US flip-flop on Iran deal in line with Israel policies: Analyst

A political analyst says pro-Israeli politicians in the US decision-making structure are making an issue of the peaceful nuclear program of independent countries such as Iran. 

In an interview with Press TV on Thursday, John Steppling touched on the presence of hardline pro-Israeli figures on the Trump administration, saying they see Iran standing in the way of Israel’s expansionist policies.

Touching on Israel’s atomic warheads, Steppling said double standards are “a way of life for the US,” which has been trying to scuttle a nuclear accord with Iran even as Tehran’s nuclear program has internationally been verified nothing other than peaceful.

“Israel has nuclear weapons that are completely unmonitored… the US obviously has something like 1,700 warheads. So it’s both hypocritical and double standard,” the way Washington tampers with Iran’s nuclear agreement, he said.