Buenos Aires, Januaary 19, 2000


From our Buenos Aires correspondent

The January 17, 2001 edition of Buenos Aires’ daily Clarin reports that the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Argentina is demanding the prohibition of sales of German items from the period 1933-1945 in local auction websites.

Clarin’s article actually encourages these private businesses to comply with the demand for censorship. The sites in question are very much like e-Bay, only catering to the Argentine market. That hate groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center are enemies of the freedom of speech is nothing new.

Official history books about slavery in early America, record that slaves were deprived of their history by means of destroying symbols and objects they could have used as a reference to their past. The freedom of the Germans of today, likewise, has many arrogant and powerful enemies who, just as early slave owners, want to keep them ignorant of their own history.

The message of these hate organizations is also quite contradictory. For example, they claim that Jews are a prosecuted minority, thereby needing governmental special protection. This implies they are too weak to survive or succeed on their own.

On the other hand, their very actions prove that their influence upon governments all over the world is that of precisely the opposite: a very powerful caste. It seems like it is them who order the state what to do. The sites in question are deremate.com and mercadolibre.com. Feel free to contact these young enterprises and encourage them to keep endorsing freedom.