The Unhived Mind Replies To Idiotic Comments from Zionist Maxine Dovere


:The-Unhived:Mind Replies To Idiotic Comments from Zionist Maxine Dovere

By :The-Unhived:Mind 29th Oct 2019

This small article is based on the viewing of the PressTV Debate Show featuring Kevin Barrett vs Zionist Maxine Dovere


The 9/11 ‘Match is Hot’ meta-bridge operation was ordered by the Sabbatean Frankist powers who’re over both Freemasonry and its Universal Postal Union commerce power over the World. The UPU since 1949 have controlled Israel, the Likud Party, IDF and the Mossad who were all part of the main players in the execution of the Sept 11th attacks. For more rational common sense exposure of the Israeli connection to 9/11 then listen to Alan Sabrosky the former director of the U.S Army War College.  A free-falling exploded World Trade Center would have dropped in around 12.84 seconds instead it was between 4.75-6.75 seconds this was because the main destruction was achieved through the co-efficient expansion of hydrocarbons using Maser microwave technology which vaporised most of the buildings. How’s about the $28 trillion stolen from the World Bank in the WTC and then wire-transferred out into Honolulu, Hawaii prior to the final destination as a deposit in the Singapore Bank? How about Larry ‘go ahead and pull it’ Silverstein having the plans for the new WTC building a whole year before 9/11? How about Israel quickly pulling out Zim American Israeli Shipping Company from the North Tower just one week before the ‘match is hot’ event?  The Jews will go on about Hamas terrorism etc but it’s Israel and its Donmeh (Sabbatean) Wahhabism Saudis who’re behind all the Isis, Al-qaeda, Takfiri terrorism and right now Jared Kushner and Bibi have been conspiring with Frontier Services (Erik Prince) to create a more powerful Isis group based in Iraq.

Now both the Sabbatean Ashkenazi (Knights of the Flame) followers of the Zohar along with the Sephardi followers of the Babylonian Talmud are masters of the boycott which is also the same thing as sanctions. Who started the WW2 against Germany using a boycott of all German products whilst calling for a so-called Holy War on Germany? It was the Jews in Zionist occupied America now renamed the United States (No-Citizen Speak-Tally-Contract).  The BDS movement is actually a creation by the Jews in order to weed out the opposition and create another false sympathy and penalty.

Where are the Palestinian lands over the years? You’ll see they’ve been dramatically shrunken by the Jews all whilst the Israel tries to take out many nations to further the Greater Israel Yinon Plan. This agenda is also creating the forced immigration into Europe in order to bring about the desires of the Jews for what they term a ‘Great Replacement’ of the White European populace known to most a ‘white genocide’ as openly quoted and bragged about by Jews as well as subliminally in their television and advertising.  The Jews are the most racist tribe in the world and Israel is a rogue State controlled since the 24th of December 1949 from Berne, Switzerland. Arabs cannot be anti-Semitic as Arabs are Semites.  Israel blackmails the World into submission at first it was with the Samson Option using nuclear weapons strategically placed around the globe but now it’s through the far superior control of all technology under the IDF’s Talpiot division and the Technion minds.