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Satanism in full show to the initiated

By: The Unhived Mind – 01 September 2013

I was the first to highlight the evidence that Simon Cowell is a Freemason after I quickly spotted a few pictures of him on his jet-ski. If you take a close look at the front of the jet-ski you can see the logo of the Freemasons. Simon Cowell is a worshipper of the false-god of the rainbow called Lucifer, the hermaphrodite deity based on Venus. Is it any wonder his name is Simon? Remove the ‘M’ and you have Sion where most today replace this with Zion. If you break the name Simon down to si and mon you have the masculine of the Sun with the feminine of the Moon. At the highest levels of Freemasonry you will find it is all about the worship of the hermaphrodite. The Statue of Liberty was given to America by French Freemasons, if you look at it hard enough it is quite obvious it is not feminine. The Statue of Liberty is a hermaphrodite, look at the muscular neck for a clue.

If we take a look at the Masonic teachings of Albert Pike with his book Morals & Dogma it informs Masons that they are really following the light of Lucifer but this is only to be known by those initiates of the 30th degree onwards. Albert Pike was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Albert Pike was mastered and handled by a Jesuit soldier called Pierre-Jean de Smet S.J.

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The Jesuits are the teachers of the occult mystery religion, they are the intelligence behind the hidden witchcraft system fronted by the Grand Druid Council. The Jesuits are the true continuation of the ancient Knights Templars. The Grand Druid Council was exposed by occultist John Todd who also highlighted the witchcraft control over the music industry:

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Here is a Shriner Freemason bragging about worshipping Lucifer:

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Here are the secret teachings of the first three degrees of Freemasonry exposed by a former-Worshipful Master. This is from a documentary called Masonry Behind Closed Doors which John Ankerberg presents.

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Notice the Masons in the video below wearing hoods in order to disguise their identity and even the shape of their heads so they cannot be recognised. The Italian secret societies are the masters of this disguise. Take a look at the hoods and clothing of The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem. What about the ritual on the duality squares present in this Turkish Lodge:

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Can you still be in denial at who these people bow down too?

All_seeing_eye_USD_biggerSeal off the worthless toilet paper debt instrument called a Federal Reserve note (USD)

Now after viewing Simon Cowell’s latest X-Factor 2013 S10E02 I came across something that some of you might be interested in seeing. Either you never spotted it if you watched the show or you have not lowered yourself to watching such dire television in the first place. First of all I need to inform you about ear-rings and why they have been used throughout time:

“What exactly are ear-rings symbolism of? It is the ancient following of listening to ones God, but which God are we talking about? Satan! Put simply this is the planet Saturn which has its ring around its outside. It is the same reason you exchange rings at a wedding which also symbolises fertility and the sexual union (Generative Principle in Freemasonry) which will produce offspring which today are called kids. Kids are really the offspring of goats but this is all symbolism binding you as a slave to Baphomet. Baphomet is the devil made up of a body which is part masculine and feminine (hermaphrodite) but with the head of a goat. The goat head represents the constellation of Capricorn where the planet Saturn dwells. Saturn has energetic powers over your base sexual chakra system.” -The Unhived Mind

Below you will see series of pictures captured from this show aired Sunday 1st September 2013. In the first you see a contestant Tamera Foster waiting to go on stage, notice she is not wearing any ear-rings. Then a quick clip is shown of her outside wearing some ear-rings, finally whilst on stage she is wearing the same ear-rings. Big deal you think? Well please look at the symbolism within these ear-rings. It is the sign of the one-eyed King, Satan! Notice the ear-rings are in the colour of gold the colour of the Sun God, take away the ‘l’ from gold and you have god. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed King rules. There you go, it was put out in plain sight as usual but because you were not initiated or aware of the occult you did not see a damn thing. Simon Cowell often throws out Masonic symbols which some observant people often find confusing but this is again because they are not initiated and therefore in Freemasonry termed profane. I have even seen some contestants throw masonic symbolism when being judged and then we find they beat the other contestant who obviously is not part of this Brotherhood.

Now ask yourself why someone who cannot remember a single word to a song and stumbles so badly can still receive such praise from all four judges? Is she not the golden child of the show? Listen to some of the comments by the judges and could we be seeing this selected being take the hot spot in the new show? Is this Tamera Foster a set-up and an initiate in the brotherhood? Or is she someone now taken under the wing of the Brotherhood and they are showing their mark of the beast upon her without her even being aware of what is happening? There is not one famous guiding star out there that is not controlled by this brotherhood, not a single one.

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These are all guiding stars to promote social engineering desired by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations on behalf of the ancient Londinium power called The City of London or shall we say the continuation of the Kingdom of Aragon power. Tavistock use Simon Cowell to help bring about the standardisation of world-wide television ready for the world Government and standardisation of human life on this planet.

In Pythagorean the letter X represents the number six, do you remember when X-Factor was always just three judges? What would happen when a contestant was buzzed out? You would get XXX meaning 666 of the beast. Six is the number of perfection it is the six-sided cube which in two dimensions is a square. Saturn can be symbolized as the black square. Saturn is also the god of judgement and time, he is the grim reaper of death and symbolically attached to the Bar Association reaping your soul under the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. Your former lover is termed an ‘ex’, when you loved them you would write love letters signed with three kisses represented as XXX but you did not know you were signing the devil.


The Panel of judges were originally symbolism of the 101 or shall we say the masculine (Boaz/Sun) feminine (Lucifer) and masculine (Jachin/Moon) the two pillars of Freemasonry or lets just say the royal arch. This was why you would see one male judge sit next to the female judge and her next to a male judge. The arch is the contract or root of five in sacred geometry. In the centre of this arch is the keystone or light of Lucifer, notice the Senior Executive Service use the keystone on their flag. Is it any wonder that X-factor always focuses on the feminine judges as the center of attention? Look at Sharon Osbourne, Cheryle Cole and Nicole Scherzinger. It was not until this obviously symbolism was exposed that the show started to alter it around in order to confuse and hide what was really going on. Now the show has four and five judges and you might see a feminine outside of a masculine instead of inside. Finally let me remind you that the television was always called a TV set, why set? This is after the evil Set who kills Osiris at the end of the evening.


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