By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 8th Jan 2020 edited 11 Sep 2021

This quick article was in response to a news article titled ‘Prince Harry, Meghan Markle step back From British Royal Family‘.

The so-called Royal Family is made up of mulattoes and quadroons, implying that they are a human species with a mongrelized ancestry dating back to Queen Charlotte, the Portuguese mulatto who was married to King George III. So you’ve got a lot of bastards, which is the proper term for a mongrel with mixed heritage, also known as a lowlife. The word ‘bastard’ appears in the Christian Bible, and it genuinely implies what I’ve just stated. It’s the same as the biblical definition of the word “sin.” The term “sin” refers to defective DNA and has nothing to do with the terrible deeds promoted by modern religious followers of lies and Jewish games. Jewish games are designed to keep you as a neophyte slave enslaved to beliefs that are based on children’s fairy tales.

When you hear about the Royals being racist toward black people, keep in mind that they are all Moors. Even the Duke of Edinburgh is descended from a Jewish family. White (Caucasian), black (Moorish), and yellow (Asian/Oriental) people do not exist. We’re all pedigrees, bloodlines descended from the same human ancestor. If a person identifies as a colour, they immediately lose all birth rights as well as constitutional and international legal protections. Continual purity breeding requires at least ten generations to eradicate the Moorish DNA from the bloodline. Since Queen Victoria, the Windsors have had the blood of the hybridised Rothschild bloodline, as well as a two-hundred-year contract for the Royal breeding rights. Unlike his bald-as-a-coot brother William, who has horse features, Harry has the blood of Diana Spencer and his father, James Hewitt, and hence may have quality hybridised Caucasian blood. As a result, they’ve turned Harry’s progeny into mulattos. The goal of marrying Markle and Harry was to further dilute the hybridised Albion ancestry by undermining the Caucasian heritage.

Just chuckle when you hear about the Jewish exodus because the story is truly about the Chaldean exodus. Donald Trump, the Jews are now threatening Iran’s cultural sites. This is just another attempt to obliterate actual Middle Eastern history in order to preserve the phoney Jewish (the true Jew is the Moorish Y’hudi people, the Asiatics who crossed over) replacement history. I’ve already mentioned how they’ve done this by using ISIS as a stooge to demolish historical sites around the Middle East. Now consider why a fundamentalist group would devote so much time and effort to ruin their own lands and people yet never attacking Israel. They’ll allegedly go up against Europe and the United States, but not Israel, despite the fact that the occupied area is just next to them?

The Jews brought the mongrelization of the Caucasian pedigree to further their purpose of Caucasian genocide while also erasing the actual Israelites, who are the Moorish pedigree of the house of Israel, the man, Yacob, who was incorrectly dubbed Jacob. Israel was never in the Middle East, and it was never just a man’s name. Only in the fantasies of Jews rewriting history and religious teachings do these lies flourish. Israel was the Moabite/Moors’ holy land, located in Colombia. Herusalem, presently Peru, is the land of Jerusalem. Once again, the Jews steal history and fabricate bogus assertions that are believed by all of their Communist slaves, who now make up the majority of the population of the Western world. The Jews themselves are of mixed ancestry! Do you recall a song called the “Yellow Rose of Texas” that was popular in America? Even as early as 1850, they were subliminally programming the Caucasian pedigree’s demise, implying that it was OK for Caucasian males to desire a high-yellow, a cross between a Caucasian man and a Mexican woman. Please listen to the music and remember that a yellow rose is a high-yellow lowlife. The religious people are all Ziochristian imposters who interbreed with Jews (mixed half-breed hybrids of hybrids) and help Jews ruin the Caucasian pedigree, with some even falsely claiming to be of the blessed Caucasian lineage. You can’t do two things at the same time! Let’s not forget about priests and how they are now marrying people from various pedigrees. These unions are in direct opposition to the Bible’s fundamental teachings, which ban such behaviour. Why is it prohibited? When blood is mixed, the product suffers, as does the nation (nativity-contract) and society, as we see today.

All you have to do is listen to Jewish Venetian Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his ‘Practical Idealism,’ and you’ll see what’s going on right in front of your eyes right now. Why are all the Hellyweird movies and other entertainment nonsense (all run by Jews) advocating human pedigree mixing, including in TV (Te-leVi-zion) commercials? You’ll also observe that Caucasian youth are being programmed to idolise Alkebaran (African/Moorish) ideas like hip-hop music, which is immoral and simply disgusting. Today, it’s so dysfunctional that you’ll see a British mulatto President, aka Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama the Muslim), and the House of Perci’s Clinton promoting hip-hop groups (as there has been no Constitution since July 1st 1875, no nation, only a corpse, and this is why Nazi German Scherff ‘BushFRAUD 41′ became President) during their campaigns.  These same Boule Society controlled Moorish rappers (who wrongly identify themselves as black) openly speak about rape, sex, and violence on stage directly in front of these officials.

Until the Jews mixed them out, the Portuguese were a magnificent nation with a formidable Empire. Never forget that Communism is Jewry, and that communism promotes equality, both of which are utilised on a daily basis to bring about the disaster that we see today. When did all of this start in the United States? When the Jewish, Franklin D. Roosevelt became President of the United States as a Democrat, which meant he was a member of the Communist Party of the United States. Who was it that pushed this even further? Lyndon B. Johnson, a certified Jew, succeeded the great American patriot John F. Kennedy, a properly Jew-hating legend. Wake up, people, I’m giving you the whole storey, not just a portion of it, like some so-called alternative media outlets that won’t discuss the Jewish side of all of this and other issues because they’re related to Jews and/or locked in the Jewish divide game.