By The Unhived Mind
23rd May 2013

Additional information on Snoopers’ Charter,mantras,press conf,censorship,grooming,MoD,beheading added 17.6.2013

Anything on the media system which quickly goes global and has the tag of terrorism attached to it will almost always be a set-up by the intelligence network of the region involved. Therefore alarm bells should ring out immediately with the Woolwich event in London and rest assured the British Security Service were involved. In fact notice how quick Security Service director general, Andrew Parker was involved with Privy Councilor, Theresa May a pirate of the Livery and member of The Worshipful Company of Marketers. You need to listen to the buzz words and mantras that the media gives off to understand the agenda.

The first mantra that interested me was this, “the day Baghdad style violence came to London.” Can someone tell me what they mean by this? Is this not more like Nigerian violence by Nigerians than Iraq? Or are they trying to imprint on your mind that international forces are needed to stay in Iraq beyond any coming withdraw dates? Or could it simply be to help enforce the old lies by helping to demonize the old Saddam Hussein regime further to aid the reasons for the illegal invasion of Iraq aided by the false yellow cake dossier created by MI6 front Hill & Knowlton, Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell?

The second mantras that were interesting during the following day was these, “public want to see armed forces members in their uniforms” and “The British public love our armed forces; they love them being in the public eye”. I am sure you will get the martial law visions in your mind. The military and police will be dealing with the civil unrest during the coming war and massive crisis. You will be brainwashed into accepting these military actions as the new normal. The future society will no longer have a military, just a militarized police force to enforce the tyranny against the peoples under the disguise of peace.

My first thoughts with this event was that it may be to aid the testing ground for coming crowd control procedures. You may think this sounds absurd and why would someone immediately think this way? Well only a week or so ago you had the Livery pirate, Theresa May with the Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers discussing the use of water cannons for crowd control. The UK riots of 2011 were a staged event by the British Security Service in order to again start the process towards a strict, strong fully tested anti-riot system in time for World War 3 and the coming food crisis and rationing. The planning for this war event has been taking place across fifty counties. This planning explained exactly why the police were ordered to only observe the UK riots, this was in order to see what would be needed for future crowd controls and who would be the main trouble makers needing to be dealt with or put off from doing the same criminal acts twice. It also aided the acceptance and cover for why the military were being trained to drive tankers to transport petroleum and fuels. Fuel will be scarce when the Strait of Hormuz is closed down by Iran during a major Middle East conflict which leads into World War 3. The Security Service was then trying to see how easy it would be to turn the U.K. riot event into a race war event and now they know how far they can go. I believe the Woolwich event is yet another stepping stone in this direction but more from a Christian vs Muslim angle which will reenforce the hoax ‘war on terror‘ and anti-Muslim mindset for the ‘Clash of the Civilizations‘ agenda first spoke about by Basil Mathews in 1926 and Bernard Lewis in 1990.

Lets put our common sense heads on and sit quietly and think about this event and what actually took part. Some may claim this was an outright hoax from start to finish but I do believe a murder has taken place. I believe the murder was organized by the British Security Service using two Nigerian patsies as the men-in-the-middle to take the blame. These Nigerians will have been groomed from start to finish and believe they are independently thinking for themselves but have been set-up like so many before both here and in the U.S. by the British controlled FBI Division #5. There are genuine people committing terrorist attacks for the services but having no idea who they are serving and for what gain. It is interesting that the British Broadcasting Corporation filmed Michael Adebolajo back in 2007 at an Islamic protest and that he was known to the Service, of course he was, he was their future patsy. May I remind you that the BBC is a branch of both the Security Service and abroad under the Secret Intelligence Service. All the media stations are branches of the intelligence apparatus which are governed by Intelligence and Security Committee and the Joint Intelligence Committee under the command from The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem and The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.

Why all of a sudden did the stabbing of Lee Rigby later get turned into a beheading? Was this because it is more disgusting than a stabbing and more like a foreign Muslim attack on infidels? Was it so they could make the situation seem far worse to dramatize things for the war on terror. Why was this Michael Adebolajo not plastered all over with Lee Rigby’s blood? Did you see any in his hair or on his clothing? No he just had red colored hands and that was it. Have you ever seen the blood that comes from headless corpse? How about just the cutting of the Jugular vein? Try cutting your arm veins and watch the blood from that region and imagine it from the head at far worse rates. Why can we not see blood around the body? If Lee Rigby was decapitated then why would so-called bystanders be going up to him in order to comfort him? Why would you comfort a headless corpse? You would be covered in blood or slipping on the blood surrounding the body if so. No Lee Rigby was not beheaded he was stabbed up and he was alive for a short time with normal stab wounds. The post-mortem examination and so on will be rigged by the intelligence services to cover-up the true facts. To me this would prove the females involved are intelligence assets playing their man-in-the-middle role. A genuine being sick enough to hang around a corpse would not be able to keep the secret it was not beheaded. Unless they are too stupid and believe the media and intelligence made a mistake then simply just ignore the facts due to their fluoride induced apathy they have lingering over their minds. We hear one of the females that lay next to Lee Rigby claiming she was stroking him and that his body was still warm. There is no attempt by this female to speak of his supposed beheading because it just makes her actions look even more strange. She had a light grey sweat top on and not a drop of blood was visible. She also claims the gutter was full of blood when we clearly can see this was a complete lie as the blood had stopped way before the path ended let alone the gutter.

Now after the press conference with Lee Rigby’s family we find something very interesting indeed. Lee Rigby sent a very strange text message to his mother the night before his death:

“Goodnight mom, I hope you had a fantastic day today because you are a fantastic one in million mom that anyone could wish for. Thank you for supporting me all these years, your not just my mom, your by best friend. Goodnight I love you loads.”

Is this a typical text message a son would send to his mother out the blue? Too me it sounds more like someone who knew he was going to be part of some sort of dangerous operation. This would signal he knew he could have stood a chance of being killed. It could of course have meant he knew he was going to be killed off in a fake death like some have claimed. Has Lee Rigby been recruited into the intelligence apparatus and had his death faked ready for his new agency life under a new title? It might all sound like a James Bond movie but these things do go on and have done for many years. Why would someone allow themselves to be killed by being in the spot at the right time? You would think this is all a cover for agency work behind the scenes. Can you find a better explanation?

Interesting is it not that the Ministry of Defence is going to pay out financial support claiming he died during active service for his country? Another farce seeing as England was destroyed outright in 1933 with the bankruptcy after the Bradbury Pound was destroyed by the Mercers and the purposeful indebtedness took place through banker organized war. This guy is either working for the intelligence service under a new identity or he was mind-controlled into accepting his slaughter for real. Either way he will be in the service of the UK so it is no wonder they want to pay out. If you had been killed in this way then you would not have been given a penny piece, especially with the austerity on the defence budget right now. You are also not working for the State and advancing the post-democratic agenda through a false war on terror blamed on Al-Qaeda.

Watch this more detailed video as people just walk by a so-called mad-man with a knife. Does this look like the behavior of normal human beings? Do you not think someone would have told these people what was going on before they got anywhere near the scene? Notice how in this video they censor the body, I doubt this is for respectful purposes. They are covering the body up because it is not headless and the lies will not work if people realize the truth. What sane being would lie down with a headless corpse to comfort it? Lets all wake up and fast! Why does this news footage show more of the event? It is not from the U.K. where the hoax has to take hold! The broadcast is by the 7 News network from Australia. Download the video asap before its removed.

Take note of David ‘Common Purpose’ Cameron’s buzzwords about uniting the nation, how obvious can this be to those who see through the agenda and propaganda. David Cameron serves the City of London Corporation and the The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem. Cameron originates from the Crooked Nose Clan in Scotland a witches coven governed by high priestess and Dame of Malta, Queen Elizabeth II. David Cameron is well interwoven with the drugs trade of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and house of Bourbon. Study Cameron’s connections to the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation a bank whore house for the British Secret Intelligence Service and their international drugs trade. Cameron also serves the lesser known house of Keswick from Scotland which so few dare to expose and which has much power within Hong Kong. I have not forgot the Astor family connection to David Cameron through his mother-in-law the viscountess Astor. If you do not already know, the Astor’s are one of the biggest opium dealers there is. The British Government loved making their COBRA meeting sound so dramatic and important. What is Britain anyhow? No it is not England, Scotland and Wales as many would believe. When we hear the term Britain or British being used by officials you are really dealing with the power of the City of London Corporation. The British Empire never ceased it continues to this very day. May I remind you that the word brit in Hebrew means covenant or shall we just say a promise to pay (slave). The word ish in Hebrew means man or ain is land therefore a slave man and land. The land protected by Gog and Magog as highlighted within the King’s (Lord Mayor) parade.

Download the Abu Nusaybah interview
Why would a killer just hang around giving interviews on camera waiting for the police to come? Would you do this or would you run and hope to get away with it or at least hide for a few hours? Were these two guys MKultra style manchurian candidates programmed by their MI5 handlers to stay at the scene and give the anti-government speech? We find out from a close friend of Michael Adebolajo called Abu Nusaybah that the Security Service was harassing Adebolajo on a regular basis and even had offered him a job working for the agency. Abu Nusaybah exposed this information in an interview with BBC reporter, Richard Watson. Straight after the interview three Special Branch officers placed Abu Nusaybah under arrest not connecting with the murder. Why did this man have to be arrested and not just asked to come along for questioning which I am quite sure he would have done quite willingly? The Security Service will now find this man a threat to the agency itself in the future and now he will have to be neutralized in whatever way they see fit whether that be mental institution, thought-reform NLP, threats or even horizonatalization (assassination). Notice how Security Service branch BBC try to play down this revelation about the agency connections to Michael Adebolajo.

Now on top of the MI5 connection we also get an MI6 connection with Michael Adebolajo’s brother Jeremiah aka Abul Jaleel. MI6 were paying Jeremiah Adebolajo to visit areas to meet up with MI6 handlers. I believe he may have rejected MI6 advances at first but after numerous threats and restrictions he will have done their dirty bidding as requested. Notice his location at the University of Ha’il in Saudi Arabia a strategic location allowing quick access to most of the capitals in the Middle East. How much more proof do you need that the Woolwich terror event was a complete set-up? Hows about the Queen having a visit at the Woolwich Barracks which was planned well in advance of the terror event. Make sure you note the Knights Templar logo of Woolwich Barracks with the male phallic (Sun/priesthood) sword entering the feminine (Moon/royalty) crown. A planned event as part of the ordo-ab-chao agenda to aid bringing about ‘The Great Work‘.
I believe we may be about to see more staged events like this to aid the hoax known as the war on terror and create a climate of fear. This fear causes dysfunctions in the kidneys which then lowers brain functioning which ruins logical thinking. You fall pray to the first audio and visuals of any brainwashing using this old technique. Did you fall for it initially? Did you not even get a gut feeling something was not right?
I expect a high level of tension between races and religions after this event which will at some point in the future spiral out of control with the final event coming to create the tipping point. We have seen two Mosques attacked one with a grenade in Essex and another smashed up in Kent. Within hours of the Woolwich event the area was filled with angry English Defence League members on the edge of a riot. The same agenda is happening right now In Sweden as immigrants have been rioting for the last week. These are all small planned stepping stones to social change towards a new zero-growth, post-industrial and post-democratic society within the New World Order. The latest aim is to make you pass through body-scanner technology and have soviet style choke-points all over the place just to enter a mall or a highway. To understand all this then simply look up the VIPR police state being built up in the U.S. using the Transportation Security Administration.

I always said the killings of the Muslims in the UK riots with the cars running into them was a Security Service set-up to start the religious tensions off. Only the other day we saw Tariq Jahan the father of the sons killed in the Birmingham riots, he was over in Syria with the refugees aiding the western propaganda against the Assad regime who command the sovereign nation of Syria. Assad who has to put up with the constant nightmare coming from the West funding Al-Qaeda germ rebel terrorists like the Al-Nusra Front. So whilst your western nations try to scare you into giving up your freedom for security due to Muslim terrorists known as Al-Qaeda, just think back to how they use Al-Qaeda on a daily basis against dissenters who oppose The Worshipful Company of Mercers, like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Saddam did this from the 1970s and as soon as he dumped the Federal Reserve note for payment of oil. Gaddafi did the same as soon as he tried to remove the Middle East from Mercer debt-instruments and put them on a gold dinar currency. Not to mention how Gaddafi was going to feed North Africa and the Middle East which would have destroyed food aid slavery and would have competed directly with the Rothschild genetically-modified food poisons to be grown in the region. This is but one of the reasons why the U.S. breadbasket has been destroyed by radiation from the planned Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor disaster and other events.

You have to ask where is the logic in bringing in immigrants from nations where we are at war or will be at war? You have to ask where is the logic in bringing in uncivilized beings from lands like Nigeria and Somalia which are dangerous war-torn nations? The only time you can make logic from all the ill-logic is when you understand the ordo-ab-chao agenda where order (agenda) is bought about through chaos in a problem-reaction-solution knee jerk system. Yet another old technique the elite have used against the enslaved peoples time after time. If you lived in a nation that was all Christian or atheist then why would you care about Muslim terrorists abroad? The intelligence apparatus bought the so-called enemies within in order to create the chaos so you will beg for martial law as quick as Nigel Farage did in August of 2011.

Here you go folks the agenda plays out almost instantly as usual this time on the second day after the event. The sympathy and propaganda will now aid the acceptance of the draconian Data Communications Bill connected to that pirate of the Livery again, Theresa May. The snoopers’ charter was dropped only a couple of weeks ago due to Nick Clegg’s intervention for data privacy. On top of this you now have pressure on search engines to block so-called extremist websites, rest assured truth sites and alternative media will get wrongly censored. The example given is the amount of Anwar al-Awlaki videos on Youtube. What the British Security Service newsrag branch Daily Mail failed to inform you about was how Anwar al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon only months after the 9/11 attacks. Yet another intelligence asset for the hoax of the ‘war on terror’. When will the mass wake up and realize what is going on and see through all these events and the so-called solutions (agenda) given afterwards by tyrants and pirates looting and raping the people and nations. The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and Government Communications Headquarters want to know your every move and remove all your privacy. Our phone calls for many years have been spied on by our own nation illegally. How did they get around the legality? They would have the United States monitor our calls and we would monitor the U.S. calls and this was all done with the technology such as Echelon. Data was then transferred back to nations which was allowed as a loophole bucking the system. In fact this Echelon system is also used against Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and the Dutch. It will be soon time to do away with the internet if this gets passed and it will. If you still want to use the internet then I would suggest using advanced forms of encryption such as Pretty Good Privacy. Do not make it easy for tyrants creating false-flags to suit their own dirty gains in socially engineering the populace to their New World Order.

Finally you must be informed that Al-Qaeda was created by the Jesuit trained daughter-in-law of Carl M. Marcy, the family based in Chicago. Kristine Marcy (Kristine McConnell) created Al-Qaeda using her Senior Executive Service which works on behalf of the City of London Corporation in the control of the United States of America using the powers of the Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson and the region of Montreal in particular. The Senior Executive Service created Al-Qaeda through the U.S. Small Business Administrations 8(a) program. Lets not forget that the FBI was never after Osama Bin Laden in connection with the 9/11 attacks. From September 11th 2001 until 2011 when it was falsely claimed Osama had been killed, the FBI website continued to say Osama was not wanted in connection with the 9/11 attacks. Osama Bin Laden was killed by the British Secret Intelligence Service using Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh only three months after the 9/11 attacks. Osama’s body was then quickly buried in the Peoples Republic of China. The delay in letting you know about his death was so Central Intelligence Agency box-funds could be unfrozen since they had a ten year time limit place upon them. Keeping Osama alive in the media also aided the hoax ‘war on terror’ and kept the big boogeyman going as long as possible. So once again you have been fooled by a psychological operation of the intelligence apparatus.

In my last article on the Queen’s symbolic visit to the Chelsea Flower Show I mentioned that the Moon would enter into the dreaded constellation of Scorpio on May 22nd 2013. I suspected that a global shock event would occur on this day. It seems my suspicions were correct this time around.

Paul Joseph Watson tries to cover-up the facts on Woolwich terror








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  • theunhivedmind

    Man, 43, Cuts Off Own Penis In Penryn, Cornwall

    Huffington Post UK
    By Sara C Nelson

    A 43-year-old man has cut off his own penis in a residential street in Cornwall.

    The naked man used a kitchen knife as he performed the amputation in front of horrified onlookers, The Falmouth Packet reports.

    A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service told the newspaper the man was “bleeding heavily” and had fallen unconscious when they arrived around 9pm on Friday night.

    Police were contacted by worried passerbys who witnessed the incident.

    A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police told Huffington Post UK: “It was clear that the injuries inflicted were very serious due to the amount of blood found at the location.”

    He added that when police arrived the man had returned to a nearby property and that the officers had to gain entry to perform life-saving first aid as they awaited the arrival of the paramedics.

    Sgt Phil Binnie said: “If the public had not called this in as quickly as they did and without the prompt life saving actions of the officers attending, this would most likely have been a fatal incident.”

    PC Jules Evans added: “This was a very distressing incident for all involved, and I would like to thank the public for their assistance at the time.

    “I feel very sorry for the members of the public who witnessed this incident but had it not been for their help this person would most probably have died.”

    The man is being treated in Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and is described as being in a stable condition. No other people were harmed during the incident.

    • theunhivedmind

      Is there a connection with the blood? If this had been the day before I would have said yes due to it being a human sacrifice time for the Roman festival of Vediovis. All eyes on the 26th May when the a full moon enters the constellation of Capricorn the dwelling of the planet Saturn that controls the base sexual chakra of the human being and is a symbolic astro-theology representation for Satan.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    What I find very interesting is how Alex Jones has not even covered this subject in any depth. Why would this be? His crew has covered all other terrorist events and false flags but not this one? He has two British writers and I noticed a new article from the one so they are still around to write articles. What is going on? Are these British writers for Alex Jones connected to MI5? Can they not tackle an event by MI5 but they can tackle events by MI6 and others? Just seems very suspicious to me. Alex Jones should be the first the latch onto this story and the grooming. Instead it is myself and a few others who have covered the story properly. What do you think?

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Examples of Infowars.com front page and terrorism archive showing nothing on the Woolwich event:
    Zip file of html files

  • theunhivedmind

    ‘He was friendly and polite’: Hairdresser ex-girlfriend of terror suspect says Adebolajo was a ‘normal, regular boy’

    Justine Rigden is a hairdresser at a salon in Hornchurch
    She dated Michael Adebolajo for a year when they were teenagers
    The 26-year-old claims to have been shortlisted as the ‘Face of Essex’
    Other school friends said he defended pupils from bullies

    By Sam Greenhill and Keith Gladdis
    PUBLISHED: 02:39, 24 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:13, 25 May 2013

    A beautician who once dated one of the Woolwich killers said he was ‘lovely’ and just a ‘normal boy’.

    Justine Rigden, 26, is understood to have been Michael Adebolajo’s girlfriend for a year when he was a teenager.

    Her relationship with the boy known to his friends as ‘Narn’ ended before he adopted radical Islamist views.

    She described her shock after realising her ex-boyfriend was the bloodied man seen wielding a meat cleaver as he claimed butchering a British soldier was an ‘eye for an eye’.

    Miss Rigden works for a hairdressing salon in Hornchurch and claims to have been shortlisted as the ‘Face of Essex’.

    She said: ‘He was really friendly and really polite, and there was never anything to suggest he would be caught up with anything like this.

    ‘He was just a lovely, polite boy. He stayed at my family’s house and I stayed with his. He was a very family-oriented person.

    ‘Just a lovely, lovely guy’: Friends recall what Michael Adebolajo was like at Marshall Fields School
    Only this week, Michael Adebolajo was preaching jihad outside a Poundland store two streets away from the scene of Wednesday’s slaughter

    ‘Just a lovely, lovely guy’: Friends recall what Michael Adebolajo was like at Marshall Fields School (left) and after the brutal murder

    Justine Rigden works for a hair salon in Hornchurch and is believed to have dated the terror suspect when they were teenagers

    ‘He had a group of friends from Hackney. They weren’t “wrong-uns”, they were OK, and he used to do a bit of MC-ing, rapping.

    ‘Nobody can believe it. He was just this normal, regular boy.’

    In a video posted on YouTube, the stylist says she admires Jennifer Lopez, because she is a ‘role model for real women with curves’.

    Pictures on Miss Rigden’s Facebook page showed her modelling in photo shoots, before the page was taken down from the internet on Thursday night.

    Her profile on the website of the hair salon where she works describes her as an ‘enthusiastic member of the team who will make you feel valued the moment you walk in the door’.

    School friends of Adebolajo say he lived a Western lifestyle in his teens, growing up in Essex as a Christian with hard-working Nigerian immigrant parents.

    Among his friends on Facebook are two serving police officers who knew him from school.

    He was also close friends with a soldier who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.
    Adebolajo was even consoled by friends at the funeral of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath who died in 2007 when his Land Rover was blown up as it protected a convoy near Basra.

    The pair were classmates at Marshalls Park School, in Romford, and spent time at each other’s houses after lessons.

    Hairdresser ex-girlfriend of terror suspect Michael Adebolajo

    The soldier’s brother Grant, 26, said: ‘What happened in Woolwich was butchery, unbelievable.
    ‘I’ve asked myself whether he would have done this to my brother also.

    ‘I don’t know what happened to Michael because he used to be the most laid-back, nicest guy in the world. But I know that if my brother were alive today he’d want to try and make him see sense.’

    He added: ‘Describing my emotions is so difficult. I can’t feel anger toward the Michael I knew, because he was so nice a person. We can’t understand it. I don’t think we ever will.’

    Adebolajo, 28, is believed to have been radicalised in his late teens by hate preachers Omar Bakri Muhammed and Anjem Choudary.

    Bakri Muhammed, who was thrown out of Britain when he was the leader of the now banned extremist group Al Muhajiroun, boasted he had converted Adebolajo to Islam when the boy visited his street stall in London.

    ‘We would talk about the meaning of life with passers-by,’ he said. ‘He stopped to speak with us and we invited him to Islam.

    ‘Because he is a convert I can still remember him. At that time there were a lot of conflicts around the world, and in Iraq and in Afghanistan especially. We talked to him about these and he sympathised with the Muslim people, it seemed.

    ‘He was in his 20s, a quiet boy who didn’t ask many questions. He used to come to our open talks and speeches.’

    Despite spouting rhetoric about supposed British crimes in ‘our lands’, Adebolajo is a British citizen born in London.

    His mother and father are hard-working Nigerian immigrants from an academic family in West Africa who settled in London in the early 1980s. A Christian couple, they believed in assimilating into British life, and Michael seems to have forged easy friendships with schoolmates of all colours and creeds.

    Virtually all the friends on his Facebook page have traditional British names such as Louise, Kelly, Robert, Craig, Gemma, Lauren and Paul, to name a few. Among them is Matthew Selt, now a professional snooker player.

    He was ‘just a lovely, lovely guy’, in the words of former classmate Stephen Cavalier – who, as a serving PC in the Metropolitan Police – could scarcely have followed a different path.

    Speaking at his home in Essex yesterday, Mr Cavalier said: ‘It seems odd to say it now, after the events of yesterday, but I remember him as just a lovely, lovely guy.

    ‘I knew Michael at Marshalls Park School in Romford when we were teenagers. He was a good sportsman and just an all-round nice guy.’

    He said he was no longer close to Adebolajo, who had requested they become ‘Facebook friends’ a few years ago.

    ‘As soon as I saw the news last night I immediately recognised it was Michael. I was in shock really when I saw him.’

    Adebolajo’s dark side seems to have been awakened in his mid-teens, around the time Tony Blair was sending British troops into Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • theunhivedmind

      Now bare in mind what Abu Nusaybah told you all prior to his arrest by Scotland Yard at the BBC (MI5 branch) studios.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Mr_Alex

    I have noticed the alternative media is refusing to talk about who is really involved

  • theunhivedmind

    Interesting is it not that the Ministry of Defence is going to pay out financial support claiming he died during active service for his country? Another farce seeing as England was destroyed outright in 1933 with the bankruptcy after the Bradbury Pound was destroyed by the Mercers and the purposeful indebtedness took place through banker organized war. This guy is either working for the intelligence service under a new identity or he was mind-controlled into accepting his slaughter for real. Either way he will be in the service of the UK so it is no wonder they want to pay out. If you had been killed in this way then you would not have been given a penny piece, especially with the austerity on the defence budget right now. You are also not working for the State and advancing the post-democratic agenda through a false war on terror blamed on Al-Qaeda. An Al-Qaeda started by the Marcy family of Chicago and used openly now by the west to attack sovereign Syria and before with Libya.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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