I’ve decided for a while that I was going to leave Youtube entirely and I have just informed loyal followers on there just prior to deleting all traces of The Unhived Mind completely off that were left. I’m tired of the actions of that site and similar. If you’re a truthsayer you’ll get no trouble unless a gatekeeper aids in informing them on you about some nit picking thought-crime. If you’re a truth sayer and you get 5000 subscribers then the hassle will commence, I’ve noticed this numerous times over. You see they hope no one will listen to you and you’ll just fade away as a nobody. When they realize your heading up as a someone and have 5000+ followers then you’re punted. I had in total around 7000 people following me on that site and they quickly started the harassment and then destroyed the account. They even had the neck to do this based on a non-existent video.

I did make another account just prior to the destruction of the first. This time though I couldn’t be bothered with the site any longer and just forgot about it. National Security Agency sites like those are at best forgotten because they are totally unreliable long-term. People who know me, know I cannot stand links and especially dead-links and data loss. So all these pages created all over the web with video embedded will be totally redundant and thus spoil the information if people keep using Youtube. We cannot have this so its time to go independent completely and look after the information.

I’m no longer on Twitter or Facebook, I never wanted to be on those for a long time prior either. I tried them out for a short period and I just felt sick by them both and quickly deleted my accounts on them both myself. Now you see the censorship of Twitter has come along during the last few days and just now with the Google blogs. Move away from these free sites run by the NSA and military intelligence. I will never entertain ever using those three depressive sites ever again.

Those who’re angry at losing information should also walk or complain about whats going on. Everyone should walk from those sites and kill them dead in a blink of an eye. People on Facebook are being taken for a ride, they get a pathetic looking site with the most poor instant messaging system I’ve ever seen. Then the cretins fronting for it and connected get millions of dollars as it floats on the bankrupt GaGa illusion stock exchange. Don’t be a mug, the ICQ chat program I used when I first got on the net far excels anything Facebook has come up with. Nothing but NSA data mining junk as usual. A lot of very important information from bullion to secret societies to health was ripped off my old Youtube channel when it was destroyed by Youtube. We all know who that serves don’t we…

-=The Unhived Mind



  • theunhivedmind

    I left Facebook a few years back and i dont use twitter at all. I think this year should be interesting to see if the people will accept china style locking off of information and that is critical for free thinking individuals who want to know the truth, regarding anything that goes on in there country or the world. I think we are going to have to go underground in the future, so that means going back to basics regarding the way people like yourself can get the information out to the world.

    Dont stop and keep up the hard work that you do that is appreciated.

    Peace fellow human of this earth.

    -The Groove 2000

    • theunhivedmind

      Well what will happen will be that we’ll have to go to Usenet, Newsgroups and old school methods of communication that may even resort to going back to landline private bulletin board systems with nodes like the days of the Commodore Amiga computing. You made the right decision in dumping Facebook and not using Twitter, I wish I’d not even entertained it now. Just remember if theres anything you find interesting, download and keep it safe.

      -=The Unhived Mind

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