A few days ago you sent out (on your you tube channel) a interview of Lindsay Williams on the Dr. Deagle show. He talks about the “elites’ plans 2012, what they will do with the dollar. That was really interesting. What are your thoughts, do you think that is correct?

Than you!


I believe Lindsay Williams is a shill and dodgy I also believe parts of what he says are true. We’ve proven him wrong in the past like on McCain who we also believed would become U.S. President. He’s not infallible but some of his information has merit.

I believe that between August and October next year (2012) that the economy will be collapsed out completely. I also believe from just before the end of this year that you’ll be seeing massive amounts of layoffs and the start of the next real downturn aka phase 3 into Global Depression. This phase will last up until July timing before the finish occurs.

I believe that around May-June an extensive propaganda campaign will take place against Iran if not well before this time frame. The Worshipful Company of Fuellers aka Milvian Bridge wish for a final Global conflict such as seen during World War I & II. This will start in the Middle East and spread further but will mostly be played in the Middle East and surrounding areas. I believe at least two nuclear confrontations will take place one being from the United States and one from the Russian-Sino camp, both controlled by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. Remember the command of Russia are trained at Collegium Russicum in Rome run by the Company of Jesus. The reason for the war is to setup the Moslems as the reason for the economic collapse. This will drive the Western World into sheer hate of Moslems since their freedoms have been taken along with their going hungry and lack of a once reasonable life-style, especially U.S. citizens. This will aid in bringing on the final Crusade for the Roman Empire and bringing about destruction of both Islam and Zionism in one. All that will be left will be a Middle Eastern mesh bloc run from old East Jerusalem the Latin Kingdom ruled by the Papacy going back to 1993 aka Oslo Accord.

I suggest you get all monies out the banks (downgraded) immediately including HSBC and certainly Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of America. All dead currency not needing to be spent within three months should be placed into bullion, I just cannot see any other investment out there other than mining stocks and agriculture which aren’t easy and the later is affected by natural and man-made weather. So whats left honestly? Its Gold and Silver go for a 80/30 or 50/50 of each maximum and try to get the bullion in your legal tender so in the U.S. I believe this would be the American Eagle coin and in the U.K. this is the Britannia coin. This will help to compress your legal wealth down by a minimum 10x and more in case you have to declare your wealth to agencies for benefits etc. So an American Eagle turns $1670 right now into $50 face value for legal tender declarations even though the metal is worth $1670. So if a benefit needs no more savings that $1600 and you have 1670 you compress to $50 and you’re in the limits by $1550. You will need to make sure you get a receipt for your gold and keep it safe for evidence purposes. Hope this is of use to you, be prepared for a take down real soon both physically and mentally.

Lindsay is absolutely correct about having bullion to cover three years worth of taxes because its true that they’ll try to fleece your paid for property off you via taxes. Remember you own nothing regardless if you’ve paid it off. Why? You have only ‘Fee Simple’ not ‘Allodial Title’ therefore you own nothing, only bloodlines and governments get Allodial Title my friend. You’ve been conned, so if you have to pay tax on a property or else or tax at all then you do not own that property if using common sense and a deprogrammed mind. So cover the taxes for 3-5 years in Gold/Silver assets and you should be safe, if not then perish into massive slavery to The Worshipful Company of International Bankers and start to see the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 slavery really being forced in front of your face. The Knights of Malta controlling New Jerusalem aka City of London and the Crown are simply going for the jugular vein now with no mercy, feudal style.

What about people like me who rent? I don’t own a house I rent an apartment from a private homeowner. My guess is that he does not have gold or silver to back him up though he is a millionaire. I am just wondering what will happen with my rent how that will work. Will he be able to evict me or will the govt. make landlords keep the tenants? I guess nobody really knows exactly what will happen. Do you have an opinion on rentals?

Thanks again my friend.


What will happen is the State will take over the property and you will be paying rent to the State, you may get evicted but I doubt it as they simply want properties and tenants. Eventually they may get rid of you because whats going to happen is eventually the State will be dictating who you live with and where, whether you like it or not. But don’t worry too much, you’re in a better position than those with mortgages.

-The Unhived Mind

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