By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 23rd December 2019

Yet again I’m here to highlight the fiction, illusion and TREASON that’s taking place by the POSTAL GANG of stooges working for the Sabbatean Frankist controlled Freemasonry under the demonic spells of the Lurianic Kabbalah.  What we’ve witnessed on FOX News (run by Sabbatean Frankist Robert Murdoch [Menes-Heh] a pretend Catholic) is treason in-plain-sight.

I’m fully exposing this treason so you can finally know what all this junk means

Notice the scene above just as Postal gang actor McCarthy walks out on the stage of grand illusion and dark arts trickery.  In this scene you’re allowed to see the top of the flag poles.  Now as soon as McCarthy is in his spot for speaking the cameras quickly pan in as if for your pleasure of having a close up of this actor but it’s to hide the contract.  If you don’t believe me study all types of speaking events on the te-levi-sion and you’ll soon see it all the time and the same with photographs.  They’re trying to cover-up the game so people don’t cotton on to the deceptions taking place.

The symbolism at the top of the flagpole takes jurisdiction over the contract of the flag.  So in this case we have two sets of flags one being the House of Representatives (re-pre-s-en-ta-ti-ve = no-no-speak-no-tally-title-contract) run by the Court Martial of the military working for the U.S Postal Service.  The other flag is the U.S military dimension phoney masquerading as an American Old Glory whilst being under the VATICAN.  The bird on top of the phoney Old Glory fake is a rising phoenix notice the wings are out but down.  If the bird has the wings out and up as on the supposed House of Representative flag then the bird is an Eagle meaning U.S Postal Service power.  So the witchcraft SEAL on the front of the lectern shows U.S Postal Service jurisdiction (no-original-contract).  When you look at the phony Federal Reserve notes you’ll notice the Post Office has jurisdiction over the currency with the eagle.  Now the logo of the Federal Reserve is a rising phoenix showing Vatican power over The Fed.

When you see a spear on top of a flagpole this means Court Martial jurisdiction with the military.  The military’s controlled by the U.S Postal Service with the Navy being its number one.  The Navies would at one time run the mail for the Post Office.  The word ‘mail’ comes from the naming of the protection battle wear of the Knights Templar which was the chain mail.  The Knights Templar was all about protecting the COMMERCE not pilgrims and it’s the commerce that dominates planet Earth through the Postal made-men and their postal gang mafiosi.

The gold fringe on the flags shows you it’s a commerce flag under the U.S Post Office with their military suspending the Constitution whilst planting down Martial Law.  So all awakening U.S Citizens (chattel property) aware of the ‘New World Order’ need to realise they’re already Communist, have the mark of he beast (social security #/industrial army communism) and all under martial law right this minute with zero Constitution since 1875 (start of the so-called New World Order) and especially since November 8th 1999.

Typical filming to hide (third truth) the flagpole jurisdiction from the niddah goyim.  Only the shabbos goyim actors get to know the second truth level of awareness still a level behind the first truth bosses.