By: The Unhived Mind – October 14th 2016


Sept 22 2016:

Subject; 18 year old male cat

Complaint; Urination containing blood

Treatment; Lycopodium, Arnica & Ionic Silver

I was informed the cat had just a few spots of blood contained in his urine output. I remembered back to a previous event of the same nature so I started to administer a fluid version of Lycopodium in a potency of LM1. The dose was three drops of LM1 into twenty milliliters of water then this solution was tapped against the palm five times before administering two small droppers into the cat’s mouth.

The cat did another urination with a small amount of blood (no pain or crying out). Another dose of Lycopodium was administered a few hours later. After a few hours the cat produced a lot of blood in the urine which initially was a bit of a worry but I did wonder if Lycopodium was helping to do a final flush of sorts. I immediately administered a fluid version Arnica in a potency of LM1 in the exact method as Lycopodium. I also gave him two small droppers of Ionic Silver (some call it Colloidal). In a few hours the next urination was back to a small amount of blood in the urine.

Since then I’ve administered a few more doses of these remedies and at the moment there are no traces of blood in the urine. I suspect he’s just had an infection so my remedies are perfect to doing a complete job.

So note this data down because many people panic when they see blood and especially when there’s a lot like the one time with this cat. If a cat doesn’t respond quickly and much blood is passed then unfortunately you will need a vet visit but if there’s just minor spotting or one large bleed then you should be fine to continue your own treatment (which will be better for the patient). Make sure your pet takes Ferrum Phos (Iron Phosphate) if there is or has been any blood loss.

Make sure you have these remedies at hand if you have a cat or even a dog.

At some point I’ll test a fluid remedy of the combination 12 cell salts and regular administering of these to the cats.

The Cure of a Cat who’s urinating blood By: The Unhived Mind2tuff October 13 2016

After a few days without administering the Arnica remedy the cat started to show signs of bleeding prior to having a larger amount of blood present in the urine.  Immediately following the larger blood release Arnica LM1 was re-administered.  The Arnica was prepared using four LM1 drops in twenty milliliters of water.  This preparation was then administered after being tapped on the palm of the hand five times (a must with LM potencies).  The dosage was two small droppers twice a day instead of once.

All feeding of real chicken was stopped.

Lycopodium was continued and the preparation was increased to the same as Arnica meaning four drops in the twenty milliliters of water.  Lycopodium LM1 was administered once a day.

Ionic silver was dosed using two small droppers and administered twice daily instead of just once a day.

Immediately the blood loss was stopped by the time the cat had his next urinations and the results have stayed since.  Over the last three days the Arnica treatment has been stopped and so far there’s still no sign of blood in the urine.  The cat has also been allowed to eat real chicken again.  Ionic silver is still being administered twice daily and he’s still having a daily dose of Lycopodium.  If all stays well then the protocol will be tapered down to where no remedies or silver will be used.

In my previous post I mentioned how any blood loss means a human or animals should correct their iron levels.  This must only be done with cell salts or herbal medicines known to be rich in Iron.  Never use supplement forms of Iron as these are very poisonous to both humans and animals.  Herbal medicine is not ideal for cats as these creatures are very delicate and sensitive beings which can be harmed very easily so stick with homoeopathy and cell salt potencies only.  The ideal method will be the Ferrum Phos cell salt in a potency of 12x.  If you have a similar case with a cat as this one then you’ll find if you don’t administer Ferrum Phos (liquid form) then the cat will try to eat from the litter tray in an attempt to correct their iron deficiency.  Please don’t let your cat eat from the litter tray as the litter can cause serious Kidney problems.  If you don’t have any Ferrum Phos around you then feed the cat some liver organ which is very rich in Iron.  You must make sure you use the Ferrum Phos as fast as you can get hold of it.  Don’t worry if the cat is a bit tired as this is down to the blood loss, if you correct the problem and then the deficiency of iron all will soon return to normal.



Let me remind you that I helped this same cat walk again after suffering some paralysis.  Paralysis in elderly cats is a common problem as their kidneys become dysfunctional and even shrink.  A cat suffering this problem will lose strength in the leg(s) and start to drag themselves more and more.  You’ll notice them slightly walking sideways at times as they try to compensate.  I strengthened the legs utilizing two simple things:

Egg yolk (Fed to the cat who at the time craved it) [No longer wanted since healed]

Ionic Silver (Colloidal Silver)

Don’t let backward Vets easily put down your pet when you can give them a new lease of life especially if you’re so connected to your cat such as a lonely elderly being.  Also keep in your home some homoeopathic Ignatius 30c which will aid you in case you ever lose your animal or even human.  Ignatius is a fine remedy when dealing with grief.