“It begs the question that if you can find and arrest people who are suspected to be involved in piracy using existing laws, then why introduce further regulations which are US-only and potentially damaging.”

Its quite obvious and it goes back to a few years ago at a Bilderberg meeting where they decided they needed to squash the internet quickly. Why? The internet has turned on them far more than they even imagined. People are waking up to the age old scams played upon them by the vermin thinking they were in control of the show. People no longer listen or trust the corporations masquerading as Governments, and the people are close to loosing all belief in the Government scam. Serious attacks to their authority are coming up, such as with lawful groups like the British Constitution Group and others Worldwide. We’re understanding all the levels of their control web, from Admiralty Law, to who these people really are and the groups they’re part of. They know they cannot hide any longer so they want everything removed off the web in a Sanitization process reminiscent of the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France on August 31st 1997. If they do not get this right now, The Worshipful Company of Fuellers via their U.S. Navy will soon enough introduce The Grid system.

From day one of the Grid opening all enemy content (domestic terrorism) will simply never exist, which includes talks about the Bible and quoting from the Bible. Then what? You guessed it, the regular internet or World Wide Web will be quickly phased out like a Pentium III processor in a World of Icore7s. Datamining software masquerading as operating systems will have you needing your finger prints and eventually iris scans to enter the web as proposed with the Internet-ID being pushed by the Soetoro Administration usurping the White House under the National Academy of Public Administration. Remember that Microsoft has been caught being in league with the National Security Agency. William Gates is nothing more than social engineering front man for the Club of Rome and New Jerusalem aka City of London especially The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. Take his Windows VISTA as an example, this is really a Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application. This was why Linux became frowned upon as the U.S Navy would prefer you used surveillance Windows and/or Mac OS.

You’ll notice people are petrified their site will go off the Google search engine and others, but ask yourself this, what was it like before Google and even Yahoo? We managed and did fine by simply bookmarking everything and hosting links on sites far more than today, we can always do it again. If it comes to it, you need not worry because we can always go back to the dated bulletin board software and dial-up like systems to private landlines as we used in the days of the Commodore Amiga and the Bulletin Board System. This would certainly make life difficult for the National Security Agency and Government Communications Headquarters, especially if everyone also dumps wifi and its radiation designed for spying, tampering and population reduction.

So please don’t go around claiming we live in the free World and the land of the free, as you see today we live in a full blown hybrid marxist fascist state that hoodwinks the brainwashed by the day. Its economy is collapsing, its society is collapsing, its control is collapsing, its big pharmaceuticals is collapsing. The Worshipful Companies of World Traders, Mercers, Apothecaries, Fuellers and Haberdashers are losing a little more control of the engineered chaos than they would have liked with their Industrial-Financial-Pharmaceutical-Military-Educational complex. Lets hope it dies soon so we can start again and have all these treasonous swines Lawfully executed after Lawful trial for their crimes. Shall we give them what they won’t give us? Should we give them a real Court with three Judges and a 12 man jury or should we screw them as they have us with administrative Courts?

Whats needed is for Google to blackout completely as Wikipedia did on the 18th of January 2012 just gone in protest of SOPA. This also goes for the rest of the entire web including commercial sites. If this doesn’t work you know what you do? You walk, you dump the claptrap entirely and let all the ISP companies go bust or put enough pressure on the vermin to open it back up again. This is the only way to defeat this vermin today and its Lawful Rebellion where they cannot do a single thing to you and your personal protest. If you do not want the internet no more, you’ve not committed any crime whatsoever. Its far better than drones going out and causing mayhem in the streets which gets you no where, especially with todays system.

What I suggest you go and do is simply download everything you like on the web and all the data you can find. Store it on multiple medias and have these located in three difference locations and not all in your home. This will safeguard your information just in case of disasters and other such problems.

-=The Unhived Mind

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