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    If the West Attacks Iran, It Could Lead to World War III

    by Devon DB
    Global Research, November 15, 2011

    It was reported a week ago that the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report that argued that Iran may have been attempting to build nuclear weapons based on the fact that it had computer models of a nuclear warhead, in addition with other information. On the matter, the report itself states Iran conducted computer model studies and the like, but gives no conclusive damning evidence. [1]

    This has led many to argue that Iran is in fact attempting to build a nuclear weapon. What many fail to realize is that not only does the UN report not state the Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon, but also the fact that the UN report may very well be biased due to the head of the IAEA’s ties to the US and also that this report could be used as part of a media war for the US-NATO-Israeli alliance to wage war on Iran.

    The UN may seem like a neutral organization, but in reality, it can be influenced by outside forces. An example of this is with the head of the IAEA. It was reported last month by The Guardian that a cable released by Wikileaks stated that the new head of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, “was solidly in the U.S. court on every key strategic decision, from high-level personnel appointments to the handling of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.” [2] In addition to this, when Amano had his first post-election meeting with the US, the Americans came away with the notion that the meeting “illustrate[d] the very high degree of convergence between his priorities and [America’s] agenda at the IAEA” and that the coming transition period would “[provide] a further window for [the US] to shape Amano’s thinking before his agenda collide[d] with the IAEA Secretariat bureaucracy.” The fact that the US had plans to shape Amano’s thinking should make one wonder how much influence the US had over him.

    The US and Israel could be using this report to argue that their countries should go to war with Iran. However, the information could potentially be false as it was noted by Russia Today that the UN “has found no smoking gun, but has succeeded nonetheless in hyping up fears that Iran is continuing its research on nuclear weapons” [3] (emphasis added) and that the information could be false as

    some, like former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, have grave doubts about the value of the IAEA report.

    “I would be very skeptical about this report that is coming out from the International Atomic Energy Agency, because the IAEA doesn’t really have any intelligence capabilities of its own. It is relying on reports that are coming from other people. I would rather suspect these reports are coming from the US and Israel,” says Giraldi.

    The precedent of US intelligence presenting false evidence to build a case for the war in Iraq raises alarm bells as to the accuracy of the atomic agency’s latest report on Iran.

    “You may have a piece of evidence of some kind, but that piece of evidence is subject to your interpretation,” Giraldi says. “When they saw aerial photographs in Iraq showing certain things, they interpreted those photographs to mean something which was not correct.” [4] (emphasis added)

    The possibility that the IAEA report could be using false information is quite possible as the US-NATO-Israeli alliance has been looking to invade Iran for quite some time and has been waging a media war in support of this objective. One major example being the myth that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the map. This proved to be completely false as

    The Iranian president was quoting an ancient statement by Iran’s first Islamist leader, the late Ayatollah Khomeini that “this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time” just as the Shah’s regime in Iran had vanished.
    He was not making a military threat. He was calling for an end to the occupation of Jerusalem at some point in the future. [5] (emphasis added)
    While this was proven to be false, war hawks in America and Israel still used as an argument of Iranian aggression. However, the current situation is quite dangerous as Israel may be making moves to bomb Iran, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arguing with his Cabinet for Israel to take such an action. [6] In addition to this, the British military is currently “stepping up their contingency planning for potential military action against Iran amid mounting concern about Tehran’s nuclear enrichment programme” [7] as the British Ministry of Defense thinks that the US may go ahead and strike key Iranian facilities via missile strikes and that Britain will unconditionally support the US.
    Despite their plans, however, the war mongerers may find it difficult to achieve their goals as Russia recently stated that it would “do everything possible to prevent a military strike on Iran and push forward political dialogue on Iran’s nuclear issue.” [8]

    The threat of a Western attack against Iran is extremely dangerous as it could potentially lead to a World War 3 scenario as “Were Iran to be the object of a ‘pre-emptive’ aerial attack by allied forces, the entire region, from the Eastern Mediterranean to China’s Western frontier with Afghanistan and Pakistan, would flare up.” [9] We need to be knowledgeable of the fact that an attack on Iran would consist “not only in reclaiming Anglo-American control over Iran’s oil and gas economy, including pipeline routes, [but would] also [challenge] the presence and influence of China and Russia in the region.” [10]

    Russia has major interests in Iran as Russia has made a large amount of money off aiding Iran in building its nuclear facilities. In addition to this, Russia wants to back Iran as a counterweight to US influence in Central Asia. China also has an interest in Iran as China can get oil and natural gas from them. Both countries have been heavily involved in Iran economically and have a strategic interest in making sure that Iran is not attacked.

    If the West attacks Iran, it could lead to World War III.


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    Devon DB is 19 years old and studies political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In addition to contributing to Global Research, he has recently become a staff member at The Progresssive Playbook.

    Devon DB is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Devon DB

  2. theunhivedmind

    Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is basically a code book for those planning the destruction of industry. She used to go out with one of the Rothschild’s and the ideas for the book came from him and his masters. John Todd talked a bit about it! Bill Clinton’s old mentor, Carroll Quigley’s book “Tragedy and Hope”, and Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” are quite interesting reads as well, provided that the reader has a fairly good overview of things.

    Switzerland is a mad place, considering it is supposedly a neutral territory. Geneva’s motto is “Post tenebras lux” (“After the darkness, the light”) and it had its origin in the middle of the 16th century. It refers to Illuminati and Masonry. Geneva is the seat of the European headquarters of the United Nations and of many other inter-governmental organizations, including:

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
    The International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO)
    The International Labour Organization (ILO)
    The International Organization for Migration (IOM)
    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
    The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR)
    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
    The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
    The World Health Organization (WHO)
    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
    The World Trade Organization (WTO)

    Geneva was the seat of the League of Nations between 1919 and the league’s dissolution in 1946. It was first housed in the Palais Wilson, and then in the Palais des Nations, which now hosts the United Nations. Numerous international non-governmental organizations have also elected Geneva as their headquarters, including:

    The Aga Khan Foundation
    The Airports Council International
    The Conference of European Churches (CEC)
    The International AIDS Society
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
    The International Baccalaureate program
    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    The International Road Transport Union (IRU)
    The International Union Against Cancer (UICC)
    Mandat International (MI)
    The International Committee of Committees (ICC)
    The UN Watch
    The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
    The World Council of Churches (WCC)
    The World Heart Federation (WHF)
    The World Economic Forum (WEF)
    The World Organization of the Scout Movement
    The World Wide Web Virtual Library
    The International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics (also known as The Geneva Association)
    CARE International
    Youth With A Mission (YWAM)
    The international board of directors for Médecins Sans Frontières

    Just a few examples of the many foreign multinational Corporations groups with offices in Geneva:

    ABN / Amro Bank
    AMD Advanced Micro Devices*
    Agilent Technologies*
    ALCOA Europe*
    American Express Bank
    AT&T International
    Auto Desk*
    Bacardi Martini
    Banco Portugese de Investimento
    Bank of America
    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
    ING Bank
    Banque Pictet*
    Barclays Bank
    Battelle Memorial Institute
    BNP Paribas
    Bracco Reasearch & Bracco Imaging
    Burson Marsteller
    Cambridge Technology Partners
    Cargill International*
    Carrefour World Trade*
    Cereol International (Eridania Béghin-Say)
    Cohn & Wolfe
    Coimex Trading
    COLT Telecom
    Columbia Sportswear Company
    Conagra International
    COVANCE Central Laboratory Services*
    Credit Suisse
    Daiwa Securities SMBC
    Davisco Foods International
    Deutsche Bank
    Dow Europe
    DuPont Dow Elastomers*
    Eastman Kodak*
    Electronic Arts
    Easy Jet Switzerland
    Eli Lilly*
    Ernst & Young
    ESR Expertise Systèmes Réseaux
    Federal Express
    Federal Mogul*
    Fidelity Investment International*
    Gemplus Management and Trading
    GE Specialty Materials
    Gill & Duffus*
    The Gillette Company*
    Grey Worldwide
    Heidrick & Struggles
    Hewlett Packard*
    Hughes Aircraft
    IBM Microelectronics Division*
    IHS Energy Division
    Iomega International*
    International Petroleum Products (IPP)
    Jet Aviation
    JP Morgan
    T International*
    Kempinski International*
    Korn-Ferry International
    Lexmark International*
    Lloyds Bank
    Lockheed Martin International*
    Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Group*
    Louis-Dreyfus Trading
    Mars Electronics International
    Mauboussin International
    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company*
    Merrill Lynch International
    Mitsubishi Tokyo Wealth Management
    Moore Stephens Refidar
    New Logic Technologies
    Nomura Bank
    Parker Lucifer
    Patek Philippe*
    Polo Ralph Lauren*
    Procter & Gamble*
    PSA International
    PSINet Europe
    Royal Bank of Canada
    Sempra Energy Trading
    Silicon Graphics*
    Spencer Stuart
    Stryker Trauma*
    SUN Microsystems*
    Sungrain (groupe Louis-Dreyfus)
    Sylvania Lighting *
    Take-Two Interactive Software *
    Taurus Petroleum
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Totsa Total Oil Trading
    Union Bancaire Privée*
    Union Carbide
    Unilever Cosmetics International*
    Vela Group International SA*
    White & Case International Trade (Geneva)
    Young & Rubicam Business Communications
    Yum! Restaurants International


  3. theunhivedmind

    Yes all you get is a jail sentence at best but in the future they wish to execute rioters, dissidents and those who will not do their economic servitude in time of crisis. Take a look at what it tells you within the occult code book hidden as fiction known as Atlas Shrugged. Make sure you get one of the original old copies where nothing has been censored. This book is in the homes of all the elitist Luciferians running this conspiracy. Remember Atlas Shrugged, Tragedy & Hope and Morals & Dogma have all been altered from the originals.

    Desertion my friend is not the same thing as what we are talking about right now. To desert something you have to be part of it originally and we will not be part of any of it. We are not wanting to be part of it in the first place. We are not turning our backs on what would be fellow soldiers in a particular battle. Not the same thing in the slightest. May I remind you that the Moret and Templar Switzerland is not a very nice place when you meet the authorities there. Switzerland is quite a vicious place to live if you do not toe the line of the Square and Compass.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  4. theunhivedmind

    Correct and if you end up in jail it will be an easy stretch because you will know you are in the right and rebelling. You will sit and think to yourself all those acting like sheep will now be sucking in the mustard gas. If you end up in a G4S jail at great expensive to the U.K Taxpayer you’ll have plasma 1080p XBOX. Sit there and play some U.S Department of Defense conditioning simulator games and laugh that their programming never worked.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  5. theunhivedmind

    People have been programmed not to question authority since birth (their own parents even), but as adults, if they don’t stand up for what they really believe internally, they will never overstand just how powerful they really are…It’s as simple as that! The only power anyone else has over you, is what you decide to give them! In terms of law and dealing with companies, police, courts and judges; if you don’t CONSENT to whatever they are trying to foist upon you, they have no JURISDICTION over you! If there is NO CONSENT, there is NO LAW… Period!

    -Lou Cifer

  6. theunhivedmind

    Is the punishment for refusing to go to war just jail in Commonwealth Countries? In some countries there is a death penalty for that. Even Switzerland had a death penalty for refusing to join the army in war times, called “desertion”. Switzerland abolished that death penalty only about 2 decades ago! I know I won’t join the war. Still thinking of options to flee my country and migrate to a safer one.


  7. theunhivedmind

    Why are you frightened of a mass prison for? Do you crave your arms and legs being blown off instead? Go to jail put your head down and relax. Go to war for the Temporal Power of the Holy See and his Hofjuden political adviser Knight of Malta, Henry Kissinger and expect your arms blown off in the name of tyranny. Please sit and think about it carefully and realize what the draft actually is and what will happen and who for. I am sure you would not fear prison if you do.

    You have been predictably programmed to fear jail by the goggle box but on the other hand you have been programmed to adore war with your toy soldiers and plastic guns from a child onwards. Remember your GI Joe or Action Man dolls? See what I am saying? The tell-a-lie-vision predictably programmes you through telling you through vision to program using TV programmes downloaded into your brain utilizing flicker rates to aid the process of brainwash.

    What is likely to occur in a mass prison where you desperately need to get out other than the obvious initial imprisonment? They cannot just round-up anyone especially if you live in a Common Law land such as England, Scotland, Wales or the united States of America. Of course they may attempt to do this but they can only do this with your consent handing over jurisdiction to them. Without the consent of the Governed all legalese fictional law of the merchants is null and void. If you slip up and give them jurisdiction such as agreeing the slave name of the person of commerce or having a slave document on you (National-ID) then they can class this as jurisdiction over you. This is why they have had Markus Wolfe of the East German Staatssicherheit working with the Department of H(R)omeland Security on the National ID. Trying to force slaves to believe they need to carry a slave document which automatically gives jurisdiction over the being when presented or removed from the being by force. Effectively an instant way to further corrode your Common Law rights hoping you do not realize it.

    You think you are safe out at sea pressing buttons? Think again when those Russian P700 Granit missiles and newer Russian technology come whizzing towards you. Two tonnes steel beasts from hell which make aircraft carriers redundant in modern warfare. Regardless if you are on the battlefield or pushing buttons in Virginia, you are fighting a war for the Temporal Power (antichrist), tyranny and feudalism. This must be stopped immediately and we must fight to be free and be moral. Carry a Geneva Bible 1560 or King James Authorized Bible 1611 everywhere you go and highlight passages of importance and bookmark each of these. When confronted by anyone you then get out your Bible and quote from it and then turn around simply walking away. Remember under Common Law unless you are under arrest then you do not have to deal with anyone in fancy dress in the slightest who believe they have authority over you. Make sure you carry an audio recorder or video/audio recorder at all times to take evidence of Police corruption as they are now purposely chosen for low intelligence whilst not being trained in thee law of the land only crooked legalese UCC/Admiralty via Blackstone’s and Archibald’s. We need to now realize its time to fight and confront these people and not cower down in fear. Remember the non adulterated Ten Commandments tells you ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ and cannot be broken unless you are in a life and death situation in need of defense such as being confronted by a murderer. False threats and invasions of Sovereign Nations such as in Libya means you are now this very murderer that someone can genuinely defend against and thus kill you even in the eyes of God.

    Please take note of the information presented about Muhammed Ali below and especially the part where he would not step forward at the Induction. I do not believe in even going to an Induction as this is even a form of jurisdiction hand over but by doing so you have stopped them classing you as a thing which can be classed instantly as salvage and quickly thrown in prison as they like to term it. So you have fulfilled the need to present yourself at the Induction (admitting you are the slave fictional person under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666). Now you simply do not move a muscle when asked to step forward. As soon as you make a move and step forward you have lost all your rights completely and full jurisdiction has been handed over to the military for you to become cannon fodder. Under no circumstances, fear or duress do you move forward, stay exactly where you are and be well locked into that spot. If you really must move then step backwards and walk away ideally walking continually backwards diagonally towards the door and out. No one has any power over your being and no one can stop you doing this regardless of hype trying to force your consent to be governed under mere phony Acts no different to a stage play, it’s just an act of fiction. Hope this information helps you.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Boxer Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay, joined the Nation of Islam in 1964, just days after first claiming the heavyweight title. As a Muslim, he believed that only Allah could command him to go to war.

    Drafted in 1966, Ali declared that he would not serve in Vietnam, saying “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong.” Three separate petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court failed to win him a draft exemption.

    On April 28, 1967, Ali refused to step forward at his induction ceremony to signal entry into the Army, even after warnings that he faced a prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

    The World Boxing Association stripped him of the heavyweight title and he was suspended from fighting.

    Two months later, a Houston jury took 21 minutes to convict Ali—still called Cassius Clay in court—of draft evasion. Time magazine declared, “It appears unlikely that Clay … will ever again be a championship contender.”

    Ali spent the next three years free while his conviction was on appeal. Barred from boxing or leaving the country, he lectured at universities and Muslim gatherings around the United States, gaining support as antiwar sentiment increased.

    On June 28, 1971, the Supreme Court reversed his conviction, ruling that he was entitled to an exemption as a conscientious objector. Ali regained the heavyweight title in 1974 and continued boxing until 1981.

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