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Urinary Infection By: ????? August 11 2016


I’ve undergone a urinary checkup and I’d been infected in the urinary tract. I’ve undergone a urine checkup and everything seemed normal except the pus cells 12-15/HPF. I’ve visited a Homeopathic doctor and he prescribed me with uva ursi 200x, acid phos 200x and berberis vulgaris which I thought had cured me but I still have a problem while urinating. I’ve a burning sensation while urinating and I feel as if some of the urine may be left in bladder after the urination. I think there should be some problem in urine passage. Could you please suggest which homeopathic medicine to take to get relieved from this.

Re:Urinary Infection By: The Unhived Mind August 11 2016

Can you tell me what month you were born?

Take 3 pills twice a day of each of the following remedies:

Calc Sulph (Calcium Sulphate) 6x

Ferrum Phos (Iron Phosphate) 12x

Lith Mur (Lithium Chloride) 12x

Nat Mur (Sodium Chloride) 6x

Silica (Silicea) 12x

Zinc Mur (Zinc Chloride) 12x

If you cannot get the 12x potency then 6x will be allowed. Ideally separate remedies are best but you can utilize them in a combination if your pharmacy will make them up for you. If you take them separately then take each remedy 5 minutes apart from each other 30+ minutes before and after food.

Re:Urinary Infection By: ????? August 12 2016 

Thanks for the information. I born at Sep 1986.

Re:Urinary Infection By: The Unhived Mind August 12 2016

That’s not enough information! Rather than the year I needed the day and the month but it’s okay. I’ve given you two lots a data to choose from in case you’re one or the other:

If you were born between Aug 23-Sep 22 then your root remedies would be:

Kali Sulph – Potassium Sulphate 6x – [MAIN ROOT REMEDY]
Nat Phos – Sodium phosphate 6x
Calc Sulph – Calcium sulphate 6x
Ferrum Phos – Iron Phosphate 12x

If you were born between Sep 23-Oct 22 then your root remedies would be:

Nat Phos – Sodium Phosphate 6x – [MAIN ROOT REMEDY]
Calc Sulph – Calcium Sulphate 6x
Silica – Silicea 12x
Kali Phos – Potassium Phosphate 6x

Make sure you take your root remedies daily and to start off you should take these remedies three pills per remedy twice daily for 12 weeks then you can start to lower the dosing. Don’t worry if you cannot source 12x potencies as 6x will be acceptable.

Make a note that CALC SULPH, Silica and Ferrum Phos were all in your original prescription which also must be adhered to..

Re:Urinary Infection By: ????? August 22 2016 

Thanks for the information.

I born on Sep 13. I have been taking the prescribed medicine for the past 2 weeks. I can feel some change. But not relieved completely. I know that homeopathic medicine take some time to cure the disease.

What I feel is that, sometimes I am getting slight burning sensation at some points near testis. Does it indicate any problems?

Re:Urinary Infection By: The Unhived Mind August 24 2016

So your four core mineral deficiency salts are as previously highlighted:

Kali Sulph – Potassium Sulphate 6x – [MAIN ROOT REMEDY]
Nat Phos – Sodium phosphate 6x
Calc Sulph – Calcium sulphate 6x
Ferrum Phos – Iron Phosphate 12x

Also take Lith Mur 12x, Nat Mur 6x, Silica 12x and Zinc Mur

We’re not dealing with homoeopathy when utilizing cell salts. Cell salts are similar but not full homoeopathic remedies due to the potency. In acute conditions cell salts can work very quickly such as sinusitis etc. In chronic cases you’ll find you have to wait longer. If you follow the work of Schuessler then you’ll see there is a mineral deficiency which needs to be addressed. Once the deficiency is addressed then problems subside but it takes time. It’s all very similar to mega-vitamin therapy except cell salts only have a very small amount of physical compound as well as the potentized energy signature which helps the body to open up to mineral intake and balance. So for instance if someone is showing a sodium chloride (table salt) deficiency then it doesn’t make sense to load up on table salt (heated thus SC thus glass). Instead we’ll use Nat Mur a potentized form of sodium Chloride to correct the dificiency via opening up the body to accepting the salt properly and then locking it in place for longer periods of time.

For each remedy please take one pill per fifty pounds of your bodyweight.
* For the next five days please take your doses every four hours.
* After this and for a further seven days take your doses every six hours.
* Next take the doses every eight hours for seven days.
* Finally go back to dosing every ten-twelve hours (twice a day) for a period of sixty days.

I’m sure over time both the Calc Sulph & Ferrum Phos should have an action on your testis issue. Can you properly describe your problem below. You say near the testis, are you speaking about the actual scrotum? Do you have any of these:

Scrotum Eruptions, burning
Scrotum Itching, burning
Scrotum Itching, burning after itching
Scrotum Itching, spots
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting left side
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting left to right side
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting 02:00am
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting cold water washing aggitation
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting after rubbing
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting after scratching
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting helped by sitting
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting thighs and/or between
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting sides of
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting external skin
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting
Scrotum Pain, burning, smarting
Scrotum Pain, burning, stitching

Please add the following to your diet to aid your mineral salt needs aided by the cell salt use:

Almonds, Apples, Asparagus, Beets, Brown Rice, Brussel Sprouts, Buttermilk, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Citrus Fruit, Cottage Cheese, Currants, Cucumbers, Dates, Eff Yolks, Egg, Figs, Goat Cheese, Grapes, Green Vegetables, Kohlrabi, Lentils, Lettuce, Lima Beans, Milk, Mushrooms, Onion, Oranges, Parsley, Peaches, Pecans, Plums, Prunes, Radishes, Raisins, Roquefort, Sauerkraut, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Turnips, Wheat Bran, Whole Wheat.

Re:Urinary Infection By: ????? August 27 2016 

Thanks for your reply. The itching is in scrotum area at some points. Actually due to this, I took urine culture test before couple of days. The report says E coli bacteria presence >100,000 Cfu/ml. Kindly suggest what to do in this case.

Re:Urinary Infection By: The Unhived Mind August 28 2016

Take the following homoeopathic nosode:

Coli Bacillinum 30c

Take this twice daily and this should correct the problem of the E.coli.

Aids for the itching issues would be cell salts:

Nat Mur – Sodium Chloride 6x (Original prescription)
Nat Sulph – Sodium Sulphate 6x
[Both mineral salts are present in the Combination 12]

I’d say homoeopathic Sulphur 30c may be of some use.

Re:Urinary Infection By: ????? September 1 2016 

Actually I checked in Homeopathic medical shop. They told Coli Bacillinum 30c is not available. They told the medicines are with name as colixxxx and bacillinum. That is there are two different medicines. What to do in this case? Is there any alternate medicine for this treatment.

Re:Urinary Infection By: The Unhived Mind September 1 2016

No I think they’re getting mixed up. If you look at the Helios pharmacy as linked you will see I’m correct.

This remedy is a safe dilution (potency) prepared by the homeopathic method and has no therapeutic indications.”

Have you been carrying on with your cell salts? Continue as well as utilize the Colibacillinum/E. Coli (Escherichia coli)

Re:Urinary Infection By: ????? September 26 2016 

I got the Coli Bacillinum 30C through online store by last friday 23.09.2016. I was using 10 drops in 60 ml water and consuming 1 hour after meals. I got relieved from burning sensation now. Am I right with my dosage? How long I need to continue this intake?

Anyway thank you once again for informing about Coli Bacillinum. I am very much happy now.

It will be helpful if you confirm the correct intake procedure.


Re:Urinary Infection By: ????? October 13 2016 

Thank you very much. I am completely relieved now.

Re:Urinary Infection By: The Unhived Mind October 14 2016

I’m glad all my information was of use to you especially the Colibacillinum. Continue for life with the root cell salts I highlighted. Have a nice time and remember the knowledge for any future problem that may arise.