{“name”:”Afghanistan”,”code”:”AF”,”signature_count”:10},{“name”:”Albania”,”code”:”AL”,”signature_count”:9}, {“name”:”Algeria”,”code”:”DZ”,”signature_count”:11},
    {“name”:”Andorra”,”code”:”AD”,”signature_count”:13}, {“name”:”Anguilla”,”code”:”AI”,”signature_count”:7},{“name”:”Antigua and
    Barbuda”,”code”:”AG”,”signature_count”:13}, {“name”:”Argentina”,”code”:”AR”,”signature_count”:71},
    {“name”:”Armenia”,”code”:”AM”,”signature_count”:2}, {“name”:”Aruba”,”code”:”AW”,”signature_count”:101},
    {“name”:”Australia”,”code”:”AU”,”signature_count”:7201}, {“name”:”Austria”,”code”:”AT”,”signature_count”:683},
    {“name”:”Azerbaijan”,”code”:”AZ”,”signature_count”:6}, {“name”:”Bahrain”,”code”:”BH”,”signature_count”:65},
    {“name”:”Bangladesh”,”code”:”BD”,”signature_count”:17}, {“name”:”Barbados”,”code”:”BB”,”signature_count”:31},
    {“name”:”Belarus”,”code”:”BY”,”signature_count”:7}, {“name”:”Belgium”,”code”:”BE”,”signature_count”:1699},
    {“name”:”Belize”,”code”:”BZ”,”signature_count”:9}, {“name”:”Benin”,”code”:”BJ”,”signature_count”:2},
    {“name”:”Bermuda”,”code”:”BM”,”signature_count”:129}, {“name”:”Bhutan”,”code”:”BT”,”signature_count”:1},
    {“name”:”Bolivia”,”code”:”BO”,”signature_count”:6}, {“name”:”Bonaire/St Eustatius/Saba”,”code”:”BQ”,”signature_count”:1},{“name”:”Bosnia and Herzegovina”, “code”:”BA”,”signature_count”:8},{“name”:”Botswana”,”code”:”BW”,”signature_count”:13},
    {“name”:”Brazil”, “code”:”BR”,”signature_count”:160},{“name”:”British Antarctic Territory”,”code”:”BAT”,”signature_count”:2}, {“name”:”British
    Indian Ocean Territory”,”code”:”IO”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”British Virgin Islands”,”code”:”VG”,”signature_count”:36},
    {“name”:”Brunei”,”code”:”BN”,”signature_count”:18}, {“name”:”Bulgaria”,”code”:”BG”,”signature_count”:184},{“name”:”Burkina
    Faso”,”code”:”BF”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”Burma”,”code”:”MM”,”signature_count”:21},{“name”:”Burundi”,”code”:”BI”,”signature_count”:1},
    {“name”:”Cambodia”,”code”:”KH”,”signature_count”:30},{“name”:”Canada”,”code”:”CA”,”signature_count”:3171}, {“name”:”Cape
    Verde”,”code”:”CV”,”signature_count”:1},{“name”:”Cayman Islands”,”code”:”KY”, “signature_count”:91},{“name”:”Central African
    Republic”,”code”:”CF”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”Chile”,”code”:”CL”,”signature_count”:66},{“name”:”China”,”code”:”CN”,”signature_count”:270},
    {“name”:”Colombia”,”code”:”CO”,”signature_count”:67},{“name”:”Congo”,”code”:”CG”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”Congo (Democratic
    Republic)”,”code”:”CD”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”Costa Rica”,”code”: “CR”,”signature_count”:22},
    {“name”:”Croatia”,”code”:”HR”,”signature_count”:38},{“name”:”Cuba”,”code”: “CU”,”signature_count”:1},
    {“name”:”Cyprus”,”code”:”CY”,”signature_count”:585}, {“name”:”Czech Republic”,”code”:”CZ”,”signature_count”:328},
    {“name”:”Denmark”,”code”:”DK”,”signature_count”:674}, {“name”:”Djibouti”,”code”:”DJ”,”signature_count”:1},
    {“name”:”Dominica”,”code”:”DM”,”signature_count”:3}, {“name”:”Dominican Republic”,”code”:”DO”,”signature_count”:12},{“name”:”East
    Timor”,”code”:”TL”,”signature_count”:4}, {“name”:”Ecuador”,”code”:”EC”,”signature_count”:12},{“name”:”Egypt”,”code”:”EG”,”signature_count”:81}, {“name”:”El Salvador”,”code”:”SV”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”Estonia”,”code”:”EE”,”signature_count”:34},
    {“name”:”Ethiopia”,”code”:”ET”,”signature_count”:11},{“name”:”Falkland Islands”,”code”:”FK”,”signature_count”:9},
    {“name”:”France”,”code”:”FR”,”signature_count”:15048},{“name”:”French Guiana”,”code”:”GF”,”signature_count”:6}, {“name”:”French
    Polynesia”,”code”:”PF”,”signature_count”:4},{“name”:”Gabon”,”code”:”GA”,”signature_count”:7}, {“name”:”Georgia”,”code”:”GE”,”signature_count”:14},
    {“name”:”Germany”,”code”:”DE”,”signature_count”:5612}, {“name”:”Ghana”,”code”:”GH”,”signature_count”:18},{
    “name”:”Gibraltar”,”code”:”GI”,”signature_count”:3369}, {“name”:”Greece”,”code”:”GR”,”signature_count”:566},
    {“name”:”Grenada”,”code”:”GD”,”signature_count”:7}, {“name”:”Guadeloupe”,”code”:”GP”,”signature_count”:3},{“name”:”Guatemala”,”code”:”GT”,”signature_count”:2}, {“name”:”Guernsey”,”code”:”GG”,”signature_count”:236},{“name”:”Guyana”,”code”:”GY”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”Honduras”,”code”:”HN”,”signature_count”:6},{“name”:”Hong
    Kong”,”code”:”HK”,”signature_count”:1474}, {“name”:”Hungary”,”code”:”HU”,”signature_count”:189},
    {“name”:”Iceland”,”code”:”IS”,”signature_count”:81}, {“name”:”India”,”code”:”IN”,”signature_count”:215},
    {“name”:”Indonesia”,”code”:”ID”,”signature_count”:74}, {“name”:”Iran”,”code”:”IR”,”signature_count”:12},
    {“name”:”Iraq”,”code”:”IQ”,”signature_count”:11}, {“name”:”Ireland”,”code”:”IE”,”signature_count”:2443},{“name”:”Isle of
    Man”,”code”:”IM”,”signature_count”:365}, {“name”:”Israel”,”code”:”IL”,”signature_count”:499},{“name”:”Italy”,”code”:”IT”,”signature_count”:1957}, “name”:”Ivory Coast”,”code”:”CI”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”Jamaica”,”code”:”JM”,”signature_count”:15},
    {“name”:”Nepal”,”code”:”NP”,”signature_count”:9},{“name”:”Netherlands”,”code”:”NL”,”signature_count”:2586}, {“name”:”New
    Caledonia”,”code”:”NC”,”signature_count”:1},{“name”:”New Zealand”,”code”:”NZ”,”signature_count”:2134},
    {“name”:”Nicaragua”,”code”:”NI”,”signature_count”:5},{“name”:”Nigeria”,”code”:”NG”,”signature_count”:27}, {“name”:”North
    Korea”,”code”:”KP”,”signature_count”:3},{“name”:”Norway”,”code”:”NO”,”signature_count”:484}, {“name”:”Oman”,”code”:”OM”,”signature_count”:58},
    {“name”:”Pakistan”,”code”:”PK”,”signature_count”:73}, {“name”:”Panama”,”code”:”PA”,”signature_count”:9},{“name”:”Papua New
    Guinea”,”code”:”PG”,”signature_count”:4}, {“name”:”Paraguay”,”code”:”PY”,”signature_count”:4},{“name”:”Peru”,”code”:”PE”,”signature_count”:46},
    {“name”:”Romania”,”code”:”RO”,”signature_count”:120},{“name”:”Russia”,”code”:”RU”,”signature_count”:85}, {“name”:”Rwanda”,”code”:”RW”,”signature_count”:10},{“name”:”Réunion”,”code”:”RE”,”signature_count”:14}, {“name”:”Saint- Barthélemy”,”code”:”BL”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”San Marino”,”code”:”SM”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”Saudi Arabia”,”code”:”SA”,”signature_count”:107},{“name”:”Senegal”,”code”:”SN”,”signature_count”:3}, {“name”:”Serbia”,”code”:”RS”,”signature_count”:18}, {“name”:”Seychelles”,”code”:”SC”,”signature_count”:4}, {“name”:”Sierra Leone”,”code”:”SL”,”signature_count”:7}, {“name”:”Singapore”,”code”:”SG”,”signature_count”:907}, {“name”:”Slovakia”,”code”:”SK”,”signature_count”:51}, {“name”:”Slovenia”,”code”:”SI”,”signature_count”:25}, {“name”:”Somalia”,”code”:”SO”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”South Africa”,”code”:”ZA”,”signature_count”:725}, {“name”:”South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands”,”code”:”GS”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”South Korea”,”code”:”KR”,”signature_count”:102},{“name”:”South Sudan”,”code”:”SS”,”signature_count”:3}, {“name”:”Spain”,”code”:”ES”,”signature_count”:9731},{“name”:”Sri Lanka”,”code”:”LK”,”signature_count”:21}, {“name”:”St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha”,”code”:”SH”,”signature_count”:11}, {“name”:”St Kitts and Nevis”,”code”:”KN”,”signature_count”:2},{“name”:”St Lucia”,”code”:”LC”,”signature_count”:8}, {“name”:”St Martin”,”code”:”MF”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”St Pierre \u0026 Miquelon”,”code”:”PM”,”signature_count”:2}, {“name”:”St Vincent”,”code”:”VC”,”signature_count”:4},{“name”:”Sudan”,”code”:”SD”,”signature_count”:6}, {“name”:”Suriname”,”code”:”SR”,”signature_count”:1},{“name”:”Swaziland”,”code”:”SZ”,”signature_count”:26}, {“name”:”Sweden”,”code”:”SE”,”signature_count”:1051},{“name”:”Switzerland”,”code”:”CH”,”signature_count”:1868}, {“name”:”Syria”,”code”:”SY”,”signature_count”:5},{“name”:”Taiwan”,”code”:”TW”,”signature_count”:71}, {“name”:”Tajikistan”,”code”:”TJ”,”signature_count”:1},{“name”:”Tanzania”,”code”:”TZ”,”signature_count”:42}, {“name”:”Thailand”,”code”:”TH”,”signature_count”:334},{“name”:”The Bahamas”,”code”:”BS”,”signature_count”:14}, {“name”:”The Gambia”,”code”:”GM”,”signature_count”:6}, {“name”:”The Occupied Palestinian Territories”,”code”:”PS”,”signature_count”:4}, {“name”:”Togo”,”code”:”TG”,”signature_count”:3},{“name”:”Tonga”,”code”:”TO”,”signature_count”:2}, {“name”:”Trinidad and Tobago”,”code”:”TT”,”signature_count”:42},{“name”:”Tunisia”,”code”:”TN”,”signature_count”:11}, {“name”:”Turkey”,”code”:”TR”,”signature_count”:236},{“name”:”Turkmenistan”,”code”:”TM”,”signature_count”:7}, {“name”:”Turks and Caicos Islands”,”code”:”TC”,”signature_count”:25},{“name”:”Tuvalu”,”code”:”TV”,”signature_count”:13},{“name”:”Uganda”,”code”:”UG”,”signature_count”:33},{“name”:”Ukraine”,”code”:”UA”,”signature_count”:62}, {“name”:”United Arab Emirates”,”code”:”AE”,”signature_count”:1631},HERE IS POSSIBLY THE REAL TALLY: {“name”:”United Kingdom”,”code”:”GB”,”signature_count”:365483}, THIS TALLY IS BROKEN UP INTO CONSTITUENCIES BELOW {“name”:”United States”,”code”:”US”,”signature_count”:8704},{“name”:”Uruguay”,”code”:”UY”,”signature_count”:54}, {“name”:”Uzbekistan”,”code”:”UZ”,”signature_count”:27},{“name”:”Vanuatu”,”code”:”VU”,”signature_count”:23}, THIS PROVES THE PETITION IS RIGGED AND NOT JUST OVERSEAS BRITS VOTING: {“name”:”Vatican City”,”code”:”VA”,”signature_count”:2981}, HOW DO YOU GET 2981 BRITS INTO VATICAN CITY TO VOTE? {“name”:”Venezuela”,”code”:”VE”,”signature_count”:12},{“name”:”Vietnam”,”code”:”VN”,”signature_count”:79}, {“name”:”Wallis and Futuna”,”code”:”WF”,”signature_count”:5},{“name”:”Western Sahara”,”code”:”EH”,”signature_count”:1}, {“name”:”Yemen”,”code”:”YE”,”signature_count”:3},{“name”:”Zambia”,”code”:”ZM”,”signature_count”:15}, {“name”:”Zimbabwe”,”code”:”ZW”,”signature_count”:32}],

    I truncated the signatures by constituency, they can be viewed in the original source files linked above.

    If you have had problems accessing this site at times, circumvent the censors by using this number: instead of the site name

    • theunhivedmind

      Two years before Britain can be out of the EU

      Jim Stone

      Article 50 (which covers nations opting out of the EU) outlines a two year negotiation period for any nation that tries to opt out of the EU. They can cause a LOT of mayhem before then, so heads up for that.
      MORE IMPORTANTLY: Watch for economic warfare over this. The bankers are not going to take this sitting down and are likely to cause an enormous amount of pain and grief for Britain. They could easily crash the economy and starve Britain like Venezuela. I doubt the bankers will take it that far, because it would all be too obvious. But it definitely could be done.

      Japan froze it’s markets over this, gold shot through the roof, and the pound fell into the cellar. But all I can say is this was a Trump style victory, people wanted OUT more than the mathematical vote rigging algorithms could handle. Too bad they were not more honest and that they did not show this as the landslide it was, but enough is enough I guess, and it is GAME OVER for at least the credibility of the EU, if not it’s total demise. At this point the lead is too much and the remaining is too small for them to steal without sparking a rebellion. Thanks to all those who boosted Sharpie sales, a vote with a Sharpie cannot be erased EVER.

  • theunhivedmind

    “Now the catastrophic scenario that many feared has materialized, making the disintegration of the EU practically irreversible,” George Soros wrote in a June 25 essay reflecting on the U.K. vote for Project Syndicate. “The consequences for the real economy will be comparable only to the financial crisis of 2007-2008.”

    “Britain eventually may or may not be relatively better off than other countries by leaving the EU, but its economy and people stand to suffer significantly in the short to medium term,” Soros wrote in his June 25 essay. Financial markets “are likely to remain in turmoil as the long, complicated process of political and economic divorce from the EU is negotiated,” he said.

  • theunhivedmind

    WE DID IT!! But This Is Just The Start – The David Icke Videocast

    David Icke Talks About The Successful Brexit Eu Referendum Vote


  • theunhivedmind

    Nigel Farage first speech post-Brexit vote: You’re not laughing now


  • theunhivedmind

    I’ve told you before the referendum and afterwards with the interview above that the future was with China not the European Union. Now please read the article I’ve linked below and think about it very carefully and make sure you read the highlighted bits but especially the larger highlighted comment. Has the House of Windsor done a split? Are the Royal family giving into defeat? Have the Windsor’s just edged their bets? I’d go for the latter and now I think the New Doge has accepted her system of choice and it’s China. We’ll have to now watch which road the UK government goes down when it comes to its anti-Russia stance and see if this changes. Right now we are closer than ever to the BRICS system taking a stronghold and the BREXIT may be a key change towards the New Silk Road. New Venice has always been a user and abuser so it doesn’t surprise me that the Windsor’s have edged their bets like this. The New World Order is failing dramatically and it looks like the kingpin is pulling out and admitting defeat. My advice would be to serious start looking into gold and fast! How many times did I tell you that the future was the BRICS?

    .·´ ¸.·★¨) ¸.·☆¨)
    ★(¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´
    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind