By: The Unhived Mind
23rd September 2011

I have been informed by an insider with connections to Knight of Malta, George Soros that Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America were downgraded yesterday and this is the real reason for the economic troubles yesterday not the cover story of the ‘twist’. The Worshipful Company of International Bankers are now starting the take down of the economic system and again I believe it will be collapse between August-October 2012. A pandemic may come around the same time ready for you to have the RFID bracelet permanently on your wrist to accept the new economic mark of the beast. If you do not have the vaccine the you will not eat, buy or work in the Admiralty system the same as not having an Admiralty number aka SSN or NI.

Do not worry about Silver and Gold which The Worshipful Company of International Bankers have hit hard the last couple of days. What it instantly tells me is that they have rigged the game so that Gold hits $2400 and not $3400-4000 when Greece defaults and the fireworks start. Silver will probably reach $55-60. I believe this is the last time the serfdom will be able to afford decent quantities of the precious metals. Why you interested? Just go long and do not look at the claptrap margin call paper fraud prices. People will have sold some bullion to pay off their losses in the markets. Buy some bullion asap!

Yes most of these people who will be pushing the Death Penalty agenda will have no clue on the real reason why. They will simply be just flapping their gums with the programmed Alive in Wonderland illusion repeating propaganda. The truth is that the Lisbon Treaty brings back the Death Penalty and for minor things such as rioting, which many will be doing soon for food in the coming economic crisis and also pandemic situations as the latter will bring quarantine problems as the Fuellers/Apothecaries kill off 550 million in one level 6 full blow real pandemic mostly through Vaccination.

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