United Against Beauty

United Against Beauty

January 09, 2013 / Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

In the following election propaganda clip from Shas (an Israeli ultra-orthodox religious political party) we see a short, chubby oriental Jew, at his wedding, realising that his Russian super-model bride is not ‘properly’ converted into Judaism. For him everything is over, all passion gone.

Clearly, we are dealing here with a chauvinist and exclusivist culture. But it is not the only one in town. For at the same time as the oriental Jewish boy expects his future wife to be converted according to the Halacha law, the so called ‘anti Zionist’ Jews (who care nothing for rabbinical rules) choose to operate within Jews-only cells defined by race and ethno centrism. Ask yourself, can Mohamed from Gaza join the Jews for Palestinian Right of Return list?

The verdict is clear. Jewish politics, whether left, right or centre, just stinks!