Vatican Tells Catholics Not to Attempt to Convert Jews

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Texe Marrs

Vatican Tells Catholics Not to Attempt to Convert Jews

The Vatican has issued a major new document telling Catholics not to attempt to convert Jews. Jews, said the Vatican, have their own covenant and are “different” from “the people of other religions.”

“This means that the Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports efforts to evangelize Jews,” says the document.

Moreover, the Catholic must work side-by-side with the Jews to promote the idea of the Holocaust and to “fight anti-Semitism.”

So, according to the Vatican, for the Jews, the New Testament is void. Jesus did not die on the cross for Jews. “The Jews are our elder brothers,” adds the new document.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis continues to preach on Climate Change. He warns that the world will become extinct and humanity is doomed unless a One World Government is set up and makes Climate Change its #1 priority.

The Jesuit Pope has spoken. For more on the Pope’s plans, obtain Edward Hendrie’s book, Antichrist: The Beast Revealed, and Texe’s DVD video, Vatican Rising!