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    Man, 43, Cuts Off Own Penis In Penryn, Cornwall

    Huffington Post UK
    By Sara C Nelson

    A 43-year-old man has cut off his own penis in a residential street in Cornwall.

    The naked man used a kitchen knife as he performed the amputation in front of horrified onlookers, The Falmouth Packet reports.

    A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service told the newspaper the man was “bleeding heavily” and had fallen unconscious when they arrived around 9pm on Friday night.

    Police were contacted by worried passerbys who witnessed the incident.

    A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police told Huffington Post UK: “It was clear that the injuries inflicted were very serious due to the amount of blood found at the location.”

    He added that when police arrived the man had returned to a nearby property and that the officers had to gain entry to perform life-saving first aid as they awaited the arrival of the paramedics.

    Sgt Phil Binnie said: “If the public had not called this in as quickly as they did and without the prompt life saving actions of the officers attending, this would most likely have been a fatal incident.”

    PC Jules Evans added: “This was a very distressing incident for all involved, and I would like to thank the public for their assistance at the time.

    “I feel very sorry for the members of the public who witnessed this incident but had it not been for their help this person would most probably have died.”

    The man is being treated in Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and is described as being in a stable condition. No other people were harmed during the incident.

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      Is there a connection with the blood? If this had been the day before I would have said yes due to it being a human sacrifice time for the Roman festival of Vediovis. All eyes on the 26th May when the a full moon enters the constellation of Capricorn the dwelling of the planet Saturn that controls the base sexual chakra of the human being and is a symbolic astro-theology representation for Satan.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    What I find very interesting is how Alex Jones has not even covered this subject in any depth. Why would this be? His crew has covered all other terrorist events and false flags but not this one? He has two British writers and I noticed a new article from the one so they are still around to write articles. What is going on? Are these British writers for Alex Jones connected to MI5? Can they not tackle an event by MI5 but they can tackle events by MI6 and others? Just seems very suspicious to me. Alex Jones should be the first the latch onto this story and the grooming. Instead it is myself and a few others who have covered the story properly. What do you think?

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Examples of Infowars.com front page and terrorism archive showing nothing on the Woolwich event:
    Zip file of html files

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    ‘He was friendly and polite': Hairdresser ex-girlfriend of terror suspect says Adebolajo was a ‘normal, regular boy’

    Justine Rigden is a hairdresser at a salon in Hornchurch
    She dated Michael Adebolajo for a year when they were teenagers
    The 26-year-old claims to have been shortlisted as the ‘Face of Essex’
    Other school friends said he defended pupils from bullies

    By Sam Greenhill and Keith Gladdis
    PUBLISHED: 02:39, 24 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:13, 25 May 2013

    A beautician who once dated one of the Woolwich killers said he was ‘lovely’ and just a ‘normal boy’.

    Justine Rigden, 26, is understood to have been Michael Adebolajo’s girlfriend for a year when he was a teenager.

    Her relationship with the boy known to his friends as ‘Narn’ ended before he adopted radical Islamist views.

    She described her shock after realising her ex-boyfriend was the bloodied man seen wielding a meat cleaver as he claimed butchering a British soldier was an ‘eye for an eye’.

    Miss Rigden works for a hairdressing salon in Hornchurch and claims to have been shortlisted as the ‘Face of Essex’.

    She said: ‘He was really friendly and really polite, and there was never anything to suggest he would be caught up with anything like this.

    ‘He was just a lovely, polite boy. He stayed at my family’s house and I stayed with his. He was a very family-oriented person.

    ‘Just a lovely, lovely guy': Friends recall what Michael Adebolajo was like at Marshall Fields School
    Only this week, Michael Adebolajo was preaching jihad outside a Poundland store two streets away from the scene of Wednesday’s slaughter

    ‘Just a lovely, lovely guy': Friends recall what Michael Adebolajo was like at Marshall Fields School (left) and after the brutal murder

    Justine Rigden works for a hair salon in Hornchurch and is believed to have dated the terror suspect when they were teenagers

    ‘He had a group of friends from Hackney. They weren’t “wrong-uns”, they were OK, and he used to do a bit of MC-ing, rapping.

    ‘Nobody can believe it. He was just this normal, regular boy.’

    In a video posted on YouTube, the stylist says she admires Jennifer Lopez, because she is a ‘role model for real women with curves’.

    Pictures on Miss Rigden’s Facebook page showed her modelling in photo shoots, before the page was taken down from the internet on Thursday night.

    Her profile on the website of the hair salon where she works describes her as an ‘enthusiastic member of the team who will make you feel valued the moment you walk in the door’.

    School friends of Adebolajo say he lived a Western lifestyle in his teens, growing up in Essex as a Christian with hard-working Nigerian immigrant parents.

    Among his friends on Facebook are two serving police officers who knew him from school.

    He was also close friends with a soldier who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.
    Adebolajo was even consoled by friends at the funeral of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath who died in 2007 when his Land Rover was blown up as it protected a convoy near Basra.

    The pair were classmates at Marshalls Park School, in Romford, and spent time at each other’s houses after lessons.

    Hairdresser ex-girlfriend of terror suspect Michael Adebolajo

    The soldier’s brother Grant, 26, said: ‘What happened in Woolwich was butchery, unbelievable.
    ‘I’ve asked myself whether he would have done this to my brother also.

    ‘I don’t know what happened to Michael because he used to be the most laid-back, nicest guy in the world. But I know that if my brother were alive today he’d want to try and make him see sense.’

    He added: ‘Describing my emotions is so difficult. I can’t feel anger toward the Michael I knew, because he was so nice a person. We can’t understand it. I don’t think we ever will.’

    Adebolajo, 28, is believed to have been radicalised in his late teens by hate preachers Omar Bakri Muhammed and Anjem Choudary.

    Bakri Muhammed, who was thrown out of Britain when he was the leader of the now banned extremist group Al Muhajiroun, boasted he had converted Adebolajo to Islam when the boy visited his street stall in London.

    ‘We would talk about the meaning of life with passers-by,’ he said. ‘He stopped to speak with us and we invited him to Islam.

    ‘Because he is a convert I can still remember him. At that time there were a lot of conflicts around the world, and in Iraq and in Afghanistan especially. We talked to him about these and he sympathised with the Muslim people, it seemed.

    ‘He was in his 20s, a quiet boy who didn’t ask many questions. He used to come to our open talks and speeches.’

    Despite spouting rhetoric about supposed British crimes in ‘our lands’, Adebolajo is a British citizen born in London.

    His mother and father are hard-working Nigerian immigrants from an academic family in West Africa who settled in London in the early 1980s. A Christian couple, they believed in assimilating into British life, and Michael seems to have forged easy friendships with schoolmates of all colours and creeds.

    Virtually all the friends on his Facebook page have traditional British names such as Louise, Kelly, Robert, Craig, Gemma, Lauren and Paul, to name a few. Among them is Matthew Selt, now a professional snooker player.

    He was ‘just a lovely, lovely guy’, in the words of former classmate Stephen Cavalier – who, as a serving PC in the Metropolitan Police – could scarcely have followed a different path.

    Speaking at his home in Essex yesterday, Mr Cavalier said: ‘It seems odd to say it now, after the events of yesterday, but I remember him as just a lovely, lovely guy.

    ‘I knew Michael at Marshalls Park School in Romford when we were teenagers. He was a good sportsman and just an all-round nice guy.’

    He said he was no longer close to Adebolajo, who had requested they become ‘Facebook friends’ a few years ago.

    ‘As soon as I saw the news last night I immediately recognised it was Michael. I was in shock really when I saw him.’

    Adebolajo’s dark side seems to have been awakened in his mid-teens, around the time Tony Blair was sending British troops into Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • theunhivedmind

      Now bare in mind what Abu Nusaybah told you all prior to his arrest by Scotland Yard at the BBC (MI5 branch) studios.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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    Interesting is it not that the Ministry of Defence is going to pay out financial support claiming he died during active service for his country? Another farce seeing as England was destroyed outright in 1933 with the bankruptcy after the Bradbury Pound was destroyed by the Mercers and the purposeful indebtedness took place through banker organized war. This guy is either working for the intelligence service under a new identity or he was mind-controlled into accepting his slaughter for real. Either way he will be in the service of the UK so it is no wonder they want to pay out. If you had been killed in this way then you would not have been given a penny piece, especially with the austerity on the defence budget right now. You are also not working for the State and advancing the post-democratic agenda through a false war on terror blamed on Al-Qaeda. An Al-Qaeda started by the Marcy family of Chicago and used openly now by the west to attack sovereign Syria and before with Libya.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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