Everyone I know in Italy from San Francisco,CA, including a few Jesuits, has cancer.

I swear to God! What is it?

It is haarp, high frequencies, or nuclear radiation from japan from wwii???

Bambin Gesu Hospital in Borgo Santo Spirito says that San Francisco has the highest cancer rate in the world per person.

I will never go back there for the rest of my life.


I have no idea of why this may of occurred over a long period if it has but right now this is most obvious. California is absolutely riddled with high levels of radiation the equivalent of parts of Japan. This is due to the events carried out by the Crown Maltese on 3/11 aka Fukushima. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go near that region or eat any food from that region which is a great source of fruit as you can imagine. Then you have Washington State etc all food baskets and all radiated big time from Fukushima. They purposely bought down masses of the radiation with constant heavy rains right after Fukushima onto California.

Californians must be moved out of the region and depopulated just as with those on the East-Coast and Gulf of Mexico. This gentlemen is the preparation by the U.S. Government working to knowledge from the U.S. Navy on the coming bulge of water from the Equator by 2050. Why do you think the depopulation figure of 65-85% population reduction is called for before and by this time? Why do you think they’re speeding along with more and more DUMBS? Its all preparation for the coming floods from hell when our magnetic field and gravity gets disrupted which some claim will be by Niburu, regardless what causes it, I believe its coming. I hear the magnetic field is altering 45-51 miles per day not per year and we all know all the recalibration of airports going on regular now. I also hear that when the event happens the pole shift will not be over a week but within 12 hours at most 24. Why do you think they want such a massive population reduction and such sweeping changes?

Its not all greedy control and New World Order as they’ll make on in order to cover-up some things on their way which no one has control over. They’d rather we believe someone had control somewhere as it produces less fear and less collapse when things happen. They’d rather you said in the street in a protest, “don’t worry folks its just bloodlines manipulating weather via Lawrence Livermore Laboratory created chemtrails and HAARP. So whilst yes a population reduction is in favor for control, do you honestly believe they need this today when the technotronic and chemical apathy is so deep and easy? Of course not, they’d be in chaos today if so and they can easily bring in a feudal system if they like as they’re doing now and people adore it who still live in Alice and Wonderland provided to them by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Their is no running out of fossil fuels and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers know this so don’t believe that’s a factor here as oil is constantly produced below the mantle same as your blood is constantly produced by your Liver when needed. Of course this can be hindered or delayed but with less pulling on the blood supply the Liver will soon make up for it and with some acupuncture work aka leylines and other occult measures.

They will lower the population ready for coming events because then they will need control as real chaos really comes into play. They’ll also not want everyone dying as they wish for some populace to carry on with whilst they still prepare the synthetic species they have planned to replace us. It would be foolish to destroy one race of being in order to start bringing about a new. What if something goes wrong? A parameter which was never thought about? So you phase in over a period of time the new race then after many decades of use and tests with the natural biosphere conditions on that race you can then think about exiting the last remaining controlled human beings of God. I believe Morgellon’s disease is a nano-technology in experimentation for the new race with a certain genetic structure.

The only way to fight the radiation attack is with the use of very high mineral content food, regular yearly cleanses to remove the Cesium from the mammary glands as an example aka chelation aka Mung beans, Chlorella, Coriander and so forth. The mineral content of the food is very important and it should be properly farmed and grown foods from the land and nature. Study those who live and eat from around Chernobyl with good health and no illness. This is down to local farmed natural produce riddled with high levels of minerals. Do you think God was stupid enough to not give man something to combat problems like these? Everything was factored in when we were created and the bloodlines at the top of the tree are aware of many of these counter-measures and they’re secretly having them destroyed in order to bring about a World desired by Satan which is the destruction of man and full control of the being aka transhumanism and the hived mind borg.

May I remind you that California is the true military power for nuclear energy by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. The other main power for the spin-offs from California is France who control what people are aware of from a commercial nuclear energy point of view. All development on nuclear energy etc takes place at California aka University of California, Berkeley. Study the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and its connection with the New Mexico Los Alamos National Laboratory, this is the real heart of the nuclear weapons and energy industry aka Department of Energy for The Worshipful Company of Fuellers at New Jerusalem.

-The Unhived Mind

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